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Don and Sharon Lee are with New Hope International and work in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Fri Dec 22 11:58:09 2017

Hi All,

Thank you for the support and prayers we receive from WCCC. For Christmas I did more a family update. The ministry is going well and we praise God for your partnership.

Don and Sharon Lee

Fri Nov 17 15:17:24 2017

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Tue Oct 17 13:41:44 2017

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Tue Sep 12 12:37:08 2017

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Thu Jul 20 17:25:50 2017

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Fri May 26 14:21:53 2017

Here is an update

Wed May 10 14:27:21 2017

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Thu Apr 20 14:06:16 2017

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Sat Mar 25 13:03:30 2017

They sent us a short power point for churches and a pdf to go with the powerpoint.

Thu Mar 23 10:04:00 2017

Here is a newsletter for Spring.

Thu Mar 16 16:05:05 2017

An email from a week ago.

Wed Mar 15 20:10:32 2017

So we saw the surgeon. He said there was NO cancer found in the lymph nodes other than the one node they knew had it. So it had not spread. He will however still need the immuno therapy. The drain also could not come out yet. Has to be under 25cc over 24hrs. We see the oncologist next Monday. Thanks for praying.

Wed Feb 8 14:53:43 2017

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Thu Dec 22 21:14:17 2016

Hi All,

I just wanted you to know we received the nice gift from WCCC. We so appreciate that and it was an answer to prayer.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Lee's

Tue Dec 20 11:23:56 2016

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Fri Nov 4 19:58:22 2016

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Fri Nov 4 18:34:17 2016

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Sun Oct 9 14:47:19 2016

Thank you for your giving through NHI for our ministry.

I (Sharon) will be leaving for Bangalore, India tomorrow. I will be there three weeks.

My main ministry will be teaching the course “Firm Foundations- Creation through Christ” at the

Biblical Theological College and Seminary (BTCS).

I also will be meeting with many we have ministered to and worked with over the years.

Don will be here in Memphis keeping up with the ministry we do through Memphis House of Prayer and Justice.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Don and Sharon Lee

Wed Jun 8 15:26:58 2016

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Tue Jun 7 07:31:47 2016

Greetings from Memphis,

I just wanted to thank you for your support to us through New Hope International.

Our Memphis Ministry is going well and we were able to do a dinner to let folks know about our ministry here
in Memphis, breaking spiritual strongholds and poverty and dependency strongholds. The project we back up
to is being sold and the owner lost his HUD certificate due to lack of making repairs. The residents are being
moved out to other section 8 housing in the city. We will continue our ministry in another project a bit south
of the current one.
A realtor has bought a destroyed property in Memphis between downtown and midtown and wants part of the
building to be used for a house of prayer. We are thrilled about this, but of course it needs to be totally redone.
She will also use the building for a coffee house/outreach and live in the apt above it.

On the international side of things I plan to go to India in Oct to teach my course at Angam’s seminary.
Don plans a trip to Burma with Angam next Jan/Feb.
Angam is experiencing pressure from the government in making it harder for Christian organizations to receive
funds. Also the rented building for the bible college is having some additions put on by the landlord and it
has caused everything to be in turmoil.

Thanks again for your prayers and support
Don and Sharon Lee

Fri Apr 29 15:24:05 2016

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Mon Jan 11 18:15:45 2016

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Thu Nov 5 16:39:51 2015

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Fri Aug 21 16:58:05 2015

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Mon Jun 29 16:36:54 2015

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Sat Apr 18 16:12:11 2015

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Wed Apr 15 19:16:24 2015

Here are two updates in one.

Mon Mar 16 15:41:10 2015

40days/6weeks of prayer walking starts today. Many details to give, but I'll let my intro be short for now. At 1:00 each day I/we will be prayer walking a figure 8 in downtown Memphis. There are two things prompting this. One is that the international convention of Atheists is happening here in downtown Memphis from April 2-5. A group of Christians is having a response to that, especially on April 4. At Autozone park, where the Redbirds play baseball, there will be a Christian event, Memphis Exalts Jesus. This will be from 1-5 pm on Saturday, April 4. We don't want to be anti-anything, but we are for Jesus and want to show Him our loyalty to Him and our Faith. Jesus loves us all, even those who claim that God doesn't exist:-) I plan to pray here the next three weeks, each day starting at about 1:00 at 3rd and Union. Meet me if you would like to, or choose your own time. One trip around the block that consists of Autozone park as well as one trip around the block that the Peabody Hotel is on (where the atheists will be meeting) will make a figure 8!

Mon Dec 1 17:34:00 2014

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Tue Oct 14 18:33:25 2014

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Mon Jul 28 17:28:30 2014

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Fri May 9 22:06:05 2014

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Wed Feb 19 23:58:13 2014

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Tue Feb 18 23:17:40 2014

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Fri Feb 14 17:46:57 2014

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Wed Oct 9 02:25:31 2013

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Wed Aug 7 15:36:14 2013

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Tue Jun 4 23:18:38 2013

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Mon May 13 19:20:39 2013

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Tue Mar 12 22:12:01 2013

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Thu Jan 31 21:38:47 2013

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Thu Dec 20 18:37:55 2012

Please click on the URL below to see an article about the shootings in the apartment complex behind our house that happened this morning.

The two year old who was shot is in critical condition. No report on the 21 year old who was taken by car to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

This happened this morning and we heard the shots. Most of the pictures with the article are sites we can see from our back fence of our yard.

Our neighborhood needs your prayers at this point in time.


Don and Sharon

Thu Nov 15 15:45:18 2012

A group from the church go to Memphis to help Don and Sharon Lee remodel their house, see the group photo.

Wed Oct 17 23:12:43 2012

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Sun Sep 2 13:32:07 2012

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Mon Jul 23 20:00:39 2012

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Mon Jul 9 21:32:57 2012

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Tue Jun 5 20:34:35 2012

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Mon May 21 12:58:00 2012

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Wed May 9 21:56:47 2012

This is a test of compressing and posting a video. If you have any problems let me know. If you are still using Internet Explorer then
click here for a wmv file. If you are using chrome, firefox or opera then click here. This video has been reduced to 640x360 and 15 frames per second but it still looks rather good. In firefox you can get full screen. You'll need at least a 1 megabits/second connection. This hasn't been tested with safari.

Don Tveter

Thu Apr 5 02:04:28 2012

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Sun Jan 29 17:59:32 2012

Annual Update from Don and Sharon Lee

This past year can be summed up with two words CHANGE and/or LOSS. When we came home from India in November of 2010, we thought it would only be for a few months to raise our support level up and then return to Bangalore. However….things did not work out that way.
Instead, we LOST more support. This led to the LOSS of our household set up there. We then CHANGED to inter-city ministry in Memphis, Tennessee. We sold our house and many household items in Campbellsville, KY at a considerable LOSS and CHANGED our lifestyle to a one bedroom apartment in downtown Memphis.
Phil, Grace and Danny went back to India in June and we LOST many milestones with them, like Danny’s first steps, and first birthday.
However, we want to take time to express to you our gratitude for standing with us during this time of CHANGE and LOSS with your support and prayers.
Our ministry here in Memphis has been interesting and challenging. Don speaks and ministers to the homeless, works at Urban Farms, mentors, leads prayer walks, and we both volunteer with Habitat for Hope which ministers to families who come to Memphis for treatment of children with life threatening illnesses. In the future Don would like to see a House of Intercessory Worship started here in Memphis.
Thank you for your partnership,
Don & Sharon Lee

Mon Jan 9 22:58:46 2012

See a note from the Lees.

Fri Dec 16 15:27:00 2011

Dear WCCC,
Thank you for the very generous Christmas gift. What a blessing for us!
Don & Sharon Lee

Thu Dec 8 21:24:51 2011

See a short thank you note.

Mon Oct 24 12:07:43 2011

Dear WCCC,
Thank you for your faithful support to us.
We see the Lord opening doors for Don to work more with Memphis Union Mission in the area of discipleship as well as his ministry to the homeless and addicts, alcoholics and etc.
I am attending a women’s Bible study in the projects and doing a small youth Bible study in that same project. Still no teaching job for me.
Pray our support can sustain us,
Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Sep 22 21:01:50 2011

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Mon Aug 29 01:47:57 2011

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Wed Jun 22 15:40:48 2011

Hi! We wanted to thank you for your support this past month. We were able to attend the annual New Hope International retreat in VA over the weekend. We were blessed by the speaker and also had some quality time with our leadership.

We continue to prayer walk the city and Don will be putting things in motion to facilitate the participation of many local Memphis churches in this as well.

We moved into our downtown apt on June 15th.

A Jay has found a job for the summer working in a restaurant in Cedar Falls, where his university is.

Ruthie stays busy at the MED seeing many patients who need speech therapy and she also works with premature infants in the area of swallowing.

Hannah will finish up her first travel nursing assignment in New Mexico in mid July.
She will then take some of the furniture items we had to leave behind to use in her house in Iowa.
We hope to help her paint her house the last week of July and then Don will attend his 35th high school reunion in Oskaloosa.

Phil and Grace and Daniel returned to India on June 15th and will be there until the end of January.

I continue to look for a teaching position and ask that you pray with me about this.

Thanks again for standing with us in this new ministry.

I will be mailing your receipts out today.

Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Jun 2 20:36:45 2011

Hi just wanted to update you on what has been happening with us.

We are currently in Memphis,TN, 28 days into 40 days of prayerwalking the streets of Memphis.

We are asking God to bring revival to this city.

This past week we were able to pray with, and work alongside Memphis Union Mission as they had a week of special meetings reaching out to the homeless, addicted, mentally ill, and demonized of the city.

We feel the Lord calling us to radical changes in our own lives as well. We will be downsizing and will be renting a small apartment in downtown Memphis. We will sell or auction our 100 year old house in KY, as well as the things we will not be needing in Memphis.

Please continue to pray for a teaching position for me and for our support to go up. Our major supporting church in Campbellsville, will no longer be supporting us.

Thanks again,
Don and Sharon Lee

Sat May 21 11:38:43 2011

Hi Thank you for your support this past month. We really appreciate you standing behind us in this new ministry. We have lost the support of one of our major supporting churches since we are in the US now and not India. This is understandable, but another loss for us to try and make up. The Lord knows.

We started 40 days of prayer walking on May 1st. The Lord has opened up a studio apt in downtown Memphis for us to stay in during this time for which we are very thankful. As we walk the streets we encounter homeless people, drug addicts, those who are mentally disturbed and/or demonized, or drunk. We pray for them and most do appreciate it.

This next week we will be involved with Memphis Union Mission as they do nightly evangelistic meetings. We will help and serve as needed and be available for those who need prayer.

God has impressed us to pray for spiritual awakening and revival in Memphis. As we walk up and down Beale St we have felt moved to pray for a Beale St revival. Beale street in Memphis is the home of the blues and soul music as well as soul food and every kind of barbequeed ribs and bar you can imagine.

We thought we would buy a HUD house, but have since felt we should not go into debt and have opted to rent a very small apt downtown. We hope to move in June 15th. This will mean bringing only a few things from our KY house and selling the rest. The church we will attend is also downtown as well and we find we walk most places which is different than living in India or in KY.

Please continue to pray for us. I have not yet found a teaching position, but trusting the Lord to give that at the right time.

I have mailed your receipt and envelope for your next donation.

Thanks again,
Don and Sharon Lee

Sun Apr 17 20:12:17 2011

Here is an update from the Lees.

Fri Mar 18 11:38:19 2011

Hello. We want to thank you for your support this past month. I am sending your receipt snail mail, however I wanted to send you an update on our situation via e-mail. I hope you will have time to read it.

As you know our support level has been lacking, and over the past year we have fallen short every month. The difference was made up from our reserve fund. By the end of last year we had depleted our reserve, and before Christmas we sent out a plea letter asking folks to pray about a year end gift to help replace our reserve fund. We felt if we got the reserve fund back we would then go through the effort of trying to raise the extra $2,000 a month we need to make our ministry budget.

To date we have not received the needed funds to replace our reserve and in fact, after our return to the US we lost even more monthly support! Due to visa regulations beyond our control, we must leave India twice a year and it is the round trip airfares that really are our greatest expense.

Missions giving is down all over the US and everyone is telling us God has something else for us. NO ONE in the US has told us we are needed in India and they will pray we get the needed support. As we talk with other folks in ministry we realize we are not the only ones who are hurting. It seems career missionaries like us are a thing of past and churches are not interested or able to support people like us anymore.

We would ask that you stand with us and uphold us in prayer as we seek the Lord for what He has for us. Don and I have given our whole lives and everything we have to ministry and it seems the Lord is moving us into a different ministry. Due to the lack of support we are being forced to close out our ministry in India which involves us returning to India to liquidate.

On faith we bought round trip tickets and arrived back in Bangalore on March 5th. We have return tickets for March 30th. Upon our arrival we told our landlord we would no longer be able to live here in Bangalore. Although he was sad, he graciously bought our major items of furniture for his son and daughter in law and already paid us for them, so that pays for our tickets!
We still need to sell our vehicle however.

This is a time for us when we need your prayers and support more than ever. Please be patient with us as we seek the Lords face in this trying time. This is very much like getting a pink slip and making a career move. We are 53 and because we have been under supported for most of our years in ministry, have not had enough money to put away as we should have for retirement. This is also a big concern for us.

The people we have been working with in India have been praying for our support as well and don't understand how there can be a lack of money in the US. We have explained that the US is in recession and the money for missions is just not there. They are disappointed we can no longer live in India and have expressed as much.

We ask that you intercede on our behalf and when we know more details of what ministry we will be moving into we will communicate that to you. We do know however, we will continue to be members of New Hope International and that we will be doing intercity work probably in the city of Memphis, TN. Once we have things more solidified and meet with our leadership in June, we will communicate that with you. Please understand we still need your prayers and support and we still hope to make one trip a year to India to continue with the ministries we have worked with these past seven years.

Thank you so much for standing with us during this very trying time.

Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Mar 10 16:04:47 2011

Hello. I wanted to send a special email to Windy City at this time. As you know our support level has been lacking and we have sent out plea letter after plea letter about this, but to date we have not received the needed support to sustain our ministry in India. Due to visa regulations beyond our control, we must leave India twice a year and it is the round trip airfares that really are our greatest expense. The missions giving is down all over and since coming home in November we have lost two more supporters, maybe more. As we talk with other folks in ministry we realize we are not the only ones who are hurting. It seems career missionaries like us are a thing of past and churches are not taking people like us on anymore.

We would ask that Windy City stand with us and uphold us in prayer as we seek the Lord for what He has for us. Don and I have given our whole lives and everything we have to ministry and we sense the Lord is moving us into a different ministry, but we are not 100% sure what that ministry will be. We do feel however, it is time to close out our ministry in India which involves returning to India to liquidate.

This is a time for us when we need your prayers and support more than ever. Please be patient with us as we seek the Lords face in this trying time. This is very much like a career move or mid-life crisis for us (we are 53 and have not had enough support to put away as we should have for retirement). The people we have been working with in India have been praying for our support as well and don't understand how there can be a lack of money in the US. We have explained that the US is in recession and the money for missions is just not there. They are disappointed we can no longer live in India and have expressed as much.

We ask that you intercede on our behalf and when we know what the Lord has for us we will communicate that to you. We will then need to come up to Chicago and update you and our other supporters on what that ministry will be.

Thank you so much for standing with us during this trying time.

Don and Sharon Lee

Wed Feb 16 14:51:03 2011

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your support this past month. We appreciate your partnership for the sake of the Gospel.
Please continue to pray for our support level to increase. The Lord is in control of all and we are trusting Him to work everything out.
Continue to pray for Phil, Grace, and baby Daniel as they also are working on raising their support so they can return to India.
Hannah is still working full time as an RN in Albia, Iowa but would like to do some travel nursing as well. She is thinking about possibly going to Alaska to work in a hospital there, we will see.
Ruthie is working full time as speech language therapist at a big hospital in downtown Memphis. She likes her job and also enjoys being close to her Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.
A Jay is in his second year at the University of Northern Iowa. He is now an English major and would eventually like to teach English at a high school level.
Thanks again for your prayers and support on our behalf.
Don and Sharon Lee

Sun Jan 30 20:44:50 2011

See a thank you note.

Sun Jan 2 20:56:55 2011

See their Christmas card and thank you.

Thu Dec 23 17:41:43 2010

Here are a couple of family Christmas photos.

Sun Dec 19 22:22:33 2010

See a thank you note.

Wed Dec 15 19:39:11 2010

Here is a set of letters to the church.

Mon Nov 1 14:08:35 2010

Hello just a note to say that Phil and Grace had a baby boy on Oct 31st (Don's birthday). Grace had a C-section, both Grace and the baby are fine. The baby was 5 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long. Thank you for your prayers. Don and Sharon Lee

Mon Oct 18 17:55:10 2010

See a note from the Lees.

Sun Aug 22 18:49:38 2010

See a thank you from the Lees.

Tue Aug 17 15:08:35 2010

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Thu Jun 3 19:01:16 2010

A note from the Lees.

Sun May 30 13:54:58 2010

See a note from the Lees hacked as best I could from .doc to .pdf.

Mon May 10 16:37:14 2010

See their latest note.

Mon Apr 19 13:24:27 2010

Greetings from our town!

I want to extend a great thank you to those who have prayed for us during the 40 days of meetings. It has been a great success. In many ways the effort continues.

Paul continues to have a more casual meeting each evening, some worship and fellowship. I have not been involved in that, working on getting ready to return to the US and other issues.

However, we have been doing another discipleship course there on Monday evenings. We have had a good group, about 10. They have grown during this time and are progressing well.

Also, the Sunday service, which meets at 6:15 on Sunday evenings, is being well attended. We have consistently between 35 and 40 in attendance. It is a good worship time and there is very good fellowship that takes place after the service.

We didn't have nearly as many salvations as we were praying for. Only 4 for sure. But these are growing at various rates. Also, there are quite a few more who have serious issues in their lives. Although they came to us as believers, they have issues that need resolution. It is a large load of caring and helping people to work through their problems. Some have addictions, some have severe relationship difficulties with their families. Many are praying for jobs. A few are trying to work through issues of bondage to religious cults and practices that are putting them into bondage. We need wisdom from Jesus to deal with all these things.

We seek opportunities to build trusting relationships with all those who have these types of needs and to help them in any way that we can. We are seeing some who are breaking the addictions in their lives, and many who are walking with Jesus on a much more consistent basis.

We are very encouraged by the fruit that we have seen during these days. Thank you for your prayers. We continue to seek God for the growth of C3 (Capstone Community Church). Thanks for your continued prayers.

On a personal note, I, Don, am scheduled to fly back to the US. My schedule has me leaving here early Tuesday morning (April 20). I am supposed to fly from our town to Frankfort, then from Frankfort to Chicago and on to Lexington KY. At this point, I won't know if my flight is cancelled or not until about 8:30 pm, my time (Monday), and if it is not cancelled, I have to leave for the airport by 11:00. Please pray for God's will regarding my flight.

Our final meeting of this discipleship course that we are doing is meeting tonight, so I will be there when the information becomes available, and will need to proceed directly, if my flight is not cancelled.

Please pray for both Sharon and myself. This is the longest we have been separated in 32 years, and neither of us likes it at all. We look forward to being back together. We have become quite dependent on one another. We know that others have much more difficulty in this area than we do, but for us this has been a trial. So please pray for us that we will have God's peace that passes understanding in whatever happens regarding my travel back to the US.

Thanks again for all your prayers on our behalf. Although this has been an extremely busy and complicated time for us, we find joy in a great amount of blessing happening in our ministry.

We hope to see some of you during our short stay in the US. We can only share the highlights through a message such as this, and there are so many more things we would like to share with you.

For now, this is all.

Don Lee (for Sharon as well)

Sat Apr 3 15:53:18 2010

A note from the Lees.

Mon Mar 29 19:39:46 2010

See a thank you from the Lees.

Tue Mar 23 15:46:15 2010

Hello, Hannah had her oral surgery yesterday and all went well. The surgeon said there were no complications and I had her home shortly after noon. She needs a lot of care especially the first few days, but she is healing nicely. Thank you for praying for her, and for all of us during this time.
Sharon for all

Fri Mar 19 17:06:39 2010


Well we finally got in to see the oral surgeon for a consult yesterday. This appointment had been made before I got here two weeks ago. Oral surgeons are backed up a month in advance. Anyway, it seems this surgeon has a really good reputation and there are all good comments from those who have gone to him.

He spent a goodly amount of time with Hannah and checked her jaw as well. He said, although she has some clicking and popping with her jaw, she does not have TMJ. He said her upper wisdom teeth are fully erupted, but crowded. He said her lower wisdom teeth are not fully erupted and impacted. He said all four need to come out because the upper ones are not lined up with the lowers ones and would eventually hurt her gums.

He got her in quickly and she is scheduled for oral surgery on Monday, March 22nd at 10:15 am. He said since she was a nurse she would understand much more than the average person coming in, so he felt there would not be anything to worry about.

So, she will be going on Monday for the oral surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and concern for her over these past few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Sharon Lee

Tue Mar 9 18:09:19 2010

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I had to make an emergency trip back to the US to help our daughter Hannah. She has been experiencing extreme dizziness and has not worked for over a week, she also cannot drive. She had fallen down the stairs in her house, and also fell while showering. She is currently on short term disability from her job at the hospital. The Dr said her symptoms were similar to when a brain tumor is present. She had an MRI which came back clear and she also does not have MS. She then went to an ear, nose and throat Dr. He said her ears are clear and that she had probably had been misdiagnosed for miners disease years ago. He felt that it may be her wisdom teeth affecting her inner ear. She also is in a lot of pain with her jaw. He said her jaw may not be aligned right and along with having the wisdom teeth out they may need to break her jaw and reset it.

She was referred to an oral surgeon but the soonest she could get in was March 18th, and that is only a consult, not the surgery. The surgery would be scheduled after the consult. I am trying to get her into another oral surgeon who can see her sooner, if not, we will keep the appointment for the 18th.

As you know I have been working on my master’s degree in theology for the past five years. SAIACS has graciously allowed me to do my last module long distance and I will graduate in absentia on March 27th. Don is still in our town and will return on April 20th as planned. I of course lost my return ticket and we had to buy a one way for me to be here now, the Lord knows.

Please be in prayer for all of us during this time.
Thank you,
Sharon Lee

Tue Mar 2 15:56:21 2010

A letter from the Lees.

Mon Feb 22 15:36:42 2010

See their latest letter.

Sat Feb 20 13:25:14 2010

Hi, would you please let the folks at WCCC know we made it back to our country safely. Also the church plant we spoke of will be starting March 7th instead of Feb 28th. Thanks for praying. Sharon Lee

Tue Feb 16 22:38:57 2010

See a newsletter from Don and Sharon.

Sat Jan 9 21:08:16 2010

See a note from the Lees.

Wed Jan 6 21:35:49 2010

Here is another note from the Lees from November.

Wed Dec 30 22:03:10 2009

Thank you so much for the Christmas gift from WCCC. We tracked it. Seems it arrived just as we did and Don's sister had not yet opened it, and Don was delayed in going through the huge pile of mail!!! We soooooooooo appreciate that.

Please pray for us. Since our country has put in place a new law, we cannot return to our country until mid Feb. Don always buys our tickets way in advance to save money. We already had our ticket to return to our country Jan 6th, which we cannot now do. The cost of changing the date to a Feb date is going to cost us $1,700. This was an unexpected expense and totally not our fault, yet we have to bear the brunt of it. Please pray with us the Lord will put it on someone's heart to help us with this unexpected expense. It still was cheaper than buying totally new tickets.

Thanks again for the wonderful gift.
Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Dec 24 01:25:11 2009

See their little Christmas greeting.

Mon Dec 14 16:47:53 2009

Here is a note from the Lees received in November.

Tue Nov 17 15:34:33 2009

See an update.

Mon Oct 26 16:11:58 2009

See a thank you letter from the Lees.

Fri Oct 23 23:19:25 2009

See their recent letter.

Thu Sep 17 13:59:02 2009

Hello. It is time to update you on what has been going on here. I tried to make this easy to read with several pictures, but that made the file too large and it would not upload.

At the beginning of August we made an emergency trip to Hyderabad to pray for Biju’s dad. He met with a very serious motorcycle accident and was in ICU. Don did all the driving which was 12 hours on horrible roads! Don prayed for Biju’s dad and it meant a lot to the family. We are still praying for his full recovery.

As you know Phil and Grace were married on August 15th. We are thankful that all our kids could be here for that.

We continue our ministry with Radiance, a house church ministry, discipling, mentoring, and the building of relationships. Don will also be teaching two courses this next semester at the Biblical Theological College and Seminary.

A Jay has started at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. Pray for him as he studies and makes new friends.

Hannah works full time as an RN in Albia, Iowa. She also was able to buy a small house near the hospital. Praise the Lord with us for this provision for Hannah.

Ruthie is continuing with her masters program at the University of KY in Lexington for communication disorders. Pray she continues to do well. She will graduate in May with her master’s degree.

Phil and Grace keep busy with their various ministry responsibilities and are enjoying being newlyweds. They have a small apartment near ours which is nice.

I am sending this update as an attachment. I hope it does not take too long to download and I apologize in advance for any glitches.

Don does a great job with the whole facebook thing so you can catch up with us there and see any pictures that he has posted.

Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Aug 20 14:40:13 2009

See the latest update.

Sat Jun 27 18:18:01 2009

See their recent update.

Sun May 31 14:07:32 2009

See their recent letter.

Mon May 11 13:18:22 2009

Dear Windy City Community Church,

Thank you so much for your support in April of $250. We arrived back in the US a week ago and I must admit it is great to be out of the heat and not have to worry the power will go off before I get this letter printed. We needed a break and this past week has been just that.

We will start traveling on the 16th with a trip to Chicago to visit you as well as other supporters, friends, and family who live in the Chicago area. After that we will make a trip to Iowa to see Hannah and A Jay and attend an orientation for A Jay at the University of Northern Iowa where he will be going in the fall.

Finally, in mid June we will attend the new Hope International Missions annual retreat in Virginia. We return to our town on June 30th.

Philip is still in our town but will need to go to Sri Lanka for visa reasons. Needless to say we are all excited about Phil’s wedding coming up in August. Since it will be in India we won’t have any family members there except Hanna, Ruthie and A Jay, but we are thankful to at least have them!

Thanks again for your faithful support and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Don and Sharon Lee

Mon Apr 27 13:03:25 2009

Dear Windy city community church.

Thanks you for your support of $250 in March. The weather is getting significantly warmer here in our town.

Don has finished another year of teaching for Angam at the biblical Theological college and Seminary (BTCS). Their graduation will be on April 4th. We had hoped Angam would be able to make a trip to the US to help raise up partners for the ministry of BTCS, but he was denied a visa to visit the US> However, don and I will be coming home April 24th through June 30th.

I am now three quarters of the way through my master’s degree. Along with my studies I taught an OT survey at the Academy for Church Planting and Leadership (ACPL).

We also continue to be involved with a house church planting movement where Don mentors and gives valuable input to the group leaders. Thanks again for you partnership.

Don and Sharon Lee

Fri Apr 10 22:08:03 2009

See an engagement announcement.

Mon Mar 23 13:45:47 2009

Dear WCCC,
Thank you so much for your support in February of $250. Don’s dad passed away on February 15th and don, Philip and I flew back to the US for the funeral. We are all back in India now and don’s Mom is doing well.
Thank you for your support and prayers for us.
Don and Sharon Lee

Fri Feb 27 17:24:52 2009

We want to thank everyone for their e-mails, messages, and prayers during this time of losing Don's father.

Many church friends gathered together to provide meals, gifts, flowers, visits, cards, donations, and condolences. Family members and friends traveled many miles to attend the visitation on Friday and the funeral on Saturday.

We were all reminded of the hope we have in Christ of eternal life in heaven and also challenged to live a life that leaves a spiritual legacy as Don's father did.

Philip and I returned to South Asia on Wednesday, Feb 25th. Don is in the US for another week to spend some time with his mother and will fly out next Monday.

Thanks again for prayers during this time.

Don and Sharon Lee

Mon Feb 16 12:55:25 2009

This is to let you all know that Don’s dad passed away after a long illness. Don, Philip, and I will be leaving our town tonight to fly back to the US for the funeral.
Please pray for Don’s mother and the whole family during this time of loss.
Also please pray for us as we travel and for the Lord to supply the needs for this extra round trip, and for safety.
Philip and I will be in the US for about a week and Don will stay for two weeks to help his Mum.
Thanks so much.
Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Jan 15 17:54:16 2009

See a letter from the Lees.

Sat Jan 3 14:21:11 2009

Dear Folks @ WCCC,

Thank you so much for the $200 Christmas gift! That was such a nice surprise and blessing to us!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support

Due to visa restrictions we have to leave India every six months so we will be flying home to KY on December 10th. We will spend Christmas with our children and then return to our town on January 21st. Our oldest son Philip will be returning with us to also help in the ministry.

Don and Sharon Lee

Fri Jan 2 17:04:06 2009

See their Christmas Greetings.

Sat Nov 29 02:47:18 2008

See their note from November 25.

Sat Nov 29 02:25:45 2008

Hi I wanted to send an e-mail thank you to you for your support this past
month. I will be mailing out the receipts and thank you notes as soon as
possible. The post has been slow here and I am not sure how long it will
take to get to you.

We had our absent tee ballots mailed and they left the US mid September and
arrived here to us Oct 31, too late for us to vote! Anyway, I wanted to be
sure to acknowledge your giving and let you know the post situation.

Our organizational leader is here now with us which is great!

Thanks again

Don and Sharon Lee

Tue Sep 9 19:02:25 2008

See their latest email update.

Fri Aug 8 11:52:51 2008

Hello, We want to thank you all for praying for us since our arrival back in South Asia.

We are now settled in a two bedroom apartment walking distance from SAIACS (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies) where I am taking classes towards my masters degree.

We have been able to furnish the apartment and are “cooking with gas” as the saying goes.

We praise the Lord we were able to buy a vehicle. It is an Indian made SUV. Although we had to borrow the money to buy it, we know it will be very useful for the ministry and our personal needs.

Don has started teaching again for Angam and since we now have a vehicle he can resume his teaching for pastor Dayalan as well.

I started classes again at SAIACS and I also teach once a week at ACPL, which is another training center here in South Asia.

We continue to minister and connect with young people who are in university or work for call centers.

I also wanted to update you on the kids.

Today, August 8th, is A Jay’s 20th birthday. He is still in Africa doing a missions training course.

Ruthie is working on her master’s degree at the University of KY in Lexington for communication disorders.

Hannah is on a trip out west with her friend Melodee. You can keep up with her on her blog

Soon she will be back in Iowa working full time as a nurse and getting ready to take her RN boards.

Philip is seeking the Lord’s will as to his future ministry.

Don and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on the 12th of August.

Thank you so much for praying for us and please continue to remember us as we minister here.

Don and Sharon Lee

Thu Jul 17 11:49:56 2008

Hello once again. As you know our return here has been rather rough. We thought we had an apartment rented in a strategic location but it fell through at the last minute. I sent out an urgent prayer request at that time to several of you. I just wanted to send a further update of our situation.

The Lord answered all of our prayers and that same day we found another apartment, smaller, but cheaper, and rented it the next day!

Since we are without a vehicle things have been very difficult for us. We decided that we would rent a place less strategic, but closer to where I am taking classes (SAIACS) and to where Angam’s Bible college/seminary is. That way I can at least walk to class eliminating at least some of our travel difficulties.

We hope to get ourselves moved into the new apt by early next week. Please pray for us as make this shift.

Don still is not fully rested and it seems each day we are renting a taxi and out all day trying to get ourselves set up. Today he simply felt so poorly he had to take a rest day.

Please intercede on our behalf for a vehicle, this is a great need. We have decided to better handle the poor roads, and our sizes, we need a larger vehicle which will cost about $15,000.00. God is able.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Also check out our website,

Don and Sharon Lee

Mon Jul 14 11:56:50 2008

Hi, I thought I would update a few key people on what is going on with us so you can tell your churches, prayer groups, etc.
As you know our return here to South Asia, has been less than picture perfect, it has been a real trial to be honest. We are living in the totally wrong location because the rent was cheap, but without a vehicle we have spent more than we saved on rent, on taxi fares.
We thought we had located the right apartment, for the right price, in the right location, and we were supposed to close on it this afternoon. This morning the owner of the apartment, who lives in the US, told us the apt. association did not want us to live there because we are foreigners. I can’t describe to you what a blow that was esp. for me, since the apt had screens, hot water heaters in the bathrooms, a nice kitchen, and was very clean, not to mention in our budget.
After a hard morning we have realized maybe the Lord is protecting us in some way. At the time we felt it was an answer to prayer, but I guess not.
Please pray for us that we will find the right place to live, for the right price, in the right location.
Realistically we cannot stay where we are without our own vehicle, something has to give.
Thank you very much for standing with us.
Don and Sharon Lee

Tue Jul 8 12:40:29 2008

I just wanted to send a quick update to let you know we made it back to South Asia safely.
As you know, we were in the US for two months during which time both Ruthie and Hannah graduated. We also were able to see Philip in Vermont and touch base with some of our supporters.
The rains have come and it is cooler than when we left in April. The house we have rented is still lacking screens so we need to close our windows early due to the bugs, however, once we get the screens in place we will be able to keep our windows open all the time making it even more delightful.
We have been looking for appliances, and furniture in various stores and comparing prices, etc. We hope to be set up soon and “cooking with gas” as they say.
The rental house is out of town quite a ways and we use taxis almost on a daily basis to get around. We had hoped that the Lord would provide funds for a vehicle while we were home, but that did not happen. We continue to wait on the Lord for the provision of a vehicle which is vital to our ministry here.
Sunday night we were able to reconnect with some of the young people we were ministering to before and that was good.
Please pray for us as get set up, get over jet lag, and continue our ministry.
Don and Sharon Lee

Sun Jun 8 00:35:52 2008

See their June 5th letter.

Thu May 8 16:43:52 2008

See their recent letter.

Tue Apr 8 00:10:16 2008

April 7, 2008 Newsletter.

Tue Mar 25 00:58:12 2008

Hello, I wanted to update you once again on what is going on here
with us in South Asia. The Lord has opened up a small house for us
to rent which is on the same street as Pastor Dayalan's
house/church. The rent is only $50 a month. This will give us a
place to store our things while we are in the US and Philip Johnson,
one of the young people who work for DELL, will watch the house
while we are gone. Lord willing, we will return at the end of June
or the beginning of July. The house is not in the right location
for our ministry, but as our set up funds come in; we will look to
move to a place that is in the right location, probably an apartment
off the main ring road.

I have finished my module at SAIACS and now have 8 out of 18 finished
towards my master's degree.

Don has finished teaching his courses for Angam and will give his final
exams this next Wednesday.

This past Friday was Good Friday, and Angam was asked to speak at
the Good Friday service for Pastor Dayalan. It was a good service
and well attended even though it was raining. Here are pictures of
Angam and Pastor Dayalan.

On Friday evening we had two young people over to watch the Passion
of the Christ with us. The Lord has been bringing young adults our
way and we enjoy ministry among them, usually over some spicy
chicken and rice.

Saturday Don had a board meeting for Angam's ministry, The Biblical
Theological College and Seminary.

Sunday was Easter and Don did two sermons that day. He spoke in the
morning at Angam's church service and in the evening at Pastor
Dayalan's church.

On April 4th Don will do the marriage of Angam's brother "Boy". This
picture is of Angam with his three older brothers. "Boy" is next to

On April 5th is the BTCS graduation.

Needless to say we will busy until it is time for us to leave.

The weather is getting warmer, but of late it has been cloudy and
even some rain. The monsoon season is not till June, but the rain
is welcome.

Thank you for praying for us during this trip. Our updates are also
at on the website.

Don and Sharon Lee

Tue Mar 25 00:51:19 2008

See A set of March photos.

Sat Mar 8 00:36:46 2008

See their February Newsletter.

Wed Feb 27 19:40:26 2008

Greetings once again from South Asia. It is hard to believe we have
been here a month already! We are thankful for all the ministry
opportunities we have had up to this point. It seems the Lord
continues to bring young people, interested in reaching their peers,
into our lives.

We reconnected with our friend Dr. George this past Saturday. He
has been quite helpful in the past as far as getting Don an
employment visa and it may work out for him to be involved in the
paperwork of Don getting a business visa this time. This would allow
us to rent an apt, get a bank account, get a phone, etc, without the
usual hassles of doing this on a tourist visa. We still would have
to leave the country every six months, but in our case it would be
to the advantage to have this. Also a business visa would not
require as much of Don's time as the employment visa did.

We had to take the borrowed vehicle in to the mechanic for some
work, which we agreed to pay for since we are being loaned the
vehicle at no charge. However, the next day the breaks were not
working, which is very dangerous in any situation, but esp in this
crazy traffic. When we took it back, it was quite interesting to
see that the break fluid was gone and they" happened" to have the
part we needed "on hand". The breaks then worked fine, but the next
day the horn did not work! Oh, well the trials of being the
"foreigner". They feel they can rip you off more than the locals.

We have also realized this vehicle is a bit too small to meet the
needs we will have for our ministry. We are praying the Lord will
touch someone's heart to donate money for a decent vehicle upon our
return. We also are praying for a good honest mechanic. Not
everyone can be like our mechanics Guy and Bobby Wood in

We also looked at an apt in a complex that houses mostly call center
workers. It was quite interesting to see and get a feel for this
type of complex. We feel we would be able to do quite nicely in a
small two bedroom apt upon our return. Naturally our biggest concern
is the 10 months of deposit and how to furnish it, but all in time.
We are praying the Lord will provide that for us at just the right
time. Like someone said, God may take his time, but he is never

Don preached yesterday morning at South Asia Bible Fellowship. He
did a great job and we are happy to be attending that church at this
time. On Sunday evenings we attend an English service that Pastor
Dayalan has. Don has been asked to speak at that service once a
month, however this next Sunday Don will give his slot to Angam.

I continue with my module and although it is quite deep, I am
learning a lot and find I am able to stay ahead on the homework.
Don keeps busy with his lesson preparations for the two classes he
teaches for Angam as well as a Bible study he does weekly for Pastor
Dayalan on Friday's. Also this next week Don will speaking for
chapel at ACPL, the other training center we are associated with.

Thank you for your support and prayers on our behalf. Here are a
few pictures of our friends, the church, and what traffic looks like
in South Asia. Also you never know what you will see (like the
elephant in the middle of traffic bathing himself!)

(for photos see: photos/photos.html#feb2008

Thu Feb 14 22:45:36 2008

See three new photos.

Wed Feb 13 21:33:55 2008

Well we continue to have wonderful opportunities here. We attended a ch last Sunday that seems to have the same goals as we do, we will see how that works out. It is in a similar place that IBF was when Don took that in Moscow. Don will speak there the Sunday after next. Also Don was able to share during the service.

Don of course teaches for Angam Mon-Wed and also does chapel for him at least once a week. We are in the process of trying to help Angam get more support his school and the children’s home. More on that later.

Don also does a study for our friend Pastor Dayalan on Friday’s as well as speaking in his ch once a month. Along with that Don has taken on mentoring Dayalan’s son Sam. This involves quite a bit on Don’s part, but Sam is helping us with driving, keeping the vehicle clean and maintained, as well as sitting in on Don’s classes and learning a great deal from Don both practical and spiritual. We also are able to help an older couple here in South Asia that needs some driver/house help by letting them have Sam on Don’s day off (Thursday).
I am covered over as they say with my classes, doing research, and writing papers. The library is now my second home.

We also have the challenges of frequent power outages and last night and this morning we were met with the challenge of no water in our apt. The water problem has been rectified now, but this morning I had to go into my “tribal mode” of hauling buckets of water from the apt block next to us for our morning showers and dish washing. It is amazing how those things come back to you. We lived for so long in the Philippines with no running water it just was second nature.

Last night we had supper with our friends James and Koshimo. Don had started a study with them when we were here before. That study is still going on now led by James. They have a daughter who is delayed mentally and she had her 3rd birthday. Here in South Asia when it is someone’s birthday you have a person you respect pray for them. Hence, Don did the honors. The cake was followed by a very delicious meal which was quite hot and eaten with our fingers. We enjoyed it a great deal although my nose was running by the time I was done!

Tue Feb 5 20:32:48 2008

See some new photos.

Fri Feb 1 14:27:09 2008

Hi all,
We arrived just fine and had good flights all the way. Don also was able to get exit row and bulkhead seats for the long flights which helped a lot with his usual muscle difficulties he has when flying.
We are staying on the SAIACS campus and they have a nice apt for us to stay in. It is mostly furnished (South Asia style) and we are eating our lunches and suppers in the dining hall. It is all Indian food and maybe we will lose some weight!
The apt has a toilet in it, but no hot running water so we simply boil water and take “bucket showers” We are used to that so we are quite happy with the whole system.
We know for sure we are back in South Asia because the power goes off about 8 or 9 times a day anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. This is normal for South Asia and we go with the flow. We were smart enough to get candles on one of our first shopping trips so we can still see when the lights go out at night.
We are able to use the automatic washing machine in the girls dorm which is a real blessing. (Washers are programmed to pick up where they left off with the frequent power outages) Also the weather is hot and the clothes dry on the line rather quickly. (No such thing as a clothes dryer here)
We were able to get the vehicle we are using the first day. The couple is so nice to let us use it. Don got right back into the swing to driving here (which is like a video game the way the traffic is) Also they drive on the left, but that did not faze Don at all and that also seemed to come right back to him. We went to see Angam, almost straight away. They were having all day fasting and all night prayer at the Bible college. We arrived Friday evening at about 7pm. Angam came running down the steps yelling “Uncle!!!! To Don and Auntie to me!!!! He hugged and hugged us and almost cried to see us. We told him we just wanted to say hi and would be back the next day.
The next day we got a few our kitchen things we had stored with Angam and we did not have the heart to take back our frig. That is the only frig for the whole school and once a week they buy all their vegetables and put them in the frig so they keep the whole weeklong. We don’t have a frig in our apt here and if we have enough money, we may buy one to use now and then we will have it when we return. Also Angam was thrilled we were leaving the computer with him since that is his only access to the Internet and e-mail.
We found out more about his situation. Seems he had a bill of 13 thousand rupees at the grocer and they would not extend any more credit to him, not even one bag of rice. He figured they would not eat this next week. However, Don brought our tithe to him for Jan and Feb and another $250 from a supporter in Iowa. That totaled $900 and in rupees was a bit over 39 thousand. When Don gave that to Angam he was thrilled. He paid the grocer and got more food. He also was able to pay the landlord some of the back rent. He pays about $350 a month rent for the whole building (three stories) and he was behind. The money we gave him will help some, but not totally clear what he owes.
We also found out more about his beating. He told us where it happened, we know the place on the road. Seems after he was beat and left for dead they put him back in his jeep (donated by another ministry). He had passed out, but came to and somehow drove himself back to school (several kilometers). He then passed out and some other foreigners got him to the hospital. Also some other foreign workers took care of his bill and someone else paid to replace the windows in the jeep.
He said he was a long time healing and it was hard to forgive those who beat him, but he has.
He is very excited to have Don teach for him, and when we were there on Sat he asked Don to preach Sunday. We attended church with the whole student body and Don preached. We also had a nice lunch of rice and chicken curry with them. Then after a quick rest we went to see our friend Pastor Dayalan.
Seems Dayalan has just started an English service at 5:30 each Sunday night. We of course stayed for that, only to find out that our former co-worker was to be the speaker. It was good to see Peter and Gretchen again, but Peter was sick! So, Dayalan says to Don, can you speak? Of course Don said yes and he preached again that evening. That was followed by another meal of rice, chappati, and curried chicken prepared by Pastor Dayalan’s wonderful wife, Hannah. So, it was a good day.
Monday we connected with the other training center folks (three families) and another family we knew from South Africa.
It feels good to be back and reconnect with folks.
Also I got myself registered for Feb and March modules and took care of all the needed paperwork that goes with that.
Angam gave Don his teaching schedule and he will be teaching the chronological teaching method and the theology of missions. Don was preparing some materials on the computer and I can tell we are going to be fighting over this laptop before we are done. Once I am in my module I will have papers to write as well as e-mail!
We keep praying the Lord will provide the needed set up funds for our return, we pray, in June. They really need us back by then and we really want to be back by then. The Lord knows.
We are so thankful for the vehicle that has been provided and we can tell we are already saving money in what we would have to pay in taxis.
We will keep in touch the best we can. The power, Internet, and all those related things can be unreliable so we do our best.
Don and Sharon

Thu Jan 31 13:09:25 2008

HI. Please excuse my delay in writing to you. I have had a lot of trouble with my hotmail and if I was able to get on, my long messages would get lost and never get sent!

First of all, we made it here fine. We had good flights and connections and it all went quite well.

We are staying on the SAIACS campus. We are renting a small apt that is mostly furnished. We have a two burner gas stove, bed, table, chairs, couch, desk, etc. There is no hot running water, but we just heat water for our showers and do "bucket showers" which we are used to.

We reconnected with Angam. He was so happy to see us he came running down the steps yelling "Uncle! and Auntie!!!!!" He almost cried he was so happy to see us and us to see him. We brought him money from a supporter and our tithe to him which was about $900. It seems he was in debt to the grocer for 13 thousand rupees (39 rupees to one dollar) and the grocer would not extend him anymore credit. He figured they would fast this next week, but with the money we brought he paid off the grocer and was able to buy more food. He also paid some of his back rent. He pays about $350 a month in rent and was behind. Now he was able to give some to the landlord as well.

Don preached for him on Sunday for their church service and we all had a nice lunch of rice and chicken curry. Don will start teaching for Angam on Monday. He will be teaching the chronological teaching method and the theology of missions.

Sunday evening we reconnected with our friend Pastor Dayalan. Little did we know he had just started an English language evening service. Our former co-worker was to bring the sermon, but he arrived to ill to speak, so you got it, Don was asked to preach, which he did. We all then had a nice supper of rice and chicken curry!

We have also reconnected with our other friends and contacts and it feels good to back in South Asia. We know we are in South Asia for the following reasons;
The dirt
The frequent power outages anywhere from a few minutes to hours
Driving on the left dodging cows, goats, and motorbikes, and people.

I must say it is good to be back! We have been given use of a vehicle and Don took right back to driving on the left in the crazy traffic and he seems to remember all the "short cuts" and routes around the city. In South Asia you never return the same way you went.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please forward this to any folks I have missed.

I start my classes on Monday and Don starts his teaching.

Thanks again.

Don and Sharon Lee

Mon Jan 14 12:56:39 2008

Thank you so much for your giving to us in 2007.

We will be leaving for South Asia on January 23rd and be there for three months. During that time Don will be teaching in two different training centers and Sharon will be taking two more courses towards her masters degree in theology at SAIACS (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies). Since we are there for only three months we will be staying on the SAIACS campus in a student apartment. This will save us the expense of a large rental deposit which is required if we rented an apartment elsewhere.

Along with teaching, Don will be reconnecting with out contacts and gathering information on the most strategic area of the city for us to live in upon our return, hopefully in June, to do an international church plant.

We have been home almost two years now trying to raise our support level to where it needs to be. Currently we lack about $1,500 in monthly support and our one time travel and set up costs, (totaling $30,000). We had hoped for some year end gifts to cover some of these needs, but to date that has not happened.

We look forward to being able to minister full time in South Asia and we are thankful for your part in this ministry. May God continue to bless you for your giving.

Don and Sharon Lee

Sun Nov 18 12:57:28 2007

Dear Folks at Windy City Community Church,

Thank you for your thoughtful Christmas gift to us of $175.

We so appreciate your partnership with us and the ministry God has given us to do.

May the Lord continue to bless you and the ministry there in Chicago and around the world.

Thanks again,
Don and Sharon Lee

Tue Oct 16 00:05:53 2007

See their October newsletter.

Fri Sep 28 17:38:25 2007

What a wonderful answer to prayer! Don will be e-mailing you the details of how to set up the support going to New Hope. We are encouraged at what the Lord has been doing and the doors that have been opening for us. Right now we hope to go back to South Asia in late January and stay till the end of April. We will return to the US in May and then depending on our support level we will either continue deputation or be able to return right back to South Asia.

We met with our mission leader in July and he suggested that we make a trip to South Asia. Don had been hesitant to spend the money, but our leader said it was important for us to keep up with our contacts there and keep the vision alive and let them know we really are coming back. Don said for the cost of the tickets he would like to stay longer than just a few weeks which is the reason for staying three months. Some of that time we hope to stay with friends cutting our costs.

The trip will more or less deplete our three month support reserve fund, but our leader said that was fine and he was supportive of the trip and we will trust the Lord to build that back up again. During our months in South Asia Don will teach at the two training centers and I will try and take two more classes towards my masters degree that I am slowly working on. Degrees are very important in South Asia and I can get my degree much cheaper there so that is why I started on that back in 2005.

Thanks again for considering us and like I said your e-mail is a real answer to prayer for us. At some point we would like to come and share with the folks at WCCC about our ministry and do a presentation whenever that works out.

Sharon Lee

Fri Sep 28 17:36:56 2007

We are very pleased and encouraged by your support. I have been praying not only for us but for the others that you were considering, asking the Lord to provide for us all. I trust that He is doing just that, in ways that may or may not be known to us.

Please express to the committee our great appreciation for the church's support. Also, we have found that the churches that support us financially always have people in them who will pray for our ministry as well. We want to make sure that we are connected with those individuals and groups that will be praying for us so that we can send our prayer requests their way.

Fri Sep 28 17:32:43 2007

Don and Sharon were supported by North Side Gospel Center when they first went to the Philippines in 1981 with New Tribes Mission. They reached an unreached tribal group there and returned in 1990. Her mother’s health did not allow them to return for a third term. They rejoined NTM in 1996 and went to Moscow, Russia, 1997-2002. Don pastured an international church and Sharon taught bible at the missionary children’s school. They took a medical furlough 2002-2004 and were asked to consider South Asia because of their experience. They were in South Asia from 2004-2006. They are home on furlough and have changed missions because they felt the Lord leading them in a different direction. Now with New Hope International MPATS they have found that NHI has more structured financial policies than NTM had. They had planned to return to South Asia last January but don’t have the necessary support to do so. They need $6,150 a month ($73,800 annually) and have only about 60% of that.

South Asia has a huge English clientele, well educated but lacking in Christianity. Religion is highly accepting of all religions which make it hard to consider Jesus or the bible claims as the only way for salvation. They will be working on a 10 year visitor’s visa which requires them to leave the country every six months. They plan to spend every five months there and one month in the States visiting their four almost grown children, Philip, Ruthie, Hanna and A Jay.

They attended their annual conference in July. In early August they will be the missionary speakers at a youth camp in Iowa.
They could go with less than 100% support if their immediate set-up costs ($46,950) were in place.

They wrote that in July they have over 25% of needed set-up cost, $8,000 of the 30,000 needed. In two recent months they received, including special gifts, over 100% of budget needs. However, they are taking a much smaller amount that their budget calls for as their monthly income at this point. That way, the rest can accumulate towards their set-up cost. Due to the fact that much of their current income has been special gifts, they still need to raise their monthly support to a consistent 100% of the budget amount.


Fri Sep 28 17:48:51 2007

Hi Steve, I don’t know if your remember us or not. We are Don and Sharon Lee, missionaries. We were supported by the Center while we were in the Philippines. During our second term on the field back in 1985-1990 Bill left the staff at the Center to start Windy City. Most of our friends went over to WCCC and we have had off and on contact with the church since then. Long story short, Don and I first went to the mission field in 1981 under New Tribes Mission (same mission at the Dycks). We reached an unreached tribal group there and returned in 1990. My mother’s health did not allow us to return for a third term. We were out the mission a few years and rejoined in 1996. We then went to Moscow, Russia 1997-2002 and Don pastored an international church and I taught Bible at the missionary children’s school. We took a medical furlough 2002-2004 and we were asked to consider India because of our experience. (Don had worked himself out of job in Moscow) We were in Bangalore, India from 2004-2006. We are home now on furlough and have changed missions because what we feel led to do does not fit in the NTM box, namely, plant a city church and me (a woman) teach in small Bible schools. We are now with New Hope International MPATS and this is a much better fit for us. NHI however, has more structured financial policies and we need to get our support level up to where it needs to be. NTM did not require us to have the recommended support so we always ran on 50% and supplemented with my inheritance (now gone) and/or went into debt. NHI would like to see us get as close as we can to what is really needed to do the ministry so we are home now trying to make more contacts and get folks to partner with us. Under NTM we were not allowed to ask folks to partner with us, now we can.