Student Version Basis of AI Backprop -- Bugs

The Software not DPMI or VCPI Compliant Problem

I've had two reports of this now for the DOS version compiled in April 1996 using Zortech 3.1 and their free DOS extender. If you get this let me know and I will send you a newer version compiled using Watcom 10.6 which may work, I don't know yet.

minor bug in the 4/13/96 UNIX code

Lines 78 and 126 of io.c are:

raw.c_cflag = noraw.c_oflag;
where obviously that should be cflag not oflag on the right. This might screw up the baud rate on your terminal.

a problem with Suns

Two calls to free in io.c cause the program to crash on a Sun but these two calls can be safely removed without wasting more than a tiny amount of space.

a bug in the makereal.unx file

The 4/13/96 version had the flag -DBSD set which is OK if you're on a BSD system but it causes compiler error messages for other systems. Just remove the flag.

sometimes it fails to read a data file

Sometimes the program fails to read a data file and claims there is an error when reading pattern 1. The workaround is to include a line before the data that contains at least a blank or a comment.

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