Showy Evening Primrose

Showy Evening Primrose
Some early flowers on the south side of the house where they are spreading like weeds.

This is a native perennial prairie plant found from southeastern Nebraska and Missouri and southward but it is hardy to USDA zone 5. The pictures in catalogs look great but the one thing they don't tell you is that it spreads like crazy. Before you even get a flower you'll find sprouts popping up near the parent plant. Once established in a given location you can't get rid of it by pulling it out since you'll always leave a little bit in the ground and that little bit will come back like crazy. SO BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PUT IT! Maybe if it had to compete against other prairie plants it would not become a nuisance but in a garden by itself it is terrible.

The initial bloom time is May and June but if you cut it back after this first bloom time it will bloom again. On the positive side it does look good while it is blooming. Individual flowers last a single day.

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