The Pattern Recognition Basis of Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 11. More Neural Networking Methods

This chapter contains more neural networking methods: clustering, ART I, counter-propagation, LVQ1, BAMs and higher order networks. Sooner or later I expect to a few more sections on other topics. These sections are "leftovers" that were ultimately removed from the book on the grounds that they were not especially necessary for an AI book. (Most of these sections got in this way: Early on a reviewer or two said, "You don't have this NN algorithm and that NN algorithm!" so I figured, what the heck, I'll throw them in an optional chapter. Then reviewers complained that the book as a whole is not an AI book, its an NN book. So, I thought, what the heck, I'll just take them out and put 'em online.) This chapter comes as a 112k zipped postscript file and now also in html. This material is copyright by me and CANNOT be used for ANY commercial purpose. I would not be surprised if this chapter is a bit buggy. It has been spell checked now and then but it has not been grammar or style checked by any program or person. If you find any bugs or have any comments on the typesetting, grammar or content please let me know.

My neural network software includes clustering, LVQ1, ART I, counter-propagation and a simple BAM.

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