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Alan Hovhaness

Alan Hovhaness is an American composer who produces "spiritual" sorts of works usually with an Oriental or Middle Eastern flavor. His works tend to be either extremely brilliant or extremely bland. He's become trendy in recent years.

St. Vartan Symphony, No. 9, op 180
National Philharmonic Orchestra of London
Conducted by Alan Hovhaness
Artik, Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra
Meir Rimon, Horn; David Amos Conductor
Crystal Records CD802, ADD

This is not your typical symphony, its 24 short movements with a Middle Eastern sound, spiritual, engaging and very dynamic. One of the best. Artik is also wonderful.

Mt. St. Helen's Symphony, No. 50, op 360
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Gerard Schwarz
Symphony No. 22, City of Light
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Alan Hovhaness
Delos, DE3137, DDD

Both these are spiritual symphonies however in Mt. St. Helen's the mountain explodes, but this is still done as a celebration of life, not death.

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