The Pattern Recognition Basis of Artificial Intelligence

A Summary

Many "AI" programs don't show enough intelligence to where normal people would say that they are intelligent. Much of what goes on in AI should simply be called "advanced programming techniques", this can produce highly useful programs but not intelligent programs.

There are many tasks where in order to do as good a job as a human being the program must know as much about the world as a human being.

If we're going to have a system with approximately the same ability to deal with the real world that people have then the system will need to approximate the same senses that people have and acquire most of its knowledge about the world by growing up as people do. This means it will be a long time before a computer manages to compete with human beings with respect to dealing with the real world.

These conclusions are not going to be popular with many AI enthusiasts, many people interested in AI positively WANT to believe that advanced intelligent systems will be coming soon.

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