The Quantum Basis of Natural Intelligence

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Passing Information Around

Given that photons know something about the future you have to wonder if there is some way to get that future information from there into the present and if mind reading and predicting the future is somehow possible using quantum mechanical mechanisms. Physicists generally say no however there is an online article by Brian Josephson a Nobel Prize winning physicist who suggests that biological systems may be able to use quantum information.

Another line of thought among physicists is that in order to make it possible for the Universe to pass information from the future into the past in a form that is useable quantum mechanics needs to be modified slightly to allow this, that is the equations are not exactly right even though right now as far as we can tell they work perfectly. Any modifications would still have to give answers as good as the ones we have now but work better in other situations, situations we have not yet tested them in. For one example of QM might be modified see a paper by Henry Stapp where he considers how QM could be modified to include consciousness while still giving the standard results in known experiments. Physicist Jack Sarfatti has argued that a non-linear form of the Schroedinger wave equation is needed in order for information to be passed from the present into the future. (For a start, see Jack's web site for the Physics/Consciousness Research Group).

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