Hot Pinks

How to Grow Hot Pinks

Hot Pinks
Its been popping up for a couple of years between two minaiture roses, maybe if it gets a better location it will be bigger and last longer.

Silene caroliniana sounded native to the US so I thought I would give it a try. Thompson and Morgan boasted that it would produce hundreds of half-inch flowers over a long period. In the first planting, done in the spring the results were not impressive, plants did not get all that big. They were scattered about in different locations. In one location a single plant popped up, it actually started in the fall, survived the winter and bloomed in the spring. Then it happened in the same EXACT same place again, making me think maybe I should be giving it another chance at winning a permanent place in the garden. The last time around it came back with dozens of plants scattered around the original location and I began to move them around (in hot weather, stupid me!) and I quickly found out that even the little plants suffer quite a lot from transplanting. Maybe its best to plant the seeds where you want them to grow.

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