The Quantum Basis of Natural Intelligence

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Online Resources

* The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics This is Physicist John Cramer's proposal for interpreting Quantum Mechanics. After (so far) having given it a brief look it appears that a lot of the text is fairly readable for people with a little scientific background on the subject. This is from the University of Washington.

* Quantum mysteries. This is John Gribbin's Quantum.html page where you will find a 9 page (paper pages, after formatting with fmt) html file that describes some quantum mysteries and gives Cramer's interpretation of the equations. This is from the UK.

* Particle Beam Physics Laboratory Quantum Information Page This is John Smolin's link to the latest information and papers on quantum computing plus links to more quantum material. This is from UCLA.

Quantum-d is a mailing list for serious people interested in quantum mechanics, consciousness, etc. Old posts are listed here and of course there are many other QM related links.

Fred Alan Wolf , is a physicist who has written a number of QM related books.

Stuart Hameroff does research on the microtubules.

* For, let's say, unusual commentary and background on QM, thinking and many other related subjects see the information at the Physics/Consciousness Research Group page started by Physicist Jack Sarfatti. Professor Sarfatti believes that human consciousness and ordinary thinking are quantum mechanical and that psychic phenomena can be explained with quantum mechanics as well. He proposes that conventional QM must be extended a little to do this.

Bohm's Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Wave-Particle Dualism and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics from the UK.

The online place to find new scientific articles on the subject is Los Alamos National Laboratories' Quantum Physics Preprint Archive. Of course the archive contains mostly articles that are not relevant and so if you're interested you must scan them all (new entries are cataloged by month so this is not bad at all, just check once a month).

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