The How to Grow It Project

The How to Grow It Project

Learn from the mistakes of others because you'll never live long enough to make them all yourself.
                       -- Alfred E. Neumann

Copyright 1996-2003 by Donald R. Tveter,, commercial use is prohibited. This material cannot be quoted at length or posted elsewhere on the net or included in CD ROM collections. Short quotations are permitted provided proper attribution is given.

Special Native Gardens Warning

People have had terrible times with them, this is my story. Also included are links to The Garden Watchdog and The Plants by Mail FAQ where you can check on the record of a company.

The How to Grow It Project Original Idea

These pages started because I realized there was an extremely clever way to create a self-organizing FAQ for rec.gardens, unfortunately no one else caught the vision. But here is the original idea, feel free to tell me how clever it is.

The Plant List

These pages give my experience with growing certain plants, mostly plants native to around the Chicago area but some others as well. And I'm behind in adding new entries, one of these days there will be lots more.

Starting Seeds

Some seeds need special treatment to get them started, here are some details and suggestions (just started).

Special Chemlawn Warning

Chemlawn (and for that matter other companies) can be sloppy when applying their weed killers. Here is what happened to me when Chemlawn did a sloppy job with the neighbor's lawn.

Various Gardening Links

A list of links, some to reference sites, some to seed companies and some to photo collections, very poorly organized.

Writing Don

I'm happy to get gardening email however don't get your hopes too high, I'm a computer scientist who does gardening and not a professional gardener (I know, I know, bad priorities). Click the above link for more details.

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