Garden Coreopsis

How to Grow Garden Coreopsis

Garden Coreopsis
Garden coreopsis in what was supposed to be a Japanese garden sort of area. Its a hardy annual and the seeds will come up in the Fall or Spring and then you're stuck pulling out the excess. But they look really nice. Because of the thin stalks and small leaves it looks from a distance almost as if the flowers are hanging in space without any support.

I traded seeds to get this plant but its found in some catalogs like Thompson and Morgan. Its native to drier Western prairies and does very well with a minimum of water. Once started it will take care of itself, this does have the bad aspect that if you get too many you end up having to pull them like they were weeds but on the plus side you save yourself the trouble of having to start them. After a few years you start getting some plants with little or no red in the centers. A cheap way to preserve the red would be to pull out the unwanted colored plants before they go to seed.

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