How to Grow Bloodroot

  • keywords: howtogrow Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis
  • plantsfrom: Jung Seed
  • location: Chicago, Illinois, Zone5
Bloodroot in my backyard under a lilac bush. In two years one plant came to this.
Bloodroot is a native North American woodland plant. It gets its name from the fact that the root and stems will exude a red juice when they are broken. It actually looks like a daisy with a yellow center but it is in the poppy family. It blooms starting around the middle or end of March here in Chicago. The roots came from Jung Seed and did not bloom the first year. The leaves stayed green most of the summer. In the second year there was one flower per plant. The third year each plant sent up from 2 to 4 flowers with leaves with more flowers the fourth year. Ants pick off the seeds and move them around so you can expect a plant to come up every so often, look for a leaf that is much like, but not exactly like the older plants.

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