Spanish Language
Instruction in Chicago by Deborah de los Rios de Tveter

Deborah Tveter

Or in Spanish speaking countries Deborah Tveter is known as Deborah de los Rios de Tveter...

Spanish Language Instruction

Deborah is available to tutor beginning and advanced students of Spanish in the Chicago area ...

Resources for Learning Spanish

Recommended books and translators.

Comments from Her Students

Here is what some of her students have to say about her.

Deborah's Chicago Blog

Deborah has written a few little notes to her Peruvian friends and relatives about life in Chicago, here they are in Spanish only.

Spanish Literature

Deborah is fond of reading Spanish literature, here are some of her author and book recommendations.

Peruvian Restaurants in the Chicago Area

Deborah and Don along with some friends have been checking out the Peruvian restaurants in Chicago, here is how they rate them. (Not ready yet - coming soon.)

Photos of Peru

Here are some photos of Peru taken mostly by Deborah.

Contact Deborah

Email or call Deborah with your questions or for an appointment.