Wild Geranium

How to Grow Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium
Wild geranium under a lilac bush. This woodland plant stays green all season, holding down weeds and making a good ground cover for shady areas

This is a perennial woodland plant native to the US Midwest and Northeast, it is NOT the geranium commonly sold in stores. It blooms around the end of April for about 3 weeks. Seeds required cold treatment and still only a few came up the first year, more came the second year. It does not bloom the first year but will bloom the second year if the plant is strong enough. After you get a few plants going more plants will come along all by themselves because there is a mechanism in the flower/seed that hurls the seeds up to 20-30 feet. If you want to collect seeds do it after they become black but before the spring mechanism kicks in. One year I collected a number of seedlings that came up in odd places and put them in little pots with the idea that I would replant them someplace sensible once they got bigger. But an interesting thing happened. They were getting a weak solution of fertilizer water, a chemical fertilizer like Miracle-Gro, although it was actually the stuff Park Seed sends out with their Park's Starts cylinders and they all died out. Later I collected a few more and gave them only plain water and they did just fine. I should run more tests to be sure but apparently fertilizer water kills them.

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