Reaching Tribes
Transforming Lives

In the Air

In January 2013 I had the opportunity to attend and be a part of a conference that included representatives from some 20 nations.  In each nation, there is a group that is committed to expanding the reaches of the Gospel.  It was exciting for me to see a shared vision among so many different ethnic and language groups.  To see us uniting around the Word of God was a small taste of heaven.
In the Classroom
I am presently teaching a class on "Curriculum Development".  Clear, concise, verbal communication is a challenge even in same language and cultural contexts.  Throw in a different language and culture and the challenges only increase.  Those same hurdles are present in written form.  As we think of developing written materials for a successful church plant, we must consider the audience.  World View, Cognitive Processes, Linguistics, Social Structure, Behavior patterns, Media influences are all considered as we enter the challenge of encoding a very important message, the Word of God.  Curriculum Development is a 23 hour class that takes our "Building on Firm Foundations" curriculum and presents the challenge of communicating this in a written form in another culture and language.
Thanks for your partnership
We want to thank-you for your love and encouragement as we minister here.  Life is full of opportunities to serve our Lord and we are so thankful for all the people with whom we serve together for God's honor and glory.  Thanks so much!

On the Road

In February Holly and I traveled to a North American leadership conference in Florida.  Leading in a changing world, with new challenges, and evolving cultures requires that we try to look to the future and anticipate these new frontiers with a willingness to adapt and flex.  Not always an easy scenario.  God continues to use us in these areas and we praise the Lord for these opportunities.  Pray with us for wisdom to know just how much to get involved and to what degree to extend ourselves.

Families in Ministry

Holly continues to invest a lot of time  and energy into our "Families in Ministry" class as well as the M.K. Care and Education department.  We realize more and more that it is not just the Dad and Mom that we are equipping, but the family dynamics play a huge role in the longevity of ministry in a foreign context.  Holly, and the MKCE department are a big help in raising our awareness in preparing families for the ministry challenges ahead.  Please pray for our families as they prepare for life on the mission field.
Heavy Metal
Tomorrow Holly will be having surgery to remove the metal plate that is in her thumb.  The tendon is stuck to the plate and therefore restricts movement.  Please be praying for wisdom for the doctors and that the surgery is a success.  Our students are on spring break right now so Holly is hoping to be back to normal by the time classes start up again next week.
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