Don's Classical Picks

Franz Joseph Haydn

The well-known German composer.

Symphonies 82-87 "Paris" Sony SM2K 47550, ADD
Symphonies 93-99 "London" Sony SM3K 47553, ADD
Symphonies 100-104 "London" Sony SM2K 47557, ADD
New York Philharmonic
Conducted by Leonard Bernstein

This is one of the few batches of German music where Otto Klemperer is not my first choice, Klemperer is too slow and mild with Haydn while Bernstein is more lively. This is beautiful happy music. Haydn is a predecessor to both Beethoven and Mozart. Its as if Beethoven took Haydn's style and made it emotional while Mozart took Haydn's style and made it spiritual. Haydn deserves more attention. The sound is almost as good as DDD. All are incredibly beautiful. The "Paris" symphonies tend to be dynamic while the "London" symphonies are more relaxed.

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