Ohio Spiderwort

How to Grow Ohio Spiderwort

Ohio Spiderwort
Ohio spiderwort in the backyard in the fall in a second blooming. It was cut back over the summer and the size of the fall plants is much smaller than in the spring. It has spread by itself to distant locations around the yard and into the neighbor's yard. They tell me it is hard to get the blue stain out of clothing. :-)

A native prairie plant. Flowers mostly last about one day, less than a day in sunny, hot weather and two days in cloudy, cool, damp weather. The seeds need cold treatment. Easy to grow, with plants getting more robust every year. After the plant is done flowering in the summer or when the stems bend over to the point where it is annoying cut back the plant to within a few inches of the ground and you will get a second blooming period in the fall.

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