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This book has a less traditional and more nuts and bolts description of the Biblical view of the world that is especially designed to MAKE SENSE to the modern world. It includes a little known argument based on modern physics that proves the existence of God and a new interpretation of Genesis 1. Available as a paperback from Createspace and a paperback at Amazon and an ebook at Amazon. and as an ebook and paperback at and other Amazon stores.

Short announcements and discussion about The Haunted Mansion, science and Christianity.

Mostly I post links to articles on the net related to Science/Bible issues but also on Christian and cultural issues.

My textbook on Artificial Intelligence published by IEEE Computer Society Press. Here is an outline and commentary plus additional online only chapters on More Neural Networking, More Prolog and Lisp.

GUI based versions of backprop for Unix and Windows plus non-GUI versions of backprop, k-nearest-neighbor, LVQ1, DSM, simple clustering, ART I, feed-forward counter propagation, interactive activation network, a simple BAM, Hopfield and Boltzman networks and the linear pattern classifier. Includes an updated binary and source for the backprop program for Ubuntu 9.04, gcc 4.3.3 and Tcl/Tk 8.4.

Tips on using backprop aimed at the general user including references to worthwhile online and offline papers.

If you want a break from the usual grind take a look at these photos of mine from Kauai, Southeast Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park and Glacier National Park. Now includes photos of Chicago.

I'm into gardening and here are my tips on growing certain plants.

Now that we know that classical music increases your natural intelligence I'm sure many of you are eager to do so but you just don't know your way around yet, so here are my classical picks to help get you started.

My wife is from Peru and she has been teaching Spanish, here is some information about her and her teaching program. She can teach you in person in the Chicago area or via the internet if the time difference is not a problem.

My wife is producing and selling great looking notebooks, mostly leather bound that can be used for journals, notebooks and diaries. These journals and notebooks make great gifts.

I generally check my mail once a day, if you do not get a response within a day or two please try again.