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Sat Sep 2 14:50:02 2017

Dear Good Friends,

I am excited to communicate to you all about a change in ministry focus. While I will continue to be supported and serve through First Love International Ministries, my focus will be recruiting staff for Faith Academy Philippines. This is a newly created position by the school.

I will be sending this note out in the next couple of days and am asking you to cover it in prayer. Please read through it and be praying about it. Since we came to do Stateside ministry, our support has decreased through attrition.

Please pray that the Lord would raise up individuals to partner with us.

Thanks for all you do! Don

Sun May 21 15:01:30 2017

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Wed Feb 8 15:15:05 2017

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Tue Nov 15 12:13:20 2016

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Sat Jun 4 10:36:45 2016

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Sun Feb 21 16:55:02 2016

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Mon Jan 11 18:20:51 2016

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Sat Oct 3 15:33:05 2015

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Mon May 18 20:33:00 2015

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Sat Apr 18 17:54:03 2015

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Mon Feb 16 15:35:57 2015

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Tue Oct 14 15:57:37 2014

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Mon Aug 18 08:09:48 2014

Dear Friends,
That Start of School 2014-2015
Beginning our 20th year of Ministry in the Philippines
It is a powerful experience to see our 5th grade class students parading across our auditorium stage, bearing the flags of 20 nations representing our student body’s home countries. We have students from Vietnam, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, India Germany, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Switzerland, and South Africa (Look up our “Faith Academy on Facebook” group and request to join to see updated pictures). We have the opportunity to influence the Nations, through impacting future leaders and ambassadors of good news by working with these students at Faith Academy. Your faithfulness in prayer and your goodness in giving allow us to partner for the Kingdom of Christ and the Lord of the Nations. We are truly blessed. Thank You So Much for your continued support!
Blessing, Don and Kristen MacKay

Fri Feb 14 20:15:28 2014

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Fri Jan 24 22:19:15 2014

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Mon Dec 23 14:34:17 2013

Reflections on the last seven weeks . . .

Tomorrow at this time I will be at the airport waiting to board the first leg of my very long flight home. I cannot wait. Woooh Hooo!

This last month and a half have been a blur of activity, details, and communication, since Typhoon Yolanda ripped open a gash in the central Philippine Islands. When we saw the incredible damage and suffering, the Lord compelled me to plan a trip back. With Kristen's blessing and the encouragement of our mission director, Tom Clinton, we put the challenge out to our Facebook community and email friends. Through God's blessing and your generosity we were able to raise $25,000+ to help in the recovery efforts in Tacloban City.

Four great guys answered the call and planned to come with me. Ward Rau, a retired school guidance counselor, and long time friend/mentor from FBC Wheaton, Steve Clark, my bro in law, and IT Director, Daniel Laidig, Faith Academy grad of 2002, and colleague, Leo Mendoza, Faith 5th grade teacher. At the end of our time in Tacloban, someone asked how long we all knew each other . . . Even though the answer was just a week and a half, we were an awesome team that were just like old friends. We worked really hard together and laughed really hard together. Yeah Baby!

An inside recurring joke was that everything was flawless . . . Because what could possibly go wrong . . . but amazingly things were just that . . . Flawless! Not because of us, but because of your prayers and the grace of God who cares for us. Over and over we marveled how details came into focus and worked out so well. 5 of us with different flight plans . . . Thousands of dollars in tools and supplies . . . 3 generators able to be purchased in the 2 days we had in Manila and delivered to Tacloban on time safely. Truly amazing!

Our on the ground team in Tacloban were also great! Clod Tiamson, a First Love Missionary mate that partners with Dan and Tori Beaver in Boracay, was the Tacloban leader. He managed logistics and people. Keith, Jomar, and Joseph, Filipinos from Manila and workers with First Love projects, helped guide us in construction. Jerry, a coach allowed us to stay in his and his aunt's home. Of course without electricity and running water.Aki also helped with logistics and was a true servant. 4 expats also assisted. Kevin, a retired shop teacher from Ohio, gave great construction leadership. Olivia, the only female on the team from upstate New York, was driver and deliverer and helped assist in the feeding programs. Malcom, from Ontario Canada worked along side of us in church reconstruction. And then Andrew. Andrew was watching television in England when video came on from the typhoon. A man was carrying his dead baby girl. Andrew has a little girl about the same age and he felt compelled to go. He left behind a life of daily marijuana use, bar fights, jail time, repeated over and over . . . He sold his only possession of a laptop, bought a ticket and went. He did not know what he was going to do or where he was going to go. He met Kevin on the plane down to Tacloban.. Kevin invited Andrew to join us. God did a miraculous thing in Andrew's life. Andrew asked Jesus to save him and be his Lord. When we arrived at the airport in Tacloban, we saw the stripped large trees with little bunches of new growth on them a month after the storm. When talking with Andrew, I shared that these were like him. Stripped cleanly of the old, and the new life of Jesus living out through him. Please join me in praying for Andrew as he heads home. As he seeks to reconcile with his wife, find a healthy body of Christ followers, and lead his own daughter in following Jesus. We were privileged to work together.

The little church we worked with was full of motivated members that also assisted in the enlarging, cement mixing and pouring, sawing, tresses forming, and assembling a new roof. Please also pray for the Kalipayan Baptist Church as they continue to reach out to their neighborhood with the love of Jesus in teaching, feedings, medical relief, and spiritual encouragement.

Lord, thank you for the strength and hope in the midst of a terrible storm. Thank you for the opportunity to help lead and work in the city of Tacloban. Thank you for all the people that helped our team in helping others. Thank you that we were blessed so we could bless others(and be further blessed in the process.)

Thank you most of all for sending your Flawless son at Christmas, to live a Flawless life, to die by taking on all our flaws(sins), and over power death by rising so that we all one day will enjoy a Flawless Eternity.

To You be all glory! Amen!

Tue Nov 12 05:10:26 2013

Dear Men and Women, my Friends Around the World . . .

You have seen the overwhelming disaster of the Central Philippines through news and youtube and FaceBook re-posts. Many are asking what they can do. I have asked the same. It is hard to see such suffering.

I am asking you to partner with me on an important trip. I have been given clearance and blessing from our Mission Executive Director, Tom Clinton, to book a trip, to bring relief supplies to some very hard hit areas. I NEED YOUR HELP. I will leave Chicago on Dec. 7th and stay for 18 Days. This enables the cheapest available flight near the Holidays, and I will be able to have direct hands-on direction to dispersal of funds. We would like to "go deep" with our help of people, so that it is not just a one time gift of a small amount of food, but a deeper commitment to assist as many as possible to get back on their feet over the long haul.

I am hoping to connect Faith Academy Students/Staff and organize a trip at the beginning of Christmas Break to go to one of the affected areas.

I have a personal goal of raising $25,000 for this Relief Trip. This will take a supernatural effort to raise in 25 Days. Will you give serious consideration to whatever you could do? Any amount will help!

We will purchase supplies on the ground in Manila and bring them down to the affected areas.

Please Pray! Please Consider Joining Me on this Trip! Please Pray that God would be honored despite this terrible disaster.

Sincerely, Don MacKay
Campus Pastor Faith Academy, Manila Philippines

The fastest way to donate, is through our website, But PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DESIGNATE TO “MACKAY TYPHOON RELIEF” and let me know so I can keep track of donations.

First Love International

PO Box 15836

Loves Park, IL 61132 USA

(815) 229-3065

If you have any questions, contact me through FaceBook message, email me at, or call 630-418-5791.

Mon May 6 01:07:34 2013

The Heat is On…
Well, Hot Season is here…Daily Temperatures are ranging between 95 and 110 degrees. Such high temperatures deplete energy and motivation to accomplish all we need to do. We are down to 9 weeks until we head to the United States for our Home Assignment. These weeks will be packed with the normalcy of a fourth quarter of school along with a variety of other things. Austin is finishing his Senior year and will graduate in June. He and Caleb are both in Beauty and the Beast Musical this month. Kristen and I are in the midst of finishing up our jobs and passing on responsibilities to others for next year. Please pray that we all have the necessary stamina to finish well, and glorify God in the middle of the Heat. We look forward to seeing many of you soon!
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Tue Mar 12 22:26:19 2013

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Thu Jan 31 22:56:54 2013

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Mon Sep 10 15:07:02 2012

Welcome back to school! It's that time of year again when those of us in education breathe the sweet scent of fresh notebooks and Elmer's glue. We've been back to school for several weeks now and would like to share with you some of what's been happening in our lives and ministry here in the Philippines.

We've attached our latest news letter as a pdf file.

Mon Sep 3 17:33:20 2012

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Tue Jun 5 20:35:30 2012

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Mon Apr 23 12:14:21 2012

27 Baptized Monday at Tamaraw Beach Resort

One of the joys of working with Threads of Hope ministry in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines, is getting to participate with their annual anniversary and baptism service. Twenty-seven men and women, from teenagers, to a married couple in the 70’s, displayed their identification with Jesus Christ, and followed in the public step of baptism. Tourists, children, beach vendors, and resort workers watched as the crowd sang songs of praise, and celebrated the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

I will give thanks to Thee O Lord, among the people. I will sing praises to Thee among the nations.
For Thy steadfast love is great, Is great to the heavens. And Thy faithfulness, Thy faithfulness to the sky.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens. Let Thy glory be over all the earth.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens. Let Thy glory be over all the earth!

Thanks again for being a part of the team that allows the Gospel to go forth in South East Asia through Aninuan Christian Church. Let His Glory be over ALL the Earth!
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Apr 9 15:11:19 2012

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Mon Apr 2 14:30:40 2012

Even the Smallest…Beauty
One of the joys of getting a new Macro lens for my camera is the ability to see small things in intricate detail. I was exploring an area of structural ruins near our home, which is all overgrown with trees and plants. Looking beneath a plant, I came across a beautiful bug that is only about 2 millimeters around. This bug has the body shape of a ladybug, but is about half its size. It has a stunning design of swirls of aqua blue and red-orange. I nicknamed it a candybug as we have not yet found exactly what kind it is. God is a magnificent artist and creator on ever the smallest scale.
Teaching young minds is such a great opportunity to share God’s plan for us and His Kingdom. Students are like sponges as they soak up new ideas and concepts about our Creator and His world. Thanks again for being a part of the team that allows the gospel to go forth in South East Asia through these kids’ parents. To Him Be All the glory!
Blessing, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Feb 13 14:36:56 2012

Be Not Afraid 2012
2 Timothy 1:7, “For god did not give us the spirit of timidity (fear) but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline”
Healthy fear is an emotion that warns us of danger and prepares us to respond. But when a spirit of fear comes over us, it disrupts life, drains spiritual strength, and clouds our judgment. There are 366 “Be not afraids” in the bible – One for each day in this leap year, 2012. God wants us to turn to Him when fearful times come. He is there for us in the middle of the fear-causing situation. All fear in our life can cause a paralysis in the present so that we cannot do today what God wants us to do. It is our prayer that as we face the unknowns of this year ahead – in society, world issues, politics, economics, relationships, and more, that we will place our full dependence on our great Lord and Savior, who watches over and cares for us.
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Thu Dec 8 21:26:40 2011

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Thu Nov 3 16:12:54 2011

A short note from October.

Mon Oct 3 13:06:16 2011

Recording and creating the history of Faith Academy
It was a real privilege to attend the back to school high school retreat this year. The students come together to focus on the theme of the year, as chosen by the student council. Our two sons, Austin and Caleb are eleventh and ninth graders. This year’s speaker focused on what it means to live by Faith-“walk on Water.” There was lots of Praise and Worship, fun Games, and Good Food. Don shot over 700 pictures during the three day event that can be viewed on his Facebook profile page by clicking on the photo albums or by asking to join the “Faith Academy on Facebook” Group. He is often seen around campus chronicling the school’s various events. Kristen is settling into her Elementary School Vice Principalship role after getting David all set at Moody Bible Institute. She is focusing on Budgets, the school’s accreditation process, and serving as the Math Specialist. We are off and running and grateful for health and safety during our busy summer. We are truly blessed. Thank You So Much for your continued support!

Sat Sep 24 17:47:22 2011

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Sat May 14 17:37:11 2011

A photo of mom and the boys.

Sat May 14 17:22:42 2011

Here is a short note.

Mon Mar 7 17:52:30 2011

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Sun Jan 30 20:45:19 2011

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Mon Dec 6 18:45:18 2010

A Little Gratitude goes a Long way…

Urban poor are an ever present reality of life in a mega city, with more than 20 million people. At intersections, we have several small children walk along our car with outstretched hands. Their tear and pollution stained faces carry tales of difficult lives lived from moment to moment. Some will try to sell fresh flowers; others will wash and squeegee our windows in the monsoon rains. Adults too are on the streets trying to forage out a living through begging. Blind are led by relatives and the lame limp along on make-shift crutches that looks like they were designed by Dr. Suexx.
We were told to never hand out money, because of criminal syndicates that do-opt the kids, so we always have peanuts or crackers to give a little sustenance for these needy people. Whenever our small gift is met with a smile and a “Salamat Po’ or thank You, we are energized to keep on giving. We have truly been blessed! So please hear a resounding “Salamat Po’ or Thank You! And consider this note a BIG smile for all you do!
Happy thanksgiving! Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Nov 8 13:55:01 2010

When 400 Kids Show Up at Your Gate…

“All ready? Because the kids are here and they are ready…” is how we started our Sunday morning with the 80+ Staff and students ready to start another season of “All for Jesus” also known as ‘A4J’. We had a line snaking around the corner of children from 4 different squatter areas within a kilometer of our school. The staff was poised with 400 ‘4-12 year old ‘sized T-shirts that would be the kids’ ticket into our weekly Bible club.

At the end of last school year we only had 3% of our operating budget. What a Joy that 2 large donations virtually covered the needed expenses. Please pray that the kids that attend will be attentive to hearing and responding to the truth of God’s Word. Please pray that our Faith students will catch a vision for reaching a lost world. May many more enter the Kingdom after coming through the gates of our campus. Thank you for your continued partnership as we siik to minister at Faith Academy.

Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Tue Nov 2 00:22:43 2010

Happy November! Attached is our latest ministry update in PDF format.

Mon Oct 11 13:40:08 2010

Back to the future…
A Faith Academy student was watching the 1980’s movie, ‘Back to the Future.’ This past weekend and commented that the future in that movie was only years away from our present day. I guess we are approaching that future sooner than we thought.

Well, our High School just had its annual ‘retreat’ which also defines as ‘moving back’. This retreat was a great challenge to our students to grow like fire in their spiritual lives. We had a special speaker come from Los Angeles and he encouraged our students to make Christ the center of all. Students were challenged to live as Christ by serving others in the future.

So our retreat was Back…to the Future… Please pray for our student body, including our 3 sons that they may grow like fire and shine for Jesus in this present darkness. Thank you for your continued partnership as we seek to minister at Faith Academy.

Blessings, don and Kristen MacKay

Wed Sep 1 18:17:28 2010

Focus for the Coming School Year

Kristen and I had the privilege of helping lead worship at out Staff Retreat for the last three days. One of the songs we sang and helped lead was written by Michael Frye. It is out desire to make this true in our ministries for the coming year.

Jesus be the center, Be my source, by my light, Jesus
Jesus be the center, Be by song, Jesus

Be the fire in my heart, Be the wind in my sails, Be the reason that I live,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, be my vision, Be my help, Be my guide, Jesus

Thanks for your support for our family and ministry. We really appreciate you! Pray with us that we all will make Jesus the center.

Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Aug 9 14:08:03 2010

Strength of Many
It was an ordained encounter that many might consider mere chance. A long time friend was gathering muscles to finish his moving job that had been short -circuited by a torrential rain event two days earlier. I was delivering some ministry supplies up at Faith Academy. I asked if he needed more help and he gratefully accepted. I drove home and woke up David and Austin so we could have some youthful muscles added to the equation. One of the last items to move in was CS Louis style wardrobe that was just not going to maneuver around the squared-’U’-shaped staircase. We looked for plan B. We would lift it up to the second story balcony with some pushing, others pulling, and others praying there would be no fatalities on his 100% humidity day. Those below, were watching carefully to make sure that this furniture behemoth would not slam back to earth with the overwhelming gravitational pull. We gave it everything we had and secured it over the top of the balcony railing. Our shirts were soaked with perspiration, but we had Success!
It takes the strength and support of many to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Your level of support and prayers are essential to keep us active in this ministry that God called us to.
Thank you for all you do!
Blessings, don and Kristen MacKay

Sun Jul 11 13:36:08 2010

Here's our latest newsletter, attached as a PDF file. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Mon Jun 7 14:33:05 2010

Ministry Blessings
The month of April has been full of visible fruit of ministry. Don had the great opportunity to travel down to the Island of Mindoro, and participate in the dedication of the Aninuan Christian Church. This church is an outgrowth of the Threads of Hope Bracelet Ministry that Don has helped assist over the last 3 years. Pastor Al has seen the church plant grow from a small group of bracelet makers, to over 200. Part of the weekend’s celebrations included the church’s 3rd baptism service with over a dozen being baptized at the beach in the Pacific Ocean. To see more information about threads, go to
We were also blessed to distribute 450 pairs of Crocs shoes and meal packs this month. Many of our ‘All for Jesus’ kids program benefited from these great donations. Thanks for supporting us so we can be the hands and Feet of Jesus here in the Philippines.
Blessing, don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Apr 12 15:06:12 2010

Marching forward

What an amazing outdoor Ed we had the privilege of helping lead on the peninsula of Bataan, a very important WWII historical site. Don was in charge of our base camp, and it was there where we focused on our ministry segment of the week. We literally marched in the shadows of where our US and Filipino soldiers had 60+ years ago. Our march was only about a mile, and we trekked to a public school in the town next to the camp.

Each day, we took 75 kids to the school where we met with 1/3 of the student body. We shared music, the story of Jesus, and then broke into class groups – each with one of our outdoor ed squads. We shared the gospel with our Wordless Book Bracelets and nearly 150 kids came to Christ. It was a bountiful harvest. The Pastor/Manager at the camp has a church across the street and will host a VBS to follow up. Praise God for His faithfulness and great fruit.

Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Mar 8 14:55:53 2010


2010 has already moved into its second month. Kristen has fully dived into 5th grade for the second semester. She loves her class and the feeling is mutual. The High School starts this month with their Spiritual Enrichment Week. Pray that god’s Spirit will challenge our students. Caleb and don spend the second week of the month at outdoor education. Don is leading base camp and Caleb will be in one of 21 squads that rotate between a beach site, base camp and Corregidor, an island at the mouth of Manila Bay and steeped in WWII history.

No matter how busy the school year becomes, we never want to forget to thank our Lord for our life and breath and health…And to you for empowering us to serve through your prayers and financial support. Thank You So Much!!!
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Jan 18 17:44:49 2010

See their Christmas card to WCCC.

Mon Dec 7 13:40:09 2009

Who’d have guessed that…
We would have three tropical storms/typhoons in one month.
We would have 16.7 inches of rain in one day.
We would spend over $10,000.00 on flood relief in 6 weeks.
We would buy over 4500 lbs. of rice and 4000 bags of peanuts.
We would buy 4000 cans of sardines and 3000 candy bars.
We would be given 3.5 weeks to vacate our apartment so the landlord could move in.
We would find an adequate home to move into 2 weeks earlier.

The Lord certainly knew and prepared the way for us. All praise and honor to Him! Thank you for your continued partnership with our family and ministry.
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Nov 16 13:57:21 2009

The Rains were pouring down
The Earth became saturated like a sponge overflowing
Rocks and Mud and Trees Cascade due to Gravity’s Incessant Pull
When water has no lower point to move to, it becomes deeper
Much Deeper
People scramble for solid
For secure
For dry
Tropical Storm
Another Typhoon
Nature’s wrath brings much suffering
Much destruction
Much Pain
In the midst of these overwhelming circumstances, we are upheld through your prayers, your support. The Lord certainly has us here for this time to be the channel of Many Blessings.
Thanks you for your continued partnership with our family and ministry.

Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay
The WCCC missions committee sent an additional $200 to help in flood relief.

Sun Oct 4 11:56:08 2009

Dear Praying Friends,
It's been quite a week here in Manila. The record floods have affected us all in one way or another. While we live on the fourth floor of an apartment building and didn't have to worry about flood waters in our home, we did have a bit of a scare when the hill behind our building gave way in two large landslides which left several feet of dirt blocking the road. We were without power for several days, but were able to provide meals for others and a listening ear for those who had been caught out in the storm or who were separated from their family due to flooded roads.
Once the roads cleared, we were able to go out with other students, staff and parents from Faith Academy to help fellow missionaries and Filipinos dig out and clean up from the flood. Many people have lost everything they own, including two of the workers here at our building. Driving to the places that were hardest hit by the flood waters is sobering. Seeing so many personal belongings along side the road, either drying or thrown away makes us appreciate how blessed we are. It's hard not to weep at the sight of small children sifting through the muck for anything that is salvageable. Faith Academy suspended classes for the week so that we could go out and serve. Our boys dug out roads, cleaned up houses, delivered food and water, and helped out in many ways.
Yesterday I was talking with Benji, as he was helping a fellow teacher repair her electrical wiring. His home is along Floodway, one of the areas submerged by the flood. Even now, there is still about a foot of water in his house. He had been building a second story, but hadn't finished it when the storm hit. Everything he owned was swept away by the flood waters. He is a handyman, all his tools are gone, and with them, his means of livelihood. He told me that he saved for a year to purchase one skill saw, which cost him about $250. Benji is a blessing to many of us missionaries and it is heart-rending to hear of his loss.
This coming week, classes will resume, but relief efforts will continue. There are so many, like Benji, who need help to rebuild their lives. Don is organizing the collection of goods and money through Faith Academy. We have been encouraged to hear of people around the world who are helping in this time of great need.
Please keep us in your prayers, for continued safety, endurance and health. We have been blessed to be able to serve those around us in such tangible ways. We have truly experienced what it means to be part of the body of Christ. We are your representatives her in the Philippines, ministering because you have prayed for us and supported us financially.
With gratitude,
Don and Kristen

P.S. If you would like to send donations to help the thousands that are displaced around us, you can send checks to First Love, call them, or donate online. Be sure to include a note/email telling that they are to go to MacKays for FLOOD RELIEF, and we will be sure that the donations are passed on to those that need them.

First Love International
PO Box 15836
Loves Park, IL 61132 USA
(815) 229-3065

Mon Sep 14 14:03:28 2009

The August heat of Chicago is the climate year-round in Manila. The heat and humidity combine to tighten themselves around us in a mixture that slows almost everything down. In spite of this, we were able to complete the repairs on the condo we rent. 30 hours later we were informed that our condo owner wanted to sell the unit. Devastating news overwhelmed our spirits… After bouts of sadness, anger, frustration, more anger, etc. we released our burden into the hands of our Lord. Isaiah 40 reminds us: “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

While we still do not know what is going to happen, we trust in the One who does… and we wait… Thank you for your continued partnership with our family and ministry.

Blessing, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Aug 3 21:51:54 2009

See their urgent prayer request, hacked as best I could from their email.

Mon Aug 3 12:06:29 2009

We Were floored!
Greetings from the other side! We have now been back in manila for about three weeks. One of the reasons we returned mid summer was because our rented apartment needed major floor repairs. When removing the heavily damaged wood-laminated floor pieces, we found termites. (This was our third bout with these little bugs!) We had the exterminators come and they sprayed the bug eaten highway from floor…to wall…to ceiling. After cleaning up this mess, we installed ceramic tiles. This has cleaned up the space and given us a safer place to live.
We again were floored by the kindness and the out-pouring of support by so many of you this past year of home assignment. We are so grateful for your hospitality and all your have done. Thank you for your continued partnership with out family and ministry.
Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Jul 13 12:24:36 2009

The last couple of months have been a time of constant activity. We have been seeing supporters, visiting churches, spending time with family, and running here and there. The Lord is providing our necessary funds for out going expenses. We are still trusting that He will provide an additional $750 a month that we will need to meet budget.

We flew out of Chicago on June 22nd. We arrived in time to do repair work on the apartment we rent near Faith Academy. Please pray for our entire family. These times of transitions heighten stress levels and cause patience to be challenged. Thanks for remembering us. We are so grateful for all you have done.

Blessings, don and Kristen MacKay

Thu Jun 18 15:55:23 2009

See their latest newsletter.

Mon May 11 13:17:39 2009

Tough and Precious Days

The last two months have been a flurry of activity. We are so grateful that the Lord allowed us to be Stateside for this year. While we may not have chosen the timing of our Moms’ home-goings, we see how His timing was planned. Their graduation to glory was chosen by our loving Lord. In February we traveled to Nashville for Kristen’s mom’s services and to spend time with her family. In March, Don spent two weeks staying with his mom before she died. We had wonderful services both in Wheaton and Tennessee.

We are so grateful for the prayers and kindness extended to our family. It is during times like this that we see the visual representation of Jesus Christ. Thanks you for all you have done.

Blessing, don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Apr 20 12:09:24 2009

Dear Windy City Friends,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers for our mom’s memorial service. The Lord has blessed us through your kindness. We’re so sorry we were not able to be there for Missions Sunday. We know you understand. Thank you so much for your continued support.

May you all know His blessings.

Love and prayers,
Don for the MacKays

May kindness return to you in the same beautiful way that it was given.

We had a wonderful visit with the church family of Monona Oaks community church in Madison, Wisconsin. We were able to share in the adult Sunday School and during the worship Service. The members asked some insightful questions and we were able to share about the ministries we are involved with, including Faith Academy, All for Jesus kids program, and the Threads of Hope livelihood project from Mindoro Island. We were grateful for their hospitality and the opportunity to report on the Church’s ministry extension in South East Asia. Someone remarked that they had not considered how the economic downturn would affect missionaries, and was grateful for the reminder. As we are still in need of another $800-$1000 a month, we would appreciate your prayers.

The expressways were a bit treacherous on the way home with driving sleet and rain, so we were pleased to arrive back in Wheaton unscathed. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family.

Blessings, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Mar 23 12:15:06 2009

We just wanted to let you know that Don's mom passed away Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m. We will be having services this week at First Baptist Church of Wheaton. Wed 4 -7 pm is the visitation/wake and Thursday evening we will be having a memorial service at 7 pm

We return to the Philippines June 22, so hopefully we can arrange a time to visit Windy City. We are sorry that we weren't able to be there today.

Don and Kristen

After a 4 year battle with Cancer, Don's mom went to be with Jesus on Saturday at 3pm. Please see the following note
that Don's sister wrote on behalf of Cathy, Don, Cheri, and their handicapped brother, Scott.

Dearest Friends and Family,
Don, Cheri, Scott, & I want to let you know that Mom was welcomed into heaven by her Lord and Savior yesterday afternoon. She is truly home! Our hearts ache for our loss, but rejoice at heaven's gain.

As I mentioned earlier last week, Mom's condition seemed to be quickly deteriorating. Late Thursday night, Mom slipped into a coma. Don, Cheri, and I were with her as she took her last breath just after 3pm yesterday. It's amazing to think that it is 16 months ago today that Dad passed away. Through each and every moment, the Lord has been with us. I was reminded today that God wasn't just on the other side of "the valley of the shadow of death" waiting for us to get to Him; He was WITH us a we walked each and every harried step over the past few years (& He continues to walk with us).

The Visitation/Wake for Mom will be at First Baptist Church of Wheaton (IL)** from 4-8pm on Wednesday. We will be having a memorial/celebration of Mom's life on Thursday evening, 7pm, also at First Baptist Church of Wheaton. There will be more details posted after tomorrow at

Don, Cheri, and I were able to spend a wonderful time with Scott today. So many of you have been praying for him and his understanding of Mom dying. Our prayers are being answered. He-Scott- rejoiced, just as we do, to think of Mom no longer suffering and being in heaven with Jesus. Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf as we navigate the months ahead. We believe that God had already been paving the road for us, preparing us for taking on new roles, etc.

Thank you, again, for your love for Mom and your love for us.
Cathy MacKay, Don &Kristen, David, Austin, & Caleb MacKay, Cheri & Steve, Anna, Noah, Ethan, & Isabelle Clark, & Scott MacKay

"Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come fearlessly into God's presence, assured of His glad welcome."
-The Apostle Paul, Ephesians 3:12 (NLT)

Mon Mar 9 12:36:22 2009

As Kristen and I prepared to speak at a mission conference, we were given the topic of how to keep missionaries on the field. We explored aspects involving prayer and financial support raising, pre-field orientation, on-field orientation to culture and organizations, language learning, missionaries’ children’s education, and the role of home churches in meeting the transition needs of their missionaries. We spoke specifically about our roles at Faith Academy in my pastoral role, and Kristen’s mentor role with young teachers. We are grateful to the Lord to be able to support missionaries at Faith and around Asia in our ministry. We are also grateful for your support and influence in our lives.

Blessing, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Feb 16 17:06:09 2009

Here is their February newsletter.

Sun Jan 25 13:22:50 2009

Dear Friends at Windy City,

Thank you so much for the generous gift you sent our family for Christmas! We appreciate you remembering us at this special time of year.

It was a joy to visit with the women’s guild in November. Thanks you for your encouragement and faithful prayers for our family and ministry. We hope to be able to visit you all sometime on a Sunday.

Thanks you for blessing our family through your prayers and faithful support. Love in Christ,
Don & Kristen MacKay

We have spent 13 years on the Mission Field and have built close friendships with many other missionary families. But because we are on a Home Assignment year, we have been able to spend extended time with our family. We traveled to Nashville this summer and again for Thanksgiving to spend time with Kristen’s parents and brothers and their families. We enjoyed their tradition of a deep fried turkey and many rounds of the carpet-ball game that her brother Dave constructed.

We have been also able to spend quality time with Don’s family in the Chicago area. One highlight was going to Moody Bible Institute’s Candlelight Carols with Don’s mom. We thoroughly enjoyed the music of the Season and being together. We have had fun celebrating birthdays and just being close by.

We certainly feel that the Lord has brought us back during this time to assist and spend time with our mothers. Please continue to pray for Niki Wills and Normal MacKay as they are both battling serious health issues. Thank You for you continued faithful support during difficult economic times.

Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Sep 8 12:43:31 2008

Joyous State of Mind

We have had the joy of traveling through 21 States in the first 7 weeks of our summer back in the US. We are grateful to our Lord for the provision of a vehicle, safety in travel, and the privilege of visiting supporters and friends. It is a real joy to see friends who are walking with Christ and seeking to follow, and be obedient to Him. It is clear that we could not be serving Him in the Philippines, if it were not for the generous support and foundation of prayer, from friends like these. Thanks to each of you for the ongoing connection with our family and answering the call of Jesus.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Jun 9 21:34:12 2008

See page 1 and page 2 of their newsletter.

Mon Jun 2 11:56:03 2008

Return Invitation

As most of you know, we have our tickets purchased, and will fly out in June, for our year-long home service in the States. We are grateful to be finishing up our 4th year of the term, and the 13th year of our Philippine Missions service. We look forward to seeing many, and sharing about our life and ministry at Faith Academy.

Both of us were thrilled to receive a return invitation from the Administration, for our jobs as Campus Pastor, and Elementary Literacy coach. Through God’s help, we have built several significant contacts with staff, and been able to impact them in positive ways. We are grateful for the Lord’s instruction and the empowerment that he gives, enabling us to serve other members of the body of Christ at Faith Academy.

Thanks again for your giving toward our family and ministry,
Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon May 5 11:58:48 2008

Ephesians 5:19 says “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord”

Last Sunday evening, many gathered for an old-fashioned hymn sing that Don led. The entire hour and a half were full of singing, praising, and giving testimony to the wonderful things that God is doing in and through our lives. The evening was held on Don’s father’s birthday and we sang “In My Heart There Rings a Melody” in his remembrance. Many responded with gratitude for the opportunity to sing meaningful and rarely sung music. Thanks you for your continued support as we seek to encourage others here at Faith Academy.

Blessings, don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Apr 14 13:12:25 2008

Taking it to the Streets

The Philippines has a history of political pressure bearing down on corrupt politicians through massive street protests. Two presidents have been forced to resign in the last 25 years. The people are marching again with the goal of forcing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to resign. This is due to another shady business deal that allegedly illegally benefits her family. Fuel is now about $4.40 a gallon, with cost filtering down and impacting all areas of everyday life. This hardship causes further unrest.

During these times of political and economic uncertainty, it is good to know that it is the Lord that has called us here to Manila to serve Him. We trust that He will be the one to watch over us and provide for our needs.

Thanks you for your ongoing prayer and financial support.

May you know Christ’s Blessing, Don and Kristen

Mon Mar 10 13:12:26 2008

There comes a time in most of our lives when we need someone to listen. Kristen just completed a continuing education course in peer debriefing. This training prepares us to guide a conversation with those who have encountered life events of crisis. Don completed the training at an earlier date, and has been able to facilitate times of conversation and listening with several staff and students. The ability to empathize, pray with, and validate peoples’ struggles is all part of the healing process.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve those in need here at Faith Academy. Please pray that we will guide individuals to emotional and spiritual health.

Thanks for you help in supporting our family and Ministry,
Don and Kristen

Mon Jan 28 13:00:41 2008

Dear Friends at Windy city community church,

Thank you for the warm Christmas wishes you sent us, as well as the very generous gift to our family. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Lois Balzer. What a dedicated supporter to missions world wide. We will miss her.

Thank you to each of you who serve on the WCCC missions committee as you support us and other missionaries around the globe. Thank you for your commitment to us as a family and to the ministry here at Faith Academy in the Philippines.

May you each be blessed in the coming year.

With love,
Don & Kristen MacKay

Mon Jan 14 13:10:41 2008

In October, I returned to join my mom and sisters in Chicago. We were told my dad’s death was imminent. He had a bleeding disorder, congestive heart failure, and more. A normal hemoglobin count is about 16-17. My dad’s was 5.5. The doctor said he would not last the week. We brought him home with hospice assistance, as finances were tight, and the end seemed very close. I ended up extending my stay twice, and returned to Manila after a total of seven weeks.

Six days later, on Thanksgiving Day, my father died in his sleep. My mom called shortly thereafter. I was wondering inside…OK, now what Lord? I have just been gone, given much, and can’t afford to fly back…I heard His still small voice saying “Wait on Me…” I did not nave to wait long. Twenty minutes after first getting word, a good friend called and said they wanted to fly me home, back to Chicago for the funeral. I was able to have closure with my family and friends, and share an evangelistic and challenging message at the memorial service. The Lord was Glorified and Honored. What a blessing to serve our great and generous God!

Thank You for your faithful prayers for Kristen and the boys in my absence, and thanks for your ongoing support through another year.

Don and Kristen MacKay

Sun Dec 2 18:07:23 2007

Changing Seasons

As the rains begin to subside in the tropical Philippine Islands, we think about seasonal change. Manila’s biggest change is from rainy, hot, and humid, to hot and humid. Back in Chicago, the trees have turned to a brilliant explosion of red, orange, and golden yellow. The air now sports an invigorating bite, and the sky is clear blue. Don continues to assist his family. Seasons of life are much more challenging to pass through than a mere observation of nature’s annual transitions. We rejoice knowing the Creator of All, is still in control. Thanks you for your continued love and support for our family and ministry.
Blessings, Don & Kristen

It’s hard to believe we’ve had more than twelve years of fruitful service here at Faith Academy. Last spring, we began to consider where God might be leading us in our future areas of ministry. As a result of much thought and prayer, advice and expressed need, both Don and Kristen have taken on new responsibilities.

The Administration asked Don to create a new position of ‘Campus Pastor.’ Don’s focus has shifted from working with students to addressing the spiritual needs of the faculty and national staff. These number over 200 individuals. He has already had opportunity to intervene and help build reconciliation amongst colleagues.

After three years of teaching computer classes in the elementary school, Kristen has moved into a new role of mentor teacher and literacy consultant. She works with the elementary division principal in the area of curriculum development and continues to assist teachers with integrating technology into their classrooms.

Our whole family considered, and decided to work together with many others, in a special outreach to 450 children from squatter homes in a nearby slum area. Don and Kristen have leadership roles, and our three boys help in primary and junior aged groups.

We are deeply grateful to all of you who have continued to uphold us with your prayers and financial support. We recognize that we fully depend to God to meet our every need, so we are asking for your prayers in the area of our financial support.

Mon Nov 26 12:55:00 2007

Dear Supporting Church Friends,

I am writing to let you know that I am flying back to Chicago tomorrow for my Father's funeral. He had many health issues so we are grateful for his elevation to Glory to be with our Lord. I would appreciate your prayers as I will be given the message from the Word at the memorial service. Thanks for all you do, Blessings, Don

VIEWING on Wednesday, November 28th from 4 - 8 p.m.
First Baptist Church
1310 Main Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

GRAVESIDE SERVICE on Thursday at 3 p.m.
Wheaton Cemetery
1209 S. Warrenville Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Wed Oct 10 13:43:36 2007

Dear Tom and other Mission Committee members,

Thanks for your note and mission policy that you sent. Clearly this was a lengthy process with much thought and hard work. It looks very thorough. Well done to those who hammered it out. :)

I did make it home to assist my folks. Last Friday we brought my Dad home as there was not much more that could be done medically. Hospice will check in 2 times a week. Don Fiddler and another friend were recruiting teachers at Wheaton College yesterday, and came over to my parents Condo. It was wonderful for my parents to meet 2 friends and colleagues. Don led us in a special time of prayer at the end of our visit. Please pray with us that the Lord's timing will be perfect as He takes my dad home to glory.

My mom has a cutting edge surgical procedure Thursday at Northwestern Hospital in the City. They will implant Radioactive seeds directly into her liver to combat the cancer there. Pray for effective results and the stamina to deal with my dad dying amidst her own health issues.

Our whole family decided to work together with many others, in a special outreach to 450 children from area squatter homes in a slum area. Kristen and I have leadership roles, and the boys assist in the primary and junior aged boys. Our 'All for Jesus' program begins at 7am on Sunday mornings. The children come to our campus and we share the love of Christ through Bible stories, game time, craft or worksheet, and a nutritious piece of fruit as they go home. Please pray that the seeds sewn here will mature into authentic faith with these kids.

We certainly appreciate Windy City and all your care and correspondence! May you each know the blessings of our Lord and Savior. Don

Mon Aug 27 13:28:07 2007

I just arrived home from a busy day preparing for the upcoming School Year at Faith Academy. I walked into our bedroom and there was a note that Austin had taken to call my Mom on her Cell phone right away. It was 4 AM Chicago time, so I knew something wasn’t going well. The lump in my throat grew as I dialed the number. My mom answered and called right back so she and my sisters could talk on speaker phone. My Dad had taken a turn for the worse. He had been in the hospital since last week with a myriad of concerns. He was now in critical condition in ICU. My Mom was told to come in at Midnight and to bring my sisters. It seems like an infections is ravaging his body and somewhat systematically shutting things down. It looks like his step into eternity may be imminent. I prayed with my sisters and mom, and we gave Dad over to our Gracious Lord.

It looks like I will try to fly home ASAP when we get a definitive word. Please be praying for Kristen and the Boys as they mourn from here and I head back. While we would love to them to all come, it is not economically possible, and school starts Monday. Thank You for Your Partnership in our lives.
Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Jul 16 14:25:50 2007

A Cup of Cold Water

The last month of the school year at Faith Academy was filled with intensity. Beyond the normal busyness of graduation and year end activities, several families were in crisis mode. In the span of one week, don was helping counsel a family learning their father had terminal cancer, several teachers dealing with the unexpected death of a missionary co-worker and friend, and a cross cultural family separating because of abuse. In the midst of trials we see God’s faithfulness. What a privilege to care for God’s children.

During all this pressure and in the middle of hot season, our refrigerator died. It took four weeks for the international company to find the fan part. The joys of living in a third world country…We were certainly grateful for friends that allowed us to salvage a few items. Just today the fan again started making the noise that preceded our breakdown…

Thanks be to God who provides us with a “cup of cold water” (Matt. 10:42) through friends like you, so we too can extend the same toward others.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon May 21 2007

Because he Lives…
Everything shuts down here in the Philippines during Holy Week. Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, tens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage up one of the main roads leading to the foothills East of Manila. This Catholic tradition involves remembering the steps of Jesus called the Stations of the Cross. There is a strong emphasis on the suffering of Christ and the need for the common man also to endure suffering annually, to make penance for ongoing sins. It is during this pilgrimage that Don and dozens of high school students proclaim the good news of the gospel of Christ. In a country where there is great emphasis placed on the death of Christ, we seek to witness to the reality of His Resurrection and the new life he so freely gives.

It is because He lives that we will live eternally. Because He lives, we place our trust and faith in Him. Because He lives, we willingly and joyfully live our lives in His service, no matter how far from the county we call “Home.”

Thank you for your part in building the Kingdom,
Don and Kristen

Fri May 18 12:47:01 2007

Thank you to all our friends at Windy city!

Training Teachers

This semester, Kristen has been released from many of her teaching duties to research and develop language Arts curriculum for the elementary school. Through this process, she had the opportunity to present a workshop on traits of writing to a group of Filipino teachers. She has also presented several after school staff training sessions on traits of writing and setting up a writing workshop in individual classrooms. Kristen has enjoyed this change of pace and the opportunity to mentor individual teachers as they seek to implement this approach to teaching writing.

Outdoor Education

In February, David, Austin, and the rest of the Middle School spent a week on their annual outdoor education trip. David had the following to say about this time this year:
While we were at the beach, we walked down to a squatter area. Each squad gave a presentation to minister to the squatters. There was also a speaker and a translator. Some sang, others did wordless skits and gave an explanation that was translated. Austin used the wordless book to share the Gospel and had the privilege of praying with some of the children there. Along with ministry we had two other destinations. One was Corregidor Island. At Corregidor Island we had a chance to learn about WWII history and how the island was occupied by both US and Japan. While there, we got to explore the old barracks and caves and army hospitals. We also had a base camp where we did fun activities, like tie-dye shirts and a version of Capture the Flag. One of my highlights was jumping off a 30 foot high dock. This outdoor ed. Experience was one of my favorite because I got to grow closer to God and in my relationships to my friends and teachers at Faith Academy. If I had a chance, I’d like to relive those memories.

Caleb’s Corner

What do Typhoons, Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Tornados all have in common? They are the names of the elementary basketball teams that played every Saturday this past quarter at Faith Academy. Through this parent sponsored sports activity, children learned some basics about basketball and had the opportunity to play games against each other. While Caleb’s team didn’t have a winning season, he learned important lessons about team work and sportsmanship. He also discovered that he might actually like basketball as much as he does soccer and football.

Caleb has also been part of puppet ministry this year. The team has performed at several churches and outreaches this year. Caleb greatly enjoys this opportunity to share Christ’s love through songs and puppets.

Thu May 17 19:06:06 2007

Making an Impact for eternity in the Lives of Missionary Kids

One of the joys of ministering to children of missionaries is to see how they are able to minister to those around them as they are challenged to live out authentic Christianity. Throughout this semester we have several opportunities to see this in action.

During spiritual Enrichment Week in January, the students were confronted with the imperative to live their lives with Identity Driven Purpose. This identity includes being aliens in the world’s system, ambassadors for Christ, and apprentices of the King. These themes were fleshed out and students went away with a renewal for living with authentic faith.

On Ministry Day, in February, 300 students and staff put actions to their beliefs by ministering in over 20 different locations throughout Metro Manila. Students helped in construction, painted, performed music and drama outreaches, assisted with agricultural livelihood projects, held basketball outreaches, led Bible clubs and more. Many students consider this one of the highlights of their year. If you click the following link you will see a short Ministry Day video of one of First Love's new ministry centers near Faith Academy.

In March the students were deeply moved and challenged after watching Invisible Children, the story of children traumatized and suffering from war torn areas of Southern Sudan and Uganda. They were further challenged to accept the command of Christ from Luke 12, to “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” Many students donated belongings. We are in the midst of auctioning off their goods to send the funds to Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian organization that is working with these children.

Every year on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week, hundreds of thousands of Catholic Filipinos make a pilgrimage up to Antipolo City to commemorate the suffering of Jesus and Mary. This year, several students and staff handed out Gospel Bracelets with corresponding tracts to explain the meanings of the colors. Our friend filmed a portion of the pilgrimage and it can be viewed here at

It is a tremendous blessing to impact the children of missionaries and see them, in turn, impact the lives of those around them. Thank you for continuing to pray for us and our ministry here with missionary kids at Faith Academy.

Blessings, don & Kristen

Mon Apr 30 15:25:38 2007

Thank you so much for this great news of additional financial support!! I will get the figures for you from Don. He is currently back in the US helping out his parents as they move out of their house into a smaller place. His dad has been in and out of the hospital many times this winter and spring and his mom is still fighting her battle with cancer.


Mon Apr 2 12:15:10 2007

We continue to march forth… While Don’s symptoms of tingling and tightness on the left side have continued, they have lessened in frequency and intensity. A nuclear stress test with tomography which Don had done last week showed a very strong and healthy heart with no blockage in the arteries around the heart. While we still have no known cause for his symptoms, we are certainly grateful to rule out this life threatening condition. Along similar lines, we are so grateful for the positive results of Don’s dad’s heart valve replacement/repair surgery he had last week. He has already progressed to a rehab step down facility six days ahead of schedule. Please continue to pray for him, Don’s mom, who continues her fight with colon cancer, and his sisters who have had to carry the load. It is hard to have parents suffering when we are so far away.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Mar 12 12:13:55 2007

Prophet Sharing

During the last week of January, we were blessed to have Rev. Fran Sciacca come as out Spiritual enrichment Week speaker. It was evident that God’s Spirit was alive and working in both our students and staff. One student commented that she believed Fran had Googled her name and discovered just what she needed to hear from the Lord… He shared from Scripture that we need to live as aliens in the world, ambassadors representing Christ, and continually growing as apprentices for the King. The week was made even more special by a pancake breakfast for 300 (we started making them at 3am) and a pizza and pool party on Friday. Please pray that the challenges remain and lives are changed.

Thank you for supporting us so we can encourage and challenge others.

Love, Don and Kristen

Tue Feb 6 17:54:13 2007

Dear Friends at Windy City Community church,

Thank you so much for your gift to our family this Christmas! We appreciate your love and care for us.

We had a delightful Christmas break with our boys, enjoying time together and fellowship with friends. We had fun welcoming in the New Year Filipina style as we watched fireworks displays from all over the city of Manila.

God has blessed us so richly with a great family and fulfilling ministry here at Faith Academy. Thank you for being a part of that blessing.

Love, Don & Kristen MacKay

Mon Jan 8 12:56:36 2007

Dear Friends,
This past Sunday we celebrated Christmas at All for Jesus (A4J). This Bible club outreach ministers to 400+ squatter children from the shanty villages closest to Faith Academy. We were able to give our neighbors the gift of LIGHT for Christmas, in the form of a battery operated lantern, and more importantly, the Light of the Word of God in a Tagalog New Testament. A4J is the largest single ministry that occurs at Faith. This year’s volunteer staff of 90 students is a record (1/3 of the high school). It is an opportunity for the students to experience the joy of serving the Lord and the fruits from it.
A4J is one example of why we are here. We desire to see street kids that are lost and dying, come to a safe place, and to the Lord. We desire to share the Word and see the salvation of souls. This is really what Christmas is about!
Thanks you Again for your Faithfulness in Giving!
Don and Kristen

Mon Jan 1 15:18:27 2007

Pure Joy

James 1:2-3 admonishes us to “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” We have faced a variety of trials over the last few months as we ministered at Faith Academy. We faced health issues, spiritual warfare, and natural disasters.

Don had some scary symptoms involving tingling on the right side of his arm, neck, and face that migrated and increased in intensity. Numerous doctor visits and a battery of tests were run, including a CT scan, EKGs and MRIs. The results were inconclusive, but ruled out any gross abnormalities. We are certainly grateful for this! At this point the symptoms have decreased and we are praying that the Lord removes them.

On our High School retreat we had two girls facing severe demonic attacks. It was only through intense prayer with several teachers that the Lord released them from the bondage. This really affected our student body as they saw and heard about these spiritual encounters. This summer Don had been praying about what to share in youth group for the year. The Lord kept laying on his heart, taking up the armor of God. This has become all the more important as the students see the pressing need. Please pray for him as he leads these studies from Ephesians.

At the end of September we braced for the strongest typhoon to hit Manila, since we arrived in 1995. Trees and utility poles splintered, leaving us without reliable power for five and a half days. We were grateful for some intermittent power with an old generator. Four days after the typhoon, the worst flash flood in 30 years hit our area. Don and a couple of others had to help rescue an older couple from our mission, whose car was swamped in 3 feet of water. Landslides, flooding, and trees snapping have killed more than 200 people. We are grateful for God’s protection in the midst of the storms.

Admittedly, we do not always consider it pure joy in the midst of trials. It is our prayer that we will remain faithful to the one whom we know is always faithful, and that we will grow in our perseverance.

Our Three Boys, Our Three Joys

After a whirlwind summer in the States, we returned to the Philippines to begin the 50th year of the school at Faith Academy. David, grade 8, and Austin, grade 6, are both in middle school this year. They are even serving together on the Student Senate this semester. Caleb, grade 4, is now the only MacKay boy still in elementary school and has been having fun learning to be part of a puppet ministry.

All three boys play defense on their respective soccer teams. We’ve been kept busy with games almost every Saturday. David loves singing in choir and Austin continues to expand his skills on the saxophone. Swimming, friends, and homework keep our boys busy, but we still find time together to talk, play games, and enjoy the pleasures of being a family.

As we begin our 12th year of missionary service in the Philippines, we are reminded of what it takes to remain as vibrant fruit. Our life source in Our Lord and your partnership helps sustain us. Thank you for supporting our family and ministry.

Serving together,
Don and Kristen
Making a Impact for Eternity in the Lives of Missionary Kids.

Mon Nov 13 13:59:15 2006

A Violent Typhoon and the Worst Flash Flood in 30 Years

This week we have been through a lot of ferocious weather. A fast moving typhoon uprooted large trees and knocked down numerous utility poles. This was the strongest typhoon to hit Manila since we first arrived in 1995. We were without power for 5 ˝ days, but thankfully the apartment building we are living in had intermittent generator electricity. Four days after they typhoon, a flash flood hit our area. Don and a couple of others had to help rescue an older couple from our mission, whose car was swamped in 3 feet of water. Landslides, flooding, and trees snapping have killed more than 200 people. We are grateful for God’s protection in the midst of the meteorological fury.

Please continue to pray for us as we finish up the first quarter of the school year. Please join with us in thanks and praise to our Lord for safety amidst the inclement weather. We are very grateful for your continued prayer and financial support.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Oct 2 13:15:23 2006

Falling in Love….

In yesterday’s Chapel, I talked about falling in love… about the romance that blossomed with Keristen and me. Students enjoyed hearing the ins and outs of the start of our relationship. I mentioned how at first I was Captivated by her presence. I was the Motivated to know her and spend time with her. I eventually was Activated with a love that welled up within me and was shown with creative expressions of poetry and song writing. I challenged them that our relationship with Christ also needs to follow these actions and would be evidenced through total submission to Him (Mark 12:30), listening and obeying Him (1 Jn. 5:2-3) and loving others (Eph.5:1-20). Many students and faculty responded with appreciation and a new sense of understanding of falling in love…With Jesus.

Thank you for your continued support of our family and ministry!

In Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Aug 28 14:02:10 2006

Stoked with no fuel…

Our arrival back to Manila was greeted with our 3 tanks of cooking gas having been stolen out of our walled-in yard. The price of gas has skyrocketed, and these full tanks were a greater temptation than someone could handle. This type of theft is all too commonplace in a country besieged with poverty. It seems almost ironic that the Student Council Don advises, had chosen as its theme, “stoked,” in reference to our spiritual lives… Thankfully the fuel necessary for this does not come in a 20 kilo container… It is with great joy and anticipation that we begin the 2006-2007 school year at Faith Academy. We celebrate its 50th year of God’s faithfulness.

Thank you for your generous giving and please pray that God’s Spirit Stokes our Passion for Christ and a true Love for others.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Aug 21 13:35:18 2006

Dear Friends,

Seven weeks down and one to go! We’ve traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, and Atlanta and Don drives to Minneapolis this Thursday for our final Faith Academy 50th celebration. We return to Manila on July 19th. It has been an exciting time of reunion and reflection of God’s faithfulness in Faith’s history, and the bountiful blessings that lie ahead. We have had over 600 attend the celebrations so far.

We have also enjoyed time with our extended families in Nashville, North Carolina, and Chicago during the midst of our hectic schedule. In Chicago, we had to rush don’s dad to the hospital. A system wide infection meant he was on a ventilator for three days and we thought we were going to lose him. God, in his grace, is healing him slowly and bringing him back. Don’s mom continues chemotherapy for colon cancer.

The boys have had fun reconnecting the spending time with their friends, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We thank God for our families and friends who encourage and support us in our ministry.

As we prepare for our return to Faith Academy and the Philippines, please pray for our families as we depart, and our school year ahead as we hit the ground running back in Manila.

Thank you so much for your partnership.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Jul 17 14:25:56 2006

“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” -Micah 6:8

This was the central passage of the commencement address that Don had the honor of giving at this year’s graduation service for Faith Academy. Nearly 80 seniors graduated and moved on to new aspects of life in their passport countries. About 12 hours after the graduation service, we began our journey back to the United States where we will be helping to lead four of ten anniversary celebrations for Faith Academy’s 50th years.

Truly the Lord has proven himself faithful in the history of Faith academy, in the lives of our students and in our own family and ministry.

Thank you for your role in our lives as we too seek to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Jun 12 14:12:16 2006

With less than three weeks left until graduation day, we seek to give opportunities to honor and remember our Senior class. We created a candid photo bulletin board for all to see and remember to pray for our seniors. Another such opportunity came this week as our Chapel program was run by the Class of 2006. Two senior guys shared from God’s Word and their hearts. Ryan spoke about how God has been, and is in control, and how He wants to be involved in our destinies. Zeb spoke about total abandonment of ones life to Christ. How according to Galatians we are crucified with Christ and Christ now lives through us through the power of His spirit.

Please pray for Ryan and Zeb, and the other 70+ seniors that will graduate on May 25. May God protect them as they transition to their passport countries and move into college life.

We will be leaving shortly after graduation for the States. We still need some details to fall into place, so please pray that we will have adequate housing and transportation as we assist in the 50th year celebrations for Faith Academy. Thank You for your continued financial support and commitment to our family and ministry.

Love, Don and Kristen

Sat May 6 13:10:25 2006


Holy Week is an eventful time of remembrance and celebration in the Catholic nation of the Philippines. Every Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, dozens of thousands of people make a pilgrimage up Ortigas, one of the main roads leading to the foothills East of Manila. This Catholic tradition involves remembering the steps of Jesus called the Stations of the Cross. There is a strong emphasis on the suffering of Christ and the need for the common man to ritually also endure suffering annually, to make penance for ongoing sins.

During this mass movement of people, Faith Academy sends out students with tracts that tell of the completed work of Christ. We share that hope is built upon Christ’s victory over Sin and Death. We have a great opportunity to sow seeds as the world is walking by…It’s our Ortigas Blitz.

Thank you for your support as we seek to make an impact for eternity in the lives of MKs at Faith!

Mon Apr 17 12:37:33 2006

“for Such a Time as This…”

The Right Place and the Right Time

On February 3, I had the privilege of organizing the entire Faith Academy High School to travel to the middle of Manila near the Bay. This was not a field trip. No, instead it was a full day of intense work preparing a large portion of 120,000 documents for open air evangelism. The documents had been brought in, but all needed to be compiled into packets for the prepared counselors for this massive outreach. Our coming was a great encouragement to those who had sacrificed so much time and energy for The Metro Manila Franklin Graham Festival. The Students worked diligently and joyfully as they got to be a part of modern day history and hope for an eternal future.

It was Franklin Graham’s first evangelistic event in Asia, and his largest Festival ever. The Metro Manila Franklin Graham Festival, held Feb. 2-5, drew massive crowds totaling at least 317,600, including 125,000 on the final night alone. Throughout the event, 33,844 people responded to the invitation to put their faith in Jesus Christ. Saturday morning, 82,500 kids packed the grassy expanse, breaking the record for the largest children’s event ever held in that venue.

Crowds at the Festival heard Graham’s nightly messages in English and Tagalog, the two languages used interchangeably here in the Philippines. The event also featured a powerful local choir of 3,000 voices performing with other musicians from across the nation.

The Metro Manila Franklin Graham Festival was a partnership between the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and hundreds of local churches from many diverse denominations. Manila was the first of eight Festivals, Graham will hold in 2006.

The Wrong Place and Wrong Time

On Monday night, March 27, two of our First Love Short Term Missionaries were involved in a very traumatic event. The two were coming home from a friend’s place and decided to practice driving a manual transmission vehicle that one was not as familiar with. After a successful bout of practice, they turned down an abandoned road to make a 3-point u-turn. At this time, an undercover police truck was patrolling the valley for a reported vehicle with gunmen inside. The police, seeing the girl’s vehicle in an inappropriate location, got out to investigate the vehicle. Our ladies saw non uniformed men with guns, in an unmarked truck. With visions of assault or kidnapping, not knowing them to be police, they tried to drive out as fast as they could. At this point, the police used inappropriate and excessive force and attempted to shoot out the girl’s tires. One shot hit the wheel rim and ricocheted off, and another hit the base of the door behind the driver and broke into several pieces. Three of the bullet fragments hit one of the girls. Thankfully the wounds were not too serious. In the attempt to flee, the girls lost their brakes and ended up crashing their vehicle into a subdivision wall. They then hid out with a guard until our Filipino workers from the children’s home could pick them up. As the Field Director, I have been working with the US Embassy and hope to have some appropriate resolution in the coming days. Please pray for all those impacted by this near tragic event.

The Right Time Quickly Approaching

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Faith Academy. We have already begun celebrating and praising God for the work he has done in and through this school for missionary children. Celebrations are being planned around the world to join in this time of praise and thanksgiving to God. Our family will travel May 25, the day after graduation, to the United States. We will be helping lead some of the 50th Year Celebrations for Faith Academy. The celebrations we will be helping in are:

§ Kansas City – June 17

§ Atlanta – June 24

§ Nashville – June 30

§ Chicago – July 7

§ Minneapolis – July 15

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending any of these events! We are also in need of a vehicle that we could use for travel, starting June 1, in Chicago. We will need a vehicle to take the 5 of us to Nashville and up to Minneapolis. Don will fly to the other two locations. If you have or know of vehicle we could use until July 19, please contact us at .

Prayer and Praise Time

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. Praise God with us that Don’s mom has responded well to her chemotherapy. Please continue to pray for her strength and healing. Please pray for us as we travel this summer, for protection and safety. Pray that we will be refreshed and renewed and that we would be able to be a blessing to those with whom we visit.

Mon Apr 3 13:22:14 2006

There are days when…
We have no phone or internet service for two weekends in a row
Someone steals the aluminum chicken wire on our gate, allowing our dog to continually escape
We wonder how we will ever make it through the teen years (which have only just begun…)
Don traps and kills five rats the size of squirrels

And then there are days when…
We experience the joy of helping a student walk through a crisis
Don is able to minister comfort in the midst of sorrow over the death of a fellow missionary
We see our boys encouraging each other and going out of their way to be helpful
A friend brings flowers to Kristen at school

Some days we wonder if we are truly having a positive impact on those around us. We face trials, discouragement and exhaustion. Yet in the midst of the circumstances of our lives, God continually draws us to Himself. We receive encouragement through His Word and through the love and care of those around us.

Thanks you for the encouragement you give us as you faithfully support our ministry here at Faith Academy.

May you be blessed,
Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Mar 27 14:35:33 2006

Don & Kristen MacKay sent us a 2006 calendar celebrating Faith Academy’s 50th anniversary.

Mon Mar 6 14:39:27 2006

“Live Full Tilt”

This was the challenge given by our Spiritual Enrichment Speaker, Al Menconi. He told the students to try to live completely on Christian music for 30 days. His teeter-totter principle placed ‘deny Christ/live for self” on one side and ‘deny self/love for Christ” on the other. Please pray that God will do a special work in our Middle and High School Students as they consider the importance of making good entertainment decisions every single day. Thank you for your faithful support as we seek to encourage students in their faith.

Love, Don and Kristen

Mon Feb 6 12:57:56 2006

Dear Windy City Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous Christmas gift. We were able to get out of Manila for a few days. We went to a retreat center where the boys could swim. We sure do appreciate your kindness!
Have a blessed New Year.
Go Bears!
Don & Kristen MacKay

Sun Jan 29 20:04:19 2006

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

We pray the 2006 will be a year full of God’s richest blessings for you and your family. Thank you for upholding us throughout the past year in prayer and through your giving. As we begin this New Year, we look forward with eager anticipation to what God is going to do in and through our lives.

January 23-27 is Spiritual Enrichment Week, for high school students. The Rev. Al Menconi will be coming form the States to speak to the students about commitment and revival in their lives.

Mon Jan 16 15:19:24 2006

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

Dear Friends,

Don had the distinct privilege of caring out this Great Commission verse by baptizing our son David and 7 other Faith Academy students. On Tuesday, November 29th, our School gathered for a celebratory dedication of our new competition sized swimming pool. God blessed our school through a very generous church on the West Coast. This church actively gives to MK schools and chose to give Faith the funds for the pool. Faith Academy’s chairman of the board noted that the first two uses of the pool were to be a like guard training from 2-3:30 and the Baptismal service at 4:00. The first focused on saving lives, and the second was public testimonies—of lives that have been saved.

Thanks you so much for enabling us to work with Faith Academy students. Please pray that we will make an eternal impact with them. Thank you again for your generosity in support. Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Love, Don and Kristen MacKay

Mon Jan 9 14:14:34 2006

Semi Annual Ministry Report of Don and Kristen MacKay to the board of First Love International Ministries

December 2005

Christmas vacation is upon us, and this gives us the opportunity to reflect upon our ministry involvements of the last six months. We know God has called us to Faith Academy for this time and we are grateful to partner with First Love as we serve Him here in the Philippines.
With the set schedule of Faith Academy come responsibilities for both of us. Kristen teaches three days a week in the elementary computer lab. She is also assisting her school principal in developing a mentoring program for first year teachers. Don’s role as chaplain means planning weekly chapels in High School, organizing the Back to School Retreat for 300 students, and counseling students who are in need. He also oversees the youth group, Oasis, which meets weekly. This semester Don has developed a small group ministry formed from those students who attend Oasis. This year, he has continued in his role as advisor to the Student Council, as well as field leader for First Love.
Beyond our school day, additional work has gone into accreditation and curriculum development for Kristen. Don is serving on a committee for the new pool facility as well as the 50th year of Faith Anniversary committee.
In late October, early November, we hosted seven women from our sending church, First Baptist Church of Wheaton, to help lead the intermission women’s retreats that First Love International Ministries sponsors in Manila and Davao. This was a huge amount of work, but very rewarding to have representatives from our home church partnering with us.
Additional responsibilities this fall have included co-leading A4J (All For Jesus outreach ministry based on Faith Academy’s campus) which First Love is now helping to sponsor. We had as many as 450 six to twelve year old children of squatters come each Sunday morning to hear the Good News, with the help of 85 Faith students (nearly 1/3 of the entire high school!)
On November 29, the day the new pool was dedicated, Don led a baptismal service for nine Faith students. Our son, David, was one who publicly testified to his association with Christ.
During these past six months, Don has preached monthly at a small Filipino church. He also spoke twice at Grace Christian School in Quezon City.
Thank you for your role in First Love International Ministries, we are grateful for your partnership with us as we ministry here in the Philippines.

Respectfully submitted,
Don and Kristen MacKay
December 19, 2005

Mon Dec 19 14:29:15 2005

Dear Windy City Community Friends,

Thank you so much for allowing us to represent you in the Philippines!

You have certainly made a mark on our family and for the Kingdom in Chicago and around the world!

Blessings, The Mackays

Mon Oct 3 15:23:43 2005

Reaching Hundreds & Finding an Oasis

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time. For us, it signals the opportunity to once again reach out to students in a variety of contexts here at Faith Academy. The chaplain’s department, under Don’s leadership, provides many opportunities for students to learn, grow, and reach out to others in ministry.

The High School youth group, Oasis, meets every Wednesday evening for a time of worship and digging into the Word. This year we are implementing small groups for our students. The students are excited about this opportunity to receive encouragement and accountability while studying God’s Word.

Each Friday, many Faith students put their textbooks away, grab some puppets, and make their way to the First Love Children’s Home. Their mission is meant not only for the 17 children in the home, but for another 40 plus squatter children who live in a shanty village just across the street. They sing songs, present a puppet show with an evangelistic message, and let the kids play.

Early on Sunday mornings, over 1/4 of the High School students push sleep away and make their way up to our campus. The 7 a.m. start time does not deter these 85 students from ministering through a First Love sponsored kids’ club called “A4J,” (All For Jesus), or in Tagalog, “Lahat Kay Cristo.” The students, along with many adult volunteers, reach out to 450 children, all of whom live in shanty villages within a half mile radius of the school.

Whether they are receiving teaching and encouragement, or ministering themselves through sharing the love of Jesus, please continue to pray for our Faith Academy students. Pray that God’s Spirit goes before us as we seek to lead the students in ministry.

A Timely Phone Call

It was a Monday and classes were canceled for a teacher in-service. We were looking forward to sleeping in just a little since we didn’t have to be up at school until 8:30, (two hours later than usual.) I (Kristen) woke up at 4 a.m. and realized that we hadn’t put the garbage cans outside the gate. The garbage collectors come between 5:30 and 7:00 and I didn’t want to miss them. I decided it was still too dark for me to get up and drag around the heavy stinky garbage can. I didn’t want to startle the rats lurking in the shadows or wake up the garrison of neighborhood dogs.

I fell back asleep until the phone woke me up at five. No one was on the end of the line, but I thanked the Lord for the wake up call which allowed me to jump out of bed and make my way down to the garbage can. I had only just gotten outside the back door when the phone rang again. This time there was someone on the other end. A family on furlough was concerned for a student back here facing a crisis situation. Because of their call, we were able to get help and support for this student.

Even though I was a bit sleepy later that afternoon, I am thankful for that early morning call. Not only did it enable us to get the garbage out in time, but it enabled a student to receive needed intervention in their life. (As an extra blessing, since I was up early anyway, I had time to call my parents and talk with them before heading off to our meetings at school.) God is good!

Handle with Prayer

· Continue to pray for Don’s mom, Norma, who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

· Pray for 7 women from First Baptist Church of Wheaton, IL who will be coming to the Philippines October 26—November 7. They will be helping to lead two retreats for missionary women.

· Pray for power and strength from the Lord as we work and teach and live our lives here among this international community of missionaries.

· Pray for wisdom as we seek to balance our many responsibilities with times of rest and recreation with our boys.

· Pray that our family would be salt and light in our neighborhood and community.

The MacKays are thrilled to see how God will work in the lives of Faith's missionary kids as they are able to minister to some children of desperate need. The New Faith Family Children's Home is a vibrant ministry and is the second children's home to open in the Philippines. In March the Philippines Social Welfare Ministry assigned the first 7 children and by year end they are expecting their child population to grow to 30 boys and girls. After getting some much needed work done on our rental home(like termite abatement), I, Don am coming to the States for 3 weeks to be an encouragement to my folks. My mom was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer. She had a resection and is now having chemo started. Pray for Don as he goes and Kristen and the boys as they stay in Manila.