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Robert Schumann

The well-known German composer is too well-known to need an introduction.

Schumann Symphonies 1-4
Faust Overture
Philharmonia Orchestra and New Philharmonia Orchestra
Conducted by Otto Klemperer
EMI CMS 7636132, ADD

I had the first (titled Spring Symphony) and the third (titled Rhenish Symphony) as LPs and they were both spectacular. They are about as good on the CD, the sound is clearer but you could still wish for a just a little bit more warmth. The Spring Symphony is the most springish you could ask for! You get blasts of warmth and gushes of flowers and nearly a spine-tingling thrill in spots, the kind of thrill you get on the first warm day of Spring. I have never heard it done better and I do have a few other CDs of this piece. Its a celebration of life piece! The Rhenish is a nice, warm, glowing work, you might think of it as celebration of Fall. When I got this two CD set I discovered Klemperer's versions of 2 and 4 are also well done.

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