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Dan & Esther Penney and family with Worldventure. Also see their Worldventure website. and their personal website

The Penney newsletters are now encrypted. If you are a member of Windy City Community Church write Don for the passwords. So far only newsletters starting from 2012 are posted here.

Latest News

Fri Dec 8 15:24:46 2017

See their December Update. This is a link to their youtube video.

Wed Nov 1 14:19:56 2017

See their November Newsletter

Sat Oct 7 17:21:18 2017

See their October Newsletter.

Fri Sep 8 12:26:20 2017

See their September Newsletter.

Sat Aug 12 15:42:51 2017

See their August Newsletter.

Sat Jul 8 19:27:38 2017

See their July Newsletter.

Sat Jun 10 22:11:08 2017

This is from our son, Caleb…

Dear friends and family,
Thank you for your continued prayer and support in preparation of this mission trip to Sierra Leone. You have really blessed me through the encouragement and prayer you have given me.
Well, tomorrow is the much awaited day. We fly out early in the morning on the 11th.
Please pray for:
• Safe travels for all of us and our luggage;
• Open hearts of those with whom we interact;
• Us to be open to what God would teach us.
Also, with some of the extra support, I was able to make is possible for another good friend of mine to come. This meant another guy could go on this trip. Brady McComb would like to say thank you to all of you for your support of both me and him.
My name is Brady McComb, and I am a student as well as a Worldventure MK and friend of Caleb’s. I just want to sincerely thank you as well as God. Your support has allowed me to join Caleb on the ministry trip to Sierra Leone.
A few months ago I had some initial interest in the trip but I was unsure about the finances, as well as how I wanted to spend my time for my last summer abroad before graduating next year. However, through your support as well as a convenient open schedule during these first few weeks, God made it clear to me that I was supposed to go on this trip.
On a personal note, one of the biggest goals of my last years here was to see other countries in Africa before heading home and so this is somewhat of an answer to prayer and an exciting experience for me. My skills include mostly tasks relating to hands-on projects and therefore our host family will be having me work with a national carpenter friend of theirs.
I am very excited for this trip and ready to see what God has for me there! Once again thank you immensely for your support and may God bless your generosity.

Sincerely, Caleb Penney (and Brady McComb)

Sat Jun 3 18:30:43 2017

See their June Newsletter.

Wed May 10 15:33:24 2017

Please see their May Newsletter and an update from Caleb.

Mon Apr 3 19:00:41 2017

See Caleb's original letter and important extra details.

Mon Apr 3 18:19:53 2017

See the April Newsletter.

Thu Mar 16 16:20:56 2017

See their March Newsletter.

Wed Feb 8 15:25:47 2017

See a thank you from the Penneys.

Wed Feb 8 14:14:41 2017

See their February Newsletter.

Fri Jan 13 13:41:39 2017

See their January Newsletter.

Fri Dec 2 17:18:17 2016

See the December Newsletter.

Sat Nov 5 17:51:29 2016

See a thank you note from the Penneys.

Fri Nov 4 20:25:43 2016

See their November Newsletter.

Tue Oct 18 13:44:58 2016

See an emergency prayer request.

Sun Oct 9 14:45:06 2016

See the
October Newsletter.

Fri Sep 2 10:57:02 2016

See their Monthly Newsletter.

Tue Aug 2 17:21:25 2016

See their August Newsletter.

Fri Jul 1 13:35:29 2016

See their July Newsletter.

Sat Jun 4 10:34:44 2016

See their June Newsletter.

Sun May 8 17:49:28 2016

See their May Newsletter.

Wed Apr 6 16:44:24 2016

After doing the Penney's April update I saw I never posted the March update so here it is.

Wed Apr 6 16:32:38 2016

See their April Newsletter.

Wed Feb 17 15:20:52 2016

See their February Newsletter.

Mon Jan 11 14:04:41 2016

See their January Newsletter

Tue Dec 1 12:24:40 2015

See their December Newsletter.

Thu Nov 5 16:09:25 2015

See their November Newsletter.

Fri Oct 16 15:38:14 2015

See their October Newsletter.

Thu Sep 3 11:00:26 2015

See their September Newsletter.

Mon Aug 3 17:24:42 2015

See their August Newsletter.

Thu Jul 9 14:14:25 2015

See their July Newsletter.

Sun Jun 7 14:23:55 2015

See their June Newsletter.

Tue May 5 17:40:29 2015

See their encrypted May Newsletter.

Thu Apr 9 15:38:39 2015

See an update on Esther's neck problem.

Thu Apr 9 15:22:04 2015

See their encrypted April Newsletter

Mon Mar 9 10:44:04 2015

See their encrypted March Newsletter

Fri Feb 6 09:30:20 2015

See their February Newsletter.

Mon Jan 5 12:10:25 2015

See their rather large and encrypted January Newsletter.

Fri Dec 5 18:02:15 2014

See their December Newsletter with the usual password and note that it is nearly a 10MB file so it will take a long time to download.

Wed Nov 19 19:54:27 2014

See two short emails from Dan Penney.

Wed Nov 19 16:58:06 2014

See their November Newsletter

Tue Oct 14 18:16:16 2014

See their encrypted October Newsletter.

Tue Sep 9 14:58:30 2014

Cherished Prayer Partners,

You may have been wondering what happened to us! Here is our (late) September update. Many thanks for your prayers and your patience.


Dan & Esther Penney

Tue Aug 5 16:04:55 2014

See their August Newsletter.

Thu Jul 3 17:25:15 2014

Dear Prayer Team,

Thanks so much for your faithful support. Attached please find our news from the last couple months (we skipped June).

Your fellow servants,
Dan & Esther Penney

Mon May 5 21:29:01 2014

Greetings Penney Prayer Upholders!

We’re in the countdown to departure. Attached please find the latest news of us and our world here.

Your fellow servants,

Dan & Esther Penney

Fri Apr 4 23:35:12 2014

Hi Prayer Team,

We’re sending this month’s update out a little early. That’s because we have two events coming up that will take us out of email range from March 28th until April 7th (our week of Spring Break vacation, and the field’s Spiritual Life Conference). We didn’t want to make you wait until a week into April, so here it is! We hope you enjoy the attached monthly update. It’s a little different this time; hopefully that piques your curiosity J.


Dan & Esther Penney

Wed Mar 5 15:05:15 2014

Most appreciated Prayer Warriors,

We had so many fun and interesting things to report this month that we had to carefully pick and choose. We hope you enjoy reading about the answers to your prayers as much as we enjoy experiencing them.


Dan & Esther Penney

Wed Feb 19 00:00:55 2014

See a couple of recent family pictures.

Fri Feb 7 00:17:24 2014

Hi Team,

As always, thanks so much for “holding the lines” in prayer. We hope you enjoy this month’s update.


Dan & Esther Penney

Thu Jan 9 14:26:40 2014

Dear Prayer Team,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We praise the Lord for all he did in 2013, and we look forward with you to what he’s going to do in 2014.

Please see the attached update.


Dan & Esther Penney

Fri Dec 20 20:59:45 2013

See their 2013 Year End Letter.

Mon Dec 9 14:02:22 2013

See their December Newsletter.

Sun Dec 1 18:53:58 2013

See their recent postcard.

Fri Nov 8 23:56:50 2013

See their November Newsletter

Sat Oct 5 18:55:40 2013

Warm greetings to our Prayer Team,

As always, we’re so grateful for your prayer support. Read about some clear answers to your prayers in the attached update.

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ,
Dan & Esther Penney

Tue Sep 10 23:11:06 2013

See the Penney's September Newsletter.

Wed Aug 14 21:35:17 2013

See their July/August Newsletter.

Sat Jul 27 15:20:51 2013

See their postcard.

Fri Jun 7 22:05:16 2013

Dear Faithful Prayer Team,

Can we ever say “Thank You” enough? Or sincerely enough? We know that we are only able to remain here through your prayer support. It protects us, enables us, encourages us, and gladdens the heart of our Father. Attached please find our June update.

Blessings to you all.
Dan & Esther Penney

Attached Newsletter

Sat May 4 16:20:51 2013

See their May Newsletter.

Wed Apr 3 22:48:35 2013

Dear Prayer Team,

We hope you had a joyous Easter. He is risen!

Here’s the next installment of our monthly newsletter.
Dan & Esther Penney

Tue Mar 5 14:14:57 2013

Dear Prayer Team,

We’re so grateful for your faithful partnership with us. Attached please find this month’s update.

Dan & Esther Penney

Wed Feb 6 16:49:43 2013

See their February Newsletter.

Sat Feb 2 22:37:54 2013

See a thank you note.

Thu Jan 10 00:35:24 2013

Dear Prayer Team,

As always, thanks so much for your constant prayer support.

We apologize for the large attachment this time. Pictures seemed to be the best way to communicate December’s activities, and so many pics resulted in a larger-than-normal file size, but we hope you enjoy it.
Dan & Esther Penney

Wed Dec 12 22:28:50 2012

Merry Christmas, Prayer Team!

May the joy of remembering the arrival of our Savior stick to you like a strong fragrance this Christmas season.

(See the December Newsletter that was attached.

Wed Nov 7 16:16:03 2012

Dear Prayer Team,

Thanks so much for all your faithful support. Here’s the latest installment of news from us (a few days late).
Dan & Esther Penney

Wed Oct 3 00:10:05 2012

Hi again, Prayer Team.

We’re so grateful you’re backing us up. Read the attached update to find out just how much we need your prayer support, and how much good it’s doing!

Many thanks,
Dan & Esther Penne

Fri Sep 7 18:15:01 2012

Dear Prayer Team,

Thanks for your faithfulness in supporting us. Here’s the latest news from our corner.

Tue Jul 31 23:26:13 2012

See their August Newsletter

Mon Jul 16 18:58:09 2012

Here are the ENCRYPTED Penney newsletters for this year:


February, page 1 and February, page 2





Sat Mar 17 13:15:36 2012

Dear members of Windy city Community Church,
Thank you for the blessing of your encouragement through your Christmas gift of $210. We are surely grateful to you for your partnership with us and for on-going commitment to pray for us as your missionaries.
In Christ,
Dan, Esther, Joel, Luke, Caleb, Zack Penney