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Cesar and his wife Mally are with Youth With A Mission in Peru, see ywamperu.com.

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Wed Dec 27 09:38:35 2017

Hello everyone!

Mayi and I are in America, God bless us this year and we are going to spend Christmas in AK.
We pray you are doing well, and doing great things for the Lord! May this 2018 be year full of blessings and spiritual growth!

César and Mayi

Christmas card attached

Fri Oct 27 16:31:33 2017

Here is an email from Cesar and Mayerlin

Mon Jun 19 20:22:58 2017

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Wed Apr 19 10:38:25 2017

As many of you guys heard Peru has recently suffered many rains, heavy rains, making some part of Lima covered with mud. My wife and I took our youth group to help this past Monday (and several ywam teams) and it was a very difficult situation, we were able to help very little compared to the great work they still need to accomplish. Prayers are appreciated as we are going try to go back to help. Thank God they do have help from the government and other entities as far as a place to sleep and food, but the actual work, hands on, is lacking. Pray as we try to combine our strength with other churches or other youth group. Pray for finances since this is also a great effort and investment in transporation and buying the tools need it.

On the other hand, our church is still growing, but we are focusing more in the spiritual growth of our church! In our ministry, we have close to 15 youth, and they are growing, 8 of them are going to be baptised next month!!! I'm excited as I'm going to be there with them to help baptize! It is truly amazing to see how they grow and how they want to follow the steps of Jesus!

For our personal prayer request:

1. I (César) just got 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out and is slowing my work a lot, please pray for the pain to be gone and keep up with the work down here (this was last night)
2. Pray for our discipleship group, we have most of our youth in our discipleship groups, Mayi does women and I do men, please pray for God to give us wisdom to keep helping them to grow.
3. We are praying so hard for some time of vacations, but it always seems to “not the great time” for it. We want to go back to the USA for a couple weeks and reconnect with our friends and church, pray as we need finances and the logistic of it.

Fianlly we want to thank for your for faithful support! It has really come in handy and it has blessed us beyond words! God is truly good!

Tue Apr 18 13:06:38 2017

Here is a video showing the church Debbie and I go to in Lima. First a look at the entrance to the chicken restaurant. Then a view down the street. Then a sample of worship. Then a look at the room during a 3-minute break between worship and the sermon. Then a bit of a sermon with Pastor Roger Kim of Grace Life Church in Baltimore speaking in English and with Cesar translating. Then there is a greeting from Cesar and Mayerlin.

Mon Dec 26 12:09:01 2016

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Mon Nov 14 17:16:35 2016

See a little newsletter.

Fri May 27 16:15:15 2016

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Sat May 21 16:24:57 2016

We're excited to let you guys know that we are going to have our first baptism this sunday! !!! 6 people! Praise God!

Please keeps us in your prayers as we are taking more steps and church is growing.
I'll be preaching in a few weeks again. So need those prayers ;)

Once again I'll try sending a newsletter soon!

Mon Jan 11 15:58:50 2016

Here is a tiny video where Don and Debbie present Cesar and Mayerlin Ausejo with your Christmas gift. Filmed in front a pizza place in San Miguel, Lima, Peru where Cesar is helping Grace Life Church of Baltimore, MD plant a church in Lima.

Thu Dec 31 12:03:19 2015

Hello everyone!

Here is our newsletter, please take a couple minutes to read it. its a longer one, we talk about the passing of my grandfather and a happy ending!

Cesar Ausejo

Thu Nov 5 15:44:12 2015

See their October Newsletter.

Sat Jul 25 14:24:43 2015

Dear Friends!

Please take a minute to read what God is doing in our lives and through us!

Is there anything we can be praying for you?

God boless!

Cesar Ausejo Bueno



Fri Apr 10 14:43:40 2015

Here is a slightly newer version of their newsletter.

Thu Apr 9 16:11:11 2015

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Tue Dec 9 14:37:36 2014

See a short video of Cesar getting his Christmas present from Windy city. This video is webm and chrome handles it nicely, don't know about other browsers.

Mon Dec 8 10:14:16 2014

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Mon Aug 4 08:29:05 2014

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Sat Apr 26 15:05:24 2014

See a special note from Cesar and his wife.

Mon Apr 21 21:04:12 2014

Here is a sampling of recent newsletters from Cesar, first a good one for some background is June 2013, some more recent newsletters that highlight their home building project are from January 2014 and March 2014.