Tall Coreopsis

How to Grow Tall Coreopsis

Tall Coreopsis
Tall coreopsis in the back yard. Articles about prairie plants typically boast about how they don't need watering but with many of them like tall coreopsis, watering will make the plant much more impresssive.

This is a perennial daisy-type yellow flower found on prairies. Individual flowers are about an inch to two inches across. In a prairie it is likely to be a spindly plant reaching about 5 feet high and with only a modest number of flowers. Put it in captivity and over-water as I did and you will get a much more impressive plant. It will be bushier with lots of stems coming up from the root. In several years mine got up to about 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall. It will bloom for several months from July to early September. Given how tall it grows you might want to place it in a spot where you can view it inside from an elevated location. Bubblebees and some small butterflys like it. All in all its a nice addition to a garden if you like tall plants.

Cold treatment is necessary to get the seeds started. In its first year expect it get maybe 3 feet tall and bloom in September. In later years you can dig up sprouts and put them in new locations, naturally keep them damp until they are well started.

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