Professional Version Basis of AI Backprop Hypertext Documentation

Copyright (c) 1990-98 by Donald R. Tveter

Installing the Program

When you unzip these files everything lands in the current directory. The documentation is included in .htm files, the root file is bp.htm and files branch off from there. Use your favorite browser to view them, they replace the old ASCII readme file.

Now the program allows you to call up the HTML files from within the program by clicking the Help button in each window so you need a place for these files and you need to be able to specify the browser you want to use. The default is to use Internet Explorer 4, the directions below show you how to change this.

I suggest making a directory bp at the level of root (\) and then move everything there. Then add this directory to your PATH variable.

In the event that you want to fool around more you can put bp.exe and scale.exe in some directory that is already on your PATH, such as c:\windows but you will still need a directory for the HTML help files so you might as well leave the binaries in c:\bp.

In the event you want to select new default values for the program parameters the program will check for the file c:\windows\bp.ini and read those commands if the file exists. If c:\windows\bp.ini does not exist the program will try to read the file bp.ini in the current directory. Doing this can be particularly convenient if you want to select an HTML browser other than the default of Internet Explorer 4 (iexplore.exe). A file to do this might look like:

g P \Program Files\Plus!\Microsoft Internet
g B iexplore.exe
g H c:/bp
The "g P" line lists the path to the browser, edit this to fit the location of your browser if the browser is not on your PATH. The "g B" line lists the name of the browser you want to use. The "g H" line lists the path to the directory that contains the HTML help files so in principle you could put then in any directory you want. The startup commands for Netscape Navigator:

g P \Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program
g B netscape.exe
g H c:/bp
The path and file name for Netscape Communicator are different and I don't remember them (Look in \Program Files\Netscape\Communicator).

This version also allows you to set the geometry of the window that comes up, the default is to produce a 775 by 600 window with its upper left corner at (0,0). If you'd like to change this to a 625 width by 480 height window with its upper left corner at (0,0) you can put this line in the bp.ini file:

g g 625 480 50 50

If you adjust the size of the window while it is up you can save that size (and all the other parameters) with the save everything (se) command by either typing it in or clicking the save button in the file menu.

You can also set other parameters in the bp.ini file, such as the background color, text color and fonts, see the rest of the documentation that shows how to set them.