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Wed Feb 8 14:00:26 2017

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Wed Aug 10 16:13:34 2016

My son Mark and I have just returned from Guatemala. We had a good trip, visited with a lot of people. The pastors say they want more Bible copies, I notified the WBT publishing department of their request - so now we have ordered 3500 copies altogether.
I came back really tired but thankful.
Thanks for your prayers. Lots of greetings to the church people.
Love and blessings, Jean

Wed Jun 8 15:10:54 2016

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Sun Feb 28 12:06:11 2016

Jacaltec Update
Feb. 26, 2016

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you so very much for your prayers for me, for my helpers, and for the Eastern Jacaltec people of Guatemala. Praise God with me that the actual work of translating and revising the whole Bible has been finished! Eliseo and I agreed to the last of the needed changes, and so that phase is done. God has answered many prayers and has protected each of us on this project.

But please don't stop now! There are several important steps to go before people can have copies in their own hands, and prayer is vital. Special prayer is needed for Eliseo as he changes focus from translating to preparing the churches to receive the Bible written in their heart language. For centuries, Spanish culture has subtly undermined the value of the local Mayan languages, so that many native speakers feel their ancestral way of communicating is inferior, even when they hardly understand the Spanish.

There is also work still to be done on the Bible manuscript itself. The next step I have to do is to slowly and carefully review and check each page during final typesetting. I plan to be at Wycliffe's center in Waxhaw, N.Carolina, possibly starting March 7th, to edit the pages as work begins. It typically takes around 6 months to complete, but thankfully I can do most of it from my computer in Oklahoma City.

I praise the Lord for health and strength, thanking Him for this apartment, family and friends, and especially for all of you as you support this ministry with your prayers and gifts.

In His love and blessings,
Jean Stratmeyer

PS. Please note my new personal address:
7800 Ingram Dr., Apt. A
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Our mailing address is:
Cignet Inc, 6957 NW Expressway, #123
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-3533

Sun Dec 20 20:11:37 2015

Christmas Blessings, 2015!

Cignet, Inc.
6957 N W Expressway Box# 123
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-3533

"God who has called us into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, is Faithful!" I Cor. 1:9 Praise God, we have been called into His Kingdom, and He is faithful!

Today was a very special Sunday here at MBC; regular services in the morning, and in the afternoon the choir and orchestra presented a concert entitled "Glory of Christmas" at both 3:PM and 7:PM with a 5:PM interlude of refreshments, sleigh rides, professional photo shots and inflatables for kids.

The congregation had been active in inviting friends and neighbors, so there was a good turnout, some people even sat in the isles at the first presentation. I was a greeter assigned to handicap parking, the Lord answered prayer by giving us the afternoon and evening without rain.

I haven't told you of my recent two-week trip to Guatemala. Neil accompanied me both when I went down and when I returned. I didn't travel to the Jacaltec area but I had wonderful phone calls with friends and workers there.

Maria Paul, pastor's wife, told me that in the last few months there have been 5 suicides among non-evangelical youth. We've prayed for the families and have encouraged Christian youth to be more active in befriending their non-evangelical classmates. Please join us in prayer for this need.

Maria Paula is a very effective leader for women and youth. The women sponsored a successful conference inviting women from neighboring towns. The youth too sponsored their own conference.

Mariano is an effective pastor, but he is suffering from diabetic nerve pain in his feet. Please pray for effective medical treatment for him, and a "moto" (motorcycle) so that he can more easily visit area churches.

Andrés, who was a church elder for years, remained sick for a number of months before the Lord called him home. The church took care of his financial needs, a wonderful blessing, but the church is left without resources. Please pray for this situation.

We had the complete New Testament recorded on cassettes, but we didn't have players until I announced the need in my Sunday School class. Friends donated cassette players that I was able to take to Guatemala, and the women are delighted to take the Word to their neighbors in this way. We have plans to record the New Testament on CDs.

I am so very thankful for Eliseo's editing ability; as you can imagine we are anxious to come to the place of turning the manuscript in, to be typeset and published. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Your gifts and prayers encouragement us,

Jean's Personal Address:
10,000 Miller Cir. Apt. P151
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Cell: 405-473-3884

Sat Oct 3 12:56:04 2015

Cignet, Inc. #123 Please note new address
6957 N.W. Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-3533

Dear Caring Friends and Cignet Supporters,

Your fellowship, prayers and gifts encourage my heart. My energy is less, the task of editing the Bible looms big, and Eliseo is not well. Thank you for praying for him. He is tired and discouraged with a continuing urinary difficulty. Please pray with us that he will find medical help that will give him relief, and that he will recognize the Lord's goodness. In spite of these difficulties, Eliseo continues to work faithfully and we are making progress.

Physical ailments aren't the only obstacles lately as I have been bothered with fraudulent activity. Someone pretending to be me sent an email to my address list falsely saying that I was stranded in Manila, robbed, and with only my passport. Sara, my friend and co-worker in Guatemala was very upset and began trying to raise money to deposit in my Guatemalan account. Finally she phoned and was relieved and blessed to find that I was safe in Oklahoma.

Likely the same culprits deleted my entire email list. Mark has been such a blessing - he reentered my address list and corrected the email account. All emails sent to me had been going straight to "trash".

The Lord is so faithful to encourage me. I am reminded of His blessings, especially of family, friends and co-workers. Phil is keeping me and Eliseo on track as we work to make ready the Bible manuscript so that it can be typeset.

Many blessings, His love surrounds us and gives us courage.

In Him, Jean

Tue May 5 17:38:41 2015

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Fri Dec 26 14:01:16 2014

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Wed Jul 9 21:00:43 2014

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Wed Feb 19 22:40:56 2014

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Mon Jul 8 16:02:38 2013

Thanks Tom for the inquiry. I am in Guatemala, plan to travel to OKC this coming Mom or Tues. I wait for my daughter in law to tell me how she has listed me.
I need to have a meeting with my Cignet board to discuss your note. Your questions create good discussion. As you say, Bible translation is priority, which includes relating with pastors and elders for suggestions. Then there is recording for radio programs, donors gifts for school children and meetings with child and mother, VBS. A Christian day school is a concern but not much involvement. I´ll get back with you as soon as I have the meeting with the Cignet board.
A big concern right now is that we are trying to sell a house that I bought with an inheritance some years ago. It turned out to be too rambly for me, so it has been rented. We have been trying for almost a year to sell it. We have really good people who want to buy but my lawyer hasn´t been able to resolve a gov´t law. They have my husband´s name twice in their legal info that are different. He signed Dennis Stratmeyer, from his passport and birth certificate, and he signed Dennis Stratmeyer Seidel from his Guatemalan ID. So they say he is two persons.
We have provided legal info that the two names are married to the same worman, have the same parents, has the same address, etc. But they insist that they need a legal document that says those two names belong to the same person. (It reminds me of Christ telling the pharisees that they don´t want truth, just the obedience of laws that they don´t even want to keep.)
The lawyer will continue to work on this, but he wants me to have a lawyer in the States rewrite Den´s death certificate, including both names as legal, one is the US legal name and one is the Guatemalan legal name.

Many blessings, Jean

Mon Apr 8 18:34:19 2013

. I head for Guatemala tomorrow for a couple of weeks. Plan to go out to the mountains and visit with Jacaltec leaders re manuscript questions. Thanks for praying, Jean

Tue Feb 19 19:54:08 2013

See a letter from Jean.

Fri Feb 8 12:40:39 2013


The following is a copy of the email that Mart Green sent to me with the subject: THANKS I am blessed and will send him a reply. We can join in thanking the Lord for the Jacaltec New Testament dedication 15 years ago.

I talked with Maria Paula yesterday. She and a chorus of women are practicing to record a CD of Jacaltec hymns. They had plans to go to Huehuetenango to record with brother José but one of the gals fell and has an injured leg.

I like the Romans 12: 9,10 translation.

Mart and family are working with Wycliffe and Bible Societies to have all Bible Translations of the world put on internet to make them available.
Blessings, Jean Stratmeyer

15 years ago today my life was radically impacted.
Watching Gaspar cry was life transforming.
Thanks for all you have done for the Eastern Jacaltec and through that impacting my life!

This Book is Alive,

Romans 12:9, 10 MSG
"Love from the center of who you are; don't fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle."

Tue Jan 22 14:50:10 2013

See Jean's January Newsletter.

Mon Jan 21 23:36:11 2013

Hi Tom and other members of the missions committee of WCCC,

. Thank you so very much for the letter from the WCCC telling us of church activities. Thank you so very much for your prayers for us, and for you concerned interest.

I am happy to see the signatures of the missions committee.

I just finished talking on skype and Bongar with the Wycliffe techi who is helping me with my manuscript. He is working on regularizing some items such as titles (upper case/lower case), quote markers, some footnote problems. I am listing the pictures that will be included, etc.

I am also in the process of sending another Praise and Prayer letter.

Thank so much for your prayers for me and for Eliseo. We have contact with him by email and skype. I hope to see him at the end of this month in Guatemala.

Your prayers and gifts give us lots of encouragement from the Lord.

Many blessings, Jean

Tue Nov 27 15:20:49 2012

WCCC Missionary,
We will be sending a Christmas gift of $250 soon. We were wondering what the current situation was with your finances?
Thank you so very much for your concern, your prayers and financial help. As I get older, my support team are also getting older and some have either died or are in a nursing home. I will ask our treasurer to answer your enquiry.
Thanks much for your Christmas gift. Have a wonderful Christmas as you have special services and as you visit with family and friends.
I plan to fly to Guatemala on Saturday to help with VBS, to be there only two weeks. My kids in California, Jane and John, have made it possible for me to visit them for Christmas.
Many blessings, Jean

Mon Nov 12 18:03:44 2012

Dear Praying Friends, November 10, 2012

I spent a month in Guatemala including a week in the Cuchumatani Mountains of Guatemalan in the town of Concepción Huista. Sandra, a Guatemalan friend, decided to accompany me upcountry. We booked passage on a minibus, a 9 hour trip, with one pit stop. it was very strenuous and may have contributed to the bladder infection that I suffered following the trip. I have decided that from now on I'd rather travel during parts of two days

I enjoyed having Sandra with me, she took pictures and enjoyed the scenery, the people and the opportunity to see a section of Guatemala very new to her. Sandra may even visit me in Oklahoma as her son lives here.

Thank you for praying for the future Christian Day School. God is supplying funds for materials, little by little. The church men are working on the lot, fencing and clearing away debris. We know that the Lord is able as we walk with Him in faith.

Please pray as we prepare for Vacation Bible School the last week in November. This is a wonderful week with a strong outreach to the children of the community; they come from different denomination, and from villages surrounding the town. Pray that the teachers will take the opportunity to help the children make a personal acceptance of Christ as their Savior and Lord.

I expect that this will be my last Praise and Prayer bulletin this year. Thank you for your prayers and gifts to the Cignet general fund and for the Christian Day School.

Please keep Eliseo in your prayers as he continues to edit the manuscript and lead the elder's check of selected passages.

Psalm 33:8-11 "Let all the earth fear the Lord, let all the people of the world revere Him. For He spoke and it came to be, He commanded and it stood firm. The Lord foils the plans of the nations, he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations."

We can rejoice that He is working out His purposes in the lives of all who receive Him as Savior and Lord.

Many blessings,

Jean Stratmeyer

1 Attachment: Scenes far and near - a small tour.

Fri Nov 2 14:06:26 2012

Hi Tom and other members of the Missions Committee,
What a blessing to receive the $100. gift for building materials for the future Christian School in Concepción Huista, Huehuetenango.
Pastor Mariano is ready to move ahead with construction. They have been fencing the lot and preparing it for construction. Please pray with us that the mission that we have asked to come and formulate plans will be able to come from Costa Rica to do that soon.
Prayers and thanksgiving, Jean

Tue Oct 2 16:24:00 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

It gives me great joy to write to you who faithfully bring me and the Jacaltec people to the throne of grace; . . .and grace is needed in abundance!

I'm briefly back in Oklahoma City after a three-week stay in Guatemala. I plan to return to Guatemala tomorrow.

The Lord has given grace in many ways, making it possible to sell portions of the land in Concepcion to several neigbors, and giving us good friends and helpers in the process. On the other hand, there have been misunderstandings, disagreements and jealousies that have caused much pain and sadness. Please pray with us for the Lord's wisdom and forgiveness as we all learn to walk more humbly and with His grace.

Our sons, Mark and Neil, spent time in Concepcion surveying the property and giving counsel; Neil’s wife, Carol, enjoyed learning new words from friendly kids who happily took her to see a goat and to bring her an umbrella when she got caught in the rain.

Translation assistant, Eliseo, led a meeting with pastors and elders to discuss the Jacaltec Bible manuscript. A consensus was reached in that the church leaders want the important people in the Scriptures to be referred to with a term of respect. We had not considered doing this term in earlier years because our Jacaltec language helpers said that the term of respect could be used only of people that the speaker is acquainted with. The present Jacaltec church elders firmly insist that Adam and Eve, Moses, David, Jonah, etc. are spiritual brethren so they should be referred to with the term of respect. The translation team cannot make this fix easily, such as with a ”global transfer” in the computer program from naj to ya' (the term of respect) because there are many Bible participants who do not deserve this term. We can replace "naj Moises" with "ya' Moises", but the large number of the “he” pronoun will need to be changed individually, but so goes the process of final editing. Selecting Bible illustrations, a total of 64 pages of black and white illustrations, the pictures fit either a 1/4 or 1/2 page. Again, your prayers are vital to the smooth completion of the numerous details necessary to prepare the manuscript for publication.

Eliseo will continue monthly meetings with church elders and pastors. Pray with us that these meetings will lead to a committee which will help to announce the Bible dedication and prepare for it.

Eliseo came with me to Guatemala City for a week, staying in our dorm for nationals. He was very concerned about his colon since five years ago he was told that it was infected, and he continues to experience pain. I took him to a Christian doctor; a doctor who founded his own private hospital in 1986. I had not seen Dr. Aragon for 20 years but he recognized me and didn't charge Eliseo for his consultations. He sent us for a lot of diagnostic tests and, praise the Lord, Eliseo came out with a pretty clean bill of health. Since Eliseo still has pain, he was given prescriptions and an appointment in early October.

Please keep the future Christian Day School in your prayers; even small gifts sent to Cignet, Inc. designated for the school will be very much appreciated. The church is ready to do the building but funds for materials are greatly needed.

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men" Phil. 2:5-7 He did this so that we could live with Him forever, praise God, and may we be servants for Him.

In His joy,

Jean Stratmeyer

(And Jean attached some photos)

Sat Jun 9 21:17:31 2012

See a photo of Jean Stratmeyer becoming a US citizen.

Mon May 14 21:51:08 2012

The Stratmeyer "video" was a powerpoint file. Using open office I extracted the photos and then assembled a video. In open office certain pieces of text are missing that might not be missing if Microsoft Powerpoint was used however there is enough text present that you can understand what is going on. best viewed with chrome.

Fri Apr 13 11:32:25 2012

Dear Friends,
Spring has definitely "sprung" here in Oklahoma City. We are especially enjoying this Spring because, after drought conditions for so long, we have had some lovely showers that have turned everything green. A dear family friend brought 3 of her children over to help me dig in my flower beds, cut the lawn, plant strawberries and crepe myrtle and put down mulch that matches the color of my house trim! It all looks great! I cleaned the bird bath and put out food, as I enjoy watching the birds from my home office window.
You may not know this about me, but all these years, I have remained a Canadian citizen and used a "green card" for my residency in the US. One requirement for US citizenship is that a person must remain in the USA for a length of time during the naturalization process. My hip replacement and recuperation period a year ago afforded a perfect opportunity for me to pursue US citizenship. I sought out an immigration lawyer and learned more about obtaining dual citizenship, Canadian and US. I have completed my final interview and await my "swearing-in" ceremony. Having US citizenship will benefit my relationship with the Guatemala government, and will give me the privilege of voting in the US.
I wish to share 3 projects where your prayers are needed, and where the Lord may lead you to help financially:
1. Gaspar and I spoke by phone recently. He and the church leadership are very concerned that the owners of the Christian radio station in Concepción can no longer maintain the station. They want to sell their equipment. The church would like to buy the equipment and manage the station. Concepción is located on a mountain ridge where the radio tower could be placed on an even higher point than where it is now located, with broadcasts reaching farther than at present. The programs that we sponsor include 10 to 15 minutes of Scripture reading in Jacaltec (not Spanish), an explanation and personal application segment, followed by Jacaltec hymns and announcements. Other evangelical churches in the area also provide programs for broadcasting. $14,000 is needed to buy the equipment. Having Scripture-based programs broadcast on the radio is helping the believers grow in their faith and is introducing the Gospel to many "hearers." Please pray with us about this situation, asking the Lord for His supply.
2. Pastor Mariano and Mario Benjamin, who is a school teacher and church elder, are teaching an extension Bible study course every weekend. There is a need for 10 student desks costing a total of $185. We are thankful for these student adults who desire to increase their Biblical knowledge.
3. Concerning the proposed Christian day school in Concepción, my family and I have donated a very adequate site. We have spoken with three mission organizations that assist with Christian building projects. One of these organizations, headquartered in Costa Rica, has engineers on staff who visit proposed project sites to interact with the building committee and create building plans. I expect to be in Concepción in May when Pastor Mariano and his committee can complete the application to this mission. A fund has been established for construction materials, donations with year-end receipts may be give through Cignet. This school project is not a Cignet project per se, but we are willing to help the church where possible, in their effort to increase the Christian outreach into Jacaltec communities.
Thank you again for your team participation. We trust the Lord to bless you and to give you courage and grace for your daily journey.
Rejoicing in Him,

Jean Stratmeyer

Mon Feb 13 14:47:04 2012

We are grateful for your partnership in ministry with us to the Eastern Jacaltec people of Guatemala.
Your gifts to this ministry have been used in the following ways:
Salaries for Co-Translators in Guatemala
Other expenses such as travel, office supplies, and communication within Guatemala
Expenses related to the completion of the Old Testament in the Jacaltec language
Additional translation expenses to review. Proof check, and revise in anticipation of final documents.
Salary for Jean Stratmeyer
We praise God for your faithfulness in giving and in praying. As you stand with us, you enable us to reach our goal of the complete Bible for the Jacaltec people. At this time, we are busy with checking, proofing and adding footnotes to the manuscript. We are experiencing some delays due to the decision to publish in the new alphabet that is being taught in the public schools. We hope the manuscript will be ready to submit to typesetting by late 2012 (and maybe sooner). This is a longer period than we had anticipated, but we are praying that the final manuscript will be pleasing to the Lord and well accepted by the Jacaltec people
Kathy Foster, Treasurer of Cignet, Inc.
Co-workers in Good News Translation

Tue Jan 10 12:43:15 2012

Hi Missions Committee of WCCC,

You are a wonderful blessing, your Christmas gift of $210. to me personally is very much appreciated and is a special opportunity for me to thank you, not only for your Christmas gift, but also for your monthly gifts to Cignet. And I want to emphasize that the work we are doing among the Eastern Jacaltecos could not happen without people like you who give, pray and encourage.

My daughter Jane and hubby John made it possible for me to visit them in the Bay area for Christmas. While there I told Jane that I needed to shop for boots. Since my hip replacement, I can't reach my toes, so I needed something to cover my ankles. I took some of your $ gift, she found a wholesale shoe outlet where I bought a substantial pair of leather boots with low heels, just right for me.

As you can tell from the Cignet Praise and Prayer I had a great time in Guatemala, especially with the kids. I praise the Lord that I can work on the Eastern Jacaltec Bible manuscript wherever I am, as long as I have my laptop with me and an internet connection.

Returning from California a couple from China sat next to me. She endeavored to read what I was reading, so I asked her if she read the Bible, She answered, "Oh, No." I gave her a tract telling of God's love for each of us, as well as the plan of salvation. After she read it for awhile, (her English wasn't that good), she offered to give it back, but I told her that she could have it. She seemed very grateful. We chatted about his employment in China, he works in Real Estate for an American. I told her that we appreciate people coming from China to visit, we parted as friends, I will continue to pray for them.
Thanks again and many blessings, Jean

Thu Jan 5 20:18:21 2012

January 2012

Dear family and friends,

What a wonderful time of the year! I experienced a great visit with Jane and John in the Bay area, and have enjoyed special Christmas music in Guatemala, Oklahoma and San Francisco.

Recently I spent a precious time in Guatemala. November saw me in the Cuchumatani mountains with school kids and their mothers as they received their fourth scholarship of the year. Each of the 15 kids participated in answering questions of the story of the paralytic brought to Jesus by four friends. And when we were in the middle of the story, one of the gals started recounting it, so we asked her to come to the front to continue the story. Then the kids turned in their school reports and colored a picture for their supporters.

A week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) was exciting! Kids came from all over town and from villages, the count was 200. Very boisterous at times, but the teachers had good control in their class rooms. I took individual and group pictures, so they were able to mount their pictures and decorate them. The prodigal son was one of their themes, so at the closing program the teachers presented a skit with some of the kids as little piggies that the main character was feeding. Interesting!

I worked with Gaspar on the Bible manuscript, and plan another session with him in January. Being in the mountains was not a good place to receive internet help. But when I had a problem with it, Eliseo, who is doing a final edit, arrived with William, his son-in-law on motos to visit me. William is a computer whiz so he soon got my internet working again.

Many, many thanks for your prayers and gifts to Cignet making it possible for us to continue work with the Jacaltec people of Guatemala. Please pray that our editing projects on the Bible manuscript will be blessed of the Lord. Pray too for construction needs, the church "Jesus the Light of the World", the possible Christian Day School, the radio ministry, and pray with us for growth in grace and obedience for those of the evangelical community.

We thank the Lord for special gifts provided for a music teacher at VBS, a keyboard, and beginning support for the Christian Day School.

Many blessings,

Jean Stratmeyer

Wed Jun 29 19:03:23 2011

a thank you note.

Wed Apr 6 12:06:26 2011

I'm just starting to drive after hip replacement, but hope to go to Guate in May. Greetings to all, blessings, Jean Stratmeyer

Thu Feb 24 19:47:57 2011

Cignet, Inc.
POB 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

May 24, 2011

Hi praying friends,
I am scheduled for hip replacement Tuesday March 1st. I've been exercising, trying to prepare for this. I am so thankful that we are scheduled, mainly because I have plans to travel to Robert Stratmeyer's graduation in May, and also to Guatemala.
The surgeon is a believer; very positive about the surgery, having a good record of success.
I am also involved in cleaning the OT manuscript, using Wycliffe programs that help me check spelling and punctuation.
In May I plan to start village checks in Concepción, for comprehension and acceptance of the translation. Your prayerful concern encourages us.
Blessings, Jean

Sat Jan 15 22:11:40 2011

Dear Friends at WCCC,
Happy New Year to you! It is a real pleasure for me to write and thank you for, not only your faithful monthly gifts to Cignet, but for your special Christmas gift to me personally.
I trust you have received my Prayer Letter with a page of pictures. if not, please let me know. Thank you too for publishing my prayer letters on your internet page.
As I mentioned in the letter, I am suffering from arthritis. I'm scheduled to have my regular 6-month appointment on Wednesday, January 19 with my Primary Care doctor. I have a number of items to consult with him, but my biggest concern is arthritis, especially in my right hip. Please pray with me for the right decision as to whether a hip replacement would be a wise solution or not. Most of those that I've talked with who have had this surgery are glad that they did.
Thanks again for your partnership,
Jean E. Stratmeyer

Thu Jan 13 16:47:12 2011

See Jean's recent letter.

Fri Oct 8 17:09:01 2010

A letter from Jean.

Mon Jul 26 23:41:43 2010

See an update from Jean Stratmeyer.

Sat Mar 13 14:01:50 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I am glad to be back in Oklahoma after six great weeks in Guatemala. Thank you so very much for your prayerful interest, and gifts for the Jacaltec people.

My first two weeks were spent at a workshop targeting indigenous peoples, sponsored by Wycliffe Bible Translators and Evangelism Explosion. Four Jacalteco adults were eager participants as they learned to evangelize by means of sharing Bible stories. Since returning home, they continue to put into practice the training they received as they visit and evangelize folk in their home towns.

Three of the participants—Mercedes, Pablo and Mario Florentin—are Bible School grads, and the other participant, Gaspar, has been a co-translator for over forty years. In spite of his experience and ability in preaching, teaching and song-leading in church, Gaspar found the one-on-one visitation practicum and sharing with others what had been taught a bit of a challenge, but he overcome his initial reticence and took part in the recorded dramatization of a typical evangelistic visit.

Gaspar and I are reading through the Old Testament. We finished the eleventh chapter of Leviticus. Our personal observations on Moses are that he was a great prophet and servant of God, but as a scribe, he can be tough to follow. He was often repetitious and would incorporate only slight variations in his wording. As a result, his writings are not the easiest to translate. The Tabernacle in the wilderness and the sacrifices are also complicated to render into the Jacaltec language. We certainly are reminded of what a blessing it is to be living in the age of grace.

I was invited to attend a Quiche (people group) wedding—an all-day affair with 300 guests—mostly Quiche neighbors and relatives. The women were dressed in their traditional woven skirts and blouses. It was a three-hour drive. My Guatemalan friend, Thelma, and I arrived at twelve noon. Sammy, whose daughter was getting married, came to help us walk down the last hill. We were served ‘pepillan’, (a spicy sauce over chicken), tamalitos, and a rice drink. We took many photographs, visited Sammy’s home and family, and waited for the mayor of the town to arrive to perform the civil ceremony. His marriage instructions were very Biblical. We lined up to give the young couple an ‘abrazo’ (hug) and best wishes. The church service was planned for five PM, but Thelma and I left at four PM in order to arrive back in Guatemala City while there was still some natural daylight.

Another trip highlight was attending the annual Inter-Missions weekend in Panajachel. I enjoyed fellowship with long-time missionary friends and with new missionary friends. The setting was at the edge of Lake Atitlan, a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes. Three or four U.S. churches collaborated to plan a great week-end for all—children, youth and adults.

I am blessed as I pray for you, too, thank you for e-mails and notes.

Rejoicing in Him,

Jean Stratmeyer

Wed Mar 10 23:18:24 2010

Dear Missions committee at WCCC,
Thank you so very much for your prayers and gifts for the Jacaltec people. I am working on a prayer letter, that hopefully will be sent your way soon. I am just back from 6 weeks in Guatemala, and am very grateful for the Lord's blessings.
Please thank David and Leona Clark for their gift of $50. toward the purchase of a laptop for pastor Mariano. We appreciate their interest very much. After I receive help to move the info from my old computer to a new computer, I plan to donate the old one to Mariano. He is also wanting a projector that he can use effectively to teach the Word of God, and this donation will be used to that end.
Please pray with us re a Christian School in Concepción Huista that is a strong interest of pastor Mariano. Mariano is contracted as pastor in another town for the year 2010, but he plans to serve in Concepción Huista in 2011. Please pray as we look to that end. He and his wife have been directors of the VBS in town for the last four years; this year there were over 160 children enrolled, 28 youth, 20 mothers and 6 teachers. Please continue to pray for the health and strength of this very special family, and that the Lord will continue to encourage and protect them spiritually.
Many blessings, Jean

Mon Jan 11 15:49:01 2010

Dear WCCC and Missions committee,
Thank you so very much for your continuing prayers and gifts. Your special Christmas gift is a great encouragement to me.
Much love, Jean

Wed Dec 30 13:55:13 2009

Cignet, Inc.,
P.O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157
Phone: 405-943-7613

Dear Praying Friends, December 29, 2009

Wishing you a wonderful New Year! A big “thank you” as well, for your prayers for me and for our Jacaltec friends. I requested prayer for a number of things and the Lord answered abundantly.

Son, Neil, was able to spend 3 days in Guatemala. He drove to Concepción, delivering me and materials for VBS just in time for a week of Vacation Bible School. I didn’t want to try to negotiate the mountains myself without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. It was a very rush trip for Neil but he made his flight back to Atlanta on Sunday, and to work on Monday.

VBS had been announced over the radio for a number of days! There were over 160 kids attending classes. They studied “The People of Israel” as they wandered through the wilderness, testing the Lord and seeing His mighty miracles. The children also learned the message of the Wordless Book that teaches salvation through Christ. Please pray for those who received Christ as Savior, for their continued spiritual growth.

The children praised the Lord in song in both the Jacaltec and Spanish languages. Twenty-eight youth attended classes studying God’s answers to family abuse and discord. During the closing exercises they presented a skit dramatizing what they were learning. They were enthused! Most of these young people do not attend church. Please pray that they will follow the Lord, read the Word regularly and receive spiritual training in a local church.

Twenty women of the church attended classes especially prepared for them. They also provided meals for the teachers, snacks for the kids, and served over 300 cups of rice drink with sweet rolls to the attendees at the special closing service.

The teachers were wonderful. They patiently taught the children, dressed up in clown costumes at times, provided much love and acceptance and distributed gifts to each child with their diplomas.

As is my custom, I took individual pictures of each of the attendees. After printing and mounting the photos, each person decorated their own picture with ribbons, buttons and artificial flowers. It was fun to see them enjoying their creations.

Gaspar, María Esther and I had a Christmas party with the 15 school children who receive scholarships from individual sponsors. They are doing well in school. They and their families are so blessed to receive these scholarships.

A workshop sponsored by Evangelism Explosion and Wycliffe Bible Translators is planned for January. Please agree with us in prayer that some Jacaltecos will take advantage of this evangelism training where ‘storying’ is the means of telling others the “Good News”.

Thank you again for your partnership in prayer and giving to Cignet for ministry among the Jacaltec people.

Many blessings,

Jean Stratmeyer

Tue Nov 3 12:39:13 2009

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying for me as I again visited Guatemala. Gaspar and I worked on translation; we finished the final 3 chapters, and started a read-through of the OT looking for spelling differences, deciding on footnotes, etc.

Please pray for the right gal to rent an apartment on my property in the capital, so that she can also be an agent for me to pay utilities, and to appraise me of any other concerns while I am in Oklahoma.

Mariano needs a laptop and a projector for his pastoral ministry. He saw the Lord work mightily in an area in Mexico near the Guatemala border, where there was no evangelical witness. He and his companions were able to plant a church and are visiting the new believers monthly.

I plan to fly to Guatemala again after Thanksgiving. VBS is planned for December 14-19th in the town of Concepción. Pray that I’ll have safety in travel, a companion to travel with, and ability to transport gifts and other items for VBS and the kids who receive scholarships. Pray too that the Lord will bring many children to VBS; that they will respond with faith to the Lord and the message of His glorious gospel.

I am grateful to the Lord for health and for you who pray and give for the Jacaltec work. The believers are praising the Lord that there is now a radio station in Concepcíon Huista, this enables us to beam our radio programs from two stations; we are asking you and the listeners for offerings to offset the expenses of this outreach.

I had a wonderful week-end here in Oklahoma sharing with a family, members of WBT. Den and I were used of the Lord some years ago to encourage Mark Thrash to seek membership with WBT, to use his skills in computer management. He and his wonderful family are again seeking to increase their support, and to find the Lord’s leading in ministry with WBT either in Dallas or in Malaysia, where they have previously served.

I am enjoying reading a study of Zerubabel, Ezra and Nehemiah, concerning the Lord’s leading them to return to Jerusalem and Judea, to rebuild the temple and the city wall. They endured opposition and hardship, but the Lord gave them favor with kings and prophets, to encourage them, and discipline their sinfulness.

May the Lord give us wisdom to walk with Him daily, sharing our testimonies to those who are hungry for God and His grace.

Blessings, Jean Stratmeyer

Thu Oct 8 12:33:55 2009

Cignet, Inc.
P.O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Dear praying friends, October, 09

Thank you for being on the team! I want to share with you some of the highlights of the past few months.
During 3 weeks in Guatemala in August, Gaspar and I were able to edit all but 3 chapters of the Old Testament books of Zechariah and Malachi.
Each Fall, Metropolitan Baptist Church hosts a week long Missions Festival here in Oklahoma City. This past week, 28 different mission workers from different areas of the world came to share the work they are involved in. What an encouragement to hear of the Lord’s ministering through each one and to pray with them!
I’m planning another trip to Guatemala this week, meeting Gaspar to work on footnotes and other translation needs. Pastor Mariano Vargas and his wife Maria Paula expect to come to Guatemala City this Saturday for a visit. We will be able to discuss and pray for plans concerning Vacation Bible School this December in Concepción.
Mariano also wants to help with editing and village checks of the Old Testament. The church elders were slow to invite him to Concepción as pastor so he accepted a contract to continue pastoring where he is for the year 2010. The Concepción elders and Mariano are working on a contract for the year 2011. Please pray that in spite of disagreements, this contract will be completed and will reflect the Lord’s calling.
We are thankful that Mariano continues recording radio programs. These programs are well received and are an encouragement to believers and unbelievers to follow the Lord. “The entrance of Your words gives light.” Ps. 119:130.
Gaspar recently held a quarterly meeting to distribute scholarships to school children. The scholarships are a tremendous support for these kids and their families to make their education possible. Please pray for Jacaltec teens. They are often tempted to stop following the Lord due to peer pressure and the lure of worldly attractions.
Thank you for praying for Lucas with his serious medical needs. He now has donation help to assist with medical expenses. Praise the Lord with him for this provision.

Much love, Jean Stratmeyer

Mon Aug 3 13:53:37 2009

Dear praying friends,
I recently enjoyed a visit from son Mark, Diane and three of their four children. They stayed with me for about two weeks. Granddaughter, Rose, stayed an extra week to help me organize my computer and photos. Although my translation work is encapsulated in a Wycliffe-Bible Society program that is well organized, the rest of my computer activity has been somewhat haphazard. So, ‘thank you, Rose’ for cleaning things up a bit on my laptop.
I don’t often see my grandkids from Spain, so this was a very special time. Ihop (restaurant) and a fun park were favorites with the boys, we family girls enjoyed lunch together at a lovely tea room. Besides great fellowship, we donned old-fashioned hats for a fun photo-shoot with the help of our waitress.
One weekend during Mark & family’s stay, Neil and Carol came from Atlanta and Gail and Darrell joined us from the OKC area; including fellowship we all got busy going through more of Den’s things. We kept the shredder buzzing and found ‘homes’ for many items. I also filled two suitcases to take to Guatemala. Den’s shirts are greatly prized.
During my last visit to Guatemala in May and June, Gaspar and I worked through all but the last 2 minor prophets of the remaining books of the Old Testament. We also completed a first draft of a booklet on ‘Spiritual Warfare’. I am planning another trip soon. Please pray for safety and effective translation work.
May I share a prayer need? Our long-time co-translator, Lucas, who contributed in a major way to the translation of the Eastern Jacaltec New Testament, has been suffering now for two years with a serious medical problem. Even though we continue to send him a monthly offering, it is not covering his medical and living expenses. If the Lord would place on someone’s heart to specifically help him financially, the funds could be sent to Cignet, Inc. and designated for Lucas. He is in need of another $100 each month.
Although Gaspar and I will soon complete the second draft of the Old Testament project, there is still much reviewing, editing, and village checks that need to be completed.
Our new Cignet treasurer is making the reporting of Ministry Projects easier and clearer. We are thanking the Lord for this special gift to Cignet, Inc.
Thank you so much for praying for and giving to the Jacaltec Ministry.
Much love,
Jean Stratmeyer

Sun Jul 5 12:06:25 2009

Dear Mission Committee at WCCC,
Thank you so very much for your prayers, your gifts and for making our work known to the congregation. And please thank Bobbi Clark for sending a recent copy of your bulletin with our picture and a blurb to help the people pray for our translation work.
Yes Bobbi, the translation work went well. We have only two more minor prophets to translate in second draft. There however is much work to do in editing, checking, including village checks, and footnoting.
The Lord has provided sponsors for all of the kids that we have profiled, so that is a wonderful answer to prayer.
The pastor I was hoping would help me with village checks waited for an invitation from the elders, but that invitation came about three weeks after he accepted the invitation to remain pastoring where he is for 2010. I'm trusting the Lord for His leading and His help.
Praising Him, Jean

Wed Jun 17 16:10:31 2009

Cignet, Inc.
P.O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

June '09

Dear praying friends,

Chad and I just finished participating in a VBS week here in Oklahoma City. We were part of the Missions room activities, and Chad got to be a Roman guard in some of the VBS skits with the apostle Paul in prison and in chains. The guards had to be careful not to scare the littlest kids, but the older ones enjoyed the interchanges.

One afternoon we participated in a bowling party with some visiting missionary kids who experienced bowling for the first time.

Please pray with me as I go to Guatemala June 17th for about three weeks. Gaspar and I plan to work in the book of Micah and other minor prophets of the Old Testament. Thanks for praying that we will be lead of the Spirit to translate clearly and correctly.

There is considerable unrest in Guatemala these days. One issue is that a person who was assassinated left a video accusing the president, his wife, and other members of the governing party of having had him killed, and of many fraudulent activities in the government. A non-violent protest meeting against the government is planned for this Sunday. The American Embassy is warning Americans in Guatemala to take precautionary measures as non-violent protests can break out into dangerous situations.

It was great to attend Rose's graduation from college. I was blessed to meet some of her friends, and to see the Lord work in getting me there using a standby ticket when all of the flights were over booked for the Memorial weekend. Rose is planning a stint with the Peace Corp.

Logan graduated from High School and is planning college this Fall. Mark and family have a Navigator conference to attend in Colorado, and plan to be with me in Oklahoma for a week or more in July. I am blessed! Thanks so much for joining me in prayer, and for your gifts for me and the Jacaltec people.

Please thank the Lord for members of the Cignet board as they care for State side office and house needs.

Trusting in His mighty power,

Jean Stratmeyer

Sat Feb 28 18:21:51 2009

Cignet, Inc.
February 27, 2009
Dear friends and family,

"He heals the broken-hearted, and bandages their wounds," Psalm 147:3.

We were saddened by the death of a wonderful niece of Den and mine--at age 44, Lynn Ann Stratmeyer moved home to heaven. I was privileged to attend her memorial service in Seattle, WA, and was strengthened in my faith as I heard friends and family tell of the joy and blessing they experienced in knowing Lynn. The study of God's Word, interest in music, books, food, fun and friends were very evident in her life.

I am missing Den, as I'm sure you can imagine. We would often call one another in the evenings when I was in Guatemala and he in Oklahoma City. I miss that fellowship and his helpful input. Thank you so very much for your prayers, cards and gifts to Cignet in memory of Den.

I enjoyed spending three weeks in Guatemala in January working on the translation of ten chapters of Ezekiel and the book of Daniel; Gaspar and I found Ezekiel 40 through 43 very exhausting. These chapters explain the vision that God gave Ezekiel of a future temple. The dimensions and locations of each item of the temple and its surroundings are so detailed that it made our heads spin. We tried to map out the precise positions and sizes of the entrances, rooms, pillars, windows, steps, altars, etc. In the Jacaltec (Ha-call-tech) language they use many directional phrases as we do in English, e.g. "Hurry up, sit down and drink up your milk!" But Jacaltecos also need to know where the author is in reference to what is being described.
The Jacaltec radio committee is now working with a different broadcasting station to air the radio programs. The new station covers a wider area and provides clearer reception to the Jacaltec people. Mariano and Jose continue to record programs twice monthly.

Although I wasn't able to attend the week-long Vacation Bible School in November, I sent a camera and portable printer so the children would again have a personal photo to frame and decorate. The VBS was a wonderful success! 125 kids and 20 youth participated; the teachers were enthusiastic and the mothers participated by providing snacks for the kids and lunches for the teachers. And in January 7 of the young people were baptized. Our prayer is that they will be taught to grow in their walk with the Lord.

In November, Gaspar and Juana met with 16 sponsored children and their mothers for a quarterly meeting. They listened to a Bible story, the children colored a picture for their sponsors, turned in school reports and received their scholarship funds. Praise the Lord for sponsors who pray for and provide scholarships of $30 per month for these children, so that they can continue their schooling. I still have three children awaiting sponsors; anyone interested in more information, please contact me.

Thank you again for partnering with us--your prayers and gifts are a vital component of Cignet, Inc. As you pray for us, please thank the Lord for the members of the Cignet Board of Directors. It has not been easy, particularly in the last year or two during Den's illness; his responsibilities have been turned over to Cignet's treasurer, and a very helpful bookkeeper is lightening the load.

In Christ,
Jean E. Stratmeyer
P.O.Box 12776 OKC, OK 73157 Phone 405-943-7613 Guatemala
Phone 011-502-2477-0169

Sun Jan 25 21:57:49 2009

Here is a letter from Jean and the funeral service for Dennis. Here is an an mp3 of the service.

Fri Jan 9 15:47:17 2009

Cignet, Inc.
P.O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157


Dear praying friends and family,
Thank you so very much for praying for me and my family and for the Jacaltec (Haw'call-take) people. We are missing Den, but are happy that he is now without pain, and is enjoying the peace and fellowship of his Lord and Savior.
We had a special time as family and friends gathered to honor the Lord in remembrance of Den's life and Den's love of the Scriptures. Den's prayer was that friends and family would seek a closer walk with Christ. I'm sending out a few copies of Den's Memorial Service, if you'd like a copy please let me know.
I'm planning to fly to Guatemala tomorrow to return January 28th.
News from Gaspar (Cax) is that seven believers followed the Lord in baptism at the first of the year.
Cax will meet me in Guatemala City to continue revising the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. Thanks for praying that we'll be lead of the Lord as we seek to make the Word speak truthfully and clearly in the Jacaltec language.
Due to illness or other problems, there are six Jacaltec school kids that have been receiving scholarships who are now without supporters. Please pray with us that there will be those who will fill in the gap to give these kids a better chance at life through school and church attendance. The scholarships are $90. a quarter, only one child per family is eligible to receive a scholarship.
Many blessing, Jean

PS: Please note the P.O. Box and phone numbers, we are closing the second mail box, and second phone number.

Mon Jan 5 13:24:58 2009

Jean Stratmeyer sends a Wycliffe book, A Poke in the Bibs by Jack Popjes, and Jacaltec book mark to Windy City Community Church’s library.

With many thanks for your prayers and gifts to encourage the Eastern Jacaltec people of Guatemala that God’s Word will take root in their hearts.

Revelation 7:9, After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.

Matthew 28:19, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…and I am with you always.

Blessings, Jean Stratmeyer, Christmas ‘08

Sat Jan 3 14:03:28 2009

Dear WCCC,

You continue to bless and encourage me as I continue with O T translation and radio and literature distribution. Thanks so much for you love and prayers,

My family and I thank you for thinking of and praying for us in this time of sadness, and yet joy that Den is now without pain and in the joyful presence of his Lord and Savior.

We gratefully appreciate your gift of $200 to me as a memorial for Den.

My family, including my brothers and sister-in-laws who came from Toronto to be with us for Den’s memorial are blessed to know that we have many brothers and sisters in Christ who have been so gracious to us.

The Lord is our strength and our strong tower.

Jean Stratmeyer and family

Sat Nov 29 02:18:05 2008

Dear family and friends,
Yesterday morning, 9:05, Friday Nov.14, Den was carried by the angels into the arms of his Lord and Savior. Jane, Den's friend Hank Warren, a hospice nurse and I were there as he was released from this earth to heaven. We thank the Lord that he is no longer suffering; no more pain for him, but a sadness remains in our hearts as we miss him.
He wanted his body to be donated for medical research; we are planning a memorial service on Saturday December 6th at 2:00 PM here in Oklahoma City at Metropolitan Baptist Church,
We are grateful to the Lord for His care, and to you for your very special prayers for Den, me and our family. 'Hospice Care' was a gift for Den and our family. They provided a hospital bed and other equipment when Den did not have the strength to get out of bed; medicines to keep him comfortable and a nurse's aid to bath and assist Den. The nurse, Gayla was wonderful as she helped guide us through the dying process. She was truly a gift.
While Jane came to be with Den, I made a quick trip to Guatemala at Den's request. I spent two days traveling and two days in Guatemala to connect with workers.
There is good news from Guatemala, Mariano and teachers are preparing for VBS November 17 - 22, Gaspar, Mariano and José are caring for radio programing, and Eliseo is continuing to translate first draft of the Old Testament. Malachi is the only book left for him to finish that project.
A related language team has asked permission to have copies of our unpublished Old Testament manuscripts for reference as they work on their Old Testament project.
Gail and family have been with us, Neil and Carol are here for the week-end, and Mark keeps in frequent contact from Spain. Praise the Lord for family!
We thank the Lord for His Word; Den's facial expression relaxed as we read it and some hymns when he could no longer talk to us.
Memorial gifts could be sent for Jacaltec work in Guatemala to:
Cignet, Inc. P.O. Box 12776, Oklahoma City, OK 73157
Many blessings, Jean

Wed Aug 6 13:00:16 2008

Dear Friends,

Den is doing fairly well despite chemo every other week. We thank the Lord for His goodness. Thank you again for your requests to God on his behalf.

One by one I had both cataracts removed and replaced with implants, so I see quite well; the sky is a lovely blue! And now I only need reading glasses.

Den would like to spend a week in Guatemala, so we have plans to fly there after a wedding shower here in Oklahoma for Carol and Neil on the 10th of August. We value your prayers on Den's behalf that he will be well enough to attend and enjoy Neil and Carol's wedding in Pensacola, Florida, September 20th.

Our Guatemalan co-workers Mariano and Maria Paula are expecting the birth of their 3rd child about August 15th. We're glad Maria's mother, a mid-wife, plans to visit them at the seminary in Chimaltenango where Mariano is a student. Please pray for a safe delivery for mother and baby.

Mariano is nearing the end of his studies, his thesis has been accepted, but there is much to do before he can graduate in October with his Master's degree. He has continued to find time to make two week-end visits per month to Huehuetenango to record radio programs with José. The Radio Committee is now asking listeners to respond with comments, prayer and financial support. Please pray with us that the listeners will encourage the committee in this way.

We are thankful that Mariano has agreed to direct the Vacation Bible School in Concepción Huista again this year. The dates are Nov. 17-22. We would be greatly blessed to receive special offerings sent to Cignet, Inc. for the VBS. Your prayers for the children are so important, that the Word would take root in their hearts to draw them into the arms of their Shepherd.

Mariano is extremely busy, he and his family need to visit their own families before his teaching engagement during the month of December in a Bible School in the town of San Rafael. Then they will move to the town of Soloma where he will commence a pastorate ministry in January, 2009.

We continue to pray that Mariano will be able to help us with Old Testament translation work in the future. We thank God for him and Maria Paula as we see God using them to bear fruit in His Kingdom.

Rejoicing in Him,

Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Thu Jun 12 12:59:47 2008

Dear friends and family,
A few weeks ago I went to Guatemala to work on translation and the Jacaltec child sponsorship program, but after a day or two as I talked with Den on the phone, I could tell that he was somewhat confused. I called Gail, who went and took care of him for three days and nights until I could return. On the trip home, my plane was three hours late getting to Atlanta, so I missed my connection that day to Oklahoma. However, Neil met me and I stayed overnight at his place, which was special.
Den has been on and off chemo now depending on his red blood count. The doctors are working to coordinate his medicines with his body needs which has been a difficult challenge. This Tuesday he was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. After many IVs with antibiotics, thankfully today, Friday he came home and we have been able to take short walks each evening.
Even though illness seems to focus our attention, God reminds us that His purposes and plans keep going forward. Our big family news is that Neil is engaged to Carol Chadwick. They have planned their wedding for September 20th, a beach wedding. Carol lives in Atlanta but grew up in Pensacola, Florida. She is a sweet gal, she and Neil encourage each other and are wanting their lives to count for the Lord.
And in Guatemala, Gaspar, Mariano and José continue to use portions of the New Testament to record radio programs that are broadcast in the Jacaltec field. These programs are regularly listened to by non-evangelicals as well as those who have professed salvation through Christ.
Eliseo needs our prayers as he works to translate the minor prophets.
Please continue to pray for Jacaltec school kids. It is a delight to see their enthusiasm. Thank God with us for the sponsors who pray and give to keep 'their kids' in school.
In spite of his uncomfortable illness, Den loves to read the Word, with the desire to delve into its meaning and especially to get to know the author better. In II Corinthians chapter one, Paul talks of God "who is the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort." Verse 11 says "On Him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."
We are blessed by your prayers, cards, emails and love; we are especially blessed to be a part of the Family of God, even as we are placed in a world that seems to be moving away from Biblical Faith and Hope.
Thank you for your partnership.
Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Fri Mar 28 18:55:08 2008

Dear friends at WCCC, and especially the missions committee,
I am not sure that the following newsletter left my computer heading your way.
We do so appreciate your regular gifts and prayer support for the Eastern Jacaltec people, and for Den and me. We thank you for featuring us from time to time in your church bulletin, for putting our newsletters on your internet page, for special Christmas gifts, and for notes from you.
Den is doing quite well as he is taking the chemo infusions; he needs more rest and has some abdominal discomfort. He is happy to look after some office work, some outside work and to have a restaurant visit with a friend from time to time. Thanks for being special friends for us.

Wed Mar 26 19:14:20 2008

Cignet, Inc.
P.O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157
March 25, 2008

Dear praying friends,
It has been awhile since we sent a news report your way. Thank you for praying and giving, even when news is scarce.
Den and I went to Guatemala February 20th and 21st. Den stayed about five days, I was there just over three weeks.
Den is back on a chemo regime; each Thursday for three weeks and then a week free. The companion medicine tarciva, caused a rash, an allergic reaction, so he has discontinued taking it. Thank you for praying for him, he is often tired and has GI tract discomfort, but we are thankful that otherwise he is not having a lot of chemo reaction.
We believe the Lord gave insight as Gaspar and I worked through final chapters of Jeremiah and 33 chapters of Ezekiel, we left Lamentations for a later date and a fresh look.
We are encouraged that Eliseo has agreed to again do first draft translation of the Old Testament; please pray with us and him as he works on translating the minor prophet books.
Mariano, Maria Paula and girls visited us in the capital. This is Mariano's final year in Seminary to complete his Masters in Biblical Studies. He has chosen for his thesis: 'Pagan beliefs in the Jacaltec Culture, and their effect in the Evangelical Church'. Den and I published some of these anthropological studies, so we gave him a copy of that publication in Spanish, along with other anthropological references.
Please pray with us, Mariano and Maria Paula, that Mariano will be invited to pastor in Concepción Huista or another Jacaltec community when he finishes his studies this Fall. He has a heart for teaching children as well as teens and adults. Pray too that pastors will make use of the Bible Pictures and lessons that we are making available through a library opportunity.
Gaspar keeps us informed of the radio ministry; recording and airing. He tells of non-evangelicals listening and playing the programs in their stores.
We know the Lord's plans for us and for you are blessed as He reminds us in Jeremiah 29:11 that His plans are to prosper us (especially spiritually), not to harm us, to give us hope and a future. We know that we have a wonderful future with Him through eternity because of what Jesus did for us.
We have rejoiced in the Easter message, may you too experience His joy and comfort.
Love, Jean Stratmeyer, and for Den

Wed Jan 23 20:25:32 2008

Dear praying friends,

Jean has been sending out reports of our work in Guatemala by email and snail mail at pretty much every opportunity. I, on the other hand, have not written to really anybody for rather over a year. What a year it has been!

The Organ Recital: came back jaundiced from a November, ’06 trip to Guatemala. Doc thought, as I did, that hepatitis had returned. Not so. Got an “endo” Dr. to run a tube down my throat, and he found blockage of the bile duct. He put in a stent to drain the duct and the organs it serves, but gave me to understand that the outcome of all this was not likely to be favorable. I was then scheduled for an unknown (to us) surgeon to do a “Whipple Procedure” on me. When I awoke from that, I did indeed have an inverted smile carved in my belly just below the rib cage. He took out a lot of stuff, but the main and best news was that he had gotten to the “pancreatic cancer” before it had spread. Some recovery time, then chemo, then radiation (which will probably never be repeated), and now the new year, with a new insurance company??!!

Guatemala: Jean went down in late November to prepare for a village visit. I went down also, a few days later, and promptly had my camera stolen – right at the airport. We drove our little (low) Toyota Tercel all the way to the village, though from Huehuetenango down to where “our” road leaves the Pan American Highway, we bottomed out on each of the many túmulos, very sharp, heavy-duty speed bumps. The Tercel will not do that again! A warm welcome to our property there in the village, and preparations for a week of Vacation Bible School started in earnest with Maria Paula leading the way, with her husband Mariano providing computer and teaching support. Mariano’s teaching on Abraham was given to the teachers of four age groups in the mornings. Mariano then had classes in the afternoons for the mothers and highschoolers. Mom was impressed with the teachers: each teacher had a helper, and all the teachers but one helper were bilingual, a major blessing to all.

This VBS was better attended than the “boom year” of ’06, the high school aged kids were more in number and possibly more helpful than the year before. The mothers of the smaller kids, and especially of the children for whom we have found sponsors to help with their education expenses, were not only there to benefit by receiving an up-to-the-minute photo of their child, but also provided snacks for the children and lunch for the teachers. Not a small undertaking for them.

Jean and I are thinking about heading down again around the 21st of February, as doctor appointments and family visits keep the calendar rather marked up till then. Translation work continues on the major and minor prophets of the O.T. We are so thankful for prayers and gifts for this project.

As we study the Scripture we continue to be concerned for those who say they believe in Christ as Savior and Lord, but who don’t have daily contact with Him in prayer and Bible Study. Let’s keep our hearts open to Him so that we can hear His voice.

Thank you for praying for me, the result of my recent PET scan was not favorable as you know; there are four or five spots on my liver that need attention. I am scheduled to see my oncologist on Wednesday, so I expect more chemo soon.

Den Stratmeyer (and for Jean)

Thu Dec 20 15:11:30 2007

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so very much for your prayers for Den and me as we went to Guatemala City and then out to the Jacaltec area, 10 hour drive from the capital.
Our visit was such a blessing. Den drove the mountainous trip; but we divided it into two days each way, with a stop over in Huehuetenango.
Sunday morning we had a gathering with the school kids who receive scholarships. They listened to a Bible story about Mary and the shepherds, and colored a picture for their donors. After a gift for each child, we took a picture of him with his mom to send to his supporters.
Mariano had teaching material for the VBS on the life of Abraham, for both teachers and pupils, graded to four classes. We were impressed with the teachers; each teacher had a helper, and two Bible School students studying music, were a wonderful addition to the teaching staff. All but one of the teachers and helpers are bilingual, so they taught in both languages. Mariano had classes for the youth and moms in the afternoons; the women enjoyed decorating baskets for their tortillas.
The kids sang in both Jacaltec and Spanish, and both Bibles were honored. 10 kids accepted the Lord as their Savior, and 5 youth rededicated their lives. Please pray that the Spirit’s work in their hearts will continue and give them joy in serving the Lord.
I taught the Jacaltec primer to two classes, as a review for reading in Jacaltec. I took 125 individual photos, and printed them so we could put them on construction paper with glue guns; each child chose artificial flowers, buttons, stickers, lace, whatever, to decorate and frame their pictures.
Mariano produced diplomas on my old laptop, and an HP printer that he has acquired. They were really beautiful diplomas with designs in three or four colors. We were both praying that we would not run out of ink cartridges.
I wanted to get pictures of the clowns, beenie babies and other toys that had been donated, but the closing ceremony went on and on; everyone was thanked two or three times. I almost missed getting the last pictures that I needed as we were very anxious to leave town and get to a place where we could relax, and have a hot shower.
We are now back in Oklahoma, the state that is working hard to get electricity back into all homes and business establishments.
We are thankful that we have had very little electrical problems during this disaster, (sometimes the phone and internet are out), but we pray for those still suffering, as we remember when that happened to us.
This Christmas may we all experience the love and joy of the Lord. Thank you for being extended family for us and for praying and giving for the Jacaltec people.
Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Sat Nov 17 11:57:18 2007

Cignet, Inc.
P.O.Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157
Nov. 16, 2007
Dear Tom, Missions Committee, and members of WCCC,

Thank you so much for your recent cards, Christmas letter, church news and Christmas gift of $175. Your faithful prayers and gifts are a continual blessing as we seek to serve the Mayan Jacaltecos of Guatemala.

We were saddened to hear of the home going of Lois, she will be dearly missed, but we rejoice that she is now home with the Lord. We welcome Luke Beal as your new Pastor of Worship.

Thank you for planning to feature us for special prayer December 2nd, and during the following week.

Den and I plan to fly to Guatemala this weekend, to be there for about two and a half weeks. One special purpose for the trip is to participate in a VBS in Jacaltec land during the last week of November. We plan to drive the 10 or more hours on paved roads, a special blessing except for the huge road bumps that are featured in every town.

We have been given large colored Bible pictures to help with teaching. We have a lot of beenie babies, other stuffed animals, little toys and trucks donated as gifts and prizes for the children. And to help keep the kids encouraged we have clown suits and puppets.

We'll have our annual gathering with the school kids who are receiving scholarships on Nov. 25th. We plan to take pictures of each child with his Mom. We'll have a Bible lesson with them using a booklet we published some years ago in the Jacaltec language. We want to see if the kids can read it, and plan to have reading classes during VBS, teaching them to read their mother tongue. Maybe that will happen in the afternoons.

A few years ago our son and family sponsored a Guatemalan child; it was through a well-known Christian child-sponsoring organization. When Mark had the opportunity to visit this child, her house was the largest in the village. I say this only to inform you that we are aware of whom is receiving the scholarships; only one to a family, church elders are deciding if the child and family are worthy, and we are finding that this help, small though it is, is an incentive to keeping families together. If you know of a US citizen who might like to sponsor a Jacaltec child at $30. per month, please inform us so we can send further info. Cignet, Inc. receipts for donations are valid for IRS.

Mariano’s last year of Seminary starts January ’08. He is asking prayer for direction in his life. He would like to work among the Jacaltec people, but needs clear leading from the Lord.

Thank you for praying for Den and for his health. He is to have another CAT scan in December, and his diabetic concerns are daily. We are asking the Lord for wisdom concerning a possible insurance change in December; his oncologist suggested this.

"Sing to the Lord, praise His name, proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations.' Psalm 96:2-3 a

Tom, please share this letter with the missions committee and the church people. Thank you for putting our letters on the Internet. Wish you were near to help me with my computer problems.
Many blessings,
Jean Stratmeyer (and for Den)

Mon Oct 15 15:19:11 2007

Praise and Prayer for Jacaltec People of Guatemala, and for
Den and Jean Stratmeyer

1. Thank the Lord that the result of Den’s recent cat scan was negative. however two blood tests have counts considered to be too high. Den’s oncologist wants us to look for different health insurance coverage as the next medications that she will prescribe will have a monthly copay of $1000. under our current health coverage.
2. We plan to be with Jane and John for the next two weeks; then we both hope to spend most of November in Guatemala.
3. The plan too is for Den to start another round of chemo in December.
4. Praise the Lord for Jacaltec nationals who are doing special service for the Lord.
a. Gaspar, one of our co-translators and I were able to revise 30 chapters of Jeremiah as I was in Guatemala City for three weeks during August and September. The translation program that I am using on my laptop allows 5 windows at the same time; one for Jacaltec, one for Spanish, one for an English translation, one for notes and questions for pastors, and one for notes and questions for a consultant
b. Mariano, a seminary student, takes a four-hour bus trip to Jose’s home every second weekend to record radio programs; these programs are being aired five days a week. Jacaltecos, who will not go to a church service are enthusiastically listening to these programs that include Scripture and hymns, they listen because the words are in their heart language.
c. Mario travels 40 minutes by bus to the radio studio to record programs ‘live’. He does this twice weekly, following his day of teaching in the public school.
d. Alejandro and Catarina teach classes for children Sunday afternoons while the adults have their service.
5. Pray for Lucas, a former co-translator who is suffering with severe kidney disease. We try we encourage him by reminding him of how the Lord blessed his expertise in translating the Bible for many years; but he still has many days of discouragement.
6. Mariano and Maria Paul are planning Vacation Bible School during the last week in November. Guatemalan school vacation is in November and December. We praise the Lord for those willing to help with funds for teaching materials. We ask you to pray for health and protection for teachers, for empowerment from the Lord to teach and encourage these children. Please pray that Jacaltec parents will be eager to send their children; we’d like 150 or more kids in attendance. Mariano is also planning evening classes for adults.
7. Pray that high school students from the capital will join us to help teach the children crafts, sports and Bible lessons in Spanish.
8. Pray that Den and I will be able to be there to take extra materials, prizes, and crafts, and that we will have time to teach kids to read Jacaltec during the VBS.
9. Pray with us that there will be a number of children who will give their hearts to Christ as Savior and Lord.

Tue Aug 21 22:18:44 2007

Dear praying friends,
I just returned from a seven day trip to Guatemala. It was a very special time as I saw the Lord's hand in a number of situations. Gaspar came to visit with news that the children's program, the radio ministry, and participation of the believers in church ministry is being blessed by the Lord. There are three elders who rotate in giving messages and teaching the children, and sometimes a school teacher of the congregation teaches the Sunday School class; Mario takes the bus to 'the big town' and preaches 'live' at the radio station two or three times a week.
Some of the pastors in the area have no interest in teaching children or youth, so at one point there was no Sunday School for the children. I beat the drum to the elders that we could not continue with children's scholarships if they were not taught in Sunday School. And in the last few months there has been a change; the children have a separate class while the adults have their church service. Please pray that the children will rejoice in learning Bible Stories, choruses and memory verses.
Mariano and Maria Paula visited me from Seminary. They are the ones who last year, during vacation from Seminary, organized a wonderful Vacation Bible School attended by all of the evangelical kids in town and many non-evangelical kids; even 22 youth were taught and at the closing exercises they presented a skit telling the story of king Beltashazar and the finger of God writing on the wall. .
After one more year of study and a completed thesis, Mariano will have a degree giving him the privilege of being a principal or professor in a secondary school. He has been invited to teach at a Bible School of a related Mayan language, or to be pastor for a Spanish congregation, but his desire is to work with the Jacaltec people. Please pray for the Lord's continued guidance and encouragement in his life. He and Maria Paula are just scraping by in meeting their school expenses even though she is a seamstress and washes clothes for other students to help pay the bills.
We have been able to provide scholarships for them, but we were saddened when Mariano told me that with his father's failing health, he had ask for a portion of land. The father's answer was: 'No way, if you are not going to be a farmer, you don't need land.' This father is a professing Christian.
Brother Lucas too is often discouraged because of his problems with kidney failure; he has a catheter, and his medicines are quite expensive. He says he feels that he is more of a burden than a help to his family. I reminded him of his many years of faithful translating, recording of Scripture and helping to prepare radio broadcasts that are such a blessing to the believers. I encouraged him with the report that non-evangelicals too enjoy listening to the radio programs; it is a delight for them to hear the Word of God in their own language. Please continue to pray for Lucas.


Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will again head for Guatemala for a two week stay; the plan is to continue translation in the book of Jeremiah. Please pray for the Lord's guidance and blessing. This is still a large project.
In Oklahoma we have been busy with visits from Mark and family, Neil, and Gail and family. It delights us to see our kids and their children spend fun times together. We are blessed!
Thank you too for praying for Den's health. Yesterday the oncologist said that he should leave the medicinal port in his shoulder for two more years as he may need further chemo treatments. She suggested that after two years he should be in remission.
God is using your prayerful interest and gifts for Jacaltec ministries to encourage us to continue with these projects. We are grateful for you and for the faithful nationals that we serve.

Jean Stratmeyer

Tue Jul 10 14:21:24 2007

Dear family and friends,
We are so very grateful for your prayerful interest. Thursday was a day of celebration because it was Den's last scheduled radiation treatment. This morning he saw his oncologist who scheduled one more series of chemo starting July 23rd,, so he has a little time to gain back his strength.
The radiation left him with very little energy. Neil has rented a cabin at a nearby lake for a few days starting July 9th, so we pray that he will be able to join in this family outing.
The radio committee in Guatemala is doing a great job. Mariano and José continue to record programs using New Testament portions and short applications. They are now starting in the book of Revelation.
A school teacher, Mario, records programs live, using the translated Scriptures as he presents salvation messages. Please see the attached picture of Mario in the radio station. We are also including a picture of Lucas with his son and a daughter that we took when Den and I visited him. He still asks us to pray for his health as having a catheter is very tedious for him. But he is regularly encouraged in the Lord by his family and Christian friends.
A few months ago one of the members of Campus Crusades for Christ sent us over a hundred copies of the video of the Jesus Film in the Eastern Jacaltec language. We are now able to offer these videos at a nominal cost; praise the Lord they are going like 'hot cakes'. People are purchasing ten or more at a time to distribute to their neighbors and family members. Thank you for praying for this very special outreach.
Translation has been on hold because of Den's cancer problems, but I hope to spend some time in August or September in Guatemala; and then I hope to go to the village area in November to have time with school kids that we support and to participation with the VBS program.
This summer Mark and family are coming to the US; so we pray for their safety in travel and special blessing as they visit. Oh, Rose is not coming until after Christmas as she is soon on her way to Australia for a semester, and Rob will be staying in the US to enter college this fall. We of course look forward to visiting with them here in Oklahoma.
Your prayers and gifts make it possible for us to continue Bible translation and distribution of the Word among Eastern Jacaltec people of Guatemala.
Many blessings, Den and Jean Sratmeyer

Wed May 30 13:37:04 2007

Cignet, Inc.
P. O. Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Dear friends and family,

We continue to thank the Lord for you who are praying for Den and for the Jacaltec people. Den needed to recuperate from surgery before he could start chemo and radiation, so April 24th I went to Guatemala to encourage the work of radio programming and to visit Jacaltec people. We are so very thankful for nationals God has gifted in the area of teaching, and with ability to record and arrange programs for radio broadcasting.

Some of the Eastern Jacaltec programs are broadcast live, while others are already recorded on CDs. Since the New Testament has been dramatically recorded, a portion of the NT is the base or core of each program; an introduction, recorded hymns, Scripture application and closure are the other ingredients. Please continue to pray with us that these programs will reach into Jacaltec homes with a clear presentation of the gospel. Just yesterday Gaspar told me of words of thanks and small offerings being sent to the committee.

Mark joined me in Guatemala, so he drove my Terrell from the capital to Concepción Huista, We were quite amazed that we could finish the trip on asphalt, as still vivid in our memories were the trips into town on horseback. But even with better roads, it is still a nine-hour mountainous excursion.

In Concepción Mark had fun visiting friends that he hadn’t seen for many years. He wanted to greet the mayor, but when he got to the town hall the waiting room and hall were filled with people. As in his heart he was asking the Lord for help he heard his name called and there was an old buddy, Shuwan, smiling at him. Mark explained his errand and Shuwan immediately ushered him into the presence of the mayor. They had a short but pleasant exchange, with the mayor assuring Mark of support if the need should arise, and an invitation to visit when he had less on his plate.

I enjoyed a gathering we had with school children who now have US sponsors. They came with their mothers, and they brought hand-colored Bible pictures, some school reports and thank you notes. They listened as I read the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Many of these kids have relatives who pray to idols, images or false spirits. The questions and discussion about the story helped to emphasize to these children that God wants us to pray only to Him, He loves us and wants to bless us as we pay attention to His wisdom.

Den has had two series of chemo, and he is having radiation treatments daily except for week-ends. He is to have another series of chemo in June, and he is scheduled to continue with the radiation treatments through June. He has some discomfort, and lack of energy is a factor. We are thankful that he eats well and seems to be handling his diabetes blood-sugar count adequately.

We rejoice in the Lord’s blessings, His grace, His comfort, and the encouragement of family and friends.

Joy and fellowship through Him,

Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Mon Apr 16 23:13:17 2007

Dear family and friends,
Monday will be the first of three days for Den's chemo treatments, then he'll have three weeks free before more chemo and radiation; I'm planning to spend about a week in Guatemala during the interim period.
Den's doctors say that he is doing well. His diabetic blood count is not fluctuating as much, and he is gaining a little weight.
I am very thankful for a wonderful visit that I had in the Toronto area, celebrating with my brother Harold and Norma their 50th wedding anniversary. It was great to visit with family and friends there, and Den did well while I was gone enjoying visits and communications.
In talking with Mariano, a pastor studying in seminary, he explained that as he and his family were on a bus returning to school, he was robbed of his backpack which contained funds to pay for his studies, books, his study materials, everything that he had. We rejoiced with him that no one was hurt, but what a heartache. Please pray with us for him; he is brave, stalwart and dedication to serve the Lord, he is gracious and a teacher that the Holy Spirit is using.
This episode helps us to again focus on gangs, unrest and robberies in Guatemala; it challenges us to be more diligent in prayer and in encouraging pastors and Sunday School teachers.
Thank you for praying for our Old Testament translation work. I have a new computer, but I need help from the Wycliffe technician in Guatemala to move the Scripture Program from my old computer safely to the new one.
The Lord is encouraging us by His Word which He uses along with your prayers, notes and gifts as a sold foundation under our feet.
Psalm 89:14-17 is as a torch to lighten the way: "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne, love and faithfulness go before you. Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you ...they rejoice in your name...for you are their...strength."
In returning from Toronto I had a number of Bible Story books for Jacaltec children in my suitcase and carryon that my home church there had donated. A big fellow next to me in the airplane offered to put my carryon in the above compartment, but as he heaved it he said: "This weighs a ton!" I thanked him and explained that it contained books for Mayan-Jacaltec children in Guatemala. He just said, "OK, bless you!"
And we bless you, Lets keep on looking to the Lord,
Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Wed Mar 14 21:33:31 2007

Dear family and friends,
It has been awhile since I wrote to inform you of Den's situation. I am sorry as we depend on your prayers, and I know that information really helps. Thank you for cards, phone calls, emails and your love.
Our Sunday School gals brought food while Den was in the hospital, and some of the guys took turns staying with Den. We were thankful that I or one of the kids where able to sleep in his room while Den was in the hospital. Since he was dealing with a large surgery, his pillows often needed to be adjusted. The surgeons are very pleased with the surgery, they say that now Den is cancer free.
Den came home on the tenth day, and is doing fairly well. The oncologist wants him to gain weight to prepare for chemo and probably radiation in April. But with his diabetes problems he can't eat much food that causes weight gain.
I am hoping to go to Guate the latter part of April for a short visit.
Much love, Jean (and for Den and family)

Fri Feb 23 13:01:25 2007

Dear Family and Friends,
We have been so blessed with your outpouring of love and concern. Your food, visits, cards,emails and especially your prayers encourage us and help us in our walk with the Lord.
Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble," gives us hope! But we are in trouble! We also know that God wants us to pray, and to trust that He is working all things for our good and for His glory.
The pathology report was not good! It is confirmed that the cancer started in the pancreas, not in the bile ducts, so Den is fighting pancreatic cancer, and the cancer is also in three lymph nodes.
Please pray for wisdom for the oncologist and for us as to the next steps.
Den is still coping with a large incision and possible lung congestion. He is now able to take liquids, and although it is painful he is beginning to be ambulatory.
Again we say, "His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect is our weakness".
Many blessings,
Jean (and for Den and family)

Tue Feb 20 12:57:53 2007

Dear family and friends,
The surgery is over. It was a five hour procedure, the tumor was the size of a billiard ball, located in the pancreas. The surgeon removed part of the pancreas, bile ducts, part of the stomach and the gallbladder.
They gave Den two units of blood for blood loss, he will be in intensive care for two days.
Dr. Eldridge said that the surgery was successful, he thinks the cancer was contained, but he won't know what else needs to happen until he receives the pathology results. When we receive that info we'll let you know.
We'll probably visit ICU this evening, but Den will probably not remember our visit.
We are so thankful for your continued concern and prayers that Den's recovery will be without setbacks, I am so blessed with family and friends.
We have an awesome God,
Many blessings, Jean

Thu Feb 8 12:03:44 2007

Dear family and friends,
Yesterday the nurse from Dr. Timothy Eldridge's office called to inform us that a time has been scheduled for Den's surgery, February 19.
Den is to be at St. Anthony's hospital at 7:30 AM. An exploratory procedure is scheduled for 8:30, and the main surgery for 9:30 AM; we understand that the whipple procedure is a 5 to 8 hour surgery.
The surgeon graciously explained much of the procedure and answered Jane's many questions. We had another interview with a heart specialist yesterday, who has scheduled a stress test for Den on Monday, the 12th.
It was great having our family home to help with business, the house, the computer, and to encourage Den in his carb counting and insulin shots. Den is exercising more and feeling better. Jane expects to be with us again before surgery. Mark arrived back in Spain in time to help Diane with a car problem, she and the boys did a great job filling in for pa.
We are so thankful for assurances of prayer and the confidence that the Lord is in control. His Word encourages us that 'His grace if sufficient, His strength is make perfect in weakness.'
We are so very blessed by notes, emails and calls that you are praying with us.
Blessings, Jean

Wed Jan 31 18:20:27 2007

Dear family and friends,
Thanks so very much for your prayers and inquiries.
Den, Mark, Neil and I spent a week in Guate attending to some needed business. Because Den wasn't well enough for the five-hour trip to Huehue to see a lawyer, we arranged two flights with MAF. They were beautiful days for picture taking, 45 minute flights.
Dave and Helen Ekstrom graciously hosted us for two nights, serving Guate food that the boys enjoyed to the maximum.
We are back in OKC, Jane had arrived before we did so she started dusting and cleaning and giving the place a fresh look. Monday Jane and Den saw our primary physician about Den's swollen ankles and legs; an Ultrasound and blood tests were done to rule out blood clots and determine kidney function. All came back good.
His blood sugars are now almost within normal limits, thanks to being more vigilant with carb counting and exercise.
Yesterday we saw the surgeon, we were pleased with his expertise and that he spent an hour with us answering questions and explaining things. At the time of the surgery there will first be a laperoscopy to determine extent of surgery need, then a Whipple procedure is planned, it is a 5 to 8 hour procedure. Den needs cardiac clearance (non-stress test) prior to scheduling surgery.
The doctor's comment about "this may sound corny, but prayer is helpful" encouraged us.
Jane and Mark are planning to return home tomorrow, Jane will return again prior to surgery.
Pray that the insurance authorizations will move quickly.
It is so humbling to see God's hand working on our behalf.
Blessings, Jean and family

Mon Jan 15 15:14:56 2007

Dear Ones,
Wednesday I tried to send five batches of emails to you all with info about Den's condition. AOL closed my account because they thought I must be a commercial business, I guess they only allow 200 emails in one day.
Our son-in-law has being paying for our AOL for years, and we had both forgotten the answer to the security question, and he didn't have the last four digits to his billing account (had changed banks, or whatever) so we couldn't get AOL to let me into my account until yesterday.
If you received the following news, thank you for praying, I am not sure at what stage AOL stopped sending my message.
Further news: We are praying for seats on Delta out of OKC by Friday, or at least the weekend (weather has closed down the airport for a few days) we're planning to meet Mark and Neil in Guatemala with a lawyer to finish some business.
We've heard from many re the Whipple surgery; pray that Den's body will be strong enough for it, and that the surgeon will be especially blessed by the Lord.
Since Den has probably had the cancer growing in his body for a year or more, an extra week or two won't make much difference we understand. So surgery is probably not for a couple of weeks.
God is a very present help in time of trouble. We are trusting Him.

Thu Jan 11 13:02:27 2007

We are blessed to know that you are praying, that our Lord is faithful, and that He knows the end from the beginning. Pray that we'll walk this walk with faith and confidence in His unfailing love, and in His power to defeat the enemy of our souls.
Dr. Mesiya called to tell us that the biopsy showed that the tumor in Den's bile duct is malignant. He suggested a surgical procedure called 'Whipple' that involves the removal of part of the pancreas and bile ducts. He said that the malignancy is localized; it has not matathesized into lymph nodes.
Dr. Mesiya named the surgeon that he expected would perform the surgery, but we have not heard from Dr. Conrady, our primary physician as yet. Dr. Mesiya is concerned about Den's age and his diabetes. He said that if Den has surgery he would be in the hospital for about a week, and then there would be chemotherapy treatments.
Den has had considerable itchiness from his high bilirubin count, but the stint put in the duct is making that situation better and Den's color is much improved. He eats well most of the time; lots of vegetables, some fruit and berries, and oatmeal for breakfast. He is starting to drink green tea rather than coffee.
Please pray with us for the decisions of the doctors, and our decisions.
Thank you so very much for your prayerful concern, your cards and emails.
Ted Williamson is receiving our support checks and sending receipts. What a blessing! Please pray with me that the Lord will help me with year-end receipts for '06, bills that need to be taken care of, and wisdom to prepare healthy food for Den.
We praise the Lord for Jacaltec workers; in a few days five of them will be traveling to the town of Solola to record a new Jacaltec-language cassette/CD for use in radio programming and distribution.
More later when I know more.
We continue to thank the Lord for His mercy,
Jean (and for Den)

Mon Jan 8 14:04:58 2007

Hi, (Wed. 1/3/07)
The nurse from Dr. Sikander Mesiya's office (gastroenterologist) called this AM. Den has an appointment at 2 PM tomorrow (Thursday). The Doc is squeezing Den in, will get paper work done, and maybe the scope procedure to see what is blocking the duct to his pancreas. She said to keep Friday open as that is probably when the doc will have time to take care of Den.
Den's diabetes is not functioning well either. The reason he has been loosing weight is because he has an insulin resistance problem. His blood sugar count remains high, even with insulin and revised diet. Please pray with us that our primary doctor will name an endocrinologist for Den who can better follow his insulin problems and can give us important counsel.
Thank you for your prayers, we are trusting the Lord through this journey.
Blessings, Jean

Thanks lots for praying. 'The prayers of a righteous man avails much'
Den had an ERCP (video endoscope) procedure this AM, it took about an hour. Den's bile ducts were quite enlarged, the doc inserted a stint for drainage and took a biopsy of the tumor. He will give us the pathological result on Tuesday. The stint will be operative for three months the doc said.
Den drank juice and broth and was very glad to go to bed. He will probably sleep till morning.
More later when I know more.

Sat Dec 16 12:26:00 2006

Dear friends and family,
Thank you for praying for Den and me as we spent most of November in
Guatemala. As we outlined in our last newsletter, we had a full agenda,
and the Lord gave us the strength to tick off each item.

Fran Eachus was available to check the book of Leviticus with me, then
both Den and Gaspar arrived in the capital about the same day. Den had
much to do to finish the importation of our pickup, and Gaspar and I
moved ahead with a review through the rest of Isaiah and into Jeremiah
for four chapters.

We loaded the pickup with windows and door from our demolished house
trailer to donate to a church in Concepción for their kitchen
construction, and then we headed for the mountains. Our children are
amazed as we tell them that we traveled on pavement all of the way to

When we arrived in town the VBS was in full swing, but they were very
happy that we brought prizes, gifts, skit costumes (bathrobes), and
craft materials.

We took lots of pictures, did a little teaching and had a great time
enjoying the enthusiasm of teachers and children. Pastor Mariano had
prayed for 75 kids to attend the VBS. He and his teaching staff
canvassed the town during the previous week, and by Monday morning 50
kids had signed up. But before the week was over there were 111 kids on
the rolls, 20 of whom were high school kids. Mariano had a class for
these highschoolers in the late afternoon as some of them had jobs.
They thrilled us with skits that they performed during the closing

Many of these children heard the gospel for the first time; pray with us that the Lord will use the seed sown in their hearts to develop
spiritual fruit.

Unfortunately we did not take sleeping bags with us, and this is the
coldest time of the year in the mountains. Water droplets hung from the
ceiling all the time; at night Jean and I piled all the blankets on a
single bed and snuggled; and we were still cold! But the days were nice
and the food was good. "Pass the tortillas, please!"

However, Den now has a definite liver problem, feels very weak and
tired, and is injecting himself with insulin to try to lower his blood
sugar reading. He was tired most of the time in Guatemala, so we are
happy to be home where our doctor is ordering a number of tests.
Thank you again for prayers and gifts; we wish you a very special
Christmas season. The Lord is an awesome God!

Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Wed Sep 13 11:19:12 2006

Cignet, Inc.
(Coworkers in Good News Translation)

September 3, 2006

Today, on our 51st wedding anniversary we're reminded of when Den and I promised before the Lord (and some of you were there) to love and to encourage one another through life's ups and downs, and to be partners in serving the Lord together. And we joyfully remember our 50th anniversary celebrations with family and friends.
Recently 'Campus Crusade for Christ' sent us at a very nominal cost 100 videos of 'The Jesus Film' in the Eastern Jacaltec language in VHS format. We will be distributing these to various individuals and congregations; but we ask you to pray with us that North Americans would donate used VCRs so that we could make them available to Jacaltecos. A technician at 'Best Buy' tells us that DVDs have put the VCRs on the obsolete shelf. Pray with us that this powerful video, in either VHS or DVD presentation will continue to speak to the hearts of Jacaltec people.
In August we were able to complete the first revision of Isaiah through chapter 60. Now we need the time and energy to prepare a number of OT books for consultant checks. This involves reading through the text and writing a back-translation into English that reflects literally the Jacaltec translation, including idioms and figures of speech. The consultant also helps us work through unresolved questions.
On another front and with help from friends in Oklahoma we were able to paste 40 corrections into 80 Jacaltec hymnbooks. Some of the corrections were for typographical errors, but others were changes to enhance the meaning and/or rhythm of these hymns. This project was gratefully received by the Jacaltec translation committee.
Please continue to pray for the radio committee as they prepare more programs. Pray also as through this medium the Word of God is heard in homes of believers, as well as in homes of those the Lord would draw into his Kingdom.
A Jacaltec church youth committee recently sponsored a conference; young people from surrounding towns and villages gathered. Over 300 people attended an evening meeting, some received Christ as Savior, others were baptized during the conference, and a young couple chose to have their wedding celebration at that time.
Den is planning to drive to Guatemala this month. Please pray with us that he would have a safe and encouraging trip with his traveling partner, Pedro Moctezuma.
We plan to visit Concepción in November to assist with Vacation Bible School. November and December are vacation months for students and teachers in Guatemala. Pray with us for teacher preparation and for materials needed, so that this will be a God-blessed outreach into the community.
Thank you for your prayers for us and the Jacaltec people. Thank you also for your notes and emails. Your support and friendship are valued greatly.

Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Mon Jul 24 13:02:44 2006

Cignet, inc.
Co-Workers in Good News Translation

July 2006

Dear Missions Committee of WCCC,

It is encouraging to know that the Lord is guiding as we trust Him, and to know there are His children who are prayer warriors battling the evil one on our behalf. Den and I thank the Lord for your faithfulness in supporting us and the Jacaltec (HAH-kahl-take) people in prayer and by gifts. As a token of our appreciation we are enclosing a CD of hymns played on a marimba. The marimba is the national musical instrument of Guatemala.

In a talk with Lucas recently he was overjoyed to explain that the Lord has worked a wonderful miracle in his life. He is feeling much better, and is able to accept the restrictions of the dialysis without sadness or bitterness. His wife is a strong spiritual support for him. And the church elders surround him with prayer and encouragement, so he is continuing with first draft translation of Old Testament Minor Prophets. His brother Eliseo works with him and computer keys their work before sending it to us for review.

Jose has been revising radio programs, taking out stretches of music that he had included, and which the believers have complained about. He is adding more Scripture, application and hymns. We plan to copy these cassettes onto CDs for a more permanent medium.

My time in Guatemala went well as we worked through Job, Ecclesiastes and 14 chapters of Isaiah. It is wonderful to read of the Messianic prophecies in Isaiah written so many years before Christ’s first visit. I expect to be back in Guatemala before the end of July for three or four weeks working in the book of Isaiah.

Thank you for praying for the 12 Jacaltec kids who have sponsors. If you know of someone who would be interested in supporting a child in school for a year at $30. per month let us know and we’ll send info.

Rejoicing in Him,
Jean Stratmeyer (and for Den)

Thu Jun 8 12:18:46 2006

I recently returned from Guatemala. One of the big concerns is that the Guatemala gov't closed down the radio station on which we have been airing our Eastern Jacaltec radio programs. Pray that they will soon get their licensing under control.
Den was notified about a month ago that his blood sugar count is too high. Den is on medication and we've attended a couple of the nutritionist's meetings, and are learning to cook and eat in a more healthy way. The numbness in Den's feet is improving
Thank you, Jean Stratmeyer

Thu May 11 13:31:18 2006

Very special friends at NPBC/WCCC,
We are in prayer for you as you gather to celebrate May 7th, 2006. God's blessing on your lives and on the lives of your missionary family.
Den and I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in '53, and were married in '55. From then until we arrived in Guatemala in late '57 as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators we were prayed for and encouraged by Den's home church NPBC and my home church in the Toronto area. You commissioned us, and gave us opportunities to tell both adults and kids about some of our adventures at Jungle Camp and the Lord's leading in our lives.
I led VBS one summer, Edna May Varnell had her Sunday School class inspect our truck that we were packing and fitting for the trip to Guatemala.
We have been blessed by so many of you during our furlough trips, when often we had our four lively kids with us. You sewed for us, fed us and made us feel special.
Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and gifts for us and the Eastern Jacaltec people.
Norwood Park Baptist Church’s role in our walk and work for the Lord for the last 57 years, from & Jean Stratmeyer.

Dennis Stratmeyer
Dear Friends,
My experiences in and from NPBC started even before I entered into God’s Life on November 27, 1949. Twice my brother Hugh and I were confronted (challenged, trapped, buttonholed, whatever) by several deacons at Norwood on the matter of our relationship with Jesus.

I (and my brother as well) was baptized by Pastor Pearson at Norwood Park Baptist Church mid-winter 1949. I expressed to him then my desire to continue my discipleship to Christ, begun by fellow high schooler and member, Bruce Miller, and to begin studies at Moody Bible Institute. Graduation, and thence to Norman, Oklahoma, and the SIL course on missionary linguistics on the OU campus, from there to Canada, where God led me to my future wife. Three years of college, and by then married with a daughter about to enter this world, and then more SIL, and the field of work among the Eastern Jacaltec people. The car trip to SIL’s Jungle Camp was made with the extensive guidance of Dave and Helen Ekstrom.
Norwood not only facilitated widespread help from your members and your supported missionaries but also helped us with encouragement through personal contact when we were home during furloughs. Your prayers for us and the people God wanted us to work with through the years have been heard, and in good measure, answered. Your financial support of us has been one major evidence of the concern for God’s work there in Guatemala. All of this worked beneath the surface to help us find the name of our current organization, CIGNET, Inc. “CoWorkers in Good News Translation.” Jean and I thank you for being a critically important part of those Co-Workers
Your very thankful friends, Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Mon Apr 10 11:51:46 2006


March 27, 2006

It is always good to go to Guatemala and it is a joy to return to Oklahoma City.

My visit to Guatemala in February went quickly, but was a rewarding time. We were able to work though the rest of Nehemiah, Esther and 20 chapters of Job. We were also able to deliver scholarships to eight Jacaltec school children from their US sponsors.

It has been great to be in Oklahoma for a few weeks to visit doctors, family and to have time with Den in the office.

I'm planning another trip to Guatemala this week for about three weeks, to continue translation in the book of Job, Ecclesiates and maybe some in Isaiah. Later on I hope that Den and Gaspar will have the opportunity to work though the Song of Songs.

Please pray for the twelve Jacaltec school kids who have sponsors, that they will continue to take advantage of their schooling and their walk with the Lord.

Gaspar is working with a different radio station, an FM station situated in one of the Jacaltec towns, they are giving us a better contract than we have had. José too is again recording radio programs. Pray with us that we can arrange the roecording of more Jacaltec hymns for radio proadcast and cassette distribution. It is a wonderful way to teach the hymns, the women and children are especially blessed to listen and learn the hymns.

We are grateful to the Lord that Lucas, who has grave kidney problems reports that he is doing well. His frother Eliseo is not only computer keying the translation but he is now doing firs draft translation, Lucas has enough strength to check his work.

Thank you so much for your prayers for these different projects, and for your gifts for us and the Jacaltec people.

Jean Stratmeyer (and for Den)

Thu Dec 8 13:15:27 2005

Dear praying friends,
Both Den and I had a good work-visit in Guatemala recently. We were able to move the OT second-draft revision on to finish 2 Chronicles, through Ezra and into the ninth chapter of Nehemiah. What a breath of fresh air to read of the faith inspiring lives of these two prophets of God, as they withstood their enemies who wished to cause their failure.
Thank you for praying for Lucas, he is receiving liver and B shots that are giving him strength and encouragement. He continues to translate, although briefly most days. Praise God!
Cax/Gaspar and José are doing a great job of keeping the radio programs going. Cax says you can walk down a street in San Marcos and hear the program being aired in believer's and nonbeliever's homes. Please continue to pray with us that God's Word will bear much fruit. And pray that we'll be able to professionally record more hymns in the near future.
Thank you for praying for sponsors for Jacaltec school children. This is a wonderful help to the Jacaltec Christian Community. Thirty dollars a month may not seem much for a family, but in Guatemala it goes a long way. In the past two years the price of coffee has fallen so low that plantation owners haven't bothered to harvest their coffee. (Other countries, such as Taiwan are flooding the market). And for years the majority of the highland Jacaltecos have depended on coffee harvesting to pay off their annual accumulated debts. So the temptation is for the men to try to 'wetback' to the States to work and send back funds to their families. But this tends to break up the family and the guys are tempted to find another woman and start another family.
If you know of those who would like to help us with this scholarship program of ninety dollars ($90.) paid quarterly, we in turn will send a packet of pictures of eligible children with their profiles, so a child can be chosen and prayed for. The child and family must be attending an evangelical church, and must submit a thank-you letter and copy of the child's school report to receive their quarterly scholarship. Of the 20 children for whom Gaspar has gathered profiles, only two mothers could sign their names. But now girls and boys are enthusiastically attending school and are learning to read and write in both languages.
Recently Den and I were invited by Mart Green to attend a primier showing of the film "End of the Spear", featuring Nate Saint and the Waodani (formerly Auca) people of Ecuador. It is 50 years since Nate's dad and 4 other missionaries were speared to death. This movie will be in local theaters starting January 20, '06; it is a fascinating story told from the point of view of the Waodani people. Mart and his team produced the film, praying the Lord will use it to bring many to cherish God's Word, and to give their hearts to Christ.
Wycliffe's latest Bulletin of "Pass it On", features "End of the Spear" and a blurb on the back page tells of Mart in a hotel room in Guatemala unable to sleep...The previous day he had watched a man receive his first New Testament in his own language, with tears streaming down his face--an image that stuck with Mart. Mart couldn't believe that people like that man had been waiting a lifetime for that moment. That man was our cotranslator Gaspar/Cax.
Thank you so very much for your prayers and gifts for us and the Jacaltec people.
Many blessings,
Den and Jean Stratmeyer

Tue Oct 25 10:31:09 2005

Cignet, Inc.
(Coworkers in Good News Translation)
P.O.Box 12776
Oklahoma City, OK 73157
Tel. 405-943-7613

October 24, 2005

Dear friends and family,
Many of you have asked about Guatemala since hearing news of hurricane Stan. There is much devastation, although it is not in the Jacaltec area. Two towns have been washed away leaving horror and loss. Many missionaries and churches are working to help the refugees, and there is much need for rebuilding of homes and churches. We don't have the latest figures, but there are over 1000 dead, 100 injured, 120,000 in shelters, and over 5000 homes damaged. Union church in Guatemala City is helping and planning a rebuilding program, as they did following hurricane Mitch. Gifts can be sent to them at: International Church Ministries, Section 2622, PO Box 02-5339, Miami, FL 33102 The check should be paid to the order of: Union Church, and a note needs to designate for "Hurricane Stan Relief."
Missions Festival here in Oklahoma City was a refreshing time. We were encouraged through prayer support and good fellowship with church people and visiting missionaries. The emphasis seemed to be on the Arab-Muslim world, many of whom are descendents of Abraham through Esau and Ishmael. When the angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar telling her that her son, Ishmael, would be 'as the wild donkey', perhaps it spoke to her of freedom, in contrast to her slavery. A very interesting and timely book is: "Arabs in the shadow of Israel", the unfolding of God's prophetic plan for Ishmael's line, by Dr. Anthony Maalouf.
Den and I were blessed to be invited to a premier showing of the movie "At the end of the Spear". It is about the working of God in the hearts of the Auca, now called Waodani people of Ecuador, who fifty years ago murdered the five missionaries who were seeking to befriend them for the gospel. Nate Saint, son of one of the missionaries is featured, but the story is told from the point of view of the Waodani people. Lets all be at the movies January 20, 2006 to show movie producers that there is a large body of North Americans who they can serve with faith based stories of valor. As a preview to the movie pastors are invited to call 800-695-9847 to receive a kit with flyers, posters, a DVD trailer of the movie, as well as Information about the 40 minute documentary "Beyond the Gates of Splendor."
Lucas still needs prayer that he will continue to depend on the Lord, and that he will be thankful for the measure of strength that he has, and that he will continue to be encouraged to do a little work each day. May the Lord provide a kidney transplant for him as we pray. Pray too as we search for someone to work with José in recording Jacaltec radio programs, and as we work toward the recording of more Jacaltec hymns.
I plan to work with Gaspar in 2 Chronicles for about three weeks in Guatemala before the US Thanksgiving, so hopefully standby space will open up soon. Den too is planning to fly to Guatemala to help us.

We continue to ask the Lord to provide scholarships for Eastern Jacaltec (HAW-call-take) children of families that attend evangelical churches, to enable these children to continue in their school attendance. Very few of their parents have had more than two or three years of grade school, even lacking the ability to sign their names. Of the twenty children that Gaspar took pictures of and filled out profiles for, only two mothers could sign their names.
A perspective sponsor will receive a packet with a number of pictures along with profiles of needy children, so that a choice can be made and an account set up. The sponsor will be responsible to pray for the child and make monthly contributions of $30, ($90. quarterly) to Cignet Inc. with an included note that it is for a Jacaltec child.
The child and the child's parents will in turn send a quarterly letter of thanks to the sponsor along with a copy of the child's school report. These he must turn in, in order to receive his scholarship funds. Our cotranslator Gaspar/Cax Vargas is now doing the footwork among the Jacaltec people for this project.
To become a sponsor an interested person needs to contact me by email:, or by phone: 405-943-7613, or write to us at: Cignet, Inc. P.O. Box 12776, Oklahoma City, OK 73157 If I am in Guatemala you may need to wait till I return to Oklahoma for me to send the packet to you.
Thank you for your prayers and gifts for the Jacaltec people,
Jean Stratmeyer (and for Den)

Fri Sep 9 12:11:06 2005

Dear friends and family,

What a joy to have all of our family together for a final 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration; an Open House with friends in Oklahoma City. Jane and John came from California, Mark and Diane and family from Boston after putting Rose in College, Neil from Atlanta, Gail and Darrell and their three boys live here in Oklahoma City. We are delighted to see our grandkids spend time together; but unfortunately it is a rare occurance, so we worked at making memories while bowling, swimming, playing games, looking at pictures, eating and visiting.
Our kids sponsored us for a week's getaway to Alaska in June, then some of them gathered with us in July for a Celebration in the Toronto area with friends and family, and now in Oklahoma.

The Memory Book too is such a treasure. Thank you for your contributions; if you missed the deadline we still have pages for cards, pictures and notes.

I plan to fly to Guatemala soon for about two weeks, and then back to Oklahom City for a missions conference.

I will meet Cax/Gaspar to continue working in II Chronicles. I expect to see Lucas and Amparo when they come to the capital for Lucas' monthly dialysis treatment. Thank you for praying for these men as they continue with ministry in radio broadcasting.

Thu Jul 28 17:12:35 2005

We are asking the Lord to provide scholarships for Eastern Jacaltec (HAW-call-take) children of families attending Protestant churches, to enable them to continue in their school attendance; very few of their parents have had more than two or three years of grade school, even lacking the ability to sign their names. (We are starting with the 'household of faith')
A sponsor will receive a packet with a number of pictures with profiles of needy Jacaltec children, (under the age of 14 years), so that a choice can be made, and an account set up. The sponsor will be responsible to pray for the child and make monthly contributions of $30., ($90. quarterly).
The child and the child's parents will in turn send a quarterly letter of thanks to the sponsor along with a copy of the child's school report. This he must do in order to receive his scholarship funds from a Caring Partners' representative in Guatemala. Our cotranslator Gaspar/Cax Vargas is now one of those representatives doing the footwork among the Jacaltec people.
An interested sponsor needs to start by contacting our Wycliffe friend Jean Bates. Jean can be contacted by phone: 360-275-1216, or by email: or by writing to: Jean Bates, PO Box 627, Allyn, WA 98524
Through Jean you will choose a child, and your account will be set up with:
Caring Partners, Inc.,
P.O. Box 44707
Middletown, OH 45044-0707
Tel.: 800-472-2744
Rhonda Reed at CPI is the contact person for this project. Be sure to mention your interest in the Guatemalan Jacaltec scholarship project. Rhonda can also be contacted by email:

Fri Jul 8 15:04:43 2005

Dear praying friends,
Thank you so very much for your prayerful interest. I just returned from Guatemala very thankful for the Lord's blessing.

Gaspar/Cax and I did a revision of most of the book of I Chronicles. It makes one heart-sick to read of the failure of the kings of Israel and Judah to stay close to God, and to lead their people into idolatry. But there were some bright spots in the book, such as the account of the life of King Josiah, and of the prophets Elijah and Elisha.

We have been asking you to pray for the health of Lucas, cotranslator and creator of radio programs. He was brought to the capital by ambulance, a five hour trip from Huehuetenango. Doctors had been treating him for high blood pressure and heart problems. When he finally went to a clinic in Huehuetenango he was quickly diagnosed with kidney failure.

Lucas was hospitalized for a week; his wife stayed with me and visited him daily. After his release, he and Amparo, his wife, stayed with me for another month so that he could receive almost daily treatment and training at a clinic dedicated to helping people on dialysis.

Lucas will need to travel to the capital monthly for treatment and renewed supplies. I donated our microwave oven to him as he needs a way to warm the equipment that he uses. It is amazing to me that there is no such clinic help in Huehuetenango, and people from all over Central America come to Guatemala City for dialysis treatment and training.

Please pray that Lucas will follow the sterile procedures that he has been taught, and that he will eventually find a kidney donor, preferably a relative, so that he could receive a transplant.

Lucas is only forty-five years old, his youngest daughter is ten. We will continue to support him financially and pray that he will eventually be able to again work in translation and radio programming.

I was delighted as I talked with Pastor Jose, to learn that he finished preparing 75 radio programs that he and Lucas had worked on before Lucas was hospitalized. These are half-hour programs of portions of dramatized Scripture in Jacaltec, taken from the books of Mark and Luke; with short applications prepared by Lucas, interspersed with Jacaltec hymns that have been previously recorded. Please pray that more singing groups will take advantage of the opportunity to record Jacaltec songs for cassette ministry and radio programming.

I went out to the city of Coban in Guatemala to spend a few days with Fran Eachus, a translation consultant, member of Wycliffe Bible Translators. She checked our Jacaltec translation of Proverbs, and encouraged us to finish preparing Psalms and Proverbs to publish as a separate edition. So pray with us for a pre-publication review by Den and some Jacaltec pastors.

I bought a camera for Gaspar/Cax to take back to Concepcion so that he can take pictures and do interviews of Jacaltec children. Pray that we and Caring Partners, Inc. can find sponsors for these children so that they can receive the education that their parents never had the opportunity to receive.

Your gifts to Cignet, Inc. make this Jacaltec work possible. Thank you.

Many blessings,

Jean Stratmeyer (and for Den)

Fri Jul 8 15:03:32 2005

Jean returned from Guatemala in June after working with Gaspar/Cax on the revision of 1 Chronicles. While there she worked with Lucas, co-translator and creator of radio programs. He was driven the five hour ambulance ride from Huehuetenango to Guatemala City where he was diagnosed with kidney failure. After being hospitalized for a week, Lucas and his wife, Amparo, stayed with Jean for another month due to daily treatment on dialysis. Lucas will need to travel to the capital monthly for treatment and renewed supplies. Dennis and Jean continue to financially support this 45 year old man and pray that he will eventually be able to again work in translation and radio programming. Lucas and Pastor Jose have prepared 75 radio programs that are half-hour programs of portions of dramatized Scripture in Jacaltec, taken from the books of Mark and Luke; with short applications prepared by Lucas, interspersed with Jacaltec hymns. Jean traveled to the city of Coban in Guatemala to see Fran Eachus, a translation consultant and member of Wycliffe Bible Translators. She checked the Jacaltec translation of Proverbs. The Stratmeyers are involved in a project, Caring Partners, Inc., to find supporters to sponsor needy Jacaltec children who are active church members and need education opportunities. In August the Stratmeyers will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.