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Leo Delibes, 1836-1891

I do believe he was French (which goes to show how little information you get in the booklet :-))

L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
Conducted by Richard Bonynge
London 444 836-2, ADD

This is ballet music, I didn't fully appreciate it until I actually saw the ballet, I think you need that. However it is once again a nice Celebration of Life piece with many light moments thrown in. The action takes place in a small town where Franz and Swanhilda are in love. However there is also a mysterious "person" in the town, Coppelia, supposedly the daughter of Dr. Coppelius. Franz develops a crush on her and of course this upsets Swanhilda. Swanilda and the local girls break into Dr. Coppelius' workshop after dark and find out that Coppelia is merely a life-size wind-up toy. Then Dr. Coppelius shows up, as does Franz. Ultimately Franz and Swanhilda get married and live happily every after.

The two CD set also includes a smaller ballet, Le Carillon by Jules Massenet (DDD) which is also nice.

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