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An online html version of a paper by Charles Lam and others concerns predicting stock market performance. You can also follow the above link to his online thesis, which unfortunately is in Microsoft Word format rather than postscript.

There is an online article by McCann and Kalman on trying to predict the tops and bottoms of the gold market.

There is an online article by Kevin Swingler that deals with the pitfalls of economic forecasting.

There is an online article by Utans and Moody that deals with predicting the ratings of corporate bonds and another offline article on bond rating.

There is an online article by Giles, Lawrence and Tsoi on using recurrent networks to predict currency fluctuations.

There is an online article by Neal, Goodacre and Kell that deals with the analysis of pyrolysis mass spectra.

There is a rather long and detailed but highly readable offline article on the system ALVINN from Carnegie-Mellon that using backprop learned to drive on all sorts of roads. There is also some online material on this system from Carnegie-Mellon.

There is an online and offline article on using backprop for predicting the results of greyhound racing.

I put together a short tutorial on coding data for character recognition.

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