New England Aster

How to Grow New England Aster

  • keywords: howtogrow New England Aster, alias Aster novae-angliae
  • seedsfrom: Ion Exchange
  • location: Chicago, Illinois, Zone5
New England Aster
While New England aster will grow on the prairie without anyone watering it, it looks much better and gets much bigger if you water it, in fact it gets too big. Experts recommend pinching the plant back to keep it bushy and short.

New England aster is a plant native to the Eastern and Central US, it has masses of purple flowers in September to October about an inch and a half across. It is sometimes well-bred and in fact there is a pink variety.

The Ion Exchange directions said that the seeds could be started immediately or some cold treatment might help. One started early indoors and given good treatment bloomed the first year and is about 3 feet tall. Starting them outside in a pot in early spring did produce a better germination rate. The second year the best plant got to about 6.5 feet tall. After a plant gets large you can dig it up in the spring, saw up the roots into pieces and plant the new pieces.

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