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Daryl & Laura Carlson with SEND International and headed to Alaska.
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Fri Dec 2 18:03:47 2016

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Sat Nov 5 17:10:56 2016

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Mon Jan 11 15:20:41 2016

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Thu Jul 9 14:11:55 2015

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Wed Nov 19 19:27:53 2014

Hi Tom,

We want to thank WCCC so much for the added gift you sent to help with the home service expense set back.
As for a financial update, here is where we are at.

Since September we have lost a church and a couple of supporters. I am in contact with a few who have not given in a while to see what their plans are. That is to say our support may go down even more. That is an area of prayer and with wisdom on how to obtain more supporters.

Not much movement on the homeservice deficit.

Not much movement on a second job to make up the difference. We felt called to start a coaching business and that is a challenge in getting the business moving.

So prayers are much appreciated for us as we follow through all we felt God has called us to.

Thanks for asking and for standing with us in prayer.

God bless,

Thu Oct 16 11:47:32 2014

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Fri Jun 27 01:22:55 2014

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Wed Feb 19 23:39:57 2014

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Sat Nov 16 20:22:40 2013

See the note about the passing of Laura's mother.

Wed Nov 6 17:59:06 2013

Please pray today for my wife, Laura Beth Carlson, and her family. Hospice is at her mom's home and we are told we are only hours away from mom's passing on. Please pray for a smooth passing.

Sat Oct 26 13:47:16 2013

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Sat May 25 13:37:57 2013

The past two weeks at the Carlson home….has been unexpected and plan altering!
First, we are coming home on an early home-service! We found out exactly two weeks ago that our land lord is not renewing our lease since they are relocating back to Alaska. The added fact of our low support results in our coming home in August 2013 instead of May 2014.
Second, and more urgently, last Friday Laura’s mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer which spread to her lymph nodes, liver, lungs and uterus. There was severe internal bleeding which medication is currently holding in check. A plan is being developed to stop the bleeding so the other issue can be addressed. We were able to pool air miles to fly down to be with her this past week (heading back to Alaska on Sunday).
Last, but certainly not least: Laura’s sister, Julie, started Chemo-therapy two weeks ago for ovarian cancer. Surgery removed the mass and chemo is doing the clean- up work.
Please be in prayer for all of this!
We can also use some practical help with home-service. There is a lot to do in a short period of time.
We are looking for a 3-4 bedroom home to rent on a month to month basis in Canton, Illinois so we can be close to help with family. We have good references.
We are looking for a van to use for up to a year for a family of 5. We might be able to purchase one but if by some chance someone had an extra one that would be great. The thought of a two week drive down from Alaska is not too appealing with a squealing one year old, and we have other missionaries who want our van since it is Alaska ready.
We would love to visit supporters outside of Peoria too. If you know of someone in your area that needs a house sitter while and you would like us to visit, please help connect us. Maybe a mutually beneficial arrangement could be made?
Thanks so much for your prayers. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Daryl and the Carlsons

Sun Feb 24 14:12:42 2013

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Sat Feb 2 21:20:40 2013

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Tue Dec 25 16:13:50 2012

Hello Everyone,

We have posted a short video update.

We hope you enjoy it.

In the new year we will start using the email service, Mail Chimp, to better connect with all of you. I will tell you more about that later.

May each of you have a wonderful Christmas, remembering our great God and Savior Jesus!

Daryl Carlson and Family

Sun Nov 11 14:57:19 2012

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to sit down and write you a quick prayer update.
In our newsletter we told you about a couple of the options for us in getting involved in face to face ministry in the valley. We have started to attend the new church plant in our area and look forward to how God will use us in this outreach. Please continue to pray for opportunities and wisdom.
Samuel and the Girls are healthy and happy. Laura is feeling a little sick with a viris that give her dizzy spells. Prayers for her are greatly appreciated.

I have an opportunity this week to sit down with some volunteer media professionals who are in Anchorage on a missions trip to help ministries optimize their media outlets. Pray for a very productive meeting on Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers.
Love the Carlson family

Wed Oct 17 23:39:28 2012

See the front and back of a card from SEND North.

Tue Sep 25 17:03:26 2012

See their September newsletter.

Tue Jun 26 11:33:35 2012

Hi everyone,
Well, after 10 days in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) Samuel was discharged on Friday. The doctors were amazed at his rapid progress and we attribute that to God’s mercy and your prayers! Thank You!
That same night we had a little scare when Laura had to go to the ER to get tested for blood clots. Our Ob/Gyn didn’t believe her shortness of breath and uneven leg swelling was abnormal, but he didn’t want to risk it. Thankfully we were given the all clear with the admonition to get checked again if the symptoms return. Laura’s surgical incision has also separated a little and she has to take it extra easy. Your continued prayers are certainly appreciated. Outside of all of this, mother and baby are doing well.

My sister Nora and her family are now staying with us awaiting the arrival of their third child. So, things are fun and busy in the Carlson house.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

Daryl for the Carlson family.

Fri Jun 15 12:45:02 2012

Hi everyone,
Much has happened in the last 48 hours and we now have a moment to relay it to everyone (at least those who are not on Facebook).
On Tuesday June 12th, Laura went in to check on some unusual pain she was feeling. 6 hours later we were preparing for an emergency C-section. Samuel Henry Carlson was born that night at 9:53 and weighed in at 6 lbs, 12 oz, 20.5 inches long and came into the world on his 34th week of gestation. Mom and baby are doing well. As a reward for his early arrival Samuel was given a one hour ride to the region NICU at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, while we stayed at Mat-Su medical center in Palmer. Daryl¡¦s mom flew in today (Thursday) which is also the day Laura was released. We will be in Anchorage until Samuel is ready to come home. He is making good progress. Just a couple of hours ago he was downgraded to level 2 on the NICU.
We appreciate everyone¡¦s prayers who have been following the Facebook updates. Please keep praying for strength, and growth for Samuel as well as a solid recovery for Laura. On Monday Daryl¡¦s sister arrives from Petersburg with her family to have their third child (also a boy). Since they needed to travel anyway, we all agreed they should stay with us and let the cousins enter the world together. Nora was due before Laura, but I guess Samuel is a little more competitive than we thought and wanted to be first. ƒº

God bless all of your for your prayers! In more ways than we can say God was clearly protecting and providing every step of the way!
Daryl, Laura, Emily, Annika and Samuel Carlson

Thu Jun 14 23:39:44 2012

See a photo of the baby.

Wed Jun 13 23:39:26 2012

Samuel Henry Carlson was born at 9:53pm weighing in at 6 lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches long. He was taken to Anchorage to be watched in the NICU at Providence. He is doing as one would expect at 34 week old...a little trouble breathing. He settled in well last night. They gave him meds to help speed the maturation of his lungs and he is doing well. Grandma carlson is flying up tomorrow which is when I should be discharged. We will then go into to get grandma and see Sam. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Sun May 6 21:35:39 2012

See their May Newsletter.

Fri Mar 16 11:52:49 2012

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to say thanks for all of your prayers for Laura. She is feeling normal which is a major answer to prayer. It seems her fibroid was NOT the culprit directly. It is not necrosing that is causing pain, but its pushing all her intestines to her left. (It is so large that Laura’s tummy is measuring at 33 weeks along when we are only 21). We finally found that taking a calcium/magnesium liquid supplement gave her body what it needs to move things along and keep the pain at bay. The small bonus in all of this was being able to see more of Samuel. He really loves to move around A LOT! Please keep praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
I will be traveling tomorrow to Canada for the opening of the “Center of Hope” in Ross River, Yukon. I will be videotaping the ceremony and interviewing folks to put together a video. It is an amazing opportunity to capture the story of all God did to make this place of healing a reality. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I have not done video work since college, so please pray for the rust to fall out of my brain and for the equipment to cooperate. If this goes well I will have more opportunities to capture the stories of God at work for the edification of the Body. Please pray extra hard for safety in travel as we will be flying in a single engine Cessna there and back.

God bless and thanks for your prayers!
Daryl for the Carlson Clan.

Tue Mar 6 12:54:05 2012

Hi everyone,

The Carlson household is experiencing a little deja vu. Laura has been hospitalized for a necrosing fibroid due to pregnancy. This happened when we had Annika. Laura has a large fibroid on the upper, outside of her uterus. It does not interfere with pregnancy, but it can get so large that it outruns its blood supply. When this happens it starts to die, and it really feels like it! The only medicine that comes close to touching the non-stop pain so Laura can sleep must be administered by IV in the hospital.

This first hit at midnight Saturday morning. Since we knew this might happen and talked about it at length in advance with our Oby-Gyn, we were able to identify and deal with it right away. Laura was admitted yesterday afternoon and is sleeping/feeling well. Little Samuel is doing fine in utero also. Fortunately, the fibroid will stop necrosing and the pain will stop. Not sure how long this will take. Last time it hit at 6 months in and lasted about a week (maybe more…it is a little fuzzy). We are currently at 20 weeks.

Please be praying that this passes quickly and mom and baby stay safe. As much as we don’t like to use heavy medication (or any for that matter) we know it is better than the ramifications of the constant pain. Also please pray for the rest of us to handle this extra stress with grace. Please also pray for me to balance extra duties with the kids along with work. I am helping with preparations for our annual conference in three weeks. By that time I was also planning to write, shoot, and produce a short video of a recently completed building project in Canada. With God all things are possible so please be praying that I will possibly be able to do all the things God wants J

God bless and thanks
Daryl for the Carlsons

PS: Please excuse if you find any typos…Laura is my editor.

Mon Mar 5 14:47:13 2012

Hi everyone,
The Carlson household is experiencing a little deja vu. Laura has been hospitalized for a necrosing fibroid due to pregnancy. This happened when we had Annika. Laura has a large fibroid on the upper, outside of her uterus. It does not interfere with pregnancy, but it can get so large that it outruns its blood supply. When this happens it starts to die, and it really feels like it! The only medicine that comes close to touching the non-stop pain so Laura can sleep must be administered by IV in the hospital.
This first hit at midnight Saturday morning. Since we knew this might happen and talked about it at length in advance with our Oby-Gyn, we were able to identify and deal with it right away. Laura was admitted yesterday afternoon and is sleeping/feeling well. Little Samuel is doing fine in utero also. Fortunately, the fibroid will stop necrosing and the pain will stop. Not sure how long this will take. Last time it hit at 6 months in and lasted about a week (maybe more¡Kit is a little fuzzy). We are currently at 20 weeks.
Please be praying that this passes quickly and mom and baby stay safe. As much as we don¡¦t like to use heavy medication (or any for that matter) we know it is better than the ramifications of the constant pain. Also please pray for the rest of us to handle this extra stress with grace. Please also pray for me to balance extra duties with the kids along with work. I am helping with preparations for our annual conference in three weeks. By that time I was also planning to write, shoot, and produce a short video of a recently completed building project in Canada. With God all things are possible so please be praying that I will possibly be able to do all the things God wants ƒº

God bless and thanks
Daryl for the Carlsons

Sun Jan 29 18:03:18 2012

Thank You! A big hello to everyone at Windy City,
Thanks so much for the Christmas gift! It will help with our move and new baby.
Have you been enjoying your snow? We’re breaking records up here!
We’re praying for you and can’t wait to see you all again!
God Bless,
Daryl & Carlson family

Thu Jan 19 23:26:20 2012

See their January Newsletter.

Thu Dec 8 21:59:46 2011

Hello everyone:

A few churches have recently asked for new photos. We just had these shots taken. Please use any of these that you wish. Just right click and save as picture. If there is anything else you need just shoot back an email. Thanks

Fri Dec 2 16:27:32 2011

Hello Everyone,

The holidays are so very busy! I pray that you are all doing very well. This is just a quick note to let you know a couple of things that we are up to and to inform you that I am going to do another official newsletter after the first of the year. I have had computer problems and nearly lost our mailing list information. I had to reconstruct it so hopefully / prayerfully no one gets missed.

First of all, we are pregnant for the second time this year. When we got pregnant in June we were waiting until we were further along to make it public. Unfortunately we lost the baby at 14 weeks in September. We would appreciate all of your prayers for our new baby that he will make it to term fully healthy, and that Laura will be healthy as well.

Next, I want to invite all of you who are on facebook to check out one small piece of the work I’ve been doing. SEND North has a facebook page and I would appreciate it if you would ‘like’ it. It is a way for you to get more prayer requests from all of our missionaries and hear stories of what God is doing in the far north. Also, we are giving away several copies of a very cool book about the pioneer missionary who started this field of SEND International. You can get the details when you search for SEND North on facebook. Also, if you are not my friend on facebook please send me a request http://facebook.com/daryl.carlson

If you do that you will keep much better tabs on what is going on with us.

Please be in prayer for our teammates in one of our villages. In the last three weeks, three people have died whom they knew very well. Pray for their strength as they minister to people and pray for the families who have lost ones they love.

Finally, some of you have asked again for our mailing address. I thought it would be worth repeating here:
Daryl and Laura Carlson

PO Box 263

Palmer, AK 99645-0263

(907) 707-0239

God bless all of you. May you have a wonderful Christmas and feel God’s presence in extra special ways.

Daryl, for all of the Carlson Clan

Tue Nov 29 15:59:49 2011

Daryl Carlson

In case you didn't see my wife's announcement "We are pregnant. :-) It comes as a bit of a surprise to us, but we are thrilled! Will you join us in prayer that everything will go well? We didn't tell very many of you, but we lost a baby at 14 weeks in September. We DON'T want a repeat! Please pray that the baby will grow strong!"

Fri Oct 21 19:00:00 2011

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to send out a little update on what we have been doing. I have been keeping very busy and finding new creative ways to make full use of the internet. I have created several face book groups for SEND North and our missionaries. Some are public and some are private. I will let you know when the SEND North facebook page is ready to launch. You will want to check it out because you can enter to win a free book. I am also working to polish SEND North's website. This past week I received extra training on how to best use social media and blogs to make the most of the internet for marketing purposes. I am now communicating this potential to both the SEND North and the SEND International home office. If they are willing, I will be helping them set up this proven system and I know it will have a great impact for God's kingdom. It doesn't cost anything beyond what they are already putting into the internet, so that is a major bonus. Launching this endeavor will be pretty time consuming at first, but it will be worth it. I am also gathering resources for ChangePoint's digital outreach endeavor (that is the Anchorage church I am working with). That is not so time consuming right now, but more is on the horizon. They are looking into sending me above the arctic circle to Kotzebue to do a video shoot. A very gifted Native pastor lives there and may be willing to be taped teaching some of his curriculum. That is an exciting possibility so please be praying about that.
You may recall that in a previous prayer update I told you about some training I received on how God made our minds. This training is opening more doors for ministry for me. I am currently helping two believers be better equipped on how to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. This training can also be used in a secular setting for coaching advanced communication techniques. So I am also coaching one unsaved business person in this area and possibly starting with another. Please pray that doors open to share the Gospel.
On the home front we are doing well as a family. I am starting to teach Emily Russian for homeschool and Laura is doing well in teaching her the other subjects. Emily has reached a milestone by having her ear's pierced. Annika is growing by leaps and bounds and is developing quite a personality (she has learned how to say NO very well). We want to thank all of you for your prayers around the loss of our baby in pregnancy. We are feeling God's loving hand. This past week we have been fasting and praying. God has been so near and has been bringing much healing to our hearts.
Please keep these areas I have mentioned in your prayers. Also please pray for me as I try to recover some lost data. I had to reset our computer to fix a problem (so much for new laptops). I thought I saved everything only to realize that I did not back up all of our donor information! That is right, all the addresses, emails, giving records for our entire mailing list. I may have found a way to recover most of it so please pray that it works. If it does I still will have a load of work to do to bring things back to where they were.
Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers...what a blessing!
God bless,
Daryl for the Carlson Clan

Please be sure to pass this along to the proper person in the church...I may have lost their email :)

Thu Sep 8 20:57:41 2011

Hello to our church family,

We need your prayers. We just found out today that Laura had a miscarriage. Laura had a regular doctor’s appointment and the sono showed no heartbeat and the baby measured at 11 weeks…we are at 14 weeks. That means the baby passed away three weeks ago, but Laura’s body didn’t know it. Laura has to go in for a DNC procedure this Friday. It can take up to two weeks for Laura to fully recover.

Thanks for your prayers during this difficult time.


Sat Aug 20 15:38:28 2011

See their August Newsletter.

Thu May 26 16:01:01 2011

Hey everyone,

What a wonderful spring day we had today in Alaska…70 and sunny. We just wanted to touch base and give you a little update on us and get your much needed prayers.

I (Daryl) have been meeting with key native leaders to get a sense of what their ministries are about and how we might work together. What a joy to learn from such Godly men! Please keep praying that God would give us divine appointments. I also finished an online course last week which brings the latest understandings of how our minds and emotions work to bear upon the command to renew our minds. I learned from Godly men who have been using these truths for over 20 years (www.renewingyourmind.com) I look forward to use what I learned to help set people free as I go about doing Internet / support type ministry. While at the training I had a chance to share my faith with a Catholic lady who understood Christian religion but did not know our Lord personally. Please be praying for Marlene. Also, on the way back to Alaska God lead me to another divine appointment to share my faith with a young man. Please pray that Jason will also take to heart our conversation and come to know the Lord. It was obvious that our talk really impacted him deeply. The only other thing to keep praying for is our ongoing financial needs.

My mom is currently visiting for a month. Laura’s family will also be visiting this summer. A busy time for sure!

Thanks for your prayers…they are truly powerful and effective so don’t stopJ

God bless,

Daryl and Laura Carlson

Thu Mar 31 13:59:04 2011

Hello Everyone,
I have a couple of prayer requests for you to lift up for us.
1) My nephew Zeek is going in for open heart surgery very soon¡Kpossibly tomorrow (I will hear from my brother, Daniel, today). Zeek had heart troubles since birth and God has been doing miracles to bring healing to him. This surgery should be the last one that he will need. Please be praying that all goes smoothly.
2) Our support numbers are starting to drop and I would like prayer now before they get too low. Please note, this is a request for prayer and not an indirect request for supportƒº. Prayers are powerful and it should be the first response we all take to any and every need we have. These still are tough economic times and I am always amazed at how people give so we can be obedient to God ¡¥s call on our lives. We have had some people who needed to drop support. I will also be contacting some donors who we have not heard from for a while to check on them.
3) Please also pray for our donors. Their financial stability is our financial stabilityƒº. Also please pray for those donors we need to contact. It is never easy to have to ask about someone¡¦s donation history, but it is the non-fun requirement of being a self-supported missionary. Our hearts desire is for their wellbeing and for open communication. There is never any judgment on our part for the choices people have to make regarding their pledged support.

Thanks again for your prayers! It keeps us sane and the ministry moving forward.

Daryl Carlson

Sat Mar 19 17:09:17 2011

Hello Everyone,

What a busy year so far. Here is the latest in our lives. We pray that you are doing well. Remember, don’t be a stranger. We always love to hear from you. I have included the main text of two articles below the newsletter in case you can’t read the graphics. As always, you can see the pdf on our website carlsons.info

God bless


Sun Feb 20 13:49:48 2011

Hello Everyone,

Oh how time does fly. We pray that you are seeing God move in your lives as you grow in your relationship with Him.

We have been busy moving to our new home in Palmer, Alaska and are now all settled in. We have officially been reassigned by SEND from the Northern Light Network to the Church Ministries Division of SEND North. New location...new department…same goal: reach out with the Good news to the unreached in the remote North. Specifically, I am researching how to use the internet to help all of our village missionaries increase their impact. For years, SEND North’s missionaries have desired to find a way to use the internet to bridge the distance gap between believers and help them open doors to evangelize in their regions. The problem? Not enough time! The leadership here has said that in so many different ways our moving into this role is God’s perfect timing.

Please be in prayer as I chart new territory up here. I have started a discussion with my fellow missionaries to discover the needs and how we can meet them. I am traveling next week to the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville. This year they are looking in-depth at the internet and how to use it to connect with people (good timing). Immediately after this I have a meeting in Naknek, Alaska with some of our village missionaries. We will take a day to discuss this issue. I desperately need a clear mind, wisdom, and for God to bring together the necessary people for this project to fly.

On the home front: Emily and Annika are loving the new home…it has a fenced in back yard so they can play with Masaya (our puppy) without adult supervision. Yesterday was one such fun day with the 5 inches of snow that fell. Emily is excelling well in homeschool and is really taking off in math. This is very exciting for Laura and I since math is not in our DNA. (We both wish we had this math curriculum when we were kids!) Emily is now taking gymnastics and is doing well. We are very pleased with this class…the best she has had by far. Annika continues to be a joy too. She is two now and quite the silly one. She loves to dance and sing and longs for the day when she can do “g-nastics” like her big sister. She already does a front somersault on her own just from watching Emily.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership. We will have a newsletter out shortly after my return with pictures and stories.

God bless,

Daryl and the Carlson Family.

PS: Please take note of our new address and email.

PO Box 263

Palmer, AK 99645-0263

Email: daryl.laura@gmail.com

PPS: We have many emails floating around and they are all going to be discontinued. Please take note of our new email address! Thanks

Sun Jan 9 20:36:47 2011

See a thank you card.

Sun Dec 19 22:21:35 2010

See a Christmas note.

Sun Nov 28 13:40:02 2010

Dear partners in ministry

So much has happened in the past few weeks and this last week has brought about unexpected change for us. God is leading us in wonderful ways, and we truly need your prayers and continued partnership.

Here is some back ground: It was a few weeks back that SEND North and SEND International informed us that if we continued with the Northern Light Network we would eventually have to leave SEND. SEND North is focusing solely on starting churches in rural Alaska and supporting a radio ministry is not in line enough with that (which is why they set the NLN independent in May.) This is also why SEND North headquarters is moving from Glennallen to Anchorage Alaska to better serve their rapidly growing church planting teams from a central location. At that time we started praying about what God was doing with us personally and what was in our future. We needed time to see how God would unfold everything.

Since that time we have been striving within this radio ministry to bring it to a place to effectively reach the entire state with the Gospel. There have been struggles, but we had been staying the course. We have been very optimistic because with God all things are possible. However, Last week the NLN was struck with two major staff losses and an appointee decided not to come. On Monday the Board of Directors for the Northern Light Network presented to us their assessment of our situation as a network. In order to overcome some severe setbacks the board decided to halt the expansion and scale back to ensure the radio stations’ survival. The two stations are being set independent to reach their respective local communities. In light of this and other pressing deadlines, everyone currently serving with the NLN has been given until Monday to seek God as to their future with this new direction for the NLN. This change is not in line with why we returned to Alaska…to reach the un-reached in remote villages.

Now add to this our growing burden for the Native youth and the fact as a family we are not called to live in a remote village. Daryl’s heart has always been to communicate the Gospel. Radio is a good tool for this, but is by no means the only tool. The day after the above announcement one of SEND North’s leaders brought to us an idea to consider: creating a new role within the church planting teams that would serve the missionary teams while living in Anchorage and also doing ministry trips to many different locations. God has continually confirmed that this would be a good fit for us as we have talked this over with our leaders within SEND. Yesterday we talked to the Director of SEND North and now have enough information to pass along a clearer picture to everyone.

We believe that God is leading us to leave the Northern Light Network and stay with SEND. We can be a valuable resource in reaching the youth in several villages using internet media (Alaska native teens live on-line also). My radio production background and creative abilities can be put into a website, producing small encouraging programs for pod casting (an outlet for my desire to teach), streaming hip hop music, coordinating outreach events, and many other possibilities. This flexible role would use all of my passions and abilities to help all the church planters spread the Gospel in the far north (Alaska and Northern Canada). We would not just stay in Anchorage, but will have opportunities to serve in various villages to pull off special events and outreaches. We still have to work out the details with the leadership so we really covet your prayers on this matter.

Now, I know that many of you have been concerned about the many ups and downs we have gone through. Please let me clarify a few things that may help.

1) The radio ministry has struggled for many years which has been the source of turbulence for us. Moving into this established ministry of SEND North will be a stable place of service.

2) We will have a more hands on ministry reaching the un-reached along side over 50 missionaries living in remote villages.

3) We can look back and see that if we did not walk through these rough circumstances we would not have arrived at this unique opportunity. The timing of everything is truly orchestrated by God.

We really do see this as simply “transferring busses” within SEND to get to our original destination…reaching the un-reached in remote villages.

Please ask any clarifying questions or feel free to call us. We value any input you can or want to give.

Thanks so much for your prayers, and your support…they are invaluable.

Daryl and Laura Carlson

P.O. Box 192

Glennallen, AK 99588


Mon Oct 18 17:59:49 2010

Dear friends and Partners in Ministry,

We find ourselves in the middle of very busy and very exciting times. We are truly in a position were God must come through and He is. We praise God for how he is keeping this ministry going despite the fact that we have lost several missionary broadcasters over the last six months. We praise God that he is healing old wounds among the remaining staff that resulted from poor communication and spiritual warfare. We praise God for being with us personally and empowering us to bear up under some very stressful times.

Our prayer requests right now revolve around the technical transition we are starting. We are completely renovating the on air equipment at KCAM radio to enable us to broadcast multiple stations from this location. Once this is done we can move some staff from our other station to help us here in Glennallen. The sooner this is done the better it will be. Please pray for wisdom for the engineers. Pray for the additional funds the Northern Light Network is trying to raise for this project. Pray against Satan’s schemes to derail or delay this process. Finally, pray for peace for all involved. Please also continue to pray for protection for our family and for wisdom to keep priorities in order.

Thanks for your partnership with us in all of these things! We truly believe that this direction we are heading in will allow us to eventually reach THE ENTIRE STATE of Alaska with the Gospel through radio.

Daryl and Laura Carlson

P.O. Box 192

Glennallen, AK 99588


Mon Aug 30 17:16:13 2010

See a newsletter.

Fri Aug 27 15:05:14 2010

See a request for help with testimonies for a missionary in Ireland.

Sat Jul 17 11:48:46 2010

Subject: important prayer need
Hello everyone,
The radio ministry in Alaska has an urgent need. We just found out that our main engineer has to take a personnel leave of absence. This puts us in critical need for an engineer. Right now we have such an engineer raising support to join us full time. They need an additional $500 a month in pledged support. Please be praying for Corey and April Emery that they would be able to arrive on field by July 27th. Our next newsletter will disclose why engineers are more important to us right now then ever before.
Thanks for praying.

Sun Jul 11 11:57:22 2010

Hello to Everyone from sunny Glennallen, Alaska.

It seems like forever since we communicated with you. Things have been good but very busy. The radio ministry has undergone some change to better fulfill its goal to reach all of Alaska for Christ. Let me bring you up to speed on how these changes are leading us to a more effective outreach.

On May 10th (just four days before we left) SEND North (SEND International’s field in Alaska) announced that it was setting the Northern Light Network free to become an independent radio ministry. As missionaries we are still with SEND International and will be as long as we desire. This independence for the NLN allowed it to reorganize itself and how it does radio ministry. Currently we have a transition leadership team in place being led by Paul Rude. Paul comes from the corporate world and has the skills and passion to help ministries re-organize to most effectively reach their goals. We are blessed to have him on our team.

Right now we are transitioning all of our radio ministries to be under one roof. All of the broadcast signals for all three radio station will be originating out of Glennallen, Alaska and the studios of KCAM radio. This is the best use of the resources that God has given to us. It eliminates all of the redundancy that existed previously in the NLN. Every staff member will be involved in the work of every radio station. We will use one set of studios and computer networks instead of having to pay for three. This will bring incredible strength for every radio station’s outreach. Having this solid foundation is the best possible situation for the Native radio station that I came up to help start.

My new role will be that of Director of Broadcasting for the Northern Light Network. This means that I will be directly in charge of the broadcast teams for each radio station. This does not change what I would have been doing for the Native Christian radio station. In fact, I have more resources at my disposal to make KVRM a high impact radio ministry. The FCC mandated target start date for this outreach is still Fall of 2011. God willing it will be running before then!

Many of you may have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will use your questions to update our frequently asked question page on our website.

Thank you all for you wonderful support…we wouldn’t be here without each of you!


Daryl and Laura Carlson

Po box 192

Glennallen, AK 99588

Tue May 18 14:47:07 2010

No News is Good News

That saying is true. We are at full support. We are just leaving Juneau AK this morning on the ferry. We will be in Glennallen AK on Tuesday. I am sorry we did not e-mail this on Friday but we did not have time. The ticket agent called our name at 4:30, gave us a space on the ferry, and told us we had to immediatly get our car in line. Thank you all so much for your prayer and support during this unique homeservice. Now the real work begins as we see God move in Alaska.

For those of you who would like to attend my father's funeral in Illinois: The visitation will be at Knapp Funeral Home 219 W Blaine St. Cissna Park, IL 60924 at 4:00p.m on Thursday. The Funeral service will be at Grace Bible Church 201 Kellerhals Dr. Cissna Park, IL 60924 at 1:00p.m on Friday. I will be flying in Thursday morning by myself to attend. If you have any direction questions you can call Lee Carlson 815-457-3517.

Thank you again for everyones support during this time. We will be sure to get an official newsletter out in a couple months after we get settled.

Daryl, for the Carlson's

Sat May 15 15:13:41 2010

Hello Everyone,
            I am sitting at the ferry terminal in Bellingham Washington with wide range of conflicting emotions, but I am trusting in God’s timing.
About 10:30 central time my Dad, Richard Carlson, went home to be with Jesus.  We got the news right after we arrived in Bellingham.  As I said in a previous email, this was expected and yet still not easy to walk through.  My mom and sister were at his side when he went peacefully as mom sung to him.  The funeral is tentatively planned to take place in about one week.  (details forthcoming)  
            So here is our plan…see God bring in the remainder of our support.  It is currently sitting at 6 shares at $15 a month or one person taking $91 a month.  We don’t load the ferry until 4pm (6 central).  Pray that it is all in by then.  We are almost certain to have space on the ferry for our car.  We will get to Glennallen, Alaska on Tuesday.  I will get my girls settled in our new home and then fly back to Illinois for the funeral.  With all that this past month has brought, we believe it best to get our little ones settled and for me to go alone to the funeral.
            Thanks for all your prayers.  Every step of the way God has proven his faithfulness and his perfect timing.  I know that this is no exception.
Daryl and the Carlson family

Fri May 14 14:20:41 2010

Wow…what a day!

I sent off an email last night stating we were just shy of hitting 95%. Twenty four hours later we are just shy of hitting 98%. I stand in awe of what God can do through his people when they step out in faithful obedience. People think that missionaries are the ones with great faith. I have said it before and I will say it again…I see and am encouraged by the great faith of our financial partners. So many people came out of the wood work and pledged to give sacrificially! I know God is going to do something amazing in these next five years of our second term of service. There are so many things coming together for this radio outreach in Alaska. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a couple of months when some of the exciting possibilities start turning into reality. (Are you curious yet?) We are so close to being able to leave on the ferry tomorrow, but we are not there yet.

Right now we have 97.7% of what we need to be able to leave. We need 10.6 more pledges of $15 a month to be taken. This could also be done with two people giving $75 a month or one pledge of $159 a month. So, here is our game plan. We were not able to extend our room here in Seattle. They are booked and 24 hour notice was not enough this time. That is fine because we have to be in Bellingham, Washington by 8:30 am tomorrow morning (10:30 central time) to put our name on the stand by list to get on the ferry. There are plenty of tickets but they are all booked up on space for cars. We will then check and see what support comes (thank God for free wifi coffee shops.). If the rest of our support comes in we can get approval to leave by SEND home office. Then if a space opens up we can take the ferry at 6pm. We do have a back up plan if something goes wrong, but it includes 5 days of driving through Canada. We can do that, but it is extra stressful for the kids (and the parents who have to deal with a 16 month old streaming to get out of her car seat). This is why we are praying for everything to come together so we can take that boat tomorrow!

So, if you feel lead to close the gap and help bring in the remainder of our support you can do one of two things.

Follow this link and fill out the web form http://alaska.carlsons.info/index.php?option=com_chronocontact&chronoformname=signupform

Or you can simply hit reply and let us know your mailing address and how much you would like to pledge. I can fill you in on the details thereafter.

Thanks for following us on the front end of this amazing journey. Can’t wait to see what is around the corner.

Daryl for the Carlsons

Thu May 13 13:38:05 2010

We are just shy of hitting the 95% mark on our support level. That means we only need 24 more people to pledge to give $15 a month in faith promise support...or 5 people giving $75...or one giving $364 a month. It is great to be so close to being able to leave. Don't get me wrong. We love our room here at Extended Stay America in Seattle, but I think we would rather trade that in for a home in Glennallen, Alaska.

KVRM has studio space with office computers and automation systems ready to be installed. The transmitter and antenia are almost ready to order and the tower site rental agreement worked out. We have two amazing people already on the ground who have been laying the ground work. They did all of the above and put together a native advisory board to guide us as we continue to build the programing line up. So much has been done, but there is only so much two people can do. Now is the time to really start pulling all the peices together. I am coming in as station manager with the radio specific training and experience to help do just that. Our engineer is on his way (they are at 80% support). Laura and I greatly desire to see God pull off the miracle of getting us out of here in two days! (We would have to renew our weekly rental agreement tomorrow and would love it if we didn't have to do so!)

Every Friday a ferry departs from Bellingham, WA and ends up in Haines, Alaska on Monday. We would love to catch that ship this Friday so we can drive from Haines and arrive in Glennallen on Tuesday. With God all things are possible! Please pray with us that those whom God has prompted in the past to join our team would take that leap of faith and join us! Pray that God would prompt new people even now! If that happened tomorrow (Thursday) we would be on our way. All that is needed to start a pledge is an email from those people stating their inteded pledge amount and mailing address. A different option is to fill out the web form at our website carlsons.info

John 14:13 says "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."

Jesus...we boldly approach the throne of Grace and ask for a departure in two days!

Wed May 12 15:06:59 2010

See an update.

Tue May 11 15:11:55 2010

See an update.

Sun May 2 13:27:35 2010

…over another percent came. We know have just over 93% of what is required for us to be able to return to Alaska. That translates into 6 more people giving $75 a month or 31 more shares at $15 a month in faith promise support!

We are spending the night in Billings, Montana on our way to Seattle. We feel sort of like the pioneers of old…heading west and not really sure what it will be like when we get there.:-)

We will keep you posted on our trek west and then north!

Walking by Faith,

The Carlson family.

Sat May 1 18:04:38 2010

See their latest update.

Thu Apr 29 15:12:17 2010

See their latest update.

Tue Apr 13 23:15:49 2010

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted you all to know that Laura¡¦s Gallbladder will be ¡§going¡¨ out tomorrow afternoon. She will be in outpatient surgery from about 2:30 to 4. Please pray for protection and smooth sailing with this operation. Laura has typically been a quick healer from surgery so we are praying that this holds true here. We had to cancel a couple of plans but I will still be running to Kankakee to do a small presentation on Thursday night, meeting with a missions committee on Saturday morning here in Canton, and then we are still hoping to visit Windy City Community Church on Sunday morning on our way back to Minnesota. Of course, all of this hinges on how Laura is feeling. We are thankful that family is able to help watch the kids through all of this.
We would then have a week for me to finish packing (at night and while the kids are nappingļ) before our big move and then two weeks of training in Canada. It is a full schedule!
So, please keep praying for our finances to come in. We have 52 shares remaining. We also still have outgoing costs that needs to be covered (I don¡¦t have a current number for that right now).

God bless all of you!

Fri Apr 9 11:55:57 2010

Hello Everyone,
We have spent the last two days packing up our home. The truck is coming around April 27th to take our things to Alaska. We then have two week of training in Canada. Before all of that however, Laura needs to have surgery. If you follow us on Facebook you know that we discovered Laura’s Gallbladder was full of stones. The doctor wants to see it removed and we have an appointment on Monday to consult a surgeon. Please pray that it gets taken care of quickly! We have a few presentations lined up in Illinois next week so please pray for that as well. Now the really great news….

God continues to bring in our support! We now have 57 shares remaining. That is 57 people joining us in faith by pledging to give $15 a month in support. We are praying that we are fully supported before we are finished with training on May 14th.
KVRM is continuing to make progress in getting on the air, but there is a lot of work yet to be done. We are needed up there and we know God is moving us along.

We covet your prayers. You can always keep tabs on us more closely by watching the countdown on our website www.carlsons.info or by following us on Facebook.

Eagerly looking to the Lord,
Daryl and the Carlson Clan

Tue Mar 30 15:22:44 2010

See their March Newsletter.

Mon Mar 29 12:04:01 2010

Hello Everyone,
We are having a nice weekend with Laura's family over for a visit. This has slightly delayed our next newsletter which is ready to go out on Monday. You may recall in our last update we mentioned that SEND North leadership was meeting to lay specific goals for the future of its radio ministry. Well, they announced what those goals are and one of them is to move us to the new radio ministry that is being launched. We will be working to help launch KVRM instead of managing KRSA. I still have high hopes for the ministry of KRSA, but we know that KVRM is where we must go.

KVRM is a new radio ministry that will be by and for Native Americans. That means, I will help put it together with a team of Caucasian believers ,train the on air staff, and work behind the scenes to run the station. We will begin by reaching the Athabascin people around Glennallen, Alaska using culturally relevant radio. When this station is operational, we look to expand this concept into other regions where SEND North has church planting missionaries. We will be working to reach the unreached. So many Native communities in Alaska do not have a Gospel witness and they do not know the joy and freedom of being Adopted into God's Family. The need is truly desperate so we must take up this task and pursue it as unto the Lord. We will tell you more about this in our next newsletter.

This new assignment does come with a looming deadline. First, they desire to launch this ministry by the end of the year. There is so much to do to see this accomplished. Second, we need additional training to effectively work with our Native brothers and sisters. We will get that training near Saskatchewan, Canada from May 1st to 15th. Third, the home we have been renting is being sold and someone made an offer. They want to move in on May 18th. Fourth, we have a ministry that will move our belongings to Alaska. They will come from the beginning to end of May.
Put this all together and you see that we really need God to bring in the rest of our support by the end of April...in just four weeks!! If we don't have full support by the time we are done training, we will have to drive back to the USA, find a new place to rent, and finish raising support.

Some of you had indicated in the past your desire to support us and have not yet done so. If you feel lead by the Lord to do so, please go to our website for additional information and to sign up to join our support team.

These are exciting times that are also full of stress and uncertainty. We look to God to bring us through to a glorious harvest. Will you join us?

Thanks for your prayers and for being a part of this group!

Wed Feb 17 19:29:18 2010

Hello Everyone,

Let me summarize this report by saying that God is great! When you move in the direction He wants, He opens the doors. We can see those doors starting to open now. On January 26th we sent out our newsletter saying we were looking for 125 people to pick up a “share” at $15 a month in pledged support. Since that time we have had 14 shares go out. Just today a small country church almost tripled their current pledge. They went from $55 a month to $150! We have some great supporters! (This is not the only small church we have that gives way beyond their means.)

We are now standing at 111 shares at $15 a month remaining. Please join with us in praying that the rest of this will come in within the next 45 days! (that is a God sized goal!) This target date is also important because of the situation in Petersburg, Alaska. The current station manager has applied and been accepted to work with a different radio ministry. They are leaving in early June. Arriving in April would give us sufficient time to bring me up to speed on the ins and outs of KRSA’s management needs. A smooth transition is preferable to baptism by fire! Also, we would save money by taking the ferry from Washington to Petersburg in April…the winter sale ends May 1stJ

These last couple of weeks have also seen some new features added to our website www.carlsons.info Not only to we now have a professional seven minute video presentation online, anyone can now sign up to join our team directly on our website. That is singing up to receive our newsletter, become a prayer partner, or to make a monthly faith promise donation. All one must do is click on a little green box says “sign up” in the upper left corner. Please also pray that this new feature will help new people join our team.

Thanks for all your prayers in this regard.

God bless
Daryl for the Carlson Clan

Thu Jan 28 02:05:20 2010

See their latest email.

Thu Jan 21 20:05:51 2010

Hey everyone,
By tomorrow evening the transition should be done and we can finally send out details on what we will be doing and where. Please be praying that our next newsletter will produce more partners so we can finish our support raising and get to the field! This has been a long time coming and we are eager to get to our assignment.

Mon Jan 18 17:42:09 2010

See their thank you note.

Mon Jan 11 12:43:38 2010

Hello everyone,
We hope to have our next newsletter out in a couple of weeks after some recent changes become official. However, I thought it would be good to let you know ahead of time that we are in the process of changing our ministry assignment back to radio ministry in Alaska. I know this will come as a surprise to you, so let me briefly explain. At the end of October 2009 we were asked by Barry Rempel, Area Director for SEND in Alaska, to consider returning to the radio ministry. The Northern Light Network will be undergoing a transition and our involvement was requested. While not sure of what to make of this request initially, we did agree to pray about returning. We brought this request before our supporters and prayer partners and spent time before the throne asking for wisdom. We thought, “God is this why you have not allowed our funds to come in for Ukraine?” As we prayed and received feedback it became clearer and clearer that this is a direction we needed to pursue. So, you haven’t heard much from us for the last couple of months because we were processing all of this. We are certainly sad at the end of a dream to minister in Ukraine. However, we are strengthened to know that God never wastes time, and any work done for His glory is worthwhile and fulfilling.
This transition process should be completed by the end of the month. At that time I should also have the specifics of the role I am to fill. We have had some good discussions about this with Barry, but other factors have to come into focus before I have a solid job description. We do know that we will be returning to Petersburg, Alaska. When our newsletter comes out you will get more details. Please be praying that everything will come together for the transition and that my future role with the Northern Light Network (SEND North’s radio ministry) will be a good fit. We will also have to raise even more money to minister in Alaska. This is also a big matter of prayer especially since we are trusting God to get us up north by the end of March.
We welcome any and all of your questions.
Thanks and God bless,

Daryl for the Carlson Family
PS: Feel free to check out our updated website www.carlsons.info
It has a cool web cam of Petersburg, Alaska (compliments of NPR station KFSK)

Thu Dec 31 17:47:01 2009

Daryl Carlson is looking forward to saying goodbye to this past year and hello to another year of amazing opportunities. Things are in the works which I will declare soon.

Mon Dec 14 16:51:39 2009

Here is the Christmas card they sent us.

Sun Oct 18 11:53:23 2009

Hey Everyone,

Well we have been busy. I was intending to email you last week. We are currently in Alaska in order to help out KRSA radio during this month. We had this planned since early September, but had to keep it quite in order to surprise my sister who lives here in Petersburg, Alaska. So I am currently running KRSA all by myself since two staff members are on home service, one is on vacation and the other is with his wife who just underwent cancer surgery. Since we had the time to help and KRSA paid for the plane tickets for all four of us, I could not say no.

It has been very nice to see old friends, visit some supporters, and be with my sister, Nora, and her family. I am also still working on support raising to get us overseas. We could really use your prayers as I run the station solo. Also please continue to pray for open doors on the support raising side. We are holding onto God, doing what he has put in front of us, and trusting Him with the timing of it all.

We will be traveling back home on November 1st, spending a couple of days in Seattle to see friends and supporters, and will be back home by the 3rd.

I also have another important prayer request.

Scott Hill is a good friend and is the engineer for the radio ministry in Alaska. He has been on home service a little longer then us. They are currently at 94% support and their deadline to leave to Alaska is on Tuesday. He is due to come up to KRSA for six months. We desperately need him up here!! Just today one of our studios when down and we are running right now without a back up. This is a problem he has to be here to fix! I firmly believe that God can bring in his support in the next three days. Please join with me in praying that their support comes in by Tuesday so they can leave to return to the field.

Thanks so much for your prayers. They are effective and mighty!!

Daryl for the Carlson family.

Wed Sep 16 10:06:30 2009

Ahh...It does feel good when the packing and unpacking are all done.

We are settling in nicely to our new home at 311 Evergreen Lane, Circle Pines, MN,55014...just north of Minneapolis. God kept us safe in this move and has really provided for us. We are renting a wonderful missionary furlough home from a ministry called 6th Day Creation. It came fully furnished which made unpacking so much easier. We have already been welcomed by several of our neighbors in this very friendly little subdivision. Emily has already made friends with the kids in the house next door. The best part about this home is that it is a home and not an apartment. In our little two bedroom we never felt like we could really have people over very often due to limited space. That will not be a problem now! We are starting with a family whom I knew from my childhood days at Midwest Bible Church, dinner on Wednesday with burgers, pork chops, and potato salad...yummm.

We've started back into the grove of support raising. I have been contacting churches in the area who are familiar with SEND International. I already have one appointment with a pastor in Rochester. Right now it is all letter righting and phone calls as we get the ball rolling in a new area.

Since we never made it to Chicago before our move, we are making a trip down this week. We will be seeing supporters and stopping in at Windy City Community Church this weekend. I will also take the time to see my family whom I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Please keep praying for us as we start up in this new area. Please pray for churches that are willing to let us come and present. Pray for new friends and acquaintances. Pray that we will find the right church to attend and serve. Pray for our kid's health and Emily's homeschooling.

God bless,

Sat Jul 25 17:46:10 2009

See their July Newsletter.

Thu Jun 18 17:08:06 2009

In our last newsletter we shared how we picked up over $700 in new pledges. That has been all the increases so far. We are now contacting a new string of churches that have opened up. We already have another speaking engagement booked. We are also working on coordinating more home presentations (borscht parties). Let's pray that we will have more opportunities to share about God's working in Ukraine. This is the hard part about support raising...seeking new places to share and praying for open doors...then praying for new support team members. Through it all God has been reassuring us that it is all about His timing.

There is one other interesting angle that may be developing. I have been exposed to this new approach to Christian counseling. It is not talk therapy, but rather uses scripture and how God created the human mind to bring healing. I was able to get three days worth of training so far and it has proved to be personally beneficial as well as potentially a great tool for ministry. There may be an opportunity to receive in depth training that can be taken by extension while we continue to raise our support. Nothing is set in stone yet and we are still looking to God to get us on the mission field in His perfect timing. We are just curiously looking at this as a possibility to better equip us for future ministry.

Personally, Annika is growing and soo cute. Emily is stretching her wings in a month full of VBS experiences. We had fun as a family at the circus as well as Six Flags. Emily just loves roller coasters...especially the ones that go upside down (she is just tall enough for one such coaster).

Time is really flying and before we know it this summer will be over. So here are some prayer requests...
Responsive churches that will allow us to speak.
More pledged support so we can leave.
Clearity and logistical direction on this potential area of new training.
God bless

Tue May 12 16:48:51 2009

See their May Newsletter.

Fri May 1 13:19:31 2009

Let’s all give praise and thanks to our Great God! We are so excited to welcome Northwoods Community Church in Peoria Illinois as another one of our financially supporting churches. Their support brings us up to 81% of our needed support.

Let’s keep up the work of prayer to see our remaining $1260 in pledge support and $8300 in outgoing come in before August 1st. With God all things are possible!!

Thank you so much for your prayers…they are powerful and effective.

Daryl and Laura Carlson

Mon Apr 13 12:39:50 2009

What a wonderful time that Laura and I had with all of you! We are thankful that you are our Sending Church because we do feel supported by you.

Well, I am writing to you (really all our prayer and financial supporters) to bring attention to three crucial prayer requests that we want to bring to the throne in mass.

1) Our goal is to be in Kiev Ukraine by August 1st…less then 4 months from now. We have Alaskan missionary friends who saw God bring in the same amount of support that we need in just 2 months time.

2) Pray for the church here in Peoria that is considering joining our support team. We are praying that God brings them on strong!

3) We will be sending out a newsletter in a couple of weeks laying out our time line and our need. Please pray that this letter will result in new supporters.

Thanks for praying for these things as God leads. Jesus said, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:13-14)

Let’s take Jesus up on His promise!J

If you have any specific prayer requests, please share them so we can pray for you too.

God bless,

Mon Mar 2 15:00:03 2009

Hey everyone,

Real quick prayer update for you all. We are in the midst of a fast for clarity and direction with support raising. It has been going well and will plan to be on this until March 13th. Please pray that we draw closer to God in this time and that God starts to make real movement in our support raising process.

Laura’s health is an item for prayer. She still has high blood pressure which now seems to be un related to pregnancy. She sees a regular doc in a week. Please pray that she will be able to get off of the high blood pressure medicine. Now that we have a blood pressure machine at home, I have been taken mine as well. It has been too high too often. I am going to wait until after the fast and start on an exercise routine. If it doesn’t go down I will have to see a doc as well.

We were told a couple of weeks ago that the church which was considering us for support will be making a decision by the end of Feb. Please pray that this church comes on very very strong (it is possible due to their size, but would be a miracle non the less). It is our prayer that this church will boost us and start the momentum to bring in the rest of our support.

Emily and Annika are doing good.

Thanks so much for your prayers…they are invaluable.

Daryl and the Carlson family.

Tue Feb 10 18:11:00 2009

From Daryl,
We received this email from our future teammates in Ukraine (they are the team leaders in Lutsk). Please pray for the Burkett family during this incredible tragedy. Andrew was only 16 years old.
I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From whence shall my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.
Psalm 121

Many of you may have already heard, last night, our precious Andrew went home to be with his Savior. This all happened so quickly, we are waiting to wake up from this horrible nightmare…but that will not be the case.

We thought Andrew had a bad case of the flu which has been going around. When we took him to the clinic yesterday morning, the doctor immediately began to treat him. Just before we were getting ready to leave, Andrew began coughing up blood. The doctor ordered an x-ray at a local hospital. To make a long story short, everything happened so quickly, as he was being transferred to a different hospital, his heart stopped. The doctors did what they could with the equipment they had. Now he is resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

Please continue to hold our family up in prayer. Our kids are doing okay – I think we are all in shock still. And we thank you for all your prayers on our behalf. We love each and every one of you.

In His arms we rest,
Herb and Kim

Wed Feb 4 02:53:49 2009

See their birth announcement.

Sat Jan 10, 2009

Dear friends,

I hope you are doing well in these interesting days. I hope you don’t mind this short generic form letter. I wish I could sit down with you over a cup of joe (or non-caffeinated tea) and catch up with your life. You get to hear regularly from us, but we don’t get the same with you. That is the downside of living several hours away.

I guess I am writing to try to remedy that situation while also working to increase our support team.

Laura and I want to put together a dinner/presentation in the Chicago area. This will allow us to see some of you again as well as meet new people. (Although, if you attend WCCC you will see us in church on a different date some time soon).

Right now we are looking at Saturday evening, March 21st, at Midwest Bible Church in their fellowship hall ( 3441 N. Cicero Ave ). We will have a special missionary speaker (who is really, really good), talk about Ukrainian culture and our future ministry, have some fun (maybe with a creative game), and enjoy a spaghetti dinner. We will take up an offering to cover the cost of the meal. This brings me to the reason I am writing to you. Would you be willing / able to assist us with this endeavor? We need help in several different areas.

set up

cook and / or man the buffet

clean up

The area of greatest need is to have our friends attend and bring their friends and/or acquaintances who are interested in missions. Would you please think about assisting us in this endeavor? Please let me know within the next couple of weeks. We need to know by the end of January if there will be enough backing to move forward with this event.

Thanks and God bless,

Thu Jan 1 20:37:43 2009

Hi All,

Praise God that Laura's lab work shows she does not have to be
hospitalized at this time. We do not know how long we will be in these

You can read the full story on our blog

Thanks for your prayers.


Thu Jan 1 00:07:51 2009

Hi all,

Well, the medical drama is not yet over in our lives. Laura has developed post-partum preclampsia. If her lab results come back in bad shape she will have to be hospitalized, but right now she is on bed rest. Please pray that this runs its course quickly.


Sun Dec 21 20:35:56 2008

Hello Everyone,

This link will take you to a webphoto album with some pictures.
Be sure to save the link and check back. I will have more pictures
posted by Christmas.



Sat Dec 20 14:25:15 2008

Hello Everyone,

This proud father is pleased to announce the arrival of Annika Lynn Carlson; born at 11:26am on Friday December 19th. She weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 5.5oz and 19.5 inches long.

Mom and baby are doing great and sleeping right now.

Thanks for your prayers that played such a vital part in her conception and safe arrival.

God bless,
Daryl for the Carlsons.

Mon Dec 15 14:24:05 2008

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your prayers…it’s the most important thing!

First, several of you asked how the meeting went with the church considering support. The short answer is that we don’t know yet. I received a phone call that afternoon in which they asked a few follow up questions. They are reviewing the needs of their current missionaries, what they can do, and if they want to partner with us. Please keep praying for a positive reply…we covet their support for many, many reasons.

I am also putting together a New Testament class for this church to start in Feb. I could use your prayers as this is coming together. I have to submit the student notes within a week.

On the support raising front: We are looking into doing a missions banquet in the Chicago area on March 21st. We have a location and a key note speaker, but we still must pull together the remaining logistics. Please pray that if God would have us do this it would come together. Specifically we are going to need to decide on a caterer or trying to do it with volunteers using the church’s kitchen. We need to gather enough volunteers for all the logistics. We also need to determine if we and our friends will be able to invite enough new people to attend to make it worth the effort.

The rest of our prayer requests for the year revolve around health….

Our second child is due in 6 days!!!!!! Please continue to pray for a healthy delivery for both mom and baby.

My nephew Zeek (4 months old) is still needing prayer for heart issues. The doctors have found two areas in the arteries which are too narrow. If they don’t start to correct themselves by year’s end they will have to consider major surgery (again). Ezekiel means “The Lord makes strong”. Please ask God to fulfill Zeek’s name in his life.

Laura’s nephew Logan is dealing with very low hemoglobin levels. The doctors believe it may be viral. Please pray for healing in his life!

We have a good friend, Stacy, who is recovering from a double mastectomy and possible chemo therapy. Please pray for her healing and the strength for her family.

Another friend, Heather, is having a complicated pregnancy with serious gestational diabetes. They are hoping to induce early next week. Please pray for a safe delivery and that the diabetes won’t remain (docs say it likely will).

God bless you and may you have an amazing Christmas and New Year!!

Daryl for the Carlsons

Thu Dec 11 17:51:12 2008

Friends at WCCC,

May you experience His special presence in your home this Christmas season.
God bless each of you for your prayers and support.
Thank you for such a generous Christmas gift…a real blessing!
Merry Christmas,
The Carlsons
Thu Sep 18 18:36:40 2008

See their September Newsletter.

Wed Sep 3 23:58:38 2008

Dear praying friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers. They have been totally felt during this past couple of months. I want to first update you all on what has been happening with Daniel Carlson. God graciously healed him from his mysterious illness. It is now known that he had Lofgren’s Syndrome. Why is this an answer to prayer? This is also an autoimmune syndrome. However, it usually strikes once and then does not return. I was praying that God would completely take away his illness and that is what happened. Daniel is feeling totally normal right now.

Daniel’s son, Ezekiel Michael Carlson, was born on Tuesday August 12th. A few days later it was determined he had two heart conditions. One minor problem required open heart surgery to repair a malformed artery. The more serious one involved having the right ventricle smaller then the left with the heart valves being too small. God immediately answered the second concern the next morning when the doctors reported with some surprise, “the heart measurements are much better today then yesterday”. This second issue did not require an operation, but they will be keeping a close eye on it to ensure the heart grows normally. Zeek had open heart surgery the following Monday and it went much better then the doctor’s best expectations…more answers to prayer. The surgery went faster and was less intrusive then they had anticipated. Zeek is currently at home and recovering well.

Please keep praying for Daniel’s step daughter, Hannah. They are having an incredibly hard time dealing with her biological father. There is much distrust from the past and Rob, the biological father, is doing things (like lying) that are making a difficult situation much harder. Please pray for Rob’s salvation (he is very hostile toward God.) Please also pray for clarity, wisdom, and some resolution to this very difficult situation.

Here is the newest with us =Pregnancy: Laura is feeling well, but tired most of the time. This pregnancy’s prayer request is going to revolve around her fibroid. It is a benign mass on top and outside of her uterus. It was there with Emily and several doctors told us it did not need to be removed. Well…that has now changed. This little bugger is already larger then it was when Emily was born and we have 17 more weeks to go. We have a specialist tracking our progress and have another sono on the 19th. (that is when we hope to find out the sex of the baby). Right now it is as large as the baby so Laura feels like she is carrying twins. So please pray that the baby stays healthy and that this mass will not interfere.

The second related request has to do with the fibroids removal. Our Ob-Gyn now says it should be removed, but it must wait until after the birth. The mass needs to shrink before removal and we don’t know how long that will take. Please just keep this in your prayers.

Support raising: This is the other major area in our life right now. Please pray that more people are willing to host Borscht Parties to help us meet new people. We are grateful for the church we have been attending, Northwoods Community Church. We have been making many good friends, and have some serving opportunities opening up for this fall and spring. We have applied for support. Please pray that God would ignite this church in regards to ministry in Ukraine resulting in good support for us. Please also pray for open hearts with the individuals we present with our future work resulting in personal support.

Thanks for all your faithful prayers!

Daryl for the Carlsons.

PS: I’ve also included two attachments…a prayer guide and a newsletter for SEND's Russia / Ukraine Region.

Tue Jun 3 17:02:42 2008

See the Carlson's newsletters, Part 1 and Part 2.

Tue Apr 15 20:04:29 2008

See their April Newsletter.

Mon Apr 14 16:05:42 2008

Hello Everyone,
God is so faithful and we are so grateful for your partnership through prayer. Right now Laura is at a women’s retreat in Chicago. Please pray for her safety and time of renewal. We are currently lining up more presentation to facilitate our departure date. Please pray that God will open more opportunities to do Borscht Party presentations in people’s homes. Pray that God will open people’s eyes to see the ministry and not get distracted by our focus on support. Pray for my dad who just went through outpatient surgery on his leg. (so far he is recovering nicely). Pray for Laura’s sister Beth who is now pregnant with their second child. Pray for Genna and Armie Friesen. They are missionaries in Ukraine and Genna is recovering from brain cancer. He had a successful operation and is now undergoing chemo. Also pray for Emma Barnhart (SEND Ukraine missionary) who is recovering from breast cancer. The leadership in Ukraine will be deciding our future ministry location in the next couple of weeks. This will also determine if we learn Russian or Ukrainian in language school. Please pray that they listen well to God’s leading because it is a big decision.

Sat Mar 29 11:59:13 2008

Hello everyone,
After more then seven years we are changing our email address. The span has been too much. Also, our new website comes with our own, personal, email accounts.
Please note that our new address is darylandlaura at carlsons.info Please use this email to personally contact us for any reason.
Please also be aware that to protect this address from spam, we will be using the following address for sending out our newsletters: livefreeromans8 at carlsons.info. While it is possible to reach us with the livefree account, I would not recommend it. This account is also used for all our web business which means it will be the place we get spam and will not live long if the junk keeps on coming. The first email we should be able to keep indefinitely.
If you are able to set your spam software to accept anything from *@carlsons.info that should be safe since that is coming from us.
God bless,

Thu Mar 6 14:42:51 2008

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for praying about our trip. Last week was great. The two presentations went well. Let’s pray God will bring more team mates on board. The second presentation was small and especially encouraging because the two couples were seasoned missionaries. Sharing with them and receiving their encouragement and prayers was more valuable then gold.

We have another presentation this Friday and a church presentation on Sunday. Please pray for God’s presence and that people will Glorify Him as a result. We had made many friends in Petersburg during out three years at KRSA. It would be extra special if they could also become financial partners.

We also could use prayer as we prepare for two large events: a banquet in May with a support raising road trip immediately following. Right now we are contacting people who can help with the Banquet. The key is being able to invite people in the Peoria area who have not heard of our work with SEND in Ukraine. Please pray with us that this will happen

We are going to head south to Florida and back and hope to do some presentations as well as meet with family and friends. Please pray that the details for this trip will come together well.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Daryl and family

PS: if you want to keep up with us better, check out my blog. I regularly pen our thoughts and experiences. Link to it through our website or directly at http://darylcarlson.blogspot.com

Wed Feb 6 17:20:32 2008

See the latest update.

Mon Jan 21 12:59:46 2008

Dear Windy City family,

We want to thank you all so very much for your generous Christmas gift. It is a great reminder of how much you care for us!

We had a great time while we were there in November. It always feels like coming home.

I hope to see many of the ladies at the next women’s retreat. I am looking so forward to it.

Thank you all again!
Love, The Carlsons

Fri Nov 9 19:49:00 2007

See their November newsletter.

Thu Aug 16 19:40:40 2007

See their August 2007 Newsletter in pdf.

Thu Aug 9 14:09:32 2007

Thank you for your partnership with the Carlsons and their passion to follow wherever the Lord leads.

We believe God is opening the door for ministry in Ukraine and we'll continue to pursue that with them. Now, with your approval, we'll schedule an "interview" with the U.S. Missionary Personnel Committee to recommend them for official transfer. It is our aim to call a special meeting as early as this Friday (8/10).

If you have questions or further input, please don't hesitate to call or write. As a sending church, your role in this process and the Carlson's lives is very important.

SENDing out workers,

Bryan Williamson
Deputy Personnel Director
SEND International * PO Box 513 * Farmington, MI 48332

Tue Jul 31 22:26:30 2007

Dear friends,

Over the past few months God has been revealing what our next phase of ministry will be. After my teaching trip to Ukraine in May, God confirmed that He gave me a teaching gift and Ukraine was the place he wants us. We assumed that God wanted us to return to Alaska and then make the move after finishing my master’s degree. God exposed our assumption. So last month we began praying, talking to SEND Leadership, and asked a handful of others to pray that God would clarify if we he wants us to go back to Alaska or transfer to Ukraine. The leadership in Alaska encouraged us to go to Ukraine if that indeed was God’s will. July 22-26th we attended SEND’s annual conference, spoke with the heads of the appropriate departments, spoke with the pastors of our two official sending churches, and as a result we are now in process of transferring from SEND Alaska to SEND Ukraine to join a church planting team. (I will pursue my master’s degree after two years of language school). We are writing our newsletter to let everyone know about his change. We are not sure if it is best to wait until the transition is official to send the newsletter, please pray for wisdom.

Please be in prayer as this transition gets finalized. The leaders we talked to see this as God’s leading. The final step is a meeting with SEND’s US Personnel Committee. They will pull all the paperwork together, interview us, ensure this is God’s leading, and make the official decision to transfer us from Alaska to Ukraine.

We do have an enemy out there who does not want God to be glorified. Please pray that God will protect this process from attack and confirm this call to Ukraine through SEND’s leadership. Also, please pray for wisdom and God’s provision through all the details that go along with such a dramatic change.

We would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.

Daryl and Laura Carlson.

Sat Jul 14 17:17:30 2007

Hello everyone,
What a roller coaster of a week! Many, but not all of you may know that my brother David took his own life on July 4th. We had a small graveside service with immediate family, which was nice, but very sad. Please be praying for all of us as we grieve. Especially pray that God will remove any barriers that any of us may have which are preventing real intimacy with HIM.

The other major area of prayer is support raising; specifically, two large events that are in the planning stages right now. These are mission’s banquets: one in Peoria, Illinois on August 18th and one in Waynesboro, Virginia on Sunday August 12th. Please pray that we gain the required number of sponsors to fund these events and that the people who attend will join our support team as monthly pledge supporters.

Also, please be praying for my brother Daniel. He soon will be engaged to Holly with a possible early September wedding.
Thanks for your prayers…they do accomplish great things!

Tue Jul 10 14:26:05 2007

Laura said David Carlson (Daryl's brother) committed suicide early Wednesday, July 4. He and Daryl (now one of our missionaries) attended WC, lived in the Mercy house and provided many services for the church for a few years. She said there won't be any big service but that they'd appreciate prayer for the family

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. The family grave side service was sad, yet nice.

Mon Jul 2 12:53:39 2007

Our Summer Plans, by Daryl Carlson

Perseverance…not an easy word to live out. Yet, we are commanded to do this and God is really creative at giving us plenty of practice. We are not at 100% (81%) support yet so we are not able to leave as planned. Our target return date is As Soon As Possible. If we do not return by September sixth, our return airline tickets will expire (we bought them on a sale with limitations.).

Fri Jun 29 18:14:57 2007

Our summer plans

Perseverance...not an easy word to live out. Yet, we are commanded to do this and God is really creative at giving us plenty of practice. We are not at 100% support yet so we are not able to leave as planned. We still need $1257 in monthly pledges. Since the need has not changed we are trying a different approach and could use your help. We need to expand our circle of friends and the natural course of action is to use our existing friends. So…

INDIVIDUALS can host a Dessert Party. This is a time when you invite friends over to your home who have not met us. We have fun games and an interactive presentation about God’s work in Alaska and end it all with dessert and conversation. We can help provide desserts and will cover the costs of invitations and stamps.

CHURCHS can host a similar event and there is creative flexibility. It usually takes the form of a banquet with food and some kind of entertainment. We have a fun game to play about Alaska, but one could also use door prizes, music, etc. We then show our video and do a presentation. This could be done for the people in your congregation, but we would like to also get anyone in the community who would be interested in learning about ministry in Alaska. We already have one church in Virginia that will do this for us on August 12th. Another idea for churches is to have us come on a Sunday morning or evening service to do a simple presentation.

IN BOTH SCENERIOS we would work with you to brainstorm the details and make it happen. We will want people to that know we will be looking for individual financial supporters, but we are not pushy salesmen:-). If you live on the east coast we will be available for either option the week before or after August 12th.

Our target return date is As Soon As Possible. If we do not return by September sixth, our return airline tickets will expire (we bought them on a sale with limitations). If you would like to help expand our support in these or other ways, please give us a call and we can discuss it.

Do you want to receive our newsletters by email?

Email is a wonderful way to keep costs down. In the past I attempted to use this for our newsletters, but it had less then ideal results. I want to try this again, but I need your help to make is successful. If you would like to receive our email updates please do the following:

Email us a quick note to that effect. Please do this even if we already have your email on file.

Please let me know if you can open and view Adobe .PDF format documents.

Please enter our email in your spam software filters as a safe sender.

If you change email addresses in the future please notify us of that change.

After doing all of this, if you go more than three months without hearing from us, please let us know. I would hate to lose contact because of a technical problem. Thanks so much!

Mail support to: SEND International, P.O. Box 513,

Farmington, MI 48332 (designate to Account # 145511)

If you have questions, please contact us at (309) 338-2995 or livefreeromans8@yahoo.com.

Thu Jun 28 15:37:22 2007

Our home-service has four basic goals: 1) Reconnect with our current supporters, 2) Rigorous training to become better equipped, 3) Raise financial support for the next term of service, and 4) Rest.
We have finished speaking in all of our current supporting churches. It was wonderful to share what God has done. We also cast SEND’s vision of expanding our broadcasts in partnership with church planting teams to spread the Gospel. {Read more about that on page 2} Next we will be speaking at two new supporting churches to bring those congregations up to speed and get to know them better.
I took advantage of two dynamic opportunities to become better equipped. In March I attended LeaderLink which was the second of four conferences on becoming an effective leader. I also just returned from co-teaching a class on Doctrine at a Bible school in Korestan, Ukraine. I count it a privilege to help prepare Ukraine’s future Christian leaders and to work with SEND’s missionaries in another area of the world. It also was a time of mutual growth and encouragement (Romans 1:12). This experience confirmed that teaching is one of my spiritual gifts, and I now have a better idea of the Master’s Degree I need to pursue. Finally, Laura and I just attended our last conference. It was a S.H.A.R.E. conference covering education for missionary children.
In the midst of all that busyness we did find time to rest.
Philippians 4:17-19, “ Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit. ...the gifts you sent (are), a fragrant offering, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
Giving is a blessing to those who give as well as a necessary means of spreading the Gospel! Several of our supporters attested to this fact as well as gave testimony to God’s provision for them. If you are giving or not giving in accordance with God’s will, please just keep us in your prayers. However, if you have not really sought God on this issue please do so.
We are desperately needed back in Petersburg (see the letter on page two from our Area Director). Praise God for the $433 in pledges that have come in since March due to generous increases from our current supporters. Our goal is to be back before the end of June. Now, I know the dollar amount to the left can seem daunting, but not when you break it down. We will be able to return if 1 person pledges $100 a month, 5 people pledge $75, 10 people pledge $50 a month, 15 people pledge $25, and 7 pledge $15 a month. If you sense God leading you to support SEND’s work through us in this way (or maybe by pledging to give a different amount) take the leap of Faith. You will not regret it because the fruit of giving tastes mighty good :-)

Fri Mar 30 19:36:27 2007

See their March Newsletter.

Fri Mar 2 18:11:04 2007

Just a quick note as I prepare to fly out tomorrow.

Please pray for me as I attend Leaderlink Leadership conference in Florida. Pray that it will be a time of growth and that Laura and Emily will be safe and happy in my absence. We also are finalizing plans for our east coast trip. Please pray that this comes together and will be glorifying to God as we connect with current supporters and meet new people.

Thanks for your prayers

Daryl for the Carlsons

Mon Feb 12 13:41:25 2007

Through a multi-organizational analysis, we know of over 100 Alaskan villages that have no gospel witness. SEND in Alaska wants to put a Gospel “voice” in each of these villages. Bringing in Church planting missionaries, school teachers, and health aid workers are some ways of accomplishing this goal. The Northern Light Network is now positioning itself to join the effort. Bringing a native friendly, Christian broadcast into each of these villages is an important part of the solution.

The first step is to expand recruiting efforts to bring more workers into the broadcast ministry. We have seven couples raising support with two more in the application process. Three of these are career missionaries with the rest coming short term. I will work with the village broadcasting expansion when KRSA’s staffing situation will allow it. Until that time, Laura and I will continue to pour ourselves into KRSA and the community of Petersburg.

We had $1,305 in monthly pledge supporters not renew for this next term. Many others increased their support which helped cover our increases in insurance, rent, cost of living, etc. At this time we need $1,770 a month in new pledges.

The previously mentioned opportunity for me to be Dave Tucker’s assistant teacher for a two week teaching assignment at a Bible college in Korosten, Ukraine is scheduled from April 21st through May 6th.

Fri Feb 9 20:18:36 2007

Hi everyone,

Things continue to stay busy as we are in the freezing cold city of Chicago. Praise God for starting a support application with a new church and another pledging support (amount to be determined). It has been great to see so many of our supporters and friends. We have a full week ahead at Windy City Community Church: Preaching on Sunday, SR High Youth group Sunday night, Jr. High on Tuesday, Awana on Thursday, and Sr. High Sunday School the following Sunday.

Please pray that each of these events will be God glorifying. We are also working on visiting more supporters; please pray that all comes together.

If you received our most recent email you know how big a hurdle our support need has become. Please pray in earnest with us that God will open the doors of support. We have over 350 people on our mailing list who don’t currently support us (including 30 churches). I am praying God moves these people who already expressed an interest to take the plunge and join our team.

Our Sunday morning slots are almost full from now until our anticipated departure. That leaves little room for new church presentations…please pray that God brings just the right churches our way.

Thanks for your prayers…we really appreciate all of you!

God bless

Mon Jan 8 12:49:03 2007

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thank God that Laura, Emily and I had a good, busy transition back to the Lower 48. Time with family was wonderful, vacation was relaxing, and Christmas was Great! We now start focusing on looking for the remaining support God has out there for us. We are at approximately 77% of our need, or about $1600 a month in additional support. (We lost some monthly supporters) Please pray that we follow God’s lead and that support comes in.

We start presenting to our current supporting churches this Sunday. We are booked through the end of Feb. with a few more churches to still schedule in. Praise God for those churches and pray that He is glorified and the people are encouraged and motivated to trust Him more.

I have a leadership conference I would like to attend March 3 to 8. This would be my second year with this three year program. There are several key people in SEND who are going, and we each need to raise $750 more to cover expenses.

I really enjoy preaching and teaching. I am always happy to exercise my abilities and see if this is a gift God would have me develop further. I say that because I MIGHT have such an opportunity. The head of SEND’s short term department is looking into teaching a session at a Bible school in Urkrane and asked me to be his assistant teacher. It is not set in stone yet so please pray that this works out!

Thanks for all your prayers….don’t be shy about sharing your’s with us.

Daryl and the Carlsons.

Mon Dec 11 12:57:47 2006

Her eyes went as big as saucers as she covered her ears and cried out. “What’s that?” Just this morning Emily experienced her first thunderstorm. Believe it or not, rain feels and smells different down here…I love it! Oh, the joys of coming back to the Lower 48.

God has given us a smooth transition back home. The trip went without a hitch despite the snow storm the day before we left. We had 3 feet of snow. We have settled into our new home and spent a whirlwind two weeks with family. We are looking forward to a little getaway vacation and then jumping back into support discovery.

Just this morning I was reflecting on Christmas and how God loves to take on that which seems to be impossible…a virgin birth! It can be so hard for us to comprehend His “humiliation”. How could the all powerful, infinite, Holy God become one of us? Not only that…I think about all the hardship, misunderstandings, opposition and suffering he endured to reconcile us to Himself. Hebrews tells us that “for the joy set before him” He endured all of these things. His joy was what awaited Him when He returned to the right hand of the throne of God.

I have been pondering this because support discovery can easily seem to be next to impossible. When I look at the bottom line of what we need to raise, I think “Okay God, I don’t know how but I know you are going to do this”. God is making it easier because we have a lot of joy set before us. We are looking forward to the day when God breaks through the darkness in Alaska and sets captives free by the hundreds. We also can’t wait to reconnect with all of you. What joy to catch up with what is going on in your lives. We are so blessed to be involved with you in God’s work and we look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year.
God bless,
Daryl, Laura & Emily

Mon Nov 6 14:25:22 2006

We’re Coming Home! Terms of service with SEND consist of five years. Four years on the field, and then an extended visit (called home service or furlough) in the “lower 48” to spend time at our home church, SEND headquarters, and with family and friends. Our primary reason for heading out early is due to the staffing situation here at KRSA. The Mazzella family is seriously considering leaving the field this next summer. Daryl is going to be taking Andy’s place as the manager, so it was decided that there would be a smoother transition if he could be at the radio station when the Mazzellas leave.

Over the course of the last three years here at KRSA we have seen great things happen. God has pulled together the upgrade, and we have improved our broadcasts. Daryl helped recruit eight new couples. Their arrival will enable a significant expansion of our broadcast ministry. We are excited about what lies ahead and are fully convinced that this is exactly where God wants us.

Wed Oct 18 19:30:04 2006

Hello! We hope this note finds you well and enjoying the last days of warm weather. Although, we heard you guys had snow flurries one day last week, is that true?? We were hoping it would still be warm when we come down in mid November! Here’s hopin’.

We are not sure if you have heard or not, but we are coming home on an early home service due to staffing situations here at KRSA. We are really looking forward to coming for a visit with everyone. We would like to be in the Chicago area for the month of February to go to church at WCCC and also just to visit with individuals. We are looking for a place to stay for that month. Do you guys know of any place where we could house sit, or do you know of any missionary housing up there that we could use for a month? We are just trying to get an idea of where we could stay. We would have no problem renting something for that month, but we don’t know of any places where we could get for just one month that would be furnished. Any ideas??

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Talk to you soon!

In His service,

Laura for the Carlsons

Fri Aug 18 13:23:50 2006


The update is close to being done and the radio station looks GREAT! We will be sending out pictures in our next newsletter. We will be very thankful when everything is done and things can return to normal.
The Clarks were here for a couple of weeks (they are the carpenter couple that come almost every summer). They put in new flooring at the radio station and in our house. They are always such a blessing to us!!
We received funds from “Focus on the Family” to promote our new show which will be airing in the fall called, “Sharing Life Together”. Because of these funds, we will be able to travel to several different communities where we broadcast. Several of these towns have not been visited by someone from KRSA, so this will be a great opportunity for us.
We went to Glennallen for the annual conference in July which was a good time of fellowship and renewal. We got to see many other missionaries that we only get to see once a year at best. It is really encouraging to hear what God is doing in different parts of Alaska.
Our summer missionaries have left us now. We were very thankful for their help throughout the summer. They both did a WONDERFUL JOB! We were blessed to have them


The Hills (our engineer and his family) will be leaving on home service at the beginning of September. Please pray that they will raise the needed support in a timely manner so they can return to the field.
That will put our staff at a low number again. Please pray for perseverance during the next year.
We have quite a few people in the midst of raising support to come up to the two radio stations, PLEASE pray that they will be able to raise their support quickly so we can have more people on the field. Ultimately, the plan is to try to start a native radio station to get into the villages in the bush. We HAVE to have more staff first. We are trusting God’s timing in all of this. We would love to see it happen soon. Spending time with missionaries from the bush has made us see more acutely the need for village radio!
We also have lots of “feelers” out there for anyone else who may be interested in coming to serve at the radio stations. Please pray that God will continue to use these outlets to raise awareness of the need in Alaska.
Please continue to pray that we will stand strong in prayer in the spiritual battle that we face. Satan’s main attack for missionaries on the field is frustration, anger and bitterness. Before coming to Alaska this was not a big struggle for us, yet now we fight it often. This is a common thread in many of the missionaries we have talked to. Please pray that the joy of the Lord will be our strength!!
We plan to come home on our first home service next July. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed. Pray that we will be diligent in preparation for that time.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and please know that we pray for all the prayer requests you send to us as well.


The Carlsons

Mon Jul 10 15:30:31 2006

God’s Perfect Timing

We’ve all been there before…in a situation that doesn’t go the way you thought it should. God brings you to the point where He is the only one who can pull things off, and He does. While it is not fun to go through this, it’s always amazing to see God work. We are in the midst of this with our upgrade. We are fast approaching our engineer’s home service departure date with much work left to be done. We need to spend money carefully to be sure we get all we need with the funds that remain. Then there is how to spend our time between the many things that are screaming to get done. A rather God sized scenario, but no worries. He has recently shown, in many ways, that He is big enough for any situation.

#1) God brought up Joe Garness just in the nick of time, and in a creative way. Joe was several thousand dollars short of his financial goal the week before his scheduled departure. Right before leaving he was given a unique financial gift…a bucket full of half dollar silver coins! He sold it to a dealer in Bozeman, Montana on his way up to Petersburg. And, as you may have guessed, it was just enough.

#2) Our car is a gift from God. I am referring to our current one and the one on the way. You see, we had been praying our ’91 Nissan Maxima would make it till our first home service next summer. So when major repair number two reared its ugly head within two month’s time, we thought it might be time for another car. While we had a decent amount of money saved up, it was not enough to get a good quality car. So, we and our prayer team sought God for direction. Within a week God answered through the generosity of Laura’s dad. He is selling his car to us for the amount we have saved, and is driving it to Seattle with Laura’s brother, Scott. We will have it barged up to Petersburg. God willing, we will cover that cost by selling our Nissan. God has given us more than we could have dreamed, and right in the nick of time.

#3) We spent the last week researching and putting in the orders for the carpet and cabinetry work for studio B. Yesterday we were contacted by a church that wants to take on the cost of the carpet as their VBS project. They found us by searching on the web. Again, God did it just in the nick of time. Steven Curtis Chapman was right…following God is a Great Adventure! I can’t wait to see how God works out the rest of the details.

God’s timing also extends into the every day outreach that takes place on air at KRSA. We always pray that He uses the programs to bring people to faith in Him and to build the faith of His children. Just last week I got a call from Listeners that should not be able to pick up our AM signal, but God is ensuring they hear us. Please be praying for the folks in Meyers Chuck, Alaska.

On Other Fronts

We had a nice, quick visit home (special thanks to Laura’s family). Laura’s sister, Beth, had a wonderful, God honoring wedding as she joined hands with David. Their relationship is a shining example of God’s perfect timing. Contact us if you want their story.

This year Daryl again took part in the Mitkoff Mummer’s annual melodrama, “Feuding in Halibut Harbor”. He again played the villain (no type casting). It was a good time to build relationships with many people that Daryl doesn’t often see. He also was the story teller the last day of VBS at the Bible church.

Laura continues building strong relationships with other ladies in town. God has opened doors for some good conversations about Him. Laura also has begun to bake these relationships. She creates various treats and delivers them to their homes as a way to say we care and are thinking of them. (Her cinnamon rolls are a big hit!) Pray for open doors, and open hearts to go with these open stomachs.

Station Manager, Andrew Mazzella, is traveling for a short home service this month. Please pray for safety and refreshment. All the final details are coming together this month for the upgrade project. Studio remodeling, wiring, installing new hardware, working the kinks out of some software, a volunteer engineer coming up to help, and two summer inters. Pray for wise use of finances and time so everything comes together.

The financial Update

A quick update…God is faithfully bringing in the additional support we require. We need a little more to return to being fully supported. We look forward to seeing God’s perfect timing in meeting this need of $100 in new monthly pledges!

Sun May 21 11:17:25 2006

1. WE HAVE A CAR!! Well¡Kwe will have one soon! ƒº Laura¡¦s dad has generously offered to sell us his car for the amount that we have saved up. We won¡¦t have to get a loan!! He is also going to get it to Seattle for us. We can¡¦t express what a blessing this car is. It is in great shape and it doesn¡¦t have that many miles on it. It is truly much more than we could have hoped for. We are very thankful to God and Dad for this provision! We are also extremely thankful to Scott, Laura¡¦s brother, for driving it across for us. Please pray for travel mercies as they make their way to Seattle.
2. We are into the third night of Daryl¡¦s play and things are going very well. He has had lots of fun with the show, but he will be glad when it is done too. We will get a picture sent off soon of him in his costume. He makes a Great villain!! ƒº
3. The upgrade continues to go well. We just got an estimate on what it will cost for some construction work on one of the studios, and it seems to be a good bid. Please pray that the money will hold out to finish this project.
4. Little Norway is in full swing and we are having lots of fun! Our friends, the Lanham¡¦s are here for a visit. It is great to see them again, and it is great to have fun stuff to do around town.
Prayer requests:
1. Continued prayers for the upgrade. That it will come together in a timely manner.
2. Please pray for continued opportunities to share our faith with the people involved with the play especially. We are trying to put together a barbeque or something to continue the relationships that have started.
3. We are very thankful that we are getting two summer missionaries this year. Please pray that their time here will be fruitful for them, and that they will really get a feel for what we do here. Hopefully they will want to come back for a career!!
4. We have several people who are considering joining SEND to work at KCAM and KRSA. Please pray that God will lead them in His Will. We could REALLY use the help!
Thanks for all your prayers! As always, please feel free to share your prayer requests with us. We want to know what is happening in your lives too!
The Carlsons

Sun May 14 11:28:09 2006

We just received the rest of the equipment for the upgrade. Please pray that the install will go well which includes some significant studio remodeling. The money is coming down to the wire, so please pray for God’s guidance and bargains.

We need prayer for one other bargain. We were hoping and praying that our car would make it until our first home service in one year, but it is not looking good. We put $700 in for new struts two months ago and now it may need another 700 put into it. It is worth no more then $1800. It is a 1991 Nissan, so it is a good car, but it is old. So we could use your prayers for wisdom and if need be, a different car. We have 3500 saved toward another car.

Thanks so much for praying.
Daryl and the Carlsons

Mon Apr 24 12:56:04 2006

Prayer requests:
1. We are leaving today to travel to Illinois for Laura’s sister’s wedding. Please pray for travel mercies, and that the wedding will go well. It is Beth and David’s prayer request that God be very honored by their day, and that people who do not know God will have an encounter with Him there.
2. Please continue to pray for the upgrades. They are going well, but it is very time consuming. All of the guys are putting in long hours to get it done in a timely manner.
1. Joe Garness made it to the field on Easter Sunday!!! His journey went well. We are SO glad to have him here.
2. We are excited about two summer missionaries that will be joining us this summer. It will be great to have the extra help around. Please pray that it will be a time of growth for them. It would be wonderful to have them return to the field as career missionaries one day.
3. Daryl had an opportunity to share his faith with a couple of people in the play. One of them is already a believer, but please pray for the other girl to come to know Christ.

Sat Apr 8 11:31:52 2006

Praise God for:

1) Spring. It looks like winter has broken its hold. The extra sunshine sure does help us maintain a proper perspective.

2) The upgrade. Although we are behind schedule, we are thankful that things are coming together.

3) Joe Garness will be arriving soon.

4) Daryl’s brother, Dwight, came for a visit and had a wonderful time.

5) Laura’s sister, Beth, is getting married on April 29th. We are so excited for them and the work that God has called them to (they will be working with Samaritan’s purse). We are also blessed to be able to attend because our tickets were paid for. We are looking forward to a great day. Please pray that God’s glory will be displayed on that day!

Prayer requests:

1) Joe Garness’ support. He has all his monthly donors, but still needs several thousand dollars in one time gifts to cover his initial expenses. Please pray that all this comes in so he will be able to arrive here by April 16th. His presence is vital to the upgrade’s timely completion.

2) The Upgrade. Things do not always go as expected. KCAM, our sister station, continues to have problems with a vital piece of hardware. This takes Scott Hill’s time and energy to deal with and takes away from the upgrade. Please pray that Scott will have wisdom, and deal with the stress of engineering two radio stations. The Hills are also expecting their third child in July. We are praying the upgrade will be done by then with time to spare so the system can break in before the Hills leave in September for home service.

3) Daryl will be involved in the spring community play again this year. It will be difficult to fit it in, but it is his way to connect with unsaved people and be involved in the community. He will be the villain again this year. Pray for the people he gets to know: for open hearts, open doors to share, and boldness to share the Gospel.

4) Please especially pray for Andy, the station manager, and his family. They are going through a tough time right now. Please pray for God’s wisdom for their situation.

Thank you for you prayer support. We are praying for your prayer requests as well. Thank you for sharing them with us.

With love,

The Carlsons

Sun Mar 12 12:52:07 2006

1. Daryl had a great time in Florida at his leadership conference. It was a time of renewal and a time of confirming for Daryl. He is very encouraged and excited about what lies ahead for the Northern Light Network (NLN), and he is excited about the part he will play. Please pray that God will continue to direct all the NLN staff as they move to expand the radio ministry.

2. Thank you for your prayers while Daryl was away from his family too. Although he was sorely missed, everything went well while he was away.

3. Pray that God will bring our monthly support team back up to full strength.

4. The radio upgrades continue to go well. Please pray for strength because all the staff is putting in very long hours to get this done. It doesn’t look like the work load is going to get lighter anytime in the near future.

5. Scott Hill is on a work trip to KCAM. Please pray for his safety, and for his family while he is away.

6. We are excited that Daryl’s brother, Dwight, is coming to visit in two weeks. Please pray that the traveling will go well for him because he has never flown before.

That is the short list this week. Thanks for praying, it makes a big difference!

Sun Feb 26 12:29:17 2006


1. Upgrades are continuing to go well. Everybody is working hard and putting in long hours but things are getting done.

2. We are having a Tim Wright come in this week to help with the upgrades as well as a couple people from Glennallen who will be able to lend a hand. Many hands make lighter work.

3. Laura’s sister, Beth, is getting married in April. We are so very excited for her. It has been truly amazing to see God working in the lives of her and her husband to be. It has been an encouragement to us, and we can’t wait for the big day!!

Prayer requests:

1. There is a girl here in town that we had asked that everyone pray for. She had to deliver the baby at 23 weeks due to high blood pressure. The mom is doing okay physically, but the baby did not make it. This is their third baby that they have lost. Please pray for Kim and her husband, Brian during this very difficult time.

2. Our friend from Laura’s work who we have been building a relationship with in the hopes of sharing the gospel, is moving to Tennessee next week. Daryl has offered to help him pack up all his stuff. PLEASE pray for an opportunity for Daryl to share the love of Christ with Lance, and please pray for Lance to have a receptive heart.

3. Daryl will be traveling to Florida for a leadership conference March 3-9 with Phil Baur and Paul Rude (two people from SEND Alaska home office). He is really looking forward to it! Please pray for safety in travel and that he will learn lots. J Please pray for Laura and Emily as Daryl is away.

4. Please pray for the upgrade to be continue to go well and that it will be done by May so that we can get any kinks worked out before Scott Hill (the Engineer) goes home on home service.

5. We have just become aware of affordable technology to improve the way we transmit to our remote locations (Sitka, Wrangell, and Haines). It will improve quality, and possibly cut our costs in half. Please pray as we look into this. Time seems so scarce to do anything but the upgrade, but this is an important decision to make.

6. Please pray for the quick arrival of Joe Garness to the field. His presence will be a Big asset. He currently has 69% support and his target of April 2nd is drawing nigh.

Thank you for you prayer support. We are praying for your prayer requests as well. Thank you for sharing them with us.

With love,
The Carlsons

Mon Feb 20 15:47:03 2006

The Life and times of the Carlsons

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. However, I do enjoy this season because it is a good time to reflect on what God has done and to look forward to what He will do.

At KRSA we have been God’s blessings as He moves the upgrade project forward, brings in more help, and reveals how He uses the station in people’s lives. It is a thrill to see the upgrade materialize and new equipment and software arrive. I have been busy transferring over music and program schedules to the new scheduling software, and dismantling studio B. We will be putting the new automation system in place by the end of February with studio redesign to follow when the audio consoles arrive. I still have to learn two new pieces of software. Pray that everything will come together by summer time.

We are also expecting more help this spring. My former Moody classmate and friend, Joe Garness, has joined SEND after serving with HCJB in Ecuador. Please pray that all of his support will come in quickly so he can join us by April. His arrival will help in the upgrade transition and will also increase our impact. Joe will be able to arrange more local music programs and organize community events which mean a greater opportunity for us to personally connect with out listeners. God has done so much through KRSA while we have been short staffed, I can’t wait to see what He does as our capacity is increased.

Laura recently heard this first hand from a lady who lives 100 miles out of Petersburg. She was in town and chatting with Laura. When she learned I worked at KRSA she said that she thanks God for KRSA. It is her life line and helped so much in raising her family. She also said that everyone she knows that lives out on their own relies on KRSA.

God is really giving us opportunities to meet many new people. God has allowed us to get to know several people on various levels: non-religious, a Mormon family and a Jehovah’s Witness. Please pray for these people and for our relationships with them. Our approach is to be a friend, pray like crazy for God to work in their hearts, and share Jesus when God opens the door. We are being cautious because of the way people have been hurt by “church”. We want God’s love for them to come across clearly because their wounds run deep. Laura saw this clearly one day at the hospital. Her coworkers were talking about people’s “relationship” habits. They guessed the 75% of the women in town have had bi-sexual relationships. Then there is also wife swapping among other things. Please pray with us that God will bring real healing and show everyone that He is the Love they need.

I want to update you on our financial situation which covers two areas, last year’s summary and our support increases. First, a financial summary for this past year. The Treasurer of the Alaska Field emailed us the following: “I see that your support income has been dropping lately. Your 12 month average has been below 100% for 4 months now. This has left you short by over $3,000 in the last 12 months.”

In missions it is normal to see dry spells and times of plenty. Thankfully SEND’s system keeps our paychecks steady in those times. However, we want to be sure that our support doesn’t drop. If it stays down for too long, it can affect the pay for all missionaries in Alaska and may result in our being sent home early to re-raise support. Thankfully, God is in control.

I want to again say THANKYOU, THANK YOU to our monthly supporters. We would not be here at all without you. Since we frequently hear comments about people waiting for a receipt and replay card from SEND headquarters before mailing in support, let me share a reminder. Those mailings aren’t sent out consistently due to fluctuations in volunteers and attempts to keep costs low. You can mail in a support check any time by following directions in the bottom right corner of this page. An official reply card or envelope is not necessary. You also can set up automatic bank drafts to cover your pledges. I personally find this helpful with the missionaries we support. If you have any questions about this or any issue, please feel free to contact SEND directly at (800) SEND-808.

Second, our last newsletter we told you of the increase in our support due to higher insurance premiums and housing costs. God has been faithful through many generous friends to bring us close to half of the needed increase. If you feel God would have you increase your pledge amount or join our financial support team for the first time we can really use you. God is growing His kingdom in Southeast Alaska as we work together.

In closing, it would make out day to hear from you. Just a simple note on how you are doing is a treat. Feel free to connect with us at any time!

God Bless,]
Daryl, Laura & Emily.

Sat Feb 18 13:41:13 2006

Please be praying for Brian and Kim K. She was induced and shortly after gave birth to Kevin. Kevin passed away shortly thereafter. Please pray for God’s comfort and protection. Satan will try to use this second loss of a child to destroy them.

Thanks for Praying.

Tue Feb 14 16:54:31 2006

Hello Everyone,

First and foremost: Friends in Petersburg need your prayers. Kim K. is being induced this morning at 23 weeks of pregnancy due to bad Preeclamsia (High Blood Pressure). Please pray that their baby will survive which can happen, but the downside is it has not grown in the last 4 weeks. Kim and Brian have already lost one child in Pregnancy. So please pray for health and the baby’s survival.

A fisherman in our church has an unsaved coworker who likes listening to Chuck Swindoll on KRSA. I told you about this a few months ago. An Update, Mike is asking serious questions and reading his Bible. Please pray that he will come to our Savior, and pray for Joe as he witnesses to Mike.

Our studio upgrades are moving along. This week is the intense work of converting our program and commercial schedules. Pray for all of us as we learn this new software and attempt to get it to work. Saturday, Tim Wright, engineer and one of our board members, will arrive for two weeks to launch our automation system. This is another system for us to learn. We also need to get three separate pieces of software to work in unity (automation, commercial scheduling, music scheduling).

Please continue to pray about our staffing needs. That Joe Garness will arrive quickly (He has over 90% support). We need an engineer to help fill in the gap when Scott goes on home service in September (we also need 2 more on a permanent basis). We have three other people who have applied with SEND but not accepted yet. We have two other families raising support…please pray for their speedy arrival.

One of Laura’s unsaved coworkers is moving in two weeks. We had him over for Christmas, done some fishing, and been praying for an open door to share the Gospel (He is pretty stubborn against religion). Please pray in the business of the next two weeks, God will give me an opportunity to get together with him and share the Gospel truth. I am going to call and see if he needs help packing.

Thanks for the prayers

Thu Jan 5 01:03:30 2006

These are general prayer requests for the whole year. We will continue to send out prayer requests as they arise, but these are some ongoing things that could really use ongoing prayer support.

1. Please pray for the upgrade project. Through the end of January we will be ordering computers and software: pray for good deals. It needs to be done by the end of May. Please pray that things will go well and that everything will be finished.

2. Please pray that we will continue to build relationships with those who don’t believe. We currently have several friends who are not saved. There is a young woman named Jessica, a Jehovah’s Witness, and a Mormon family. Please pray for opportunities to share our faith with these and others.

3. Please pray for wisdom for Daryl regarding Program changes. He wants to do better in encouraging the believers, and to do better at reaching the lost through the programming. We have had several very positive comments about the radio station lately. These were so encouraging because we can often go for long periods without any feedback. Please pray for a continuing impact on this community and others.

4. Please pray that we will be able to get pregnant this year. It is our desire to have more children, but We have encountered some problems. In February or March we are going to go to Ketchikan to get shots to help with the process. This medication is costly, so please pray that it will work the first time.

5. Please pray that we will do well over the winter. The lack of light and the isolation of living on an island can start to take it’s toll quickly.

6. Please pray for continued growth for all of us. Pray that we will do well in our relationship with each other and that we will do well as parents. We want to exemplify God in every aspect of our lives.

We appreciate your prayers so very much and we are sure they make a difference. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your prayer requests as well. We want to pray nightly for your needs as well.

Thanks again! Daryl, Laura and Emily

Mon Dec 19 19:54:18 2005


1. Laura was able to take an unsaved girl to women’s coffee this week. Please pray for her salvation. Her name is Jessica.

2. We are thankful that we are able to spend a quiet Christmas here in Petersburg. J

3. We got two feet of snow last week. It was AWESOME!! We had a great time sledding and tromping around in the snow. We have never seen so much snow fall at one time.


1. We are heading into the basketball season which is a great time of year, but also a stressful time of year. Andy travels often to call the games, and that leaves us with just two staff to cover all the on air stuff. Also, it requires one staff to be at the station during all the games. Please pray for God’s peace during a stressful time. Also pray that God uses this season to draw unbelievers to listen, be convicted, and get saved.

2. We are going to be starting the upgrades soon. Please pray that it will go well, and that it would be finished in a timely manner.

3. Please pray that the evangelistic spots during the Christmas time will make a difference this year too. (last year we had someone call 1-800 NEED HIM)

4. We are going to be assisting the new outreach team at church. Please that the team takes God’s ideas and puts them into effective action.

5. We are both planning to start a Bible study in January. Daryl is going to be leading one for men, and Laura is going to be leading one for women. Please pray that it will be a time of growth for all who are involved.

Sun Nov 20 12:21:33 2005

Praise God for:
1.We exceeded our sharathon goal!! $22,200.
2.Ken and Nora’s wedding went off without a hitch. They are happily moved into their home in Petersburg.
3.A good time with family while down south. I feel well rested.
4.Many developing contacts for recruiting. God is starting to stir up more workers for the NLN.
5.That much of our needed support is coming in. $187 a month of increased support has come in so far.
Prayer Requests:
1.Safety for Laura and Emily as they travel back to me on Monday and Tuesday. (she stayed a little longer for more rest.)
2.A relaxing time for Scott Hill and his family. They will be on vacation until Dec 4th.
3.That the details will come together to start upgrade project soon.
4.For my ability to learn the new programs quickly and thoroughly. I am starting to learn the new music scheduling program and it is not as easy as I thought. (that is one of 4 new systems in the next six months.)
5.That the rest of our support will come in God’s perfect timing. We have $193 a month left to acquire by April.
6.We want open doors to share the Gospel. The couple we invited over for Thanksgiving is not able to come.
7.Pray for Satan’s blinders to fall off of Petersburg and for God to start a real revival.
Thanks so much for your prayers.
Daryl and the Carlsons

Sun Oct 30 12:07:09 2005


1. We have 16,800 dollars toward our 20,000 sharathon goal!! Praise God for His provision.

2. Nora is getting married one week from today.

3. We leave Monday to go home for the wedding on Halloween. We will be able to spend time with family and have some time of rest and relaxation.

4. We praise God for a peaceful time while Scott Hill was called away emergently to KCAM. KRSA has been running smoothly while he has been away which has been a big blessing. Scott has been able to concentrate on KCAM solely.

5. His sustaining grace, love and peace.

Prayer requests:

1. Please pray that we will meet our sharathon goal. (We have a matching grant from Murdock charitable trust.)

2. Please pray for safety in travel as we attend Nora’s wedding.

3. We would like to have phase two of our upgrade project finished by the time Scott Hill goes home for home service. This is a lot of work in a little time. Please pray that God will expedite the process.

4. We are inviting an unsaved couple over for Thanksgiving. Please pray that God will open doors for us to share the Gospel.

We always appreciate your prayers so much. Please continue to send us your prayer requests so we know how to pray for you as well!

With love,
The Carlsons

Sat Oct 15 22:15:28 2005

Praise God for:

Sunshine – the first break in rain today for nearly two weeksJ

We have about $8,000 toward our 20,000 sharathon goal. (It’s not even half over).

Strength, ideas, perseverance

A short break as we attend Nora’s wedding.

Pray for:

Scott Hill: he had to return to KCAM to help fix their problems. Pray he has clarity of mind. Pray for resolution of their problems so he will be able to return to KRSA and focus on our upgrade. They are also severely short on support, so please pray that God brings it up.

Andy Mazzella, for strength and wisdom as he leads KRSA and the NLN while we are so short handed.

That we will meet our sharathon goal this year.

As we head into the holiday season, that I will have wisdom in planning special programs and promotional ideas.

That we will have the increased support we need to cover increased expenses.

That will begin to bring people to the NLN so we can strengthen our outreach and expand to where there is no church.

Fri Oct 14 19:33:02 2005

Praise God for:

Sunshine – the first break in rain today for nearly two weeksJ

We have about $8,000 toward our 20,000 sharathon goal. (It’s not even half over).

Strength, ideas, perseverance

A short break as we attend Nora’s wedding.

Pray for:

Scott Hill: he had to return to KCAM to help fix their problems. Pray he has clarity of mind. Pray for resolution of their problems so he will be able to return to KRSA and focus on our upgrade. They are also severely short on support, so please pray that God brings it up.

Andy Mazzella, for strength and wisdom as he leads KRSA and the NLN while we are so short handed.

That we will meet our sharathon goal this year.

As we head into the holiday season, that I will have wisdom in planning special programs and promotional ideas.

That we will have the increased support we need to cover increased expenses.

That will begin to bring people to the NLN so we can strengthen our outreach and expand to where there is no church.

How can we pray for you?

Daryl and the Carlsons

Mon Oct 10 13:12:06 2005

Daryl is now the coordinator of recruiting and native media for the Northern Light Network. This is in addition to his current duties as KASA’s Program Director. He has been taking Mondays to set up recruiting materials and outlets to bring in more broadcasters so they can expand as well as stabilize both stations. Starting in November he will be researching what forms the radio expansion can take.

On November 5th Ken Rock and sister, Nora Carlson will marry in Illinois.

A significant supporting church has pulled their financial support which leaves Daryl and Laura about $400 a month short.

We are now going to bring the station into the 21st century. We will receive $70,000 soon from the Murdock Charitable Trust. The last $20,000 we would get is from a matching grant. We will receive that money if we are able to raise $20,000 during our fall Shar-athon. This money will allow us to do more with less people, and stay on the air (no crashing computers). All five operating systems at KRSA will be replaced…studio consoles, automation, music scheduling, billing, and the office PC network. One added benefit to this upgrade is that it will make us ready for the inevitable digital conversion. Experts predict that all American radio stations will have to go to an all digital broadcast system within the next 8 to 10 years. When that time comes, all we will need is a digital plug-in component for the transmitter. We will take the month of October to clearly lay out this opportunity to our listeners during our Shar-athon.

We need serious, continuous prayers for spiritual protection. Since the NLN started expansion plans, things have gotten much harder. KCAM has been off the air many times for reasons that have the experts baffled; bringing extra stress to our only engineer, Scott. One of KCAM’s staff has been diagnosed with a heart problem. Laura and I have been feeling much more stressed and we have been struggling with a feeling of hopelessness. We truly see these struggles as an attach from the enemy, so please pray for everyone who is involved in the expansion of the Northern Light Network

Thanks for your prayer and support!
Daryl Carlson and family

Fri Sep 16 12:55:56 2005

God for His Grace and Goodness which is always more then we deserve.
We have a couple of guests this week who are visiting the Alaska field to see if God is leading them to join our broadcast team.
His power over our Enemy who is very much alive and fighting.
Our daughter is bringing us such joy.
Laura is feeling good and we believe the medicine is helping.
My meeting in Michigan with the recruiters for SEND International was very profitable.
That God will bring in more broadcast missionaries.
That the two people visiting will have clear direction on whether or not to join us.
That we will have positive results contacting different churches to bring in the extra support we need to raise.
That we will not be dooped by Satan’s schemes and stay strong through his attacks. This does require some explanation. KCAM (sister station) is currently off the air due to an unexplainable technical problem. This is adding extra stress to our only engineer Scott. He is currently at training in Georgia and fears he might have to go back to Glennallen. He has already spent several more weeks away from His family then planned do to emergencies like this one and it is causing much stress. Laura and I have been battling an onslaught of negative attitudes. It has been much better in recent weeks…now something new. We have been hit with several bills which are much more then we planned for (higher heating oil costs and more medical bills then anticipated). Also, we just were notified that one of our bigger supporting churches needed to drop their support. It does happen, but rather stressful timing. So like I said….Satan is alive and well and fighting. So please pray against his schemes, that we don’t take the bait, that we keep abiding in our Great Vine, and that we look to God to bring resolution to these problems.
I can see God’s hand and I am glad that things are moving forward. He is bringing me more avenues to recruit at no expense. KRSA is not experiencing technical problems and is moving forward on upgrades and plans to connect with local churches.
I could say more but it is rather late…please pray…we need it now more then ever!
Daryl and the Carlsons

Mon Aug 29 12:03:43 2005

August 28, 2005


KRSA’s grant request for funds for our station upgrade has been APPROVED! Praise God. We have been given $70,000 and $20,000 more will be given to us when we raise $20,000 locally.

We just heard word that one of our listeners called into 888-Need-Him to find out more about Jesus. The call was placed last Christmas. I pray and believe that someone found Jesus that day.

I am making good headway laying the groundwork to increase recruiting efforts. The peaces are coming together.

God has been so good to us personally and teaching us amidst our struggles. Laura was having some health problems, but the diagnosis is positive.


That our sharethon this October will bring in the $20,000 and the matching grant. Pray that we come up with ideas to make this one memorable.

There are new programming changes going into effect September 1st. I am including a new Bible Teaching program to reach more of the body of Christ. Pray that it will be well received and that all of these program changes will bring many more people close to God.

We will begin making final decisions and purchases for the coming upgrade. It will change ALL of the systems that we currently use to broadcast. Pray for wisdom and strength as we install all these systems, and learn a new way of doing everything in our daily routine.

I will be near Holland Michigan September 7-9th for a SEND recruiters retreat. I will be able to share the broadcast ministry in Alaska and inform them on our needs so they can be on the look out for those people as they recruit. Pray that my presentation will be effective, that I will connect well with these recruiters, and that God will use them to bring in more broadcasters.

Laura is currently on medication for a medicinal DNC. Please pray that helps the medical problems she was having, and helps clear the way for a babyJ.

Thanks – Daryl and the Carlsons
The Carlson Family

Sat Aug 20 21:25:00 2005

A Major Answer to Prayer:

Andrew Mazzella sent out this email,

Dr. John Van Zytveld called me this morning to say that the Murdock Trustees met yesterday and approved our grant application for the KRSA Upgrade Project. We will receive a $70,000 outright grant and $20,000 contingent grant to be matched by local giving. We hope to meet or exceed the matching portion of the grant in October during our Annual Sharathon.

Scott Hill will be attending a workshop in Atlanta next month offered by Klotz, the manufacturer of one of the key systems in the Upgrade Project.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for wise stewardship as we move ahead with several major purchases in the next few months.

Tue Aug 9 09:58:11 2005

Hello everyone,

We had one small yet awesomely wonderful piece of news come into the station a few days ago. We have a consistent stream of comments from believers letting us know how KRSA is source of encouragement and growth for them, but unbelievers we rarely hear from. Last Christmas we ran several special programs including Moody’s Music of Christmas: Continuous Christmas music with an evangelistic emphasis using the 888 Need Him phone number. Well, we got a letter from Need Him letting us know that one person called in and said they did so because of listening to KRSA!

Even though I don’t know exactly why they called, I pray and believe that this one soul found Jesus that day. What a privilege to be used by God! Thank you for the support and prayer you give to make this possible. It is my prayer that there are many more people impacted with the Gospel on KRSA even though we may never hear about them.

Rejoicing with the Angels,

Daryl and the Carlsons.

Sat Aug 6 10:53:49 2005

Thank you so much for your prayers!!

These last few days have been some of the best for us personally. We are truly learning what Jesus meant when He said, “Give us THIS DAY our daily bread”. He is so good to us.

Praise God that the pieces are coming together for recruiting for the radio stations. I am taking one day a week now thru October to lay the groundwork for recruiting. We need people for broadcasting, news directors, and we need people with good sales experience. If you know people who might be interested have them email me.

I am going to Michigan in September to speak at a recruiters retreat. It is the time when all of SEND International’s recruiters meet to hear about the different fields and get new literature. Please pray as I prepare the presentation. Pray it will be memorable and will be effective in equipping the recruiters to bring in the workers for the broadcast harvest.

We got the test results for Laura and they are good. She will be on some medication for a couple of months to help clean out her reproductive system. This should take care of her recent problems and may help in the new baby department. Please keep her in your prayers as well our desire for more children.

We will find out on August 18th if our grant request will be accepted. Please pray that the trustees of the Murdock foundation will look favorably on our request.

Our engineer Scott is gone for three weeks to help our sister station. Pray for safety and that our station has no problems. It always seems to misbehave more when he is gone.

Thanks for your prayers and may God continue to richly bless all of you.

Daryl for the Carlsons

Thu Jul 14 22:15:14 2005

Hello Everyone,

There are times when it is plainly obvious that you are all praying. This past week is one of those times.

Praise God!!

The NLN Board met last Friday and approved the new mission statement and direction for the NLN. AMEN!!! We are now going to be taking steps to expand and use radio to broadcast the Gospel in the remote villages of Alaska were they have NEVER heard!.

The next most exciting news is that I have been chosen to start researching native programming (there is not much out there), technical possibilities of getting into the villages, and to start the ball rolling on more purposeful recruitment. That is a handful…and that is only part time. The board wanted to start moving forward but not diminish the quality of either station. So I am still handling Program Director duties.

So please pray that the details get worked out on how I am going to divide and conquer these two equally important and time consuming tasks. Please pray that the important recruiting tasks get accomplished and rolling in a timely manner. Those are: updating the NLN website and literature to express this new vision and mission statement. Communicating with SEND recruiters and finding ways to get the word out on our need for broadcasters and business professionals.

Please pray that God starts to bring in the staff we need to fulfill his calling. We especially need Native American Broadcasters.

Please pray that God leads me to the people and programs that would create an effective native radio station.

Please pray for God’s peace and wisdom to rest on Laura and I. This last month and a half has been stressful because we had to wrestle through several life shaking possibilities that were being talked about until we landed on this final answer.

Laura has a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday 7/20 to try and find out what is going on with her. She had some new “female” problems come up this last couple of months.

Good news…My sister Nora has been dating Ken Rock this past month. They have known each other since she arrived and their attraction had been slowly growing. Now it is growing rapidly. They ask that you pray for them as they seek God on whether they should get married or not, and that they stay pure in their relationship.

Thanks for all your prayers. Thanks to those who have emailed and shared your prayers request with us. We count it a joyful privilege to pray for you as well.

God bless you all

Daryl and the Carlsons.
Thu Jul 14 22:12:43 2005

Hello Everyone…
The meeting has been set for Wednesday July 6th for the NLN meeting. Please pray that everything get communicated clearly, that God will lead the board in adopting the new mission statement and direction for the Northern Light Network and that action will be taken to start moving in that direction.

Laura’s Dad, Brother and Nephew are visiting, please pray for nice weather and good health.

I have been feeling very burdened for the local Mormon missionaries. I have been praying a lot for them recently…praying and not talking to them yet…but I believe it is time I do. Please Please pray that God will soften their hearts and prepare them…I want to see them saved and that would be a very hard thing for them. Please pray for an opportunity.

Thanks everyone