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Mark and Mary Fischer shown here with their sons Matt and Micah are both with Cadence International at Ft. Hood Texas. See also their Facebook Page.

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Wed Mar 22 08:46:54 2017

Pray for a soldier new to Hood who is trying to save his marriage. Pray for God’s intervention and that his wife would stop pursuing a divorce.

Wed Mar 15 20:06:37 2017

Pray for safety as we start building a 20’ x 40’ Pavilion today on the 16-acre property of the Soldier’s Hospitality House

Wed Mar 8 08:18:35 2017

Soldiers from the House have and will deploy to the Middle East and may end up in Iraq and Syria. Pray for their safety and growth in Christ.

Wed Mar 1 08:05:54 2017

Pray for Zechariah, a new soldier just out of Reception. We have begun to meet weekly at lunch to walk through the book of Galatians.

Wed Feb 22 15:45:43 2017

Thursday night the House soldiers and staff are going to see the movie, Is Genesis History? Pray soldiers would be impacted to believe God’s Word and to have a Biblical worldview

Wed Feb 15 10:40:24 2017

Pray for fruitful discussions at the Thursday coffee bar. Pray that Nyle would continue to read the book of John so we can meet and discuss.

Wed Feb 8 16:12:03 2017

See a Christmas greeting from the Fischers.

Tue Feb 7 22:33:48 2017

Praise for the 10 soldiers from Reception that came out for the Super Bowl Party. Pray that some will return. Pray for the safety of the soldiers leaving Friday for a month at the National Training Center in California.

Sat Feb 4 21:14:24 2017

Pray for Nyle, a young soldier Mark meet at the Reception coffee bar, who has grown up with Muslim and Christian family input. He wants to read the Bible to sort out what the Bible teaches. We gave him a Bible Thursday night at the House and he is starting to read the Gospel of John. He texted that he is learning a lot and can't wait to talk about it.

Wed Jan 25 15:04:52 2017

Pray for the House’s Thursday night Supper/Study, weekend activity, & Sunday lunch & studies. Pray that some would understand the Gospel and believe and others would deepen their commitment to God’s holy will for their lives.

Tue Jan 10 22:04:05 2017

Pray for good interaction with the Reception soldiers as we enter our second week hosting a coffee table in their dayroom. Many are teenagers coming to their first duty station

Wed Jan 4 08:31:13 2017

Appreciate your prayers as we start a new year of ministry with many new soldiers we will meet this year.

Mark & Mary Fischer
FT Hood Ministries
Cadence International
Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

Tue Dec 27 20:35:06 2016

Pray for our visit to see Army friends at FT Polk, LA this coming weekend.

Tue Dec 20 12:36:53 2016

Praise God that Reception Detachment leadership has given us permission to host a weekly coffee & refreshment table in their barrack’s dayroom after the holidays. Pray that it will be an entry point into many soldier’s lives to share the Gospel!

Tue Dec 13 13:27:52 2016

Pray that the Reception Detachment leadership would allow us to host a weekly coffee & refreshment table in their barrack’s dayroom. This would provide more opportunities to meet incoming single soldiers and let them know about activities at the Soldier’s Hospitality House and Chapel.

Sun Dec 11 12:14:01 2016

Here are the latest happenings as we team together at the Soldier’s Hospitality House! (See item 1 and
item 2.)

Appreciate your partnership & prayers as we focus on reaching the single soldiers living in the barracks, serving the FT Hood community at Chapel Next, and partnering with the chaplains!


Mark & Mary Fischer
FT Hood Ministries

Cadence International

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

Mon Dec 5 22:31:30 2016

Praise that, Zach, one of the soldiers from the Reception Detachment who came out for Thanksgiving, also brought a friend, Jessie, with him to the Thursday supper/study. Pray for their continued involvement as we seek to help them know and grow in Christ.

Tue Nov 29 18:50:36 2016

Praise for the 19 new incoming soldiers from the Reception Detachment that joined us for Thanksgiving Day. Pray that a few would return for the supper/study, weekend activities, or chapel.

Mon Nov 21 19:24:29 2016

Pray for the Soldier’s Hospitality House Thanksgiving Day outreach to single soldiers!

Wed Nov 16 09:58:04 2016

Pray for a mentoring relationship with Ize to develop. Pray that he would spend daily time in the Word becoming established in his faith.

Wed Nov 9 15:39:33 2016

Pray for our supervisor’s visit over the next week as he spends individual and group time with the team here at Hood.

Wed Nov 2 09:05:23 2016

A young soldier, Luis, recently came to faith in Christ and plans on being baptized at chapel soon. Pray for his walk with the Lord to be established before he leaves the Army in December and to find a solid church in PA.

Sat Oct 29 21:42:03 2016

Praise God for the 2 new senior Chaplains who are committed to standing on the inspired, inerrant Word of God. They are responsible for endorsing our presence and ministry on post.

Tue Oct 11 22:42:04 2016

Praise for answered prayer that 2 new soldiers, Noah and Ishan, came to the kayak & cookout event last Saturday. Pray they would return to the House this Thursday for Supper/Bible study and opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

Wed Oct 5 19:22:07 2016

Praise for a part time job for Micah. The Hospitality House is having a Kayak & Cookout Event this Saturday. Pray for outreach to new soldiers.

Wed Sep 14 10:22:12 2016

Pray that David, who recently got out of the Army, would find a community of growing believers around Cary, NC to tie in with.

Wed Aug 31 09:15:02 2016

Pray for the meeting to be rescheduled with the ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Brigade chaplains and approval given to lead a weekly lunch Bible study.

Sat Aug 27 21:26:18 2016

6 soldiers from the House are deploying to Afghanistan this week. Pray for their growth in Christ and safety during this 9 month deployment…..Zach, Corrie, Samuel, Stephen, Kyle, & Josh!

Sat Aug 20 20:41:47 2016

Our friends, who lead the FT Hood Navigators, recently found out their 15-year-old son has Stage 2 bone cancer. Pray for the family and Phillip as he begins going through the year process of chemotherapy and surgery.

Wed Aug 10 15:30:13 2016

CH Lu is going to try and set up a meeting with one of his battalion chaplains to endorse Mark to lead a weekly lunch Bible study for the Air Defense Artillery Brigade. Pray that the new chaplain would approve it.

Wed Jul 27 09:51:12 2016

Pray that God would prepare our hearts, release our burdens, and refresh us through His Word and our time together as a body of believers at the Cadence Central US Staff Conference at Bear Trap Ranch near Colorado Springs 31 Jul – 04 Aug.

Thu Jul 14 11:36:24 2016

Chaplain Lu is going to try to establish a weekly lunch study for the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade that Mark would lead. Pray as we meet with the Battalion chaplain that this would be a go. Also, praise that we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (which sounds amazing to soldiers) today and that Micah’s welds have been passing.

Wed Jun 29 10:27:37 2016

Our son, Micah, is in the Welding program at Central Texas College and just began “hands on” in the shop. Pray for him as he learns the different types of welding and for a job.

Wed Jun 22 09:35:03 2016

We are entering PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season where the Army moves many soldiers to Duty Stations around the world. Pray for our rebuilding time at the Soldier’s Hospitality House and with Chaplain Avery’s battalion lunch Bible study.

Wed Jun 15 11:10:27 2016

There have been many lives lost lately at FT Hood through the training accident, suicides, and traffic accidents. Pray for the chaplains as they counsel family members and that God will use these tragedies to draw many to Himself.

Wed Jun 8 15:13:11 2016

Pray for the Bunger family. Doug went to be with the Lord Monday. Doug and Sarah did fill in work for Cadence and helped us at the House last year.

Sat Jun 4 10:33:25 2016

Thanks for your continued support!

Mark & Mary Fischer
FT Hood Ministries

Cadence International

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

See their newsletter.

Fri Jun 3 20:07:27 2016

Pray for the men’s study that will begin this Sunday afternoon at the Soldier’s Hospitality House. We will be tackling a 6-week study in “33, The Series”; A Man and his Design.

Wed May 25 10:06:27 2016

Pray for genuine repentance and restoration for a soldier dealing with purity issues

Wed May 11 15:19:33 2016

Our son, Matthew, will be flying from Chicago to Texas for a few days. Pray for our brief time together before he moves to Washington state.

Wed May 4 09:56:12 2016

Pray that the soldiers at the House would stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God.

Wed Apr 27 07:28:34 2016

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of Chaplain Avery’s Wednesday lunch study for his battalion. Pray for ways to support and assist him and the other chaplains assigned to the West FT Hood Chapel. Pray for the many planned outreaches to the families and singles at that part of the post in May and June

Wed Apr 20 15:31:53 2016

Pray for the combined Protestant Women of the Chapel and Planting Roots retreat this Fri-Sat that Mary, Melody, & Sharyn will be part of.

Wed Apr 13 10:07:55 2016

There will be lots of top leadership changes among the chaplains at Fort Hood and in the chapels during the next month or two. Pray that we would continue to have good relationships with and the endorsement of these chaplains. Pray for which chapels the 9 Cadence missionaries should attend and support.

Wed Apr 6 10:39:10 2016

Praise that Monica embraced Jesus as the Son of God and her Savior after the study Thursday night. Pray that God would lead us to others that He is drawing to Himself. We have permission to invite new arrivals at FT Hood to the Hospitality House during their week at the Reception Detachment.

Wed Mar 30 15:33:24 2016

Pray for Sharyn, Mary, & Melody as they start a Lady’s Study next week for the female soldiers, soldier spouses, & dependents who are attending the House.

Wed Mar 23 15:38:46 2016

Pray for the Soldier’s Hospitality House team (Ben & Melody Bloker, Sharyn Holl, and Mary & I) as we team together to build a healthy Biblical community at the Soldier’s Hospitality House. Pray for wisdom to shepherd & disciple well.

Wed Mar 16 11:56:54 2016

David’s time in the Army will end in July. He has reenlisted as a Chaplain Assistant in the North Carolina National Guard and will also be going to college. Pray for the few months we have left to build into his life

Wed Mar 9 11:57:38 2016

Pray for the Saturday morning Men’s Discipleship group as we establish a firm, scriptural foundation for the Christian life and develop habits of Bible study and Scripture memory. Pray for Jonathan, Jackson, Kyle, Zach, Chris, Matthew, & Xavier to become grounded in the Word.

Wed Mar 2 15:16:46 2016

Our supervisor, Craig, will be spending time with the 9 member FT Hood team for the next 10 days. Pray for his time of shepherding.

Wed Feb 24 11:18:58 2016

We are going to Jeff’s Welcome Home Ceremony tonight. Pray for Jeff as he returns from South Korea to deal with the fallout of a failed marriage. Pray for reconciliation.

Wed Feb 17 09:57:39 2016

Soldiers from the House, Samuel, Corrie, Ray, Codi, & Dustin, are at the National Training Center in CA for a month of training. Pray for their spiritual growth and a realization of their need for spiritual training to fight in the spiritual war.

Wed Feb 10 16:11:33 2016

Fort Hood Cadence missionary, Ken Wooten, is recovering from a staph infection. Pray for complete healing over the next 2 weeks of recuperation in a nursing home.

Tue Feb 2 17:12:53 2016

David, Jeff, & Matthew are returning from South Korea this week after being gone since June! Pray for their safe return and opportunities to encourage them in the faith through their joys and trials.

Wed Jan 27 09:30:16 2016

We are inviting some of the soldiers from the Soldier’s Hospitality House to a startup men’s discipleship group this Saturday morning! Pray that they would catch the vision of being lifetime laborers!

Wed Jan 20 09:05:26 2016

Pray for our sons: Matthew would discern and submit to God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will for direction after this semester at Moody. Micah, as he pursues Welding Technology at the local community college and seeks to discern God’s call and will for his life.

Thu Jan 14 16:28:17 2016

See their thank you.

Wed Jan 13 11:47:39 2016

Pray for David Cale as he seeks God’s will whether to re-classify as a Chaplain Assistant or get out of the Army this July.

Wed Jan 6 11:10:48 2016

There are now 4 evangelical chapels focused on reaching soldiers. Pray for the right chapel for us to partner with.

Thu Dec 31 12:18:09 2015

Thanks for you continued prayers & support!

Have a blessed New Year,

Mark & Mary Fischer
FT Hood Ministries

Cadence International

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

PS: See their attached Year in Review newsletter - Don

Wed Dec 23 11:11:46 2015

Most of the House soldiers left FT Hood for Christmas. Pray for their time with family. Pray that a new incoming soldier, that I met yesterday, would become part of the House community when we start back up in January.

Wed Dec 16 10:43:18 2015

The Air Force cadre are hosting a Christmas Party for the single airmen in the dorm Thursday evening. Praise for the opportunity to be a part of that. Also, pray for the Soldier’s House Christmas party for our soldiers on Friday. Most will heading home for 2 weeks.

Wed Dec 9 10:04:58 2015

Praise for good relationships with the cadre at the Reception Detachment. They have given us the opportunity to brief incoming soldiers about the Soldier’s Hospitality House activities during their early morning formation.

Wed Dec 2 08:46:56 2015

Pray for Micah as he decides whether to pursue Welding Technology or Building Trades at the local community college.

Tue Nov 24 07:17:24 2015

Zach, Samuel, Ray, & Xavier are some of the new soldiers at the Soldier’s House. Pray that they would be available for follow up, discipleship, and being equipped to disciple other soldiers.

Wed Nov 18 09:01:16 2015

David Cale requested boldness as he hopes to share the Gospel with his fellow soldiers during their 30 day gunnery in South Korea. Pray for Chaplain Avery as he leads his soldiers in their growth in Christ and outreach.

Fri Nov 13 19:30:26 2015

See an announcement.

Wed Nov 11 07:27:03 2015

Our supervisor is here from Colorado spending individual time with the FT Hood team which consists of 4 couples and a single. Pray for our time with him Thursday & Friday.

Wed Nov 4 10:41:03 2015

Pray for the Open House at the Soldier’s Hospitality House on Sunday. It will be an opportunity for the Army and local supporters to hear about Cadence and the House’s mission to the soldiers.

Wed Oct 28 15:15:51 2015

We are beginning a weekly Supper/Bible study this Thursday at the Soldier’s Hospitality House with the focus of reaching single soldiers.

Wed Oct 21 09:13:41 2015

Pray for Micah as he searches for a job and God’s direction for his future. Saturday, we will attend an open house at a local community college’s Vocational Skills Training Center with guided tours through their building trades, HVAC, & welding labs

Wed Oct 14 08:46:37 2015

Patrick Schultz is one of the Airmen that attend the Air Force Dorm study. Pray for opportunities for him to share the Gospel with those he works with.

Wed Oct 7 09:59:08 2015

This coming Tuesday evening, Mary and I, will be leading the Air Force Dorm Supper/Bible study. Pray that God would draw Airmen out that would respond to God’s Word and be available to discipleship.

Wed Sep 30 12:16:33 2015

Pray for Michael who left for a 1 year deployment to the Middle East last week. Praise for a good team building time with Cadence’s Director of Pastoral Care. Pray for Ben & Melody Bloker, Sharyn Holl, and us. We will be starting ministry at the Soldier’s Hospitality House in a few weeks.

Wed Sep 23 16:47:07 2015

See their latest newsletter.

Wed Sep 23 09:01:38 2015

Pray for Michael who left for a 1 year deployment to the Middle East yesterday. Also, continue to pray for Cadence’s Director of Pastoral Care’s time at FT Hood September 27-30 to develop the team for the Soldier’s Hospitality House.

Wed Sep 16 08:22:59 2015

Cadence’s Director of Pastoral Care will be at FT Hood September 27-30 to develop a team strategy for the Soldier’s Hospitality House. Pray for our time together!

Wed Sep 9 08:32:40 2015

Our Chapel’s Children’s Church begins Sunday. Pray for Mary as she leads the 2nd/3rd grade class.

Wed Sep 2 08:32:34 2015

Pray for our good friend Dean, who is deployed in the Middle East. Pray for his safety and spiritual encouragement!

Wed Aug 26 09:20:28 2015

Praise that we have Matthew settled in at Moody Bible Institute and Micah is staying another month to help my Dad & Mom as my Mom recovers from knee replacement surgery. Pray for us as we look ahead to all the ministry changes at FT Hood in the next couple of months.

Sat Aug 22 18:31:30 2015

See a thank you from the Fischers.

Wed Aug 19 07:20:18 2015

Today, we are taking our oldest son, Matthew, to Moody Bible Institute for Parent/Student Day as he starts his 1st semester. Pray for the spiritual growth opportunities through his classes, interactions with teachers and students, and his Practical Christian Ministry! Pray also for the right job on or off campus.

Wed Jul 29 10:00:57 2015

Pray for Mary as she assists with Chapel Camp this week, post wide VBS at our chapel.

Wed Jul 22 08:28:16 2015

Praise for a great Cadence Conference in Wisconsin and an encouraging two weeks visiting with supporting churches, supporters, and family in central Illinois!

Wed Jul 8 17:37:31 2015

Pray for us as we visit with family, supporting churches, and supporters during our week in Morton in addition to helping the Blokers with any issues as they move into the Soldier’s Hospitality House.

Wed Jun 24 19:18:57 2015

Praise the Lord that our house didn’t suffer too much damage from a lightning strike last week and that Micah, who was knocked down to the ground, was unharmed! Praise too that Micah is going to be baptized Thursday night with Grace Bible, Killeen! Pray for our 3 week trip starting Friday to Illinois and Wisconsin……the worldwide Cadence Conference in Wisconsin and meeting with supporting churches Mission’s Teams, our prayer/financial supporters, and time with family.

Wed Jun 17 11:02:26 2015

We just saw some of the soldiers and chaplains off to South Korea last Tuesday night. Praise that David Cale has already made contact with Mike Martin at Cadence’s Shalom House at Camp Casey. Pray for good ministry partnerships between Mike and the 1st Cav chaplains and discipleship opportunities with the soldiers.

Wed Jun 10 10:37:11 2015

Praise that the Bloker’s support level is at 92%! Pray that will increase to 100% soon and they will be released to the Field when they arrive at the Soldier’s Hospitality House July 10th. Pray for all the adjustments and details in moving their family of 5 children from Utah to the Cadence Conference in Wisconsin to Texas in the next few weeks.

Wed Jun 3 10:26:52 2015

We will be working through MasterLife, The Disciple’s Personality this summer in our ChapelNext’s Sunday morning Men’s Class. Pray for new soldiers to join us and God’s Spirit to transform lives.

Wed May 27 10:03:12 2015

Pray for all the transitions this summer. We will be leaving for Illinois and Wisconsin in a few weeks for the Cadence Conference and visiting family and supporters. We will be saying goodbye to most of the soldiers at the Soldier’s Hospitality House as they leave for a nine month deployment to Korea or transition out of the Army.

Wed May 20 09:22:55 2015

Pray for our 2 sons: Matthew’s preparation to start Moody Bible Institute in August and Micah as he considers staying in Morton for the summer.

Wed May 13 08:34:08 2015

Praise that the FT Hood Cadence team is able to provide a Supper/Bible study for the Air Force Special Forces in their dorm. Since they are imbedded with the Army, some of these airmen will deploy to South Korea in the next month. Pray that they will tie in with Cadence’s Shalom House outside Camp Casey’s main gate.

Wed May 6 09:58:18 2015

3 of the soldiers that attend the House on Friday nights will be deploying to ROK (Republic of Korea) in June. Pray for David’s, Jeff’s, and Matthew’s growth in Christ and vision for missions during this deployment. Pray that David & Jeff would tie in with their Chaplain’s ministry team and with Cadence’s Shalom Hospitality House.


Wed Apr 22 09:31:47 2015

Pray the Bloker’s full support would be raised by this summer, so they can be released as the Directors of the Soldier’s Hospitality House shortly after their arrival in July. Pray for all the adjustments and details in moving their family of 5 children and household goods.

Sat Apr 18 16:12:31 2015

See their Christmas Card.

Wed Apr 8 20:29:37 2015

Pray that some of the Airmen that attended the Supper/Bible study in their dorm last evening will become part of the community at the Soldier's House on Friday nights.

Wed Apr 1 09:04:09 2015

The deployment & training schedule at FT Hood hasn’t slowed down since 2001. Pray God will use two 1st Cav lunch Bible studies to prepare soldiers for their next deployment to Korea in June and to build soldier ministry teams for CH Ahn and CH Avery.

Wed Mar 25 10:42:03 2015

Praise for the core group that God is bringing to the Soldier’s Hospitality House on Friday nights! Pray for man to man discipleship opportunities during the week with the soldiers.

Wed Mar 18 08:41:17 2015

The Air Force chain of command has given permission for Cadence to host bi-monthly suppers, outreach, & Bible study at the Airmen Dorm! Pray for God’s work in the hearts of the Airmen and for Doug, Ken, & Mark as we start reaching out this coming Tuesday.

Wed Mar 11 08:23:48 2015

Ben & Melody Bloker along with their 5 children have accepted the assignment to be the next Directors of the Soldier’s Hospitality House. Their goal is to have their funding raised by June and be in place by the end of July. Ben is on an East Coast trip raising funds until March 25. Pray for wisdom for all the details and adjustments ahead.

Wed Mar 4 08:06:09 2015

Pray for Chaplains Ahn, Avery, Lowman, & Godwin as they minister to their soldiers during their month of training at the National Training Center at FT Irwin, CA.

Wed Feb 18 10:31:16 2015

Pray for 2 of the House soldiers, Matthew & David, who are spending a month at the National Training Center in FT Irwin, CA. Pray for their growth in Christ and great ministry opportunities for the Brigade’s 6 chaplains.

Wed Feb 11 08:49:32 2015

Pray that God would draw out airmen to the new Cadence initiated lunch Bible study with 3 Air Force squadrons.

Wed Feb 4 09:40:31 2015

Praise that Dan & Kathy Petersen are able to spend the weekend with us and experience our cross cultural world at Fort Hood!

Wed Jan 28 08:58:48 2015

Pray for Doug & Sarah Bunger, retired Air Force, who will be living at and helping us with the Soldier’s Hospitality House February through March.

Wed Jan 21 13:16:37 2015

Pray for the Chapel Sunday Morning Men’s Class as we start a discipleship course called MasterLife.

Thu Jan 15 12:36:48 2015

See this recent email.

Wed Jan 14 07:54:58 2015

Chaplain Avery, with 1st Cavalry Division, is inviting his battalion single soldiers to the Friday night Dinner & Bible Study at the Soldier’s Hospitality House. Pray that many would accept the invitation.

Wed Jan 7 11:55:41 2015

Pray for our time with one of the Soldiers’ Hospitality House supporting area churches, Clear Creek Baptist Church. We will be updating them during their Wednesday Evening Service next week on the changes that have transpired at the House, the ministry plan we are working on, and the future plans.

Wed Dec 31 08:17:34 2014

Matthew has applied at Moody Bible Institute and Micah is applying at College of the Ozarks for the fall of 2015. Pray for God’s direction in our sons’ lives in the coming year.

Wed Dec 17 09:48:27 2014

Pray that Anthony, a new soldier in the Army, to FT Hood, and at the House, would grow in his new faith in Christ and love for all the saints.

Wed Dec 10 11:01:16 2014

One of the Air Force Squadrons’ leadership is hosting a Christmas Dinner for their Airmen in the dorms Monday evening. Cadence has been invited to join them. Pray for relationship building during that time and to let them know about the Friday night opportunities at the House for food, fellowship, & Bible study.

Wed Dec 3 11:00:18 2014

Cadence has asked Ben & Melody Bloker to become the next Directors of the Soldiers Hospitality House. Pray for their visit this weekend to check out the ministry at FT Hood and the area public and Christian school options for their 5 children. Pray for discernment from the Lord if this is the way ahead and best fit for their family.

Fri Nov 28 20:41:56 2014

The Air Force has a small presence on FT Hood. Yesterday, one of the squadrons’ 1st Sgt had us brief his Airmen that live in the barracks. Pray that the Lord would draw some of them out to be part of the House on Friday nights. Their 1st Sgt would like for us to do future briefings as new airmen arrive at Hood.

Wed Nov 19 10:50:06 2014

We are opting not to purchase Cadence’s BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance Policy at $1,937/month for 2015. Our 2014 Assurant Health policy is increasing $400 a month, so we need wisdom on the best plan to purchase for 2015.

Wed Nov 12 08:08:20 2014

Continue to pray for Grant & Norma Russell. Their son, Aaron, is still unconscious and making little progress. Grant will be flying into Killeen tomorrow to pack up the rest of their belongings at the House and return to Michigan to provide long term care for their son.

Tue Nov 4 17:10:05 2014

Please be in prayer for Grant and Norma Russell, who have been helping and living at the Soldiers’ Hospitality House. Their son, Aaron (37 years old), suffered a massive stroke last Thursday evening. Aaron is currently in the hospital and unconscious. His brain has suffered a lot of swelling and the doctors are monitoring him. On Friday, they drove back to Michigan to be with Aaron. Aaron has a nine year old son, Adrian.

Wed Oct 29 12:01:56 2014

Praise for a good strategy from Headquarters to move the Soldiers’ Hospitality House ministry forward. Pray for wisdom in building our Friday night group into a Healthy Biblical Community and navigating any obstacles.

Wed Oct 15 10:30:25 2014

Our supervisor is visiting the Fort Hood team (4 couples) for the next week. Pray that his time with each couple will be profitable.

Wed Oct 8 08:22:02 2014

Praise that the righteousness of God is revealed in the Gospel! Pray that the Soldiers Hospitality House group will grow in grace and deeper understanding of the Gospel, resulting in transformed lives as we teach through the Book of Romans on Friday nights!

Wed Oct 1 10:19:27 2014

Pray for Dennis, a new Company Commander and a member of the Sunday Morning Men’s “Every Man a Warrior” class. His medical supply unit just received orders for a 9 month deployment to fight the EBOLA virus in West Africa. Pray for his wife who is due with their 2nd child, 10 Oct.

Wed Sep 24 14:20:36 2014

The Sunday Morning Men's Life Group is starting "Every Man a Warrior, Walking with God". Pray the new soldiers would understand and commit to the discipleship process.

Wed Sep 17 12:05:44 2014

Grant and Mark are team teaching through the book of Romans at the Soldiers’ Hospitality House on Friday nights. Pray for the building of a Biblically solid core group and life transformation.

Wed Sep 3 21:09:11 2014

Sunday begins the fall semester for our Chapel's Sunday morning Men's Life Group! Pray soldiers will accept the challenge and desire to have their Quiet Times and memorize the Word as we train in those disciplines. Pray for transformed lives as we go through Every Man a Warrior, Walking with God!

Thu Aug 28 05:56:09 2014

The Army has given us permission to invite soldiers that have just arrived at Fort Hood and are going through In-processing. Pray that God would draw some out to the House this Friday as the Russells and I visit their transient quarters before the Supper and Bible Study in Romans.

Wed Aug 20 19:58:21 2014

Pray for the selection process that will determine the next Chaplain who will lead our chapel, ChapelNext

Wed Aug 13 08:40:51 2014

Grant and Norma Russell arrived yesterday from Michigan to live and help at the Soldiers Hospitality House until March. Pray for a solid core group to develop as we start a Friday night supper and Bible study 22 Aug!

Wed Aug 6 09:14:21 2014

Pray for Lt Col Bruce Holland who recently retired from the Army. We are team teaching the Men’s Sunday morning class on “A Man and his Work”. He is looking for a teaching job in the public schools or a local Christian school where he can impact and influence students for Christ.

Wed Jul 30 07:20:46 2014

Praise that God is answering the prayer request of 2 weeks ago!

Pray for Captain Dennis Washington, part of the Men’s class, who became a Company Commander today! Pray for courage and strength for Dennis to represent Christ well as he takes on new responsibilities and leadership. Also pray that he will maintain his relationship with God and family as higher priority than the Army.

Wed Jul 23 10:38:18 2014

Pray for our son Matthew, as God redirects his steps and he continues working on his 4 year degree in Criminal Justice. Pray for wisdom as he talks to a recruiter about the Air Force Reserves.

Wed Jul 16 16:44:41 2014

Pray for Grant & Norma Russell who are Short Term Cadence missionaries. They are coming from Michigan to help us with ministry at the Soldiers Hospitality House for the next 7 months. He needs to heal from some wound care and they need to raise more money to help fund the House.

Wed Jul 9 18:10:27 2014

We are starting this Friday a Potluck and Bible study at the Soldiers Hospitality House. Pray for a solid core group to develop as we study the book of Romans.

Wed Jul 2 17:46:48 2014

In our Summer Sunday Morning Men’s class we are studying, 33 The Series, “A Man and His Work”! Pray for us as we learn and apply a Biblical blueprint and vision for our vocations. Half the class is now chaplains.

Wed Jun 25 16:40:18 2014

The Fort Hood Youth Group went to Camp Eagle near Rocksprings 2 weeks ago. This week, Micah and other youth, from Hood, are at Camp Eagle washing dishes for a one week work project. Pray for their spiritual growth as they serve youth groups from all over Texas.

Tue Jun 17 17:28:55 2014

Praise for the faithfulness of Dale and Julia Moore in leading our monthly Grace Church Prayer Team and the opportunity for them to visit us Friday.

Wed Jun 4 21:52:00 2014

Pray for Matt and Micah. They have respectively graduated from a Community College and Homeschool High School. Matt is pursuing becoming a Police Officer and Micah a Firefighter/Paramedic in Killeen.

Thu May 29 01:23:04 2014

See their May Newsletter.

Wed May 28 15:37:04 2014

Pray for us as we learn how to manage the Soldiers’ Hospitality House’s finances, maintenance, local supporters, and the Army. We will also be navigating the turbulent waters of change to become more Bible centered and mission focused.

Thu May 22 03:38:34 2014

Pray for the 69th Air Defense Artillery Wednesday lunch Bible study, as we look at what Jesus said about following Him.

Wed May 14 15:39:05 2014

Appreciate your prayers for much wisdom and strength, as we are now the Interim Directors of Cadence’s Soldiers Hospitality House to make changes, while still being involved in ministry on post.

Wed May 7 12:16:41 2014

Pray for us as we navigate all the changes going on….Micah graduating from High School, deciding when to start the Killeen Fire Academy, Matt graduating from Community College, starting a new job with the Killeen Police Department, and pursuing the Police Academy this winter, and us as we take on leadership roles at Cadence’s Soldiers Hospitality House in Killeen.


Wed Apr 30 14:44:31 2014

Pray for wisdom and discernment for Cadence leadership as they visit this week to restructure the FT Hood team and make decisions regarding the Cadence owned Soldiers' Hospitality House in Killeen. The FT Hood team consists of 9 missionaries.

Wed Apr 23 15:42:57 2014

Cadence challenged us to make a decision about filling in as Interim Directors of their Soldiers Hospitality House in Killeen for a year, until a full time couple can live there and run it.
We would manage the ministry, business operations, maintenance, and relations with the Army. Pray for wisdom.

Wed Apr 16 14:51:17 2014

The chaplains are busy dealing with the aftermath of the shooting 2 weeks ago. Pray that God would open many doors for them to share the Gospel.

Wed Apr 9 16:50:48 2014

A young Captain in my Sunday morning men’s class was in the last building the shooter came in. Only a moveable wall partition separated him from the shooter. A soldier that he talked to a few minutes earlier was shot. Praise for God’s protection over Dennis. Pray that God would use this defining moment in Dennis’s life to increase his devotion to know Jesus and make Him known!

II Corinthians 10:4-5,

Mon Apr 7 13:19:23 2014

I left FT Hood a few hours before the shooting, so I am not stuck on post in the lockdown. The Cadence team is all safe and off post.

The road from our street and 2 blocks down was police barricaded when I arrived home at 5 pm. Explosive Ordinance soldiers were checking out a car in the ditch. They are now gone and I don’t know if that is related to the FT Hood shooting or not.


Thu Apr 3 03:02:19 2014

I left FT Hood a few hours before the shooting, so I am not stuck on post in the lockdown. The Cadence team is all safe and off post.

The road from our street and 2 blocks down was police barricaded when I arrived home at 5 pm. Explosive Ordinance soldiers were checking out a car in the ditch. They are now gone and I don’t know if that is related to the FT Hood shooting or not.


Wed Mar 26 15:32:18 2014

Pray for a new soldier, Joe, who I met at the General’s Briefing. He has been coming to the Sunday men’s class. Pray for an opportunity in his busy schedule to meet and share the Gospel with him.

Mark Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International

Wed Mar 19 20:24:22 2014

The 1-62 Air Defense Artillery is back from deployment. The Wednesday lunch Bible studies are starting back up! Pray for us as we discover what God did through Paul's deployments.

Wed Mar 5 21:53:35 2014

See a thank you card.

Wed Mar 5 18:17:02 2014

Some of the Taiwan soldiers heard the Gospel for the first time during their training in Virginia and Texas. (They will be leaving for Taiwan 14 Mar.) Pray the Word of God that was sown in their lives over the last 1 ½ years would bear eternal fruit.

Wed Feb 26 17:51:46 2014

Pray for Cadence’s Central US Staff Conference from 09-14 March at the Hospitality House near FT Huachuca, AZ. Pray for the brainstorming session Mark has been asked to lead. We will be discussing internet opportunities, types of curriculum that work, and innovative approaches to minister on and off post.

Wed Feb 19 15:36:20 2014

We are starting Volume 3 of Authentic Manhood, 33 The Series, “A Man and his Traps”, in the Men’s Sunday Morning Life Group. Pray for life transformation as we identify and repent of the deep idols of control, significance, and comfort that we identify in our lives.

Wed Feb 12 16:05:46 2014

The way forward for our Health Care Coverage as we drop Cadence’s Health & Dental Coverage at the end of this month.

Wed Feb 5 16:30:00 2014

The deployment schedule is not slowing down. Some are going back to Afghanistan, while others are training and deploying all over the world to various hot spots. Pray for strength for the soldiers and their families.

Wed Jan 29 14:39:49 2014

Pray for the Taiwan soldiers understanding and acceptance of the Gospel as we dialogue through some Chinese tracts over lunch. They will return to Taiwan in mid-March.

Thu Jan 23 04:10:20 2014

Cadence runs a coffee bar on the Wounded Warrior Campus twice a week. Pray for many opportunities to speak God's Word and the hope of Christ into their troubled lives.

Thu Jan 9 14:29:47 2014

Pray for Thursday night Community Connections and Sunday Morning Life Groups as they start up this week. We will be leading “30 Days to Understanding the Bible” on Thursday and Mark will be continuing “Every Man a Warrior” and “33 The Series” on Sunday.

Mark Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

See their Winter 2013 Newsletter.

Wed Dec 18 17:31:44 2013

Pray for Gospel advancement at Fort Hood through our Chapel, Cadence, Navigators, CRU Military Ministry, and OCF (Officers Christian Fellowship).

Wed Nov 27 18:51:19 2013

Pray for an increase in our year-end giving to balance out our support deficit.

Mon Nov 18 04:23:47 2013

Pray for Gospel movement through our Thursday night parenting class. 2 Taiwan Army soldiers' wives attended last week, brought by an US Army soldier's wife who is from Taiwan.

Sat Nov 16 22:45:29 2013

See a short video from Mark Fischer, use chrome if you have any problems.

Wed Nov 6 15:42:35 2013

Pray for the outcome of Matthew’s interview this morning with the Killeen Police Department for a Public Safety Officer position. Pray for Micah as he will be part of the FT Hood youth group’s (Bob’s Diner) work trip this weekend to Camp Eagle

Wed Oct 30 16:13:36 2013

Pray that some of the Taiwan soldiers would be open to meeting together to read the Bible and answer any questions they have

Wed Oct 23 17:07:12 2013

Pray for Gospel advancement as Mark meets weekly with the Taiwan Army soldiers for lunch. Pray for Jerry, the only believer among them. His wife and son will soon arrive for his final 6 months at Hood. Pray for Blu, who just started going to Holy Bible study while in training at FT Eustis, VA.

Wed Oct 16 15:58:53 2013

Pray for the men in the Sunday morning “Every Man a Warrior” class as we learn and apply Biblical principles on marriage and parenting. We are also now meeting Wednesdays for lunch to build relationships and encourage one another as we see the Day approaching.

Wed Oct 2 18:32:07 2013

Pray for the mentoring class Mary is leading on Tuesday mornings at PWOC and the “Every Man a Warrior” discipleship Bible study on Sunday mornings as some soldiers are now skilled to help lead the sessions.

Wed Sep 25 20:14:30 2013

Jerry, a believer in the Taiwan Army, is coming back to Hood next week for the last 6 months of 1 ½ years of training. His wife and son will be arriving in a month to join him. Pray for our encouragement to them and outreach to his co-workers with the Gospel!

Thanks for your prayers!

Wed Sep 18 18:07:59 2013

We and another Cadence couple start a 9 week parenting class tomorrow evening!

Wed Sep 11 16:51:02 2013

Chapel fall ministries are beginning….Mary is leading a lady’s study on mentoring women, Mark is leading the Men’s Sunday Morning Life Group, “Every Man a Warrior” on marriage and raising children, we along with another Cadence couple are leading a Thursday night Parenting Class on “Effective Parenting in a Defective World”, and we are leading a Home Life Group in studying a book of the Bible. Pray for good discipleship relationships and life transformation.

Wed Sep 4 18:23:32 2013

Pray for a good turnout from our Chapel for the Home Life Group Kickoff Meeting this Saturday and the Sunday Morning Life Group Kickoff Breakfast this Sunday.

Wed Aug 7 17:03:10 2013

We are in the middle of our Chapel’s VBS! Continue praying that many children will be reached for Christ. Pray for the many parents in the class we are leading, “Effective Parenting in a Defective World”. Being an Army parent, which consists of back to back deployments, constant training, and moving around the world every 2-3 years, multiplies the challenges of parenting.

Wed Jul 31 20:31:50 2013

We appreciate your partnership and prayers!

Mark and Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

(See their short newsletter for July.

Wed Jul 31 13:10:36 2013

Our Chapel’s VBS is next week. Pray for many children to come to faith in Christ and for the parent’s class we are leading, “Effective Parenting in a Defective World”, by Chip Ingram.

Wed Jul 24 13:45:56 2013

As new couples move to FT Hood and attend our Chapel, pray for 3 new couples to join our Home Life Group.

Thu Jul 11 01:16:15 2013

Pray for the outreach to the Wounded Warriors through Cadence's Coffee Bar on the Warrior Transition Brigade's Campus.

Wed Jun 26 16:08:48 2013

Pray for 2 soldiers, Wallace & Hagman, from the 1-62 Battalion of 69th Air Defense Artillery study as we meet weekly for a discipleship training study. The 1-44 Battalion, 69th ADA Chaplain will be going on Pre-Deployment leave in July. Pray for his weekly Friday lunch study that I will be leading.

Wed Jun 19 17:50:33 2013

Pray for an increase in our support level as the Cadence allocation is increasing this month. Pray for guidance as we pursue increased support.

Wed Jun 12 14:29:29 2013

Daniel and Joe are 2 Missouri Guard soldiers mobilizing here for the 1st 4 months of their yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. They can’t go off base, but are faithfully involved in our chapel, the Men’s Sunday School class, and the Nav’s Thursday night study. Pray for a good deployment and opportunities to reach their fellow soldiers with the Gospel.

Wed Jun 5 13:27:07 2013

Pray for a good start to our “Every Man a Warrior” class Sunday morning as we deal with life issues men face.

Wed May 29 19:09:45 2013

Pray for our Chapel’s Summer Quarter Life Group (Sunday School) Breakfast Kick-Off this Sunday morning. Pray for some soldiers that will commit to working through the “Every Man a Warrior” series, as we train and equip to win over the issues pertaining to having God’s perspective on money and job, moral purity, going through hard times, and making our lives count.

Wed May 22 15:50:35 2013

Pray for our time with soldiers as we invite them to our home for a meal and fellowship. Pray for Matt and his wife as we get together this Saturday!

Wed May 8 16:02:56 2013

Pray for Chaplain Ahn, 1-62 Air Defense Artillery, deployed for a year in UAE. Pray for 2 soldiers from the 69th Air Defense Artillery and Mark as they meet weekly for accountability and Bible study.

Thu May 2 16:16:19 2013

Pray for religious freedom to continue within the military, as the enemy tries to stop Gospel advancement. Pray for wisdom and courage for the many evangelical Chaplains in the Army.

Mark Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!


Thu Apr 25 11:49:17 2013

Mark is starting a discipleship study with two Air Defense Artillery soldiers. Pray that their Army schedules would allow a weekly lunch time study and for spiritual growth.

Wed Mar 27 14:43:02 2013

Pray for our friends, Scott & Brigita Cyre and their 3 boys, as they transition out of the Army and head to Dallas Seminary this weekend.

Mon Mar 18 18:37:34 2013

Praise for God’s work in Tyler’s life! He prayed to accept and follow Christ after we met last Thursday at lunch. Pray for reconciliation with his wife of 2 years, some mystery medical issues, and our weekly time in the Word and prayer together.

Wed Mar 13 17:28:41 2013

Pray for a lunch meeting I have tomorrow with a soldier named Tyler, whom I met in Chapel Sunday. He is going through a divorce and very broken. He is desperate to be close to the Lord.

Wed Mar 6 15:07:16 2013

Pray for the Paul Durocher & family concert at Cadence’s Soldiers Hospitality House on Friday night. CH Ahn, with the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, is hoping to fill a 15 passenger van with single soldiers from his battalion barracks.

Wed Feb 27 16:37:28 2013

Since 70 to 80 percent of the transforming power of discipleship comes from Quiet Time and Scripture Memory, pray that every man in “Every Man a Warrior” class would grow in their conviction to be disciplined to make time for it.

Wed Feb 20 16:45:50 2013

Pray for the men in Mark’s Sunday Morning Life Group, “Every Man a Warrior”. They are being held accountable for having a Quiet Time and Scripture Memory. Pray that they would develop consistent Quiet Times, finish their lessons, and see the importance of accountability.

Tue Feb 19 18:35:25 2013

See a thank you note.

Fri Feb 15 21:50:25 2013

See a note from the Fischers.

Wed Feb 13 18:15:14 2013

Our Chapel is going through the New Testament Community Bible Experience. We are walking through it in a small group context with Katie & Andrew who have many questions. Andrew grew up Jewish and came to the conclusion a year ago that Jesus is the Messiah while Katie grew up in a nondenominational church. Pray for their spiritual growth and transformation.

Wed Feb 13 18:15:06 2013

Our Chapel is going through the New Testament Community Bible Experience. We are walking through it in a small group context with Katie & Andrew who have many questions. Andrew grew up Jewish and came to the conclusion a year ago that Jesus is the Messiah while Katie grew up in a nondenominational church. Pray for their spiritual growth and transformation.

Wed Feb 6 16:07:51 2013

I had lunch with Jerry, the Christian Taiwan soldier in my Men’s Life Group, and 2 of his fellow soldiers last week. Pray that Lin and Chu would read the Bible for the first time as they were encouraged to do. Their hotel rooms on post have Gideon’s Bibles plus Jerry has his Chinese Bible. I will be meeting them for lunch again Thursday or Friday.

Thu Jan 31 22:23:53 2013

See their Christmas card.

Wed Jan 23 16:11:08 2013

One of the men in Mark¡¯s Sunday morning Life Group is Jerry Teng ÔøÊ©ýÜ. He is a soldier in the Taiwan Army here in the States for 1 ¨ö years of training while his wife and baby boy are back in Taiwan. Pray for opportunities to encourage and equip him in his spiritual growth.

Wed Jan 16 15:57:14 2013

Praise that the incoming Air Defense Artillery Chaplain wants the Wednesday lunch Bible study to continue! The units are deploying around the world this year. Pray for direction in what to study so they are spiritually equipped to deploy.

Wed Jan 9 18:43:00 2013

Praise for our week in Morton to spend Christmas with family. Pray for our Chapel’s new quarter of Sunday morning Life Groups. Mark will be leading a men’s’ class on “Every Man a Warrior….Walking with God”. Pray for each man’s walk with God to grow.

Peoria Guard coming to FT Hood for 2 months of training as part of their Afghanistan deployment…..they will be up at North FT Hood which is 25 miles north of the southern end of the post where most soldiers work and live.

Wed Dec 12 18:08:33 2012

Pray for our long range planning meeting next Tuesday for the leaders across the Chapel Next Community. Mark will be leading the Men’s Sunday School Class using “Every Man a Warrior” by NavPress and our home will be available for a Home Life Group. (The holidays are moving time for the Army, so people are leaving and new ones will be arriving soon.)

Mon Dec 10 01:40:15 2012

Pray that the 69th Air Defense Artillery Bible study will continue despite Chaplain's Moon's move to FT Carson and no new battalion chaplain replacing him for a while. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to be embedded with the Army to study God's Word!

Wed Nov 28 16:10:37 2012

Micah just began his Homeschool Basketball season with games spread out from Austin to Waco. We will be spending some time on the road for the next few months.

Wed Nov 21 18:18:31 2012

We had a good strategy planning session at Cadence’s Soldiers Hospitality House last Saturday. Ministry is being organized according to Cadence’s new ministry frame. We are looking at being more involved at the Hospitality House off Post and Mark being the Equip (Discipleship) team leader.

Thanks for your prayers,

Wed Nov 14 15:27:10 2012

Pray for the Soldiers’ Hospitality House strategy planning session Saturday.

Thu Nov 8 13:59:58 2012

We just started the second half of our men’s Sunday school class on “A Man and His Story” in 33 The Series. Pray for the eleven of us as we process Biblical manhood together.

Wed Oct 31 17:14:07 2012

Praise for the encouraging visit and time we had with Mark’s parents this last week!

Wed Oct 24 17:12:52 2012

Pray for the Lord’s direction on our involvement at Cadence’s Soldiers Hospitality House in Killeen. (This is in addition to our commitments to on post ministries.) A new couple recently took over the House leadership. Many young couples from our ChapelNext are attending the weekend activities, which include Friday Game Night, Saturday evening Bible Study, & Sunday Lunch after chapel.

Thanks much,

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International

Wed Oct 17 15:51:02 2012

Mark’s parents will be visiting us next week via Amtrak, which conveniently drops them off on FT Hood. They haven’t seen Mary or their grandsons for over a year.

Wed Oct 10 14:21:05 2012

Pray for Cadence Leadership as they gather for their bi-annual Pray and Plan this week!

Pray for our Cadence Supervisor’s visit to FT Hood next week. He will be here on his bi-annual trip to spend time with the FT Hood team, 4 couples and 1 single.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International
Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

Sun Sep 30 11:25:46 2012

Pray for Matthew as he majors in Criminal Justice at Central Texas College and works at Tractor Supply. His boss and co-workers have lots of questions about his faith and being home-schooled. Pray for Micah as he learns to drive and tackles Algebra II and Physics as a Junior.


Wed Sep 19 18:30:11 2012

Mark will be launching Authentic Manhood, 33 The Series, in one of our Chapel’s Sunday morning Life Groups. Pray for men’s lives to be transformed as we look at God’s clear design for Authentic Manhood. Each man will discover a biblical definition of manhood, learn the four “faces” of manhood, and learn how to anticipate and transition through the specific seasons of life.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International
Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

Fri Sep 14 18:41:34 2012

Pray for God's direction in who He wants us to invite into our Home Life Group.

Wed Sep 5 15:07:30 2012

Sunday evening will be the kick-off to our Chapel’s new season in Home Life Groups. Pray for God’s direction as we match up leaders and participants of the 4-7 new groups. We will be leading one of the groups out of our home.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International
Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people!

Sun Sep 2 13:33:22 2012

See their September Newsletter.

Thu Aug 30 11:40:41 2012

Pray for a soldier in my Air Defense Artillery study. He is in financial trouble and his wife was assaulted by 5 of his co-soldier “friends” recently.

Thu Aug 23 11:33:40 2012

Chapel Next ministries will soon gear up for fall. Pray for the Men's Sunday morning Life Group as we study 33 The Series, A Man and His Design!

Fri Aug 10 15:22:16 2012

Since we will be in the middle of a Cadence Staff Conference in Colorado Springs next week, I will send next week's request early.

With the start of Hasan's trial on FT Hood 20 Aug, pray for the safety of the FT Hood area residents, as they are expecting possible terrorist

Wed Aug 8 13:48:33 2012

Mary and I will be traveling to Colorado Springs this week for Cadence America’s Central States Regional Staff Conference 12-18 Aug. “Standing Firm” is the theme of our time together as we look at what it means to stand firm in the Lord and in our lives and ministries.

Sun Aug 5 13:48:31 2012

Mark and Mary Fischer wrote:

Thanks for your friendship, partnership, & prayers!

Mark & Mary Fischer

and included a short newsletter.

Wed Aug 1 15:42:33 2012

Also, keep the soldiers in your prayers. Just last week, there were 2 suicides and 1 killed in a vehicle accident. Hardly a week goes by without at least one soldier’s death at FT Hood usually by suicide or vehicle/ motorcycle accidents.


Wed Jul 25 15:07:07 2012

Many wounded soldiers at the Warrior Transition Brigade look forward to the Verse Card of the week given out at Cadence’s weekly Coffee Bar! Pray they find salvation and strength in the Lord as they read the verses and answer the questions on the back of the card. Pray for spiritual conversations to open up.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International

Wed Jul 11 14:33:19 2012

Pray the soldiers in Mark’s Thursday night discipleship group would be faithful to study the Word, apply it, and teach others also. We are starting an Inductive Bible study on I Thessalonians, to learn how to correctly study the Word and apply it to our lives.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX
Cadence International

Sun Jun 24 22:55:42 2012

See a thank you note.

Tue Jun 12 20:06:08 2012

See their June Update.

Tue Jun 12 16:20:46 2012

See a short newsletter from December 2011.

Wed Jun 6 14:38:39 2012

Pray for Cadence missionary, Ben Hyde, who suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. He is at Scott & White Hospital for tests and observation. Ben and his wife are 1 of 5 Cadence couples at FT Hood. They run the Hood Hospitality House.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

Wed May 30 17:24:32 2012

The FT Hood Youth Group (Bob’s Diner) will be at Camp Eagle next week. Pray for God’s working in the students’ lives. Matthew will be attending and we will be taking a needed vacation by house-sitting the Youth Group Leader’s home.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

Wed May 9 21:41:48 2012

We have moved the 69th ADA study Wednesday lunch study to their new Headquarters Building. We are now able to reach more senior enlisted and officers. Pray for spiritual growth in their lives and that the believers would connect, network, and advance the Gospel within the Brigade.

Mark & Mary Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International

Thu Apr 26 20:18:02 2012

Joseph leaves the Army next week. He is looking for a job and a place to live in the FT Hood area so he can stay connected with discipleship opportunities here. Praise for his desire to grow in the Lord and his recent baptism!

Mark Fischer
Adult Ministries Fort Hood, TX

Cadence International