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Mon Dec 18 08:58:51 2017

Blessings, grace, and peace to you all in the blessed holiday season!

We hope you are all well and not stressing too much about the preparations, but instead focusing on preparing your hearts for worship of the King of Kings during Christmas! We are blessed to know you all and be a part of your lives.

God has been so faithful to us this year, and we rejoice in our salvation and the salvation of many we have seen this year. We believe we are on the brink of a great revival and movement from our church body to the MSU campus as we enter a new year and new semester. Please keep us covered in prayer as we know the enemy prowls around and would love nothing more than to stop it. We are sensing a need for greater prayer over the body of Christ here at MSU and our student leaders, especially. We have a fabulous, united team forming, but if he can get in and deceive or break can cause confusion and delay God's purposes. We have seen it before, so thank you for your prayers.

Attached you will find our December Newsletter and photo card, which all of you should be receiving in the mail soon. If you do not, please shoot us an e-mail with your mailing address, and we will send one!

We love and appreciate every one of you as a part of God's team here at MSU!
Blessings and love,
Johnathan and Heather

Tue Oct 31 12:41:45 2017

See their October Newsletter.

Fri Sep 8 12:09:38 2017

Their June Newsletter was lost in cyberspace.

Sat Sep 2 13:28:06 2017

See their August Newsletter.

Wed Feb 8 16:04:21 2017

See their Christmas card.

Wed Feb 8 14:59:40 2017

See their newsletter.

Mon Sep 12 14:58:38 2016

Hello everyone!
Thank you so much for your patience in allowing us to get out our next newsletter. August flew by with the mission trip and preparations, and campus started up August 22, so it was a crazy busy month! Now we are in the flurry of outreach, meeting many new students and the excitement with the ministry is just growing each day.

You will see we have 3 main fronts whereGod has usworking right now, and God is moving mightily in each area: India, African nations, and Nepal. Uniquely, God is bringing Christian students from each of these areas to come on board with us so that we can empower each of them in the call of God on their lives and minister to their fellow students! There is a lot of discipleship happening already!

Tonight we will have our first Ladies' meeting and Bible study. Please be in prayer that God would bring those students that need to study the word of God with us this semester, be discipled, and grow through our ministry here. Pray they would not be distracted from coming or that they would forget! Please pray that God would anoint me to share from His Spirit and feed these ladies with good, spiritual food :) Thank you so much!

This week Pastor David from El Salvador is here and ministeringat the Indian Life Group on Friday, inMinneapolis on Saturday, and in our meeting here at MSUon Sunday morning. Please keep these meetings in prayer, also.

Well, now you have a lot of praying to do...THANK YOU!!!! We pray that you will be encouraged to see the fruit in this newsletter. We appreciate so much all that you do to support us here!!!

Blessings and love,
Johnathan & Heathe

Hello friends!
As I sent out our newsletter yesterday, I forgot to attach Faith's letter reporting on her trip to El Salvador and thank you for your support of the trip in prayer and finances. Please keep her in your prayers. She has expressed a desire to be baptized, and we are praying for discernment and wisdom in the proper timing for her.

Thank you for your love and support!
Johnathan and Heather Bislew

Wed Sep 7 22:00:15 2016

Hello friends!

We apologize for not getting a newsletter out more quickly, but August has been an extremely busy (and fruitful) month! We are in the process of getting our next newsletter to you, however, we wanted to send a quick update to let you know about some of the amazing things God is doing on the campus here at MSU:
School has already been in session for 2 weeks now, and we have had 3 major events already where we have been able to meet many new students who are interested in church and Bible studies. We have had several visitors to our meetings!
Our Welcome Week picnic was very well attended, and we had about 35 Nepalese students attend, along with many other students.
We have met Christian Nepalese students, two specifically, that we are working with and planning a Nepalese dinner at our home to outreach to the other Nepalses students and share Christ.
We also had a Christian rap "concert" on the mall outdoors this past week and talked with many students who are looking for churches and Bible studies! there will be a mission trip update and much, much more to come in our print/e-mail newsletter!
God is moving mightily here at MSU! We are so grateful! Your prayers are being answered in great ways! We will get the full update to you in the next week and a half!

May God continue to bless you!
Thankfully yours,
Johnathan and Heather Bislew

Mon Jul 18 12:36:20 2016

Hello dear friends!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who prayed for, committed to give, and gave online for the mission trip! God has answered our prayers above and beyond our need! We are so appreciative of the support you all have shown us with your faithful prayers and support over these many years. We are so blessed to have such a great team of believers surrounding us. May God bless you mightily for your obedience and obvious love for Him and His people. Together we are expanding the Kingdom in El Salvador and at MSU for His glory!

2 Corinthians 4:5-6
For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesus’ sake. 6 For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

Hugs and blessings to you all!
Gratefully yours,
Johnathan and Heather

Sat Jul 16 12:40:41 2016

Hello friends,

Johnathan and Faith are now 1 week away from leaving for El Salvador! As of today, we still are in need of $1,000 to help pay for this trip. Thank you to those of you who have given, but if you have not, please pray and see if the Lord would have you support this important trip to help our "sister church," City of God, in El Salvador.

This church is in the heart of gang-ridden neighborhoods and ministers to young gang members. Many of its members are newly saved young people who are beginning to start their own families and need direction on how to have a Godly familiy and raising Godly children. They have few examples around them of what a healthy, Christian family is. Johnathan will be speaking to the young families on the Biblical order for families and raising children. He will be bringing books and resources in Spanish. He will also be working with the church on street evangelism and evangelism training and ministering to the youth.

There is a quick easy way you can give to ensure the funds reach us in time for the trip!

Click this link: Johnathan and Heather Bislew paypal link

You can also give by writing a check and including a note stating, "El Salvador Mission Trip-JB" to:
Campus Missions International (CMI) • PO Box 18355 • Minneapolis, MN 55418

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this trip, and we covet your prayers as Johnathan and Faith are there from July 21-August 1.

Love and blessings,

Johnathan and Heather Bislew

CMI missionaries at MSU, Mankato, MN.

Sun Jul 3 13:41:01 2016

Hello friends!

Attached you will find our June newsletter. We are so thankful for all that God is doing right now as we head to our summer camping trip with our seven kiddos! Campus has quieted down, but things are still happening on the spiritual homefront.

Please keep us in prayer for safety and a blessed time together as a family as we will be gone from Sunday to Friday next week. We pray that this would really be a time of growth together as a family in serving one another, looking out for each other, and for adventuring together-making many wonderful memories!

Also, we are so thankful for all the support that has come in for Faith and Johnathan! However, we are still in need of $1500 for the El Salvador missions trip. Please pray for provision for this trip! We have discovered, also, that the information for the online giving link was in error in our last newsletter, however, this has been updated. So if you tried to give online previously and were unable to do so, the current information in our newsletter and El Salvador ask (attached) should take you to the correct web pages. We apologize for any inconvenience!

We are so blessed by all of you! Praise God for such a wonderful and faithful support team! We covet your prayers as we re-charge and prepare for the missions trip. Don't forget to pray for Heather, also, as she will be holding down the fort with the 6 kids while Johnathan and Faith are gone.

Gratefully yours,

Johnathan & Heather Bislew

CMI/The Harvest is Plentiful at MSU!

Fri Apr 29 15:43:49 2016

Hello everyone!

We are winding down the schoolyear here at MSU, but God is not winding down in what He is doing on the campus! We are really excited about what He is doing in the Indian community here, as well as with some of the Africans we've been ministering to. It's hard to believe we are in the last week of classes already!

This summer will mean we will re-focus on visits to family, family camping trip, and missions trip to El Salvador. Please see the attached newsletter and financial/prayer request for the missions trip. We appreciate your prayers and financial support for this adventure in spreading the gospel to El Salvador and sowing into the City of God Church there. Faith, our 9-almost-10-year old, will also be accompanying Johnathan this year. Her letter is attached as well :)

We pray you are well, and if you have prayer needs, please share them with us so we can pray for you, as well!

Blessings and love in Christ,

Johnathan and Heather

Mon Jan 11 15:10:14 2016

See their Christmas Card.

Thu Dec 10 12:33:33 2015

Hello dear friends and family!

Attached you'll find our December "special edition" newsletter, with our attached Christmas card. Cards and newsletters will be in the mail this week, and we are excited to hear from many of you, as well, this holiday season.

*Sneak peek:*

Two young men from our ministry take advantage of the nice fall weather and have been outdoor preaching on the campus.

Thanksgiving Dinner update

Testimony from the Creation lectures

Announcement of the birth of our seventh child ;)

We praise and thank God for all of you, and we hope that you are blessed with the presence of the living God this Christmas. May the true Spirit of Christmas (that is, the Holy Spirit), minister to you and through you to others this season. Take time to meditate on the miraculous birth of our magnificent Savior this Christmas. Praying for you all to have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Many blessings and love to you this Christmas!

Johnathan and Heather and "the tribe"

Thu Nov 5 16:54:40 2015

See their latest newsletter.

Fri Oct 16 15:23:49 2015

Hello dear friends and reporters!

God is good...all the time! We are seeing great fruit from our picnics, events, and seminars that we have been having so far, and we pray that this newsletter encourages you in your support of what God is doing here at MSU.

Also, we are attaching a separate special request that you would prayerfully consider supporting this ministry financially. We need to increase our monthly support by about $1,000.

We are also now able to receive payment online through PayPal or credit card (information on how to do that is in the attachment) to make it as convenient as possible for you to give. Scheduling monthly recurring payments are also possible through this method.

We covet your prayers and thank you for your faithful support of the call of God on our lives and His desire to see students at MSU saved!
Blessings and love,
Johnathan and Heather

Thu Sep 3 10:48:41 2015

Hello dear friends!

We are in full "outreach" mode now, and this is the first week of classes at MSU! We have been having some great conversations with students and already seeing God move in mighty ways from our ISO event last week to the first 2 days of tabling in the CSU this week.

We desperately need your prayers as we are also feeling attacks, as the enemy doesn't like our faith and presence on this campus, that's for sure! We know we have all the VICTORY in Christ Jesus, though, and we are not wavering in believing for great fruit this fall. We are definitely in a re-building season in the ministry, with many graduates leaving last semester, so we need new workers/students/disciples for Jesus! Praise God, our campus house is full, and we are excited for God's provision in that way. We are believing for those five young men to grow in the Lord this year! They have really begun to make the campus house their "home" and a center for hospitality for the ministry, as well.

We are very appreciative of all your prayers and support; you really do make a difference in what God is doing here at MSU!
Thank you!
Many blessings,
Johnathan & Heather

See their attached newsletter.

Mon Jun 29 15:27:58 2015

Hello dear friends,

Attached you'll find our June newsletter packed with pictures and testimonies of God's faithfulness to us here at MSU!

We are enjoying summer, just coming back from our family camping trip and still trying to pick up the pieces around the house ;) On our camping trip, Johnathan was able to pray for people for headaches, fertility, and nerve conditions at our campground. We love to see God move like that and open those doors to encourage people no matter where we are.

As for the campus, God is still moving, but at a slightly different pace, and we like summer sometimes because it allows us to focus in a few select students that God really wants us to minister to and help solidify their faith. We are seeing that happen.

Drop us a line or visit us this summer if you are in the Mankato area! We'd love to see you and hear from you! Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love, and support!

Johnathan & Heather

Wed Apr 15 20:44:47 2015

Hello dear friends!

Blessings to your from the Bislews at MSU! We pray our newsletter finds you encouraged and standing on the rock of Jesus, trusting in His promises in ALL areas of your lives! We are beginning to wind down the school year here, but have a lot to report in the last 2 months. Make sure you read the newsletter all the way to the end...there is an extra special announcement!

Many blessings and much love in Christ!
Johnathan & Heather

Wed Apr 15 19:34:17 2015

See the latest newsletter.

Fri Apr 10 14:27:14 2015

Here is a 3 minute video describing their work at Mankato State University. This is a webm format video, if you have trouble please use chrome.

Mon Feb 16 15:18:10 2015

Hello, loved ones!

Happy Valentine's Day! Praying that you are celebrating the ONE valentine who made the most difference for our lives in pouring out His heart for us, literally...Jesus!

We are gearing up for 2 big events at the end of February here, Blacks in the Bible and Celebrate Africa. We have had a few students from Pakistan visit one of our meetings recently who were Muslim! Exciting times on the MSU campus! Read about these items and more in our newsletter (attached)!

Also, since the newsletter was written, we've had the baptism of a young man from Cameroon just this past Sunday. God is faithful!

Blessings to you all, and we hope to hear from you, also! Let us know how we can pray for you!
Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support!
Johnathan & Heathe

Wed Dec 17 12:42:59 2014

See the Bislew's Christmas Card.

Thu Dec 11 15:39:35 2014

Dear friends!

Attached you will find our December newsletter with updates from the campus and many great photos from our events. It is beginning to get quiet here on campus during finals week, but we are still having some great opportunities to talk with students about Jesus. We are thankful for a healthy family and looking forward to spending the holidays with friends and family.

Blesssings and Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you, as always, for your faithful prayers and support!
Johnathan & Heather

p.s. Our Christmas photo card is coming in a few days, and then I'll send that out on our e-news list, stay tuned :)

Tue Oct 14 17:17:12 2014

See their October Newsletter.

Tue Aug 26 13:26:48 2014

Hello everyone!

Well, we have a great newsletter with a lot of exciting news about our El Salvador/Costa Rica missions trip, the start of the new semester at MSU, and some great items for you all to be praying for as we dive into the new year!

This week will be the first week of classes at MSU, and we need our prayer partners to lift us up as we will be meeting many new students who need to know JESUS! Pray, also, for young Christians first coming to this campus to be plugged into the Christian groups where God wants them right away! We have seen that it is easy for Christian students, in this busy first couple weeks, to get distracted from the things of God and fall away for a time. BUT, we want them to put God first, where He should be, and for them to grow strong in the Lord!

Please also pray as Heather is preparing to begin our home school and Classical Conversations, a Christian home school group, in the next two weeks. We believe God was leading us to make this move to join this group this year. Heather will be a tutor, and our prayer is that our children blossom and grow, intellectually and spiritually, within this new group. Please pray for our adjustment to this new season and format of doing school, teaching, and learning.

We are so blessed and thankful to God and to you for all your faithful prayers and support! We cannot do this without Him or you. Drop us a note if you need prayer or for any other reason. We love to hear from you.

Blessings and love in Christ,
Johnathan & Heather

Tue Aug 12 07:41:50 2014

Hello everyone!

Our mission team has now moved from El Salvador to Costa Rica, and Johnathan took a few moments to write an update on the amazing healings and things God has been doing since they embarked on this adventure. They had their first day of campus evangelism today, sowing a lot of seeds and talking with a lot of students at the University of Costa Rica, San Jose. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers!!! The bus trip went very well! Read below and be encouraged by all the great things God has done!

Heather Bislew

Here's his update:

We have just completed our time in El Salvador and made the 21.5 hour bus trip to Costa Rica passing through Honduras and Nicaragua. We are looking ford to seeing what Jesus is going to do here at the University of Costa Rica!

Our time in El Salvador was simply amazing! The Lord moved mightily and transformed many lives for His Glory! We had the opportunity to minister at one Sunday morning meeting and four meetings in the evening. We had three young women surrender her life to Jesus, saw many healings, and ministered to high up gang leaders, By the end of our time the members of David and Linnette's church were greatly encouraged as well as us!

Some of the confirmed headings we had:
1. Older lady said both here knees were in great pain and weak. She said sometimes she couldn't walk. We prayed for her and Jesus healed her instantly. She wept tears of joy uncontrollably. After she testified the next night she took off running!

2. We had two young men bitten by a mosquito carrying a virus that causes, fever, joint pain, and physical weakness. They say in some cases it can take up to two years for your body to fully heal. Jesus healed both these young men when we prayed for them.

3. We prayed for an older gentleman who had severe back and shoulder pain. After we prayed for him, he said he didn't feel the pain anymore!

4. One man we prayed for had gastroenteritis for the last five years, and he said he had trouble sleeping at nights. The next morning he said he slept fine and believes he is healed!

5. One lady we prayed for had a swelling in her intestines, and she felt it go down after we prayed for her.

6. We prayed for one lady who woke up with severe pain in her neck. She could not turn her neck to the left at all because of the pain. After we prayed for her she could move her neck with to the left without any pain.

7. We prayed for a little girl who was sick. After we prayed she said she felt fine!

8. Isabel said she had stomach pain one night. Jesus healed her after we prayed!

9. We prayed for one young woman who had stomach sickness, and Jesus healed her.

Unconfirmed healings:
1. We prayed for a couple who were having trouble to conceive.

2. We prayed for two women who were having kidney trouble. One of the ladies had a kidney that had failed.

3. We prayed for one women who had a tumor in her womb.

4. We prayed for one lady who had been having migraine headaches for the past five years.

5. We prayed for a little girl who had TMJ in her jaw.

6. We prayed for one young lady who hadn't had a menstrual cycle in 6 years.

7. We prayed for a young lady battling diabetes.

8. We prayed for one lady who had a virus in her neck for two months. She has been unable to sleep.

Everyone we prayed for you could sense the presence of God (anointing) come on them. We are looking forward to hearing confirmations on these unconfirmed healings in the days and weeks to come.

Even this morning we prayed for Tricia who is the pastor's wife here at the University of Costa Rica. She has been battling an intestinal sickness that has been causing her pain and discomfort. Jesus healed her!

We are now in Costa Rica getting ready to begin campus evangelism tomorrow. We will be having between five or six meetings and doing daily evangelism. The team is doing fantastic and we continue to covet your prayers! Jesus is amazing!

Love in Christ, Johnathan

Mon Aug 4 08:51:42 2014

See their recent letter.

Thu Jun 26 23:43:43 2014

Hello dear friends!

Attached you'll find our June newsletter with a testimony from one of our members at Minnesota State University, a summer update on our family, and prayer requests for the fall outreach. We also have an update on how much God has provided us for the mission trip, and how you can still help!

Blessings to you all!
Johnathan & Heather

Wed Apr 30 22:19:27 2014

Dear friends,
Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We hope you are doing well in the Lord and encouraged in your faith. We are attaching our April newsletter, which has 3 pages this time, and a letter from our daughter, Isabel. We are getting to the last week of the school year already, and will be having our final picnic this Friday. Please pray for warm, sunny weather. Traditionally, this picnic is the coldest, rainiest, and even snowiest (last year)! The forecast is rain, but we need faith from you all to believe with us!!! Gearing up for summer, we are planning the mission trip to El Salvador/Costa Rica again, and Isabel will be travelling with Johnathan this time.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and faithful support!! YOU are the backbone of God's ministry here at MSU. We have had a great semester with baptisms and new salvations! God is moving, and we are looking forward to a fruitful summer, as well.

Blessings and Love in Christ,
Johnathan & Heather

Thu Feb 20 00:06:55 2014

See the latest newsletter.

Tue Feb 18 23:42:21 2014

See a new family picture.

Fri Feb 14 19:46:04 2014

See their Christmas Letter.

Fri Nov 22 22:52:56 2013

Hello friends and faithful supporters of God's work at MSU!

Attached you will find an update on the Fall semester here. As we continue on in the semester, it is easy to see how the pressures of school wear on the students. They stop coming to every meeting. When they do come, they look like they've had no sleep. They go away on the weekends more to escape. It's a struggle to be encouraged and keep faith. But, we keep encouraging them and speaking to them about their "Big God" who is there with them and cares for them. Here in the last home stretch of the semester, please keep these students in our ministry in prayer to stay in faith and to continue to reach other students for Christ as more and more students feel the pressures of exams, papers, and the like. Pray that they are able to keep God first and trust Him in their studies. It's always an opportunity for Jesus to be glorified.

Johnathan just returned from a week-long trip to El be sure to read the exciting update from his trip. Another baptism is highlighted and an update from our creation seminars is there, too. Finally, special news about one of our children is also included.

Blessings and love,
Johnathan & Heather

Mon Nov 11 01:36:37 2013

Dear Friends,
Just sending a belated e-mail to let you all know that Johnathan is in El Salvador this week (from 11/5 until Tuesday 11/12), preaching to our sister church there, spending time with David and Linnette, the pastors there (You may remember that Linnette surrendered to Jesus while she spent one semester at MSU with our ministry), and bringing preaching and teaching to the families and youth. Please keep him in prayer for his health, refreshing, anointing, travelling graces, and wisdom to impart to the church there. Please keep our family in prayer on the homefront, too, as I manage the home and the homeschooling while he is away.

Thank you!

Sat Sep 28 14:42:01 2013

Hello dear friends!

Attached you will find our newsletter with exciting news of all that has been happening at MSU. God is moving like never before! We have been busy with outreach events, picnics, and dinners, but all of it has been bearing fruit for God's kingdom. In addition to the one baptism in the newsletter, we are having another baptism this Sunday, along with 2 other people who are interested in being baptized soon! We have not just 1, not 2, not 3 salvations to report...but (drum roll).... Wait! You'll have to read the newsletter to find out how many people have gotten saved in the last few weeks since school started August 26. I don't want to give it away :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithful prayers and support of this ministry here! We are truly reaching the nations right at this University. Lives are being healed, and prisoners set free! Glory to JESUS and thank you for your part in His work here. You are reaping eternal rewards RIGHT NOW, storing up treasures in heaven! We are very humbled and blessed to be a part of God's work; working through these broken pots can't be too easy :)

Love and blessings to you all!
Johnathan and Heather

Mon Sep 16 13:16:38 2013

It has been extremely busy with the ministry with outreach events, several salvations, baptisms, counseling, etc... We will be sending out a newsletter shortly, as well, to detail the exciting things that God has been doing on the campus! Plus, the busy season with repairs on the campus house and our house and homeschool preparations. But, we are so thankful for your prayers, fellowship (when we have the opportunity to visit) and financial support of God's work here at MSU!

Primary focus: Ministry to college-age students (primarily 18+) at Minnesota State University, Mankato. We do have a focus of reaching out to international students that will allow us to reach the nations for Christ right from the college campus in the U.S. Right now God seems to be bringing many students from Africa (Kenya, Gabon, Ghana, Uganda, Camaroon, Congo, to name just a few), and we have raised up leaders from those countries who are serving in evangelism here at MSU and on our worship team. Upon graduation, many of our students have returned to their countries to preach the gospel!

Tue Jul 30 16:38:37 2013

Hello dear friends!

Well, with 2 months of the summer gone, and just the month of August left, we are wondering what we haven't done this summer? We've been traveling a lot for weddings, seeing/catching up with family, and going on adventures. However, the time we've been at home and away has also been fruitful for the Kingdom, as you will see in our newsletter!

Esther is now 7 months old and rolling everywhere...soon to be crawling, it appears. Too soon for this Mama! She is growing up so quick!

We have many prayer needs in preparation for the fall outreach! Please pray for us to move as God leads us this fall as a new school year begins yet again!

Thank you so much for your support, love, prayers, and notes! We are so grateful for your partnership with us and working with God to move in the hearts and minds of the young people at MSU!

Johnathan & Heather

Mon Jul 29 17:41:43 2013

It was so good to be with you all at Windy City last week! It was refreshing to connect with all you precious people there, worship with you, and just spend time getting to know so many of you there. You are a great blessing to us, and we appreciate all your prayers and support!

We will be getting those figures to you soon! Thank you for your patience. Now that we are "home" for a while, I should have some time to get those things together for you. I am hoping to catch up on some administration details before we begin the next homeschool year/MSU school year, as well.

Fri Jul 26 20:09:36 2013

See a photo of Johnathan speaking on July 21.

Tue Jul 23 20:09:46 2013

See a photo of the Bislews on stage.

Mon May 13 17:28:11 2013

Hello dear friends!

Blessings to you from the Bislews! We pray that you are all doing well and in faith for what the Lord has for you today! God is great and greatly to be praised! Attached you will find our May newsletter. With the wrapping up of another schoolyear, we are excited to report on the Islamic Awareness day event, our end of the year picnic, and a few other "tidbits" of news.

We are glad that the snow has stopped (at least we think it has), and we are also working to finish our home school year. We have a few more weeks to go because of the break we took with Esther's birth, but should be finished by early June. Please pray for grace for us to finish as the weather gets nicer and kids want to run around outside more and more. Hopefully that will motivate them to complete their lessons quickly, right? ;)

Blessings and love to you all. You are greatly appreciated!!
Johnathan & Heather

Thu Apr 25 20:55:17 2013

Hello everyone!
Just a quick many of you have been asking about this event.

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that Johnathan would be talking about the Bible on what they called "Muslim appreciation week." However, it has now been re-labeled "Islamic Awareness Day", and it was postponed to April 29th. See the attached flyer for more details.

Please keep Johnathan in prayer as he prepares for this panel:
1. Pray for God to open doors of salvation to many in attendance.
2. Pray for a peaceful presentation.
3. Pray for Johnathan to hear the Holy Spirit as he answers questions and that he would be able to preach the fulness of the gospel.
4. Pray that the eyes and ears of those in attendance would be opened.
5. Praise God for the favor He has given Johnathan with the Muslims on campus, and pray for continued favor.

Thank you so much for praying for us!!! We will keep you updated on the outcome of this event!

Blessings and love,
Johnathan and Heather

Thu Apr 4 19:07:13 2013

Dear friends,

Attached you will find our April newsletter with exciting updates from the "Blacks in the Bible" presentation and news about Johnathan being asked to speak about the Bible during "Muslim Appreciation Week" at MSU. (Hmmm...I wonder when they are having "Christian Appreciation Week"?) Esther is already 3 months old, and we've included a picture of her with one of our precious sisters, Kenean, who shares her testimony with you all in this newsletter.

We pray you are well, and thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithful prayers and support for God's work here at MSU. We are believing to end this school year well, seeing more salvations and baptisms before the summer break!

Blessings and love,

Johnathan & Heather

Wed Feb 6 16:58:48 2013

See February Newsletter and their Christmas card.

Thu Aug 30 14:26:00 2012

See their latest newsletter.

Wed Jul 25 16:55:30 2012

Dear friends,

As always, God is moving here at MSU, and we are excited to share what's happening! We spent some time at a youth camp, as well, this summer, and sowed many seeds, saw many saved and healed, and encouraged many camp leaders. We pray you are well and that you will be encouraged to hear about all that God is doing!

Johnathan and Evangeline and the team leave early Sunday morning for El Salvador!!! Please keep them in prayer!

Blessings and love,


Thu Apr 12 23:02:46 2012

Hello all,

We forgot to e-mail Evangeline's letter asking for help and support for her trip to Central America this summer. Please consider this an "addendum" to our previous e-newsletter :)


Johnathan & Heather

Thu Mar 29 21:41:21 2012

See their February Newsletter which they sent in February but never got announced here.

Thu Mar 29 21:36:09 2012

See their March Newsletter.

Wed Jan 18 12:40:56 2012

Hello everyone,

Well, we now own the campus house!!! Glory to Jesus!!! After the bumps and His faithfulness through the whole thing, the deal is done. We actually closed the loan on the campus house on December 29th! We are amazed every time we look at this house how wonderful it is and how perfect it is for what God is going to do here at MSU!

Johnathan has been busy painting, fixing (mostly minor things), cleaning and getting everything "up to speed" so our friends, Art and Karen, who are part of the ministry, can move in temporarily until the summer when we will fill it with 5 students. The students of the ministry are so excited and are busy helping with everything. They are getting the vision and excited about what God is going to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your faithful prayers, support and believing with us! We are blessed above and beyond what we could ever ask or think!!! Keep praying for us for wisdom as we are stewards of this house and as we become "landlords" for Jesus. Please say a prayer of thanksgiving to God with us!!! He made a way!

Blessings and love,

p.s. We will get a newsletter out with a full update and pictures in the near future!

Fri Dec 23 22:23:30 2011

Dear Friends!

Attached you will find our Christmas newsletter, Christmas photo, and a special year overview (written by Heather) that she does every year for our family. We are very close to closing on the campus is likely that it will happen on the 28th or 29th of December. Please keep praying!

We pray that you have a Christ-centered Christmas and the holidays give you opportunity to glorify His name! We are blessed and thankful for all of you and know that your prayers and financial giving availeth much at Minnesota State University, Mankato!!!

Love and blessings always,
Johnathan & Heather

Tue Dec 6 12:38:58 2011

Blessings to you all!

Thank you so much for continued prayer for this house! God is answering and making a way where there seemed to be no way!!!

Last week, we got news that our original bank we were working with was not going to fund the load due to some "red tape" in the loan process, although we had met all the requirements they had put before us to get the loan. After much prayer, counsel, and the Lord's leading, Johnathan "pounded the pavement" and spoke with 3 other banks last week. Finally, on Thursday, we were able to find a local bank here that is more than willing to take the loan and has assured us that the loan can be done. Glory to JESUS!

However, the closing date would be on or before January 15 (the delay due to the need for another appraisal). We were nervous that the seller would not agree to this due to the lateness of the date. However, this morning we received word that the seller has signed the purchase agreement addendum, agreeing to this deal!!! Praise God for favor and His grace on this process! Our new loan officer seems to have a lot of experience (20+ years) and through him we were given much favor with the seller's realtor. He is also working to get the closing date much closer to the end of December.

Please keep this in prayer. In the natural and the spiritual, we have much peace right now. We are so thankful to God for His leading in this process and how He has confirmed time and again that this house is HIS. Please take a moment to thank Him with us :)

We will keep you updated as needed, but we believe the next update will be with the new closing date and the subject will be "SOLD"-to US for HIS kingdom!

Thank you again, for your faithful standing with us! God is hearing you!
Blessings and love,
Johnathan & Heather

Wed Nov 30 18:22:28 2011

Hello dear friends!
We need your prayers for this campus house!!! Some of you may already know that our closing date was to be November 18th, however, that has been delayed due to several issues with the title company, the seller, and our lender. As of the 18th, the underwriter had not even looked at the paperwork because of being so behind! As of now, the issues with the title company and seller have been settled. However, we discovered just today that although we satisfied all the requirements that the lender put before us in applying for the loan, the lender is hesitating in allowing for the approval now! Please, please pray for favor for us with the lender and for wisdom as to how to proceed. We are not taking "no" for an answer, and we believe this house is still in God's will for us here at MSU. This is just another "faith hiccup" in the process of finally obtaining ownership of this house and taking territory for Jesus here at MSU. Please stand in faith with us in these next few days as we work this through so that we can have the closing for the loan before Johnathan leaves for El Salvador on Dec. 12. Let's keep praying this house into the Kingdom!!!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! We will let you know when there is any news!
Johnathan & Heather

Sun Nov 13 21:01:38 2011

Hello dear friends!

As promised, here is our newsletter (attached) with all the updates of the amazing things God is doing in our midst here at MSU. We are also attaching information on a trip that Johnathan is taking to El Salvador, and an opportunity for you to be a part of that, as well. We are blessed above and beyond what we could ever ask or think, and there is even more on the horizon. We are so thankful to Him, and all glory, honor and praise to Jesus! As I type this e-mail, the roof on the new campus house is being worked on, just in time for the closing on Friday! We are gearing up for our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, November 19th, and soon we'll be planning the Christmas party. It's all going to happen fast from here on out to the end of the semester, and we're just holding on for the ride! Thank you for keeping us in prayer! We'll send one more newsletter, with our annual family picture before the end of 2011.

Blessings and love in Christ,

Johnathan & Heather

Wed Nov 9 12:34:50 2011

Dear friends,
I just realized that I never sent out the update about the campus house and what is happening with the money for the downpayment! Please forgive me! I'm sure you're all wondering.... Well... (drum roll please...)

Praise the Lord we did receive all the money needed by the very latest deadline to get the loan application process moving! Thank you to all of you who prayed and gave so generously. God is multiplying your faith and $$!!! At the time when we were getting close to the deadline, we learned that we will be also getting the siding and roof fixed (hail damage) with insurance money from the seller's insurance before the sale of the house AND later we learned that the appraisal came in at an appropriate figure for the amount that we will be paying for the house!!!

God is really blessing this and moving things along quite smoothly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers and support! God is so faithful, and we are seeing His hand all over this purchase. As things look now, we are set to close on the house on November 18th, as planned. That is just 10 days away!! Please keep us in prayer for all to go through, against any attacks or problems to "pop up".

We will also be sending out our newsletter very soon, so keep an eye out for that in your "inbox". Glory to Jesus!!! Words cannot express how thankful and amazed we are at what He is doing, not only with the purchase of this house, but in the ministry and in the hearts of the students here on the campus. More on that in the newsletter... :) He is building His church here, in the people of God!

Johnathan & Heather

Wed Oct 12 11:33:05 2011

Hello all,
Well, we are in a "holding pattern". We have not heard any more news of more funds coming in for the house, so we are still sitting at $6,000 still needed for our MINIMUM downpayment for the house and loan to go through. Our time is running very short. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us this far. We trust you, Lord, for your perfect provision and your perfect timing. Speak to those people that you would have sow into this campus house here at MSU. We know YOU are our provider, and we desire for YOU to be glorified in and through this campus house. We pray you get all the glory for making this happen!

Thank you for standing in faith with us!
Johnathan & Heather

Sat Sep 24 18:01:51 2011

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Sat Sep 24 18:01:25 2011

See their recent newsletter.

Fri May 13 13:02:45 2011

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Fri Mar 18 15:33:13 2011

Hello Tom and the missions committee at Windy City,

We are so excited to send this e-mail...God is really doing some great things here at MSU, and attached we have a "Special Request" newsletter detailing the plans for the purchase of a "campus house" for the ministry here. Please read it for all the details.

As things are falling into place, we are in total rest and the peace of the Lord as He has been directing our steps and aligning the details for us, even before we knew it! We greatly appreciate all your prayers as we walk through this process!!!

We are humbled and grateful for your prayers and support!!! Thank you so much!!

Blessings and love in Christ,

Johnathan and Heather

Fri Feb 18 14:14:25 2011

Hello dear friends!

Blessings in Christ to all of you! We pray you are doing well. We are holding down the fort here, so to speak, and doing well now that everyone is healthy (we had a stretch of colds going around after Christmas). Praise God for His goodness and all that He has given us. We are thankful for all of you, for your prayers and support! It means a lot to us as we are in the "battle of ideas" here at MSU.

Attached you will find our newsletter and updates of happenings here! Drop us a note if you get a chance or let us know how we can pray for YOU :)

Blessings and love in Christ,

Johnathan & Heather

Thu Dec 9 15:29:30 2010

Hello dear friends!

We pray that you are all well and excited for this upcoming holiday season, celebrating our Savior's birth! We look forward to hearing from many of you as you send out your annual holiday correspondence. The kids especially love to count the Christmas cards and letters we receive each day. We enjoy sitting down together as a family to hear everyone's news and see pictures of everyone! Attached you will find our December newsletter and our Christmas card.

There is never a dull moment on the campus as God is moving in ways that we cannot always predict or expect. We hope this newsletter encourages you to believe God for great things in 2011 and always!

Blessings and love,

Johnathan & Heather

Mon Sep 27 14:06:34 2010

Hello dear friends and family,

Attached you will find our newsletter update on what has been happening here at MSU!!

BUT, before you read that, we want to give you just a quick update on our most recent event:

We are excited about the awesome time we had just last night hosting "African Night" in our home! We had around 40 students in attendance with authentic African food, games, and a fire in our backyard! Although it had been raining for about 2 days, the Lord cleared up the skies and turned up the wind all day Friday to dry things out and have a beautiful, starry night for our backyard fire! Praise Jesus!

One of the members of our ministry, John (who is from Kenya), lead this effort and planned the entire meal and organized the kitchen crew. There were many interested in the ministry, and we gave away 3 Bibles to students who are really searching and wanting to know more about Christ. One of the Bibles went to a young Japanese woman who is friends with one of the members of our ministry, Sachi (also from Japan). Sachi has been planting seeds with this young lady and was very excited that she had such a great time at the event and is opening up more to the Gospel. Glory to God!

More exciting news to come soon...

Love and blessings,

Johnathan & Heather

Sat Aug 21 15:27:03 2010

Hello dear family and friends!
We pray that this newsletter finds you well and encouraged in the Lord! As always, we have exciting news to report in our newsletter. God continues to move here at MSU and in our family, and He is so worthy of all the glory! Please read the attached newsletter.

We are gearing up for the start of school August 23rd and the energy is building on the campus. This fall we're beginning a new meeting called Discovering Christianity, and we are hoping it will meet the needs of those international students that are seeking to learn more about Christianity. Each week we will cover a different topic related to the foundations of biblical Christianity. There will be a short presentation, questions/answers, and fellowship. Please pray especially for open hearts and minds at these meetings.

We are also attaching a special need request related to our ministry van. Please pray and see if the Lord would have you help us in this area, as well!

Love and blessings from all of us!
Johnathan & Heather

Tue Jun 22 13:21:56 2010

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Sat Sep 6 14:28:18 2008

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Mon Aug 11 19:01:17 2008

August 1, 2008
Hello family and friends,

I know you are all absolutely impatiently awaiting the first photos of our darling little son, Isaiah John Bislew! See the attached announcement.

His name "Isaiah" means "Jehovah saves" and "John" means "God's gracious gift". God's gracious gift is salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ! He is also named John after Johnathan's father.

Scriptures that the Holy Spirit spoke to me (Heather) for him before he was born:
~Romans 5:20-21 "The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reighn through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
~Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Real strong labor was only about 2 hours, and by the grace of God, I was able to deliver without medications, which was my prayer. He has been a hungry man from the start, nursing well, and sleeping well, too. The girls absolutely love their little brother, and they fight over who gets to hold him. We have to fend them off from smothering him with hugs and kisses. We are so thankful for a handsome, healthy and strong little boy:)

Johnathan and I both sensed that we were having a boy this time. We kept praying and asking the Lord for a girls' name, and up until about 2 weeks prior to his birth, still did not have a strong sense in our spirit of a name for a girl. We did come to an agreement on a girl's name, however, it still did not seem "right". April 6th during worship at church, I asked the Lord if He was ever going to give us a boy, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, "I've already done it." That is when I had a strong sense that this was our Isaiah John. We have had this name for our boy since before Evangeline was born.

We believe his name is also prophetic of what God is going to do here in Mankato this school year. Just this Tuesday, a young man (mows the neighbor's lawn) from the Sudan gave his heart to Jesus after talking with Johnathan.

Thank you for sharing in the joy of the arrival of our son! Johnathan couldn't be more proud and excited :) He is happy to have a little man in the house, and so am I.
Love you all,

Wed Aug 6 00:22:52 2008

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Tue Oct 2 15:49:33 2007

Campus Missions International
A ministry of Maranatha Christian Church where John is on staff.
At the University of Minnesota & Minnesota state University, Mankato

In 1988, Johnathan heard the call from the Lord to minister at the University of Minnesota. Then in the summer of 1989 Johnathan began raising finances to become a full-time campus missionary and evangelist. Since 1993 he has also been an assistant pastor at Maranatha Christian Church, an on-campus church. Johnathan also felt the Lord calling him to begin a campus ministry at Minnesota State University, Mankato, in 1996. Since then, he has been ministering one day a week at MSU during the school year. They have three children and plan for two more.

They will lead a missions trip to the University of Costa Rica from August 10-20.
Minnesota is a top liberal university in the country therefore they must allow Christian organizations along with all other religions to be represented.
Minnesota has a six week freshman orientation which Johnathan mans a table four days a week, M T W & F, from 10:00 until 3:00. They interact with about 60 students a day.
Thursday night they conduct meetings and look for one-on-one training.