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Mon Jan 11 16:07:12 2016

See a thank you from Dick and Lori.

Sat Apr 18 16:11:53 2015

See their Christmas Card.

Wed Jan 14 15:42:48 2015

Lori and Dick Greenman
6120 N. Navarre Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631

Happy 2015! We hope and pray that this year will be one of rich blessing and growth in your life. Starting the new year is a good time to reflect on what has happened in our lives in the past twelve months, especially those times of very evident blessing from God.

FAMILY: Our family is growing…since July we have been enjoying the smiles and cuddles of grandson #2, Mateo, born to our daughter Andrea and husband Joni; if all goes well, in April we will have grandson #3; Beth and her husband Lhouss are expecting their first child. All our immediate family is still within a fifteen minute drive, so we are blessed to participate in their lives.

COUNSELING MINISTRY: Lori obtained her counseling license in August, an important advance in our focus on caring for Latin American missionaries and Hispanic families. In answer to our prayers, in November she and a Mexican colleague presented a workshop at the Mental Health and Missions Conference. The focus of the presentation was the development and the unique needs of the missionary movement from South and Central America, where sending churches play a key role in providing holistic care to their overseas missionaries.

MISSIONS COACHING: Dick continues to do coaching and mentoring of those who are looking forward to a ministry in cross-cultural missions. Much of that is focused on college campuses; Moody, Trinity and Wheaton are the primary campuses he visits, seeking out those students who are looking for overseas internships, or a long-term commitment to work internationally. Being on campus is an opportunity to network with like-minded people and to develop friendships. One new area of interest is outreach to Muslims; there are a number of people in the Chicago area who seek to build bridges and live out the gospel for Muslims. Different elements in our lives have brought that to the forefront, and there are new opportunities to put that into practice. Not far from our house there is a center for outreach to immigrant groups and they are asking for help. An open door!

In October Dick was able to contribute to what is really a “God thing;” our two big areas of ministry interest dovetailed into one: Latin American missionaries and Muslim outreach. He participated in a conference in Spain for Christian workers in North Africa, many of whom are sent from Latin America. What a privilege to be supportive to those who live and work in difficult places, representing the Lord Jesus.

NEW MEMBER CARE OPPORTUNITIES: There are a number of doors that are open to us at this time, and we do want to help with all of these needs, but we look for God’s timing and resources to be able to do it.
· Helping develop a member care program for a mission based in Bolivia;
· Visiting and backing workers in North Africa;
· Providing more SYIS workshops in Mexico and other areas of Latin America;
· Counseling in the Chicago area in a bilingual setting.

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR US: Your prayers are important to us; we can rejoice in facing life together in God’s care.
Please pray for:
· Lori’s ongoing health challenges. A number of tests were made this Fall; inflammation continues to affect her body.
· Wisdom in how to balance ministry opportunities.
· Effectiveness in one on one contacts in coaching and counseling.
· The ongoing growth in those we have ministered to and served with over the years. There is joy in watching the results, even if we are not present with them.
· The birth of our grandson, due in April.
· Financial needs. We are living with the many challenges of being under supported.

Thankful for your continued faithfulness in prayer and giving,
Dick and Lori

Wed Jan 8 20:13:47 2014

New Year greetings from the Greenmans
Lori did a good job of summarizing our ministry activities during the past year, and about our aspirations for the New Year. These last months have been a challenging time for me as I have been back and forth to Michigan to do my part in caring for my parents, Robert and Lois Greenman, sharing the load with my siblings. Dad is winding down towards the end of his life; He managed to make it to his 95th birthday on December 27. I am proud to be the son of parents of noble character.
Dick Greenman
Windows of Opportunity
Leadership Training, Mentoring and Counseling

Greetings and Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2013 and greet 2014, we see God's faithfulness and guidance and are grateful for the opportunities to serve Him and others.

Ministry Milestones in 2013

Member care/pastoral care for Latin missionaries- We are excited about the opportunities we have to mentor, encourage and counsel missionaries from Latin America who are spreading the gospel around the world. Ten years ago we started facilitating workshops for Latin missionaries and helping with the translation of member care materials into Spanish. We see the need and are looking forward to continuing and broadening this ministry. Currently we are in contact with a network of people in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, and other countries.

Coaching and mentoring- Dick enjoys working with the World Venture central region connections director. He coaches and mentors young people who are interested in missions on Moody and Wheaton College campuses.

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshops- We organized and co-facilitated a four and a half day workshop on the Wheaton College campus for participants from 3 mission agencies, staff from Wheaton College and intercultural students. One of the students is a Philippine missionary to Vietnam and would like to use the interpersonal skills principles in her work in Vietnam. Dick also facilitated a SYIS workshop in Minnesota at the Minnesota Renewal Center.

Pastoral counseling and leadership opportunities- God has provided opportunities to counsel and advise here in the local church where we are actively involved. We praise Him for how He is working in peoples' lives.

Ministry to Mexico- Because of the violence in the area of Torreon, Dick has not been able to travel to meet with the seminary leaders. He has been able to help the pastors in Mexico organize and begin the new distance seminary. He is looking forward to going to Mexico in 2014.

Graduation from Wheaton Graduate School- After three years of study, Lori finished her master's degree in Clinical Psychology in August! She plans to take the licensure exam during the first half of 2014.

Family- We have become an international family. We are happy that our son-in-laws, daughters, son and grandson are living near us in Chicago. As we write this letter, Dick's father is battling cancer and is very sick. We ask for prayer for the whole family.

Please pray for support needs- We are very thankful for present and new partners. Yet, we are so under supported (74.5%) that after taxes our salary is less than 1,000 dollars a month. Most of our monthly ministry funds are being used to pay for rent.

Please pray for increased support and new financial and prayer partners and for the Latin American missionaries who serve the Lord in so many parts of the world.

Serving Him with you,
Dick and Lori Greenman

Richard Greenman
North Central Connections Mission Coach

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Sat Jun 22 01:15:37 2013

Quick news—prayer request.

Lori, and I, along with Steve Edlin of TEAM, will be facilitating a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshop June 24-28 on the campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. There are always great opportunities to speak into the lives of participants, many of whom are missionaries or people preparing for cross-cultural ministry. We would appreciate prayer for this workshop, that we would be sensitive to the needs of different individuals, and that God would guide us as we facilitate.

I helped facilitate another SYIS workshop at the Minnesota Renewal Center in early May. That was an amazing time as we saw a great sense of safety in the group, allowing them to openly discuss vital issues in their lives.

Lori is in the last stages of getting her Masters degree in counseling. She “walked” for graduation on May 11, but has a couple more courses to finalize her studies. The reason for the great investment of time and resources in getting a degree is to be able to implement her skills in addressing the needs of missionaries; we especially have in mind the needs of missionaries sent from Latin America. Would you pray with us that this would be a blessing the the worldwide missionary movement?

We previously asked for prayer that by June we would be able to cover a deficit in our support from 2012. Our gratitude goes out to a number of friends and supporters who contributed to this need. We are in June now, and the shortfall is still about $4,000. We are trusting in the faithfulness of God, who has always provided for us in the past.

Thank you so much for standing with us.

Dick Greenman

Mon Feb 11 03:26:01 2013

Dear partners in ministry,

We hope 2013 has started off well for you. Thank you so much to all those who sent Christmas greetings and a financial gift. We appreciate everyone's prayers, encouragement and support. We have an update about our leadership training and pastoral care ministry , some happy family news and few prayer requests.


Past and Future Leadership Training Trips to Mexico- Dick went to Mexico in September, 2012 and will be traveling there again this Spring. He enjoyed meeting with the seminary students, teaching, and preaching during his visits.

Internship with Mexican Families in West Chicago- Lori is working with Mexican immigrant families in West Chicago as part of her internship for her Master's Degree in Counseling. She counsels in both English and Spanish. The internship experience is preparing her to counsel cross culturally and put into practice what she is learning in the classroom.

Mentoring and Coaching- Dick is a missions coach for World Venture for the Central United States. He is a representative for World Venture on college campuses and coaches people who would like to be missionaries.

Interpersonal Skills Workshop in April- Dick will be co-facilitating a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop at the Missionary Renewal Center in Minnesota. This is a great opportunity to minister to missionaries that are on home assignment or preparing to go overseas.

Project About Needs of Single Missionaries- The project, that Lori did for TEAM mission agency as part of her internship there in 2012, has been completed. The survey report was sent to the leadership team and the regional member care personnel around the world. TEAM's global member care team is using the report as a tool to better understand the needs of single missionaries.

Graduation in August 2013- Lori will be participating in Wheaton Graduate School's May graduation ceremonies and officially graduating in August, Lord willing. She needs one more class after graduation in order to be eligible to take the licensure exam.

Need 10,000 Dollars by June 2013- Because of lack of support in 2012 we need to raise 10,000 dollars by June. If you can help with a one time gift or know someone that is able to help please let us know. We have to find the money somehow. Tax deductible donations can be sent to WorldVenture with a note that it is for Richard and Lori Greenman.

Wed Apr 25 11:35:02 2012

Dick and Lori Greenman
We are going to Argentina! God has provided through some very generous people for a five week trip to Argentina April 25-June 3. As I write this, our bags are packed and we are in the last few hours of preparation.
One big stop on our way to Tucuman will be at Iguazú Falls on the border with Brazil. Where we will be participating with the South American based WorldVenture missionaries in a week-long conference. This will be a great time of networking with people that have been important in our lives over the years, and with whom we hope to cooperate in the future as we grow into our member-care roles.
Most of our time will be spent in Tucuman interacting with those with whom we ministered for over 20 years. Our possessions that were left behind when we came to the US at the end of 2008 need to be taken care of—that means either sold, given away, disposed of or brought back with us to the States. Not exactly an easy task emotionally, but very necessary. We hope to have healthy closure in our relationships there as we continue in our next phase of ministry.
I will be making a four-day trip with Antonio Cilimba, the current director of the Distance program, to visit the students of the northern circuit. I will be preaching a number of times and hope to have some times to encourage the pastors and leaders who work in more remote areas. What great memories of my trips in past years!
Being in Tucuman will also mean returning to some of our old diet. With apologies to our vegan friends, I am going to revive the old carnivore in me and enjoy as much asado (grilled meat) as I can; Argentine beef is irresistible.
Would you pray for us as we go now? We are excited but anxious; we desire to daily follow what God has for us, interact with the ones that He brings into our lives, giving of our hearts to others.
We will let you know how God answered your prayers upon our return. Like Paul in II Corinthians 1:11 we can rejoice together in answered prayer.
Dick and Lori Greenman

Sun Jan 1 15:12:06 2012

Attached you will find a letter from the Greenmans in Chicago.

Blessings and love from our home to yours,

Dick Greenman

Tue Dec 13 20:19:05 2011

Dear missions committee and WCCC family,

Your generosity at Christmas time, above and beyond the regular financial support, is something very special. Thank you so much.
We are so blessed to be attending WCCC while we are here and to be able to participate in church life and activities. We sort of bridge the gap between the local fellowship and the other supported missionaries who are far away; this is a special place to be.

May God bless each of you as celebrate Christmas; our celebration of Christmas will be that much brighter, as we remember you at that time.

With Christmas warmth and love,

Dick and Lori Greenman

Mon Sep 5 13:48:34 2011

September 2, 2011

36,000 feet, flight to Mexico


In May I (Dick) spent two weeks in Gomez Palacio, Mexico, laying the groundwork for a new Bible Institute for the training of pastors in the region. Over the summer months we have worked with the administrative team via phone calls and internet communication. About 30 church leaders are now signed up to begin studying at one or the other of the two study centers in Gomez and Urquizo.

At the moment I am on my way back to Mexico for the initiation of classes. For many of the students this is something very new, but they are excited about the opportunity. No doubt there will be wrinkles to iron out as we get going, but we are confident that since this has been approached with much prayer and thought, God will assist us in straightening things out.

Would you pray with us for the members of the administrative team as we get underway?

Natanael: A gifted high school teacher and co-laborer at his church, who will be heading up the Urquizo study center.

Edgardo: a businessman and co-pastor at his church, very committed to the preparing of leaders for the churches.

Exiquio: the owner of a small business, co-pastor at his church, and a man with a large heart for the people of God.

Antonio Gomez: pastor and leader in the churches of the area

Dick Greenman: Though I will be in Mexico only two or three times a year, my role will be to guide from a distance, writing and selecting study materials for the program. My experience in Argentina developing the SEBEA a Distancia study program is a natural resource in designing and guiding this new program in Mexico.

Our brothers and sisters in northern Mexico are living through a time of danger as various drug cartels are at war to control the region. Adding to the drug war are those who take advantage of the chaotic situation to commit acts of robbery and kidnapping; pastors are specifically targeted because congregations are seen as likely to pay ransom. I asked a pastor in Monterrey how they are handling the increased risk. He responded, We have always preached that to live is Christ and to die is gain; now is the time to truly live that message. Upon hearing his response, I told him, That gives me that much more motivation to be of assistance in Mexico at this time.


Last week Lori began her second year of graduate school. I admire her perseverance in working toward a counseling degree in spite of ongoing and new health challenges. We are both confident that her training will have very practical applications in our future ministry.

Thank you for standing with us in these projects. It is a privilege to be involved in what God is doing.

Dick and Lori Greenman, WorldVenture

Mon Jun 6 21:00:18 2011

NEWS FROM BETH--June 6 We got a quick text message from Beth this morning to let us know that they had arrived at their destination safely. This afternoon we were able to talk over skype, since she and the group had purposely gone to a cafe which had wifi. She is happy that they are meeting new people, including their host family who are Americans who live there full-time. They will be in the city for a few days, and then move to a less hospitable area where they will probably not have daily availability of the internet. She asked that we pass on her feeling that she is not alone, but that she is accompanied by all of you who are praying for her. Thank you

Sat May 14 15:32:48 2011

Writing from Gomez Palacio, Mexico
Yesterday (Friday May 13) I traveled about 45 minutes from Gomez Palacio to meet with a group of 10 people who desire to study in the Bible Institute. It is encouraging to see a good level of interest in the program. I now have a solid team ready to run the program; pastor Antonio Gomez plus Edgardo, Natanael and Exiquio. We have now met as a team several times, and this evening we will have a final meeting to iron out some things and divvy up the responsibilities, so the students can start

Thursday I accompanied a van-full of people to a town a couple hours away. Some Mexicans working in the States had asked that the believers here would visit their relatives who also need the Lord. We arrived, the people were waiting for us with open arms, expressed desire that a church be started in that town, and they even had a good sized room that would serve as a meeting place. The Lord is opening doors.

Thank you for praying for safety. If not for the soldiers with their machine guns patrolling the city and highways, I would not know anything was going on. But, the newspaper reports events of the day before... murders, shootouts and kidnappings. I ask about where the events occurred, and I am told it was two minutes from here, or just the other side of the river. God is giving protection.

I have been preaching a lot these days--six times, I think. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the church at which I will preach. They expect 500 people, which is really something for a church that is 12 years old.

I travel back to the US Wednesday May 18. See you all soon.

Sat May 7 14:48:30 2011

I am very grateful for the prayers of our brothers and sisters at Windy City at this time that I am in Mexico. I have been here since Wednesday May 4, after an uneventful trip. I stayed overnight Wednesday night in Monterrey, then took the 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Torreon on Thursday morning. As soon as I got here the pastor told me that one of his assistants has a weekly meeting at one of their 'mission'Â (church plants) on Thursdays, and would I preach. Fortunately I know how these things work here, and I had brought a few arrows in my quiver, so I didn't need too much time to prepare. Friday, among several activities, I accompanied Pastor Gomez to eat lunch with a man who is the president of a university who accepted the Lord six months ago. We didn't know that he had brought along his wife until we got there, but he had told the pastor previously that he desired that his wife hear the message of salvation. Over lunch she did, and accepted the Lord. If all works out, they will both be baptized this coming Wednesday.

Thank you for prayers for safety. I haven't faced any direct danger of which I am aware, I am sure in answer to the prayers of many. There is much evidence of violence, however, in the heavily armed police patrolling the city, and different businesses shot up and abandoned, their owners killed.

Sunday and Monday I will be preaching at churches and meeting with those who will help develop the Bible Institute. Keep praying!

Sun Apr 17 20:14:15 2011

Here is a letter from the Greenmans.

Tue Jan 18 20:01:34 2011

See their January update.

Thu Dec 23 00:14:34 2010

See their Christmas card to the church.

Tue Sep 7 13:28:38 2010

See their September update.

Mon Jun 21 11:50:42 2010

From the Greenmans of Chicago

We want to send to you a special thank you for standing with us in serving the Lord! This past year and a half has been a time of big changes for us as a family as well as ministry. Only because of God's answer to the prayers of many are we able to come out of this time renewed. It has been a blessing to see some of you face to face recently and bring you up to date on our current status.

TRANSITIONS In March we officially transitioned from our regularly scheduled Home Assignment to Field Ministry. It is a strange feeling to make that transition without returning to Argentina, as we have done six times in the past. We greatly miss our life, ministry and friends in Tucumn. We are happy that we can maintain contact with them through email and phone calls. We continue in Chicago, in the largely Hispanic neighborhood of Logan Square. We live in an apartment building, the Franson Risberg Memorial Mission Home, which provides inexpensive housing to people in Christian ministry. For now, Chicago is our base of ministry.

NEW FOCUS Those of you who have been following our career and sharing in our ministry are well-aware of our change of focus. After more than twenty years of work in northwest Argentina, we are developing a broader kingdom perspective: we are finding that we can have a role in worldwide missions far beyond the borders of either Argentina or the USA.

MINISTRY ACTIVITIES Dick was in Mexico in March for a vision trip along with the director of the Spanish American Mission. Several weeks later, we met with their board to discuss the contribution we could make to this vibrant and growing ministry, and they requested that we fulfill the role of consultants. As such, we seek to invest lessons learned from our past experience.

Our involvement with the Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshops promises to be an important piece to our ministry within the mission’s world. We were disappointed in the postponement of two workshops in which we were to facilitate this Spring, one in Illinois and one in north Africa. Our hearts are particularly warmed by the investment through these workshops in the mission’s movement in and from Latin America.

For several weeks in July we will be in Colorado, participating in leadership meetings and the Renewal Conference of WorldVenture. This should be a time of spiritual refreshment, reconnecting with colleagues and learning new things to apply in our work.

We are thankful that Lori was accepted to Wheaton Graduate School and will begin studying in August in the Masters of Counseling Ministries program. The studies will further prepare her for a ministry in pastoral care of missionaries.


1. That the increase in our support (because of the higher cost of living and working in the US in comparison with Argentina) will be met. Right now we are at 85 percent. Our salary is the first to be decreased when we are under supported.
2. Our family is doing well. We appreciate prayer for Beth as she transitions back to the US from Morocco. She arrives in the US July 1. Andrea is looking into medical assistant programs and would like to eventually go into nursing. Please pray for guidance as she plans for the future. Luca, who is now 15 months old is a joy and is doing well. Ben would appreciate prayer for guidance as to future employment with a social service organization. He finishes with AmeriCorps in August.
3. Lori continues to face the challenges of living with arthritis. She would appreciate prayer for dealing with the pain as she continues forward with studies and ministry.
4. We would also appreciate prayer for housing. We need to rent a three bedroom apartment or house.

We serve a great God and are awed by how He has worked in the past and are looking forward to how He will continue to work in us and through us. Thank you again for standing with us in ministry!

Dick and Lori Greenman

Mon Jan 11 21:56:50 2010

See their latest update including photo.

Tue Sep 15 15:07:19 2009

We have this new report on the Greenmans:

Praise that Dick just completed the workshop in Colorado to be a facilitator with the Interpersonal Skills Workshops. World Venture is interested in the Greenmans using their interpersonal skills knowledge to work with its US-based missionaries. Lori will be spending Sept 15 - Oct 1 in Argentina presenting an Interpersonal Skills Workshop and attending two weddings of friends from their Argentina church. Dick and Lori will be visiting supporters during October and November. They will continue to live in their present home, with their home assignment ending in March 2010. Pray for Andrea - future schooling plans, being a mom and developing new friends.

Thu Apr 30 17:06:44 2009

Our supervisor, who lives in Brazil, is coming through town and we are getting together with him on May 6. We have been in close contact with him throughout this time via phone and email, but this is the first time that we will be sitting down and discussing our next move.

He and our area rep, who lives in Wheaton, have been dialoguing some with us about our options, and to express their desire that we stay with the mission. We also desire to stay with the mission, so we will be discussing ways to be in ministry during this time of parenthesis from our regular lifestyle. One option would be to establish ourselves in the States, but do three or four trips to Argentina and probably Bolivia to continue in our ministry there, doing preparation of course materials and communicating with students from here. That could be in combination with some local ministry as well. This would be on a trial basis, till we see if it would work.

Another option would be to establish ourselves in a ministry here, Hispanic or otherwise, for the time that we believe that we need to be here for our family needs.

Please pray with us, and we would also ask the missions committee to pray with us, as we meet with our supervisor and seek the Lord in this.

Sat Mar 7 23:22:36 2009

See an update.

Wed Feb 25 21:28:36 2009

Hi, here are some pictures of Luca Daniel with his grandparents and mom. :-)


Sat Jan 3 14:13:41 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greetings from Chicago! The last few months of our lives have been the beginning of a story of love, grace, forgiveness, blessing and returning good for evil.

This past Sunday, Dec. 7, we moved into our apartment in Chicago. We left our home in Tucuman on November 12. After traveling to Buenos Aires by bus we flew to Houston on Nov.14. We were met there by Dick's brother John and his wife Donna. We had a nice visit with them. After a few days we drove (in a car that John found for us) to Kentucky to visit my mother, sister and her husband and spent Thanksgiving with them. From Kentucky we traveled to Michigan to visit Dick's parents and pick up furniture that we had stored in the house we are buying in Sparta. A friend helped us move the furniture to Chicago this past Saturday. We are so thankful for the help and support that so many people are showing us. We plan to be in Chicago for the 6 months of family leave. I probably have written our plans in a former post....

I'll write more later on how the Lord is working in our lives as we live out the circumstances that He has allowed. "In everything give thanks".

Dear friends at Windy City,

Merry Christmas! Thanks you so much for your card and gift. We appreciate your continued prayer fur us as we are on family leave. It would be nice to visit some Sunday. We will be in Michigan for Christmas and until the end of 2008. We will be back in Chicago after the 3rd of January.

May God bless you richly!
In His love, Dick, Lori, Beth, Ben and Andrea

Sat Nov 29 03:19:20 2008

Dear Tom,

It would be easier for us to communicate some good news, but probably more important for us to share when we have a great need for prayer and backing. This is one of those times, and I am pasting below the letter that we are sending to our supporters.

We will be settling in Chicago on December 1. We chose Chicago for this time because Lori´s doctor is in Wheaton, and there are some good counselors for missionaries in the area. We will be living in the Humboldt Park area, where there is some housing for missionaries, on McLean Ave. For sure we will be at Windy City at some point.

Please pass on this information to the folks there as you see best.

Thanks for your prayers.

Dick Greenman

Sorrows, joys and blessings

We are to "count it all joy" when we find ourselves in trials and difficulties, according to James. Easier preached than practiced, but we are learning. We are going through some difficult trials, and we want God to have the victory in producing in us the patience, perseverence and maturity that He wants us to have.

God´s blessing in and through our lives has been more and more evident. The SEBEA a Distancia seminary program, Dick´s main ministry, has grown into a very effective tool in training leaders in the churches across the northwest of Argentina, with over 100 students. Over the last eight years Lori has helped organize the Spanish Interpersonal Skills workshops in Argentina as well as in other Latin American countries. Our leadership role in the local church, with the WorldVenture missionary team, and the supervision of new WV missionaries in Bolivia, have all been sources of great satisfaction.

Our Enemy does not rest, however; at a time when God seems to be blessing the most in our ministry, Satan has chosen to hit our family hard. In July we found out that our fifteen year old daughter Andrea was taken advantage of by an obsessed teenager, and the result is that she is expecting a baby. We are working through the consternation and sadness at this violation.

Along with facing this crisis we have been dealing with a change in the diagnosis and treatment of Lori´s health problem. In May she went to a rheumatologist who put together the various pieces of what has been happening healthwise over the last 10 years. The diagnosis is spondylitic arthritis that includes symptoms that are similar to MS, which had been the suspected diagnosis.

We are consulting with our counselors at WorldVenture, and we will be going to the States in November for a time of "family leave." It will be good to be near our son Ben, who is a senior at Taylor University in Indiana. Our daughter Elizabeth plans to take some vacation time from her Peace Corps work in Morocco to be with us in March. Of course, it will be special to be near our extended family, as well.

We would appreciate prayer for:

1) us as a family and all that we face in the next few months; that God would be ultimately honored.

2) for the ministry here; that God will turn what Satan meant for evil into good for His name´s sake.

3) for God's direction for the future.

Our Stateside church-connections director, Andy Spohrer, will be writing soon regarding this situation.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.

In Him,

Dick and Lori Greenman



Mon Jan 21 15:09:09 2008

Dick and Lori Greenman are spending two months in Sparta, Michigan and plan to return to Argentina on February 21.

Sat Oct 13 14:22:42 2007

Hi Tom,
I am on a trip to the northern part of Argentina at the moment, but I didn´t want the chance to pass on a greeting to the folks at WCCC. We are grateful and honored to be the missionaries to be in focus on this Sunday.
At the moment our family is spread out all over the map. Lori is in Paraguay for an Interpersonal Skills workshop at a seminary, and will be there for a week. I am in the province of Salta, very close to the border with Bolivia, visiting and encouraging groups of students of the SEBEA a Distancia distance study program. Andrea, our 15 year old, is home with a friend while both of us are away at the same time, for about three days. Our daughter Beth is in Michigan and Ben is at Taylor University in Indiana.
Please pray, if possible for the SEBEA students, who are making a great effort to continue studying. For some it is more difficult than for others, but we emphasize the need for them to continue studying, for the benefit of their local church. We have about 90 students signed up under the three year program.
Dick Greenman

Thu Oct 11 12:46:33 2007

Dear friends and family,

Greetings once again from Tucumán, Argentina! We hope you are doing well and enjoying a beautiful fall or spring, depending on where you live. :-) We´ve had some beautiful spring weather and it has begun to rain again after a normally dry winter.

I´m finally writing to you about the September interpersonal skills workshop in Salta, the evening before I travel to Paraguay for a workshop there. The workshop in Coronel, Paraguay at the Bible Seminary "El Parque de las Naciones" begins Monday the 15th and runs through Friday the 19th. The participants are seminary students, professors and pastors. We may have a group of 28 people. Aníbal Martinez, a new facilitator, is traveling by bus (almost 16 hours) tonight from Montevideo to Paraguay. Betty Fernandez from Tucumán and I will also be traveling by bus, 16 hours each way. We have return tickets for Saturday the 20th, arriving Sunday the 21st, which is Mother´s Day here.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts towards the workshop in Salta. One of the participants said that being able to be at the workshop was like being handed a Christmas present. Another said that it was a great birthday present. Thank you again to those who helped make the workshop possible. 13 leaders including 4 men and 9 women were very excited about the topics, the group dynamics and the setting at the ex-mk school Hogar Bautista which is now the new conference center. God answered prayer in many ways. Most of the participants said that they were leaving the workshop as changed people, refreshed spiritually and physically. Our sister-in-law Nancy Greenman, Barb Bentley, and Ursula from Camp Lozano did a great job in the kitchen and fed us well. It was fun to work with the team of one experienced Argentine facilitator and two new Argentine facilitators. I did pretty well physically. I continue to learn how much to do and what not to do. I´m doing better, continuing with physical therapy and taking leaps of faith like traveling to Paraguay tomorrow and coordinating the workshop there.

Dick is also traveling tomorrow (Thursday) to visit the distance seminary students and will return home Sunday. Some young people from our church are riding with him to give special programs for at least one church or school along the way and in Bolivia. Andrea will be here at home with some friends.

Prayer Requests

1) our trips

2) Andrea at home and for Beth in Michigan and Ben at Taylor University in Indiana.

3) The November field conference meetings with our WorldVenture colleagues.

4) The Zona Oeste Baptist Church leadership and members. Dick is part of the pastoral team of 4 pastors. We´d appreciate prayer for the once a week evening Bible classes at church and the cell groups that meet in homes.

Once again, we appreciate so much your prayer support! What can we pray for? Please send us prayer requests too. :-)

In His love,

Lori for Dick,Beth,Ben and Andrea

Sun Sep 2 22:15:44 2007

Dear family and friends,

Greetings from Tucuman, Argentina! I hope you are all doing well. I´m writing to you from our backyard as I enjoy the beginning of spring and a beautiful sunny 72 degree Sunday. Dick is visiting distance seminary students this weekend, Andrea is resting after a few "quince" birthday parties over the past few days, Beth is in Michigan and Ben is at Taylor University in Indiana.

I´d like to send out a more complete update soon but wanted to send a short one right now to ask for prayer. I´m preparing for the first ever Spanish interpersonal skills workshop to be held in Salta, at the former school for missionary kids in Cerrillos. Our World Venture colleagues Rod and Jackie Allen have been working very hard to refurbish the former school so that it can be used as a conference center. I´m so glad that we can hold the workshop there and thankful for the help of my colleagues. The workshop starts Monday September 10 and ends Friday the 14th. I´m still signing people up and praying that everyone that has said they´d like to participate will confirm within the next few days. I´d sure appreciate prayer for all the preparations. Two of the new Argentine facilitators, Aurora Disano and Margarita Ibañez, will be traveling from the province of Buenos Aires. I´ll also be facilitating with Betty Fernandez from Tucuman.

The leaders of the association of Baptist Churches have really seen the need for the workshop as part of the training for church leaders here in the north. It is difficult for some of the pastors and other leaders to pay for the stay, food and workshop materials for the four day and a half day workshop. Even though we are charging the bare minimum of 100 pesos or around 35 dollars which doesn´t cover all of the expenses. If you would like to help make it possible for some of the leaders to attend I would be eternally grateful. :-) Please let me know if you would like to give a donation.

I´d also appreciate prayer for physical needs. I´ve been going to physical therapy since March and seeing various orthopedic doctors and a neurologist. It looks like I´ll be consulting with another neurologist soon. The neurologist that I have been seeing here for the past 10 years would like another neurologist´s opinion. I´ve been feeling very "broken" physically and need the stamina to mentor the new Argentine facilitators during the workshop next week.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

In His love,

Lori for all of us

Fri Aug 17 13:04:27 2007

June, July and August News

Hello again from Tucuman, Argentina! Wow, it's been a really long time since I've posted on the blog. We've had lots of comings, goings and various ministry activities since April.

Family- Beth traveled back to the US in July. We miss her. She and Ben are staying with Dick's parents. Ben starts classes at Taylor University in a few weeks and Beth will be working as a translator for a visiting nurse program. She's hoping to go overseas with the Peace Corps. We are preparing for Andrea's 15th birthday celebration this weekend. The 15th birthday is the Big birthday celebration for girls here in Argentina like it is in other latin countries. There'll be a short dedication service at church and then a dinner for the youth group kids and Andrea's school friends at a restaurant not far from where we live. Should be fun! :-)

Ministry- Last week we had a great group from California here to help with projects at church, with ministry in the cell groups, the foundation for needy girls, kids' Sunday school and a kids' club in a nearby neighborhood. We are looking forward to having them here again. :-)

Dick visited the distance seminary students last week for the first time in a few months. We were without a car for over a month because of an accident that left our car badly dented in the back. Fortunately the damage is fixed but this past weekend Dick was hit again only this time on the driver's side. Looks like the car will be back in the shop soon.....

I'm preparing for an interpersonal skills workshop that is taking place September 10-14 in Salta. I'd appreciate prayer for the preparations. We're hoping to have facilitators from Buenos Aires, Salta and Tucuman. The workshop is for church leaders, Argentina missionaries and missionaries in general. It will be held in Cerrillos at the new conference center that was formerly a school for missionary kids. This is the first time the whole 4 day workshop will be held in Salta. :-)

I'll try and post some pictures. I've had a hard time posting pictures lately because of the changes that have been made to the Blogger website.

Thank you again for your prayers for us! Bye for now!

Fri Jun 22 18:57:34 2007

This month's "world news brief" comes to us in the form of a story from the field. Retired WorldVenture missionary and International Resource Specialist Bruce MacPherson tells of his recent trip to Argentina and the encouraging return to unity within a church planted there long ago.
After 35 years in South America with WorldVenture, Nancy and I returned to the U.S. in March 2003. This past March and April we returned to Argentina for the second time since then. Dick Greenman, the field chairman, invited me to travel with him to visit lay leaders who are studying through the new distance seminary program that Dick is developing.

Mon Mar 19 18:05:09 2007

Counting The Cost-Sacrifice and Joy
February and March News
Once again it's hard to believe that it's been so long since I've posted on the weblog. I've written to a few people but others have asked how we are doing because they hadn't heard from us recently. The last time I wrote I mentioned that I was preparing for the training of new facilitators for the Spanish Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshops. The training in Córdoba went really well. We now have 7 new Spanish speaking facilitators, one from Costa Rica, one from Uruguay and 5 from Argentina. The next workshop here in Argentina is scheduled for April 2-6 at the CCMT missionary training center in Córdoba. I plan to be there with one other experienced facilitator and one new facilitator. The plan is to facilitate the future workshops with a team of experienced and new facilitators in order to mentor the new facilitators. I’m really looking forward to working with my new colleagues!
From the end of February until the middle of March Dick traveled three weekends in a row for various meetings and to visit the distance seminary students. At the end of February our missionary team here in NW Argentina had a mini retreat together with the Argentine leaders of the UBNOA association of churches. We talked about what our shared vision is for the future of the work here. This is the first time, that we can remember, that the entire missionary team has met with these leaders in a relaxed retreat atmosphere. God’s presence was evident in our meetings as we talked about the needs of the churches here and how to reach the shared vision we have for Godly maturing leaders.
At various time in our ministry we have counted the cost of living and ministering in Argentina. We enjoy being here but the joy doesn’t come without sacrifice, a sacrifice we make for our Lord, our fellow Argentine believers and those here that don’t know Him. Various things have happened in the past months to cause me to reflect on that sacrifice and the benefits that it brings. The other day during a ride home from downtown in a taxi, some of these points about sacrifice were brought out in a conversation with the taxi driver. He was marveling at the fact that I, a US citizen, was living here with my family when a lot of Argentines want to leave the country and go to the US. He asked about my family, where my children were living, etc. I told him about Ben studying in the US, about Argentina being ¨home¨ for our children. Right before he dropped me off he said it had "been a pleasure". He was really serious and I was awed by his comment. Dick said he was flirting. :-) I think it was more than that. God was evident there in that conversation and He spoke to me through what the taxi driver said.
A few days ago I had a similar conversation about the costs of being here during my visit to the physical therapist that I’m seeing for the inflammation in the bottom of my foot. We talked about family, about the US, about MS and the various treatments, how the inflammation although not caused by MS may be an effect of how my muscles function because of MS. I had told her a few days before that I would like to be in good shape to facilitate a workshop the first week of April. I asked her if she thought that was possible. She said "it’s probable". From what I’ve read, this type of inflammation is pretty common and takes months to recover. I was in pain throughout the training for new facilitators and really would like to be recovered before the first week of April. Yes, I’m counting the cost of doing the workshop, not only the physical cost but the time away from home, the financial cost, the time and emotional effort that it takes. The investment in people’s lives is worth it as I see the changes that God brings about through the discussions and the reflection times during the workshops. There’s a lot more I could write about sacrifice and ministry but I’d need to write a book and you’d need a lot more time to read it all. :-) We’d appreciate your continued prayers for us and for our Argentine brothers and sisters and for our colleagues as we continue to minister here.
Bye for now and it’s been a pleasure! :-)
In Him,
Lori for all of us

Sat Jan 13 20:07:47 2007

Dear family,friends and colleagues,

Happy 2007 and December News

We hope 2007 has started out well for you! It's been awhile since I've written and I'm glad to be able to post today. Thank you so much to all of you who have written and sent Christmas cards! We enjoyed Christmas with all our kids at home. :-) Ben traveled from Taylor University in Indiana and Beth has been here for a few months now after graduating from Taylor. Andrea finished 8th grade in December and is very happy to have her brother and sister here. Dick's brother Dave, Nancy and our nephew Josh were here for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We had fun spending time together celebrating our Savior's birth, shooting off fireworks (Christmas Eve is not a "Silent Night" here although sometimes I wish is was....), eating right before midnight and opening presents.

The week before Christmas we were in Buenos Aires as a family. Dick, Beth, Andrea and I drove there to meet Ben at the airport. It was fun to see different parts of the city and visit with our colleagues Greg, Laile and their little boys. I'll see if I can post a few pictures of our time in Buenos Aires. :-) Please check out our blog for the pictures and other news

This month is the main time for summer vacations here in Argentina. Since we already had our long trip to Buenos Aires and back, we would like to take some short trips in the province of Tucuman and maybe to Jujuy. There are a lot of beautiful places to see! Ben returns to Taylor University on January 28. We hope you have a great January whether you are enjoying snow or a hot day by the pool. :-)

In 2007 may all your needs be supplied through our Lord just as He promised and may you grow in Him. We also pray that His truth will continue to be spread to throughout the world and that we may remain faithful.
Thank you for your prayers!
In His love,
Lori for Dick, Beth, Ben and Andrea

Mon Oct 16 11:57:34 2006

Hi! Here is our latest post on our weblog I posted one more picture today which you can see by typing in the web address or if you're connected you can click on the web address in this e-mail. Enjoy! :-) We hope all is well where you are. This month are preparing for a visit from a couple who have been appointed with WorldVenture and would like to work in Northwest Argentina. In November we have our annual field conference meetings and a visit from Ken and Arlene Flurry. Ken is the Overseas Director for Latin America for WorldVenture. Beth is arriving in about a week and Ben is coming in December. Andrea will be finishing 8th grade in a few months and then summer vacation starts in December. Ministry continues full speed ahead. Dick will be visiting the distance seminary students again in November in addition to being one of the pastors here at Zona Oeste Baptist Church and field chairman of our missionary team. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Mon Oct 16 11:47:03 2006

September workshop, October ladies' retreat and family news

Wow, it's the middle of October already. I had a great time facilitating the Spanish Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop in Cordoba last month. There were 16 participants from the north, south and central Argentina. We saw God work in everyone's lives during our five days together. It was great to watch the participants encouarage and pray for each other.

We are looking forward to Beth's arrival here in a few weeks! It's been at least a year and a half since she's been here. Lots of people are looking forward to seeing her again. :-)

Last weekend I attended the tri-province ladies' retreat. Claudia Alvarado, an Argentine missionary to Mozambique and I facilitated a two hour workshop about how to listen well and with love. The theme of the retreat was missions. Claudia talked about Mozambique and missions in general. A lady from Cochabamba, Bolivia was the main speaker and also talked about missions. The ladies really see the need for sending a missionary from Northwest Argentina to Mozambique and left the retreat very enthused to help with the Mozambique Project to send a missionary from the churches here. :-) I wish I could post pictures of the ladies' retreat but I took pictures with a regular camera. Maybe I can scan some pictures to post after I get them developed.

Thank you for your prayers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wed Sep 6 17:51:37 2006

Mountains, Family and Workshop

Hello again from Argentina! There have been a few things happening here since I wrote last. Dick climbed Mt. Aconquija with a few friends, Andrea celebrated her 14th birthday, Ben started his sophmore year at Taylor, Beth finished her course work for Taylor at the end of August and is now an official graduate. :-)

We would appreciate prayer for our family and ministry. Dick has meetings this month with church association leaders, a trip to visit the distance seminary students and is one of the four pastors here the Zona Oeste church.

I travel tomorrow to Cordoba to co-facilitate a Spanish interpersonal skills workshop. The workshop starts Monday Sept.11 and finishes Friday Sept. 15. People will be traveling from the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Tucuman, Salta and Chubut for the workshop.

Bye for now and thank you for praying!

Fri Jun 16 13:05:11 2006

Hello again from Argentina! We're enjoying a beautiful sunny fall day. It's nice to be able to rest some and get back into life here after our time in Brazil last week. On June 3 Dick and I traveled to Fortaleza for a field leaders' retreat. We had a great time connecting with colleagues from Latin America in a beautiful beachside setting. Barb Bentley stayed with Andrea until we returned home this past Sunday. During the week we participated in discussions and workshops about leadership. I led a workshop about listening and helping others solve problems. Before we returned to Tucuman we visited friends in Sao Paulo at the Antioch Mission. Marcia works in member care and training for the Brazilian mission agency. Her husband Silas is the director of the mission that Marcia's father started.

Andrea had a good time with Barb while we were gone. Ben had his first week with missionary kids last week at WorldVenture headquarters in Littleton, Colorado and says it went well. Yesterday Beth started her job as a Spanish translator for a clinic in Michigan. It's so good that Beth and Ben are enjoying their jobs.

Sat Jun 3 11:51:43 2006

Hello again from Tucuman! I just posted some pictures that Dick took during Beth's graduation from Taylor. :-)
One is of Ben and Beth and the other is my mom Marlene on the left and Dick's mom Lois on the right with Beth in the middle. Beth is now moved in with her Grandma and Grandpa Greenman in Sparta. Ben arrived in Colorado today and will be working at WorldVenture headquarters with the Third Culture Kids' program. Dick arrived safely in Argentina this morning and is traveling from Buenos Aires to Tucuman tonight on the overnight bus. He'll be here in the morning Lord willing. I'm waiting for him and praying. As I write this Andrea is with the youth group kids at a special "quince", a birthday party for a girl from church who is now 15 years old. Thank you so much for your prayers for our family as we're once again spread out over a few states and two countries. Bye for now!

Mon May 22 17:10:06 2006

Hello again! It's the start of a new week. :-) Dick arrived in Michigan last Thursday morning and arrived at Taylor Thursday afternoon. It's quite a trip from here to there. Congratulations to Beth on her graduation from Taylor! They tell me that the graduation ceremony was three hours long. Wow! I hope to see some digital pictures soon. It was nice to talk by phone with Beth Saturday evening. I called from our computer to her cell phone as they were driving from Taylor to Sparta. Isn't technology great? :-) I've also talked to Ben and Dick. Congratulations to Ben for finishing his freshman year at Taylor and finishing well! On Friday Ben flies to Colorado to work at WorldVenture headquarters for the summer and Dick flies back to Argentina.

The Friday evening and all day Saturday interpersonal skills workshop here in Tucuman went very well. It was a joy to be with the group of participants from the Anglican church and IXTUS the Christian university center. Hopefully we can continue the second half of the workshop in a month or so.

Andrea and I are doing well. Andrea has three end of the semester tests this week. We also have a day off on Thursday the 25th to celebrate Argentina's Independence Day. We'll be celebrting with our church family, eating "locro" at the locreada at church. If you don't know what that is, it's a thick, creamy squash based soup with sausage, other meats, sometimes pigs feet (depending on who makes the locro), cracked corn and white beans. Yum! :-)

If you've been praying for Dick's trip, the workshop and our family in general, thank you!

Hope you have a good week! Bye for now! I'll include some pictures of Beth's graduation, later in the the week when someone sends some to me.

Wed May 17 17:41:43 2006

Dick left for Buenos Aires last night and should be arriving there this morning around 11am. He'll be flying from Buenos Aires tonight and arriving in Houston Thursday morning and changing planes to fly to Detroit. The plan is for his parents to pick him up in Detroit and they will drive together to Taylor University Thursday afternoon. Beth's graduation from Taylor is Saturday. :-) My mom, sister, Dave and Nancy, Sara (Greenman) (deleted) and my aunt and uncle will be at Taylor also this weekend. I'm sure they'll have a great time together. Wish I could be there too. Andrea is busy with school and end of the semester tests here and it would be hard for her to make up the work. We hope to see the graduation video and talk by internet phone connection this weekend. I'll be facilitating an interpersonal skills mini-workshop this Friday evening and Saturday here in town for the Anglican church, staff of the IXTUS Christian Center for University students and maybe a few university students. Looks like there will be at least 21 participants. We appreciate prayer this week for Dick and his travels, for a good time with family and for the workshop this weekend. Dick will be back here in Argentina May 28, Lord willing. :-) I'll keep you posted on how things are going with all the activities. Bye for now!

Sat May 13 11:30:02 2006
Greetings from Tucuman! Welcome to the Greenman family's new blogspot. We're glad you found us and hope to hear from you soon. Life is never boring here and we hope to keep you updated on life and happenings in our lives.

posted by Lori Greenman

Today I visited the apartment that we are thinking about renting for Brandon and Wizzy, the couple that will be here for two months. They are preparing for their trip and we are preparing for them. :-) Dick is preparing for his time in the US, for Beth's graduation from college and his visit with family and friends. Tonight the girls from church will be here for a cell group meeting. Tomorrow friends are coming over for a cookout and Sunday evening a visiting pastor and a few other people will be coming over for pizza. We're looking forward to a very social weekend. :-) I'll write again after our weekend activities. I've only told one person about this blog so far and hope to get the word out soon so that friends and family can keep up to date on what is going on here. Bye for now!

Sat Apr 15 11:47:57 2006

Dear family, friends and ministry partners,

Hello again from Argentina and an early Easter greeting! We've been back in Argentina since February 14. If you haven't heard from us since we left the US, we arrived here a few days later than expected due to a pilot's strike, but we did arrive safe and sound. We're settling back into life and ministry and have been on a few trips since we arrived back in the country.

Here´s a quick update on what we have been doing besides settling in again here in Tucumán. :-) In March Dick traveled to Bolivia and had a great time visiting with our missionary colleagues there. About a week after Dick returned, Lori traveled to Cordoba, Argentina to co-facilitate a Spanish Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop at the missionary training center, Centro de Capcitación Misionera Transcultural. It was a blessing to be with people from Peru,Ecuador,El Salvador,Brazil,Chile and Argentina. She would like to write more about the workshop in another update. :-) You can see pictures of the workshop at under the title Spanish (on the left side of the web page) and then ¨fotos¨.

The first weekend in April Dick drove to the provinces of Salta and Jujuy to visit and encourage students who are studying in the distance seminary program. He returned very encouraged by the student´s faith and eagerness to learn. This Easter weekend Dick is traveling to the town of Juoaquín V. Gonzalez where he will preach in a church there during their special Easter meetings.

We are happy to report that the provincial school board accepted our request that Andrea study in 8th grade,although she does have to take four tests on 7th grade material at the end of July. The school year began in March and the decision was made the second week of April. She started in 8th grade when classes began and is happy that she can continue with her classmates. We were praying as we were waiting for the decision to be made! Andrea finished her 7th grade studies at home last year while we were in the US.

We are also happy that we now have a new car, a Ford EcoSport which is very similar but a little smaller than the US Ford Escape. We were without a car for a month while the paperwork was being done. We sure appreciate having a car again! Thank you to the people who gave towards the purchase of the car. We appreciate your generousity!

Beth and Ben are doing well at Taylor University. Dick will be traveling to Beth´s graduation in May. Andrea and I will be cheering her on from Argentina. It isn´t easy being far from them. We´re thankful for internet Skype, chat and an internet computer to phone connection!

We are praising God for His answers to prayer since we´ve been back. We´ve seen once again that He doesn´t always answer as quickly as we would like and we are surprised sometimes in the way He answers, but He does answer. :-) Thank you so much for your prayers for us and the ministry here! We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us any news and let us know how we can be praying for you.

We would appreciate prayer for the Argentine believers, for the Zona Oeste church here in Tucuman, the distance seminary program, future interpersonal skills workshops (a possible mini workshop here in Tucuman in May and a workshop in Cordoba in September), Beth,Ben and Andrea and for continued health, strength and wisdom as we serve Him.

May you have a special weekend remembering our Savior´s atoning sacrifice and victory! He is Risen!

In His love,

Dick,Lori and Andrea

Mon Feb 20 12:12:24 2006

Dear Betty and Lois,

We wanted to let you know that we did finally arrive in Argentina after some interesting adventures on the way. One of the church folks from Fort Myers dropped us off in Miami on Sunday, two days after our original schedule. The airline folks told us that because of a delay caused by the bad weather in Washington DC, the plane would not be coming in until 4:00 in the morning, leaving at 9:00. We stayed overnight at a hotel, at the expense of the airline, and got back to the airport to leave on the 9:00 AM flight, which was delayed til 12:00. Arrived in Santa Cruz Bolivia at about 9:00 at night, thinking we were just making it for our flight to Salta, but found out that, since the airline is catching up the backlog of flights, we had been combined with a charter flight which would go first to the Atlantic coast of Brazil, then to Tucumán, then to Salta--leaving at 1:00 AM, arriving in Salta at 9:00 AM Tuesday. Lloyd is not making flights to Tucumán, but under the Lord´s providence we were able to deplane in Tucumán directly, because of the charter flight, instead of having to make a four hour bus trip from Salta. We arrived weary but happy and blessed.

Thank you for being a part of God´s blessing to us. We really appreciate your hospitality, as you have done so many times for us in the past. It is always special to be at your house, especially as the last stop before departing.

Please let the church folks know of our safe arrival.


Dick and Lori

Wed Jan 11 18:11:14 2006

Dear friends,

Greetings from Michigan! Feliz Año Nuevo! We hope you had a special Christmas and are having a great year so far.

We'd like to update you on what's been happening since we last wrote in September. Life hasn't been boring! We'll end with a few prayer requests as we prepare to return to Argentina on February 10.

Family- We've had the joy of spending some fun time with family who traveled to visit us. Nancy Greenman and our nephew Josh flew from Argentina before Josh started college in the fall. Dick's brother John and his wife Donna flew from Texas to visit. We've visited aunts,uncles, and cousins in Michigan and drove to Kentucky to be with Lori's mother, sister Jennie and her husband Wilson for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have Beth and Ben here with us for their Christmas break from Taylor University. We´re thankful that we could celebrate Christmas here at "our" house with 15 family members, celebrate Dick´s dad´s 87th birthday on Dec. 27 and host a get together for 25 extended family members on Dec. 28. Beth and Ben returned to Taylor University on January 2. We'll see them again on our way to Colorado in January when we drop off Andrea who will be staying with Beth while we're gone.

Milestones- In July, 1985 we joined the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society. As of July, 2005 we have served 20 years with the mission, now named WorldVenture. We attended our 25th Wheaton College class reunion in October and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on January 3, 2006.

Ministry-From September to December we reconnected with partnering churches and individual partners in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It was a joy to visit with everyone and share what God has been doing in Argentina. We were also able to visit historic sites like Plymouth-Massachusetts, Valley Forge-Pennsylvania, Indepence Hall- Philadelphia, the Stature of Liberty- New York (from a distance), Mystic Seaport-Connecticut (formerly Greenmanville) and Hershey-Pennsylvania. The beautiful fall colors added a special touch as we drove the many miles on our two week trip. In November Lori attended the Mental Health and Missions Conference in Indiana. Marcia Tostes who works with Antioquia Mission in Brazil flew to Michigan and also attended the conference. Both Lori and Marcia connected with others who are involved in member care for missionaries around the world.

Answers to prayer- God has protected us during our miles and miles of travels. We have had great times with family and friends. We hope to see the friends and family that we didn't visit this home assignment when we return to the US in a few years, Lord willing. God is giving strength, good health and continues to be our Rock, Refuge, and Source of all our needs.

Prayer Requests-

1) For Dick and Lori as we travel to Colorado for WorldVenture's annual Renewal Conference. We leave January 18 or 19 to take Andrea to Taylor and drive out west. The plan is to return to Taylor on January 29 to pick up Andrea. We hope to stay a few days to visit with Beth and Ben and then return to Michigan to finish packing for our departure.

2) For Andrea as she travels back to Argentina with us and starts 8th grade in Tucuman when classes begin in March.

3) For Beth and Ben as they continue studying at Taylor. Beth graduates in May but has an independant study to do during the summer. Ben has been invited to work as a summer intern with WorldVenture's progam for missionary kids who visit headquarters with their parents.

3)The Distance Seminary- for wisdom in developing and modifying the program to best meet the needs of church leaders and for the students that they will persevere in their studies.

4) The Spanish Interpersonal Skills workshop that will be held March 20-25 at the missionary training institute in Cordoba, Argentina. Lori has been invited to facilitate the workshop along with two other facilitators.

5) For our support.We hardly ever write about our financial need but we lack 700 dollars a month in support. Now would be a great time to start partnering financially with us if you would like to and are able to. We need to replace the car that we sold to an Argentine pastor who needed one. If you can give a one time gift towards buying a car we would be so grateful. We lack about 5,000 dollars. Please write to us if you are interested in helping with our support or with buying a car. Our permanent e-mail address is When we leave the US in February we will not be able to access our PeoplePC e-mail account.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

Serving Him with you,

Dick and Lori Greenman

Mon Sep 26 15:31:38 2005

Dick Greenman spoke at Windy City Community Church on September 11, 2005. You can listen to this message at and select sermons.

Dear family and friends, Greetings from Michigan! Yes, we arrived safe and sound. :-) Thank you for your prayers for us as we visit family, friends, churches and help Beth and Ben settle in again at college. This Saturday Beth, Ben, Andrea and Lori will be traveling to Taylor University. Beth will begin her senior year at Taylor and Ben will start his freshman year. We will be participating in orientation activities for international students. Beth will be the president of the Mu Kappa organization for international students and will help lead the activities.

We've attached pictures of the Sparta Baptist missionary house where we are living, a view of the mountains from Rocky Mountatin National Park in Colorado (yes we really were there :-)) and the picture that we will use for our prayer card.

Before we left Argentina Lori wrote that we were looking forward to seeing many of you during our seven month home assignment. We've had a very eventful few months traveling and visiting friends and family. We've enjoyed every moment, well, almost. The day the our car's air conditioner stopped working in 95 degree heat wasn't very fun but fortunately we made it home and the dealer fixed it for free. :-)

We'd like to tell you about what's planned for the next few months, but first here's what the past few months have looked like. We've experienced some culture shock but it's great to be visiting the US. We've been able to visit with family and many friends whom we haven't seen since 2002. What a joy!

June- We arrived in the USA on June 15, visited Lori's mother,brother and sister in Kentucky and Lori's sister visited us in Michigan.

July- A friend of Beth's visited us for a week. We watched fireworks on the 4th for the first time in 3 years. :-) We traveled to Colorado for an extended family reunion and for a debriefing time at World Venture headquarters. Both the family reunion and debriefing time were special blessings. During the family reunion we were able to share about our work in Argentina and how family heritage and how Lori's grandmother's faith and the encouragement and support of family has influenced us and encouraged us in our ministry. Before and after the meetings at mission heaquarters we visited with friends in the Denver area. If you live in Colorado and we didn't see you, we'll be back in January for the World Venture Renewal Conference. :-) On the way home from Colorado we visited Greenwood Missionary Baptist Church in Wisconsin and Dick's sister and family Edgerton, Wisconsin. Ben had a great time at the third culture kid reentry seminar in New York while we were in Colorado.

August- We've spent the first few weeks of August in Michigan. It's been fun to visit with friends, celebrate Andrea's 13th birthday, attend Dick's cousin's wedding (a Mesianic Jewish ceremony), visit one supporting church and visit with our sister in law Nancy Greenman and Josh who flew from Argentina so that Josh could start college at Western Michigan University. Now we're getting ready for college and home schooling for Andrea.

News from Argentina- It is very encouraging to hear how the different ministries are carrying on in our absence. Some of the churches have begun their special meetings as they prepare for the October "International Crusade" with very positive results. There are a few interpersonal skills workshops scheduled in September and November. It's a blessing to see how the Argentine facilitators are coordinating and continuing the workshops. The distance seminary continues on with the supervision of an Argentine and missionary colleague.

Fall Schedule- During the months of September,October and November we will be visiting churches in Illinois, Michigan,Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. In October we will also be attending our 25th Wheaton College class reunion and parent's weekend at Taylor University.

We would appreciate prayer for-

1) Beth and Ben as they begin a new school year at Taylor University. We will miss being with them but we are happy that they can continue their studies. We pray that they will grow in the Lord and the knowledge of His word as they continue to follow Him.
2) Andrea as she continues her 7th grade studies in Spanish and English here at home.
3) The September Spanish Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop in Cordoba, Argentina which will be facilitated by 4 new facilitators. Also the two day workshop in Santiago, Argentina in November which will be facilitated by two Argentine facilitators.
4) The churches in Northwest Argentina as they prepare for the October International Crusade.
5) The students and supervisors of the distance seminary.
6) Dick, Lori and Andrea as we travel, for strength, wisdom, joy, sensitivity and a learning spirit as we visit churches in different parts of the country. Also, that we would continue to grow spiritually and that we will take time out for fun and study.

Thank you again for supporting us in prayer! May God continue to bless you.

In His love,

Dick,Lori,Beth,Ben and Andrea

They left for home assignment on June 13 with plans to return in February 2006. This will be the first time their whole family has been together in the US since January 2002. Their son, Ben, has graduated from high school in Bolivia in May. While they are gone their ministries in South America continue: the seminary program, the Zona Oeste Baptist Church, the church annex in Villa Carmela and the Spanish Interpersonal Skills workshops. They will be living in Sparta Baptist's missionary house in Michigan. June through August they will be involved in family and World Venture headquarters meetings. September through January they will be visiting churches. They plan to be at WCCC on September 9 for Women's Guild and preaching on Sunday, September 11.


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Dick and Lori Greenman serve in church planting and leadership training in Tucumán, Argentina. In January 1989 when they first arrived in the country with Beth, 4, Ben, ½, they worked with Argentine colleagues to establish the Zona Oeste Baptist Church. Dick was co-pastor along with an Argentine colleague. Now the Greenmans have passed on the responsibility to an Argentine pastor who serves the church part time.

During this time, Dick helped begin El Seminario Bíblico de Tucumán, a seminary in Tucumán. He also teaches in a seminary in Salta, works with the newly established “La Nueva Esperanza”, a daughter church of Zona Oeste Baptist Church. His other responsibilities include developing the new distance seminary program, SEBEA a Distancia which allows church leaders to study without leaving their home and ministry. Most of the students in the program would otherwise not be able to study at all. He also serves as field chairman for the CBI missionaries working in Northwest, Argentina and as supervisor of the new CBI field in Bolivia.

When they first arrived in Argentina, Lori directed the Sunday school, helped with the music ministry and led the women´s group. She was also president of the tri-province women´s committee, planning retreats and special conferences for women. Argentine believers now lead those ministries and Lori focuses on facilitating the Spanish “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” workshops. She coordinated the translation of the material into Spanish. It is a joy for her to mentor newly trained Argentine facilitators as they facilitate the workshops in different parts of Argentina and other countries in the southern cone of South America. The Spanish workshops began in 2002 and have been held in Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Argentina. Lori serves on the member care team for Latin missionaries under the umbrella of COMIBAM International, an association of Latin mission agencies.

The Greenmans have three children, Beth is studying at Taylor University in Indiana, Ben graduated in May, 2005 from Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center in Bolivia and Andrea is studying at an Argentine school in Tucumán. All three children have been active in church youth groups in Argentina, have helped host various ministry teams that have visited Argentina, and are a witness for the Lord among their friends.

Ministry At A Glance

Primary Minstry Focus- Leadership training and theological education through seminaries and workshops.

The people- Church leaders and seminary students of the churches in Northwest Argentina, Latin missionaries

Major Challenges- Coordinating leadership training to churches that are geographically removed from centers of study.

Prayer Focus- That the leaders that we work with will grow in godliness and vision for the Lord´s work