Comments from Students

Deborah brings both energy and experience to her teaching of Spanish. I find that our class time flies by because of the lively activities and interesting exercises she and I do together. In my case, I wanted to learn to read Spanish-language literature, and Deborah has designed a program for me with this in mind. That is what I appreciate the most - how she is able to tailor our sessions to suit my specific interests and needs.

- B.A. Benson, nonprofit consultant

Working with Deborah has been a great joy. Her classes focus on speaking and listening. If you are like me that is something that you never really did in a school language class. She tailors each class to focus on my specific goals for Spanish (for me it is the medical profession). She balances very well the review of old material against the challenge of new material. It was always very clear that for me to learn Spanish was something that was very important to her. If you care about learning the language and you are willing to put in the necessary time then you will not be able to find a better teacher/tutor to guide you through the process.

- Adam Janowski